Etsy Title Tips for 2019 – Etsy Keywords Stuffing or Not?

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hey guys welcome back to my ex's channel this is Nancy from Nancy buddy Joe calm and welcome to another EXCI video so today's video I'm gonna be talking about XE title tips for 2019 and whether you should do XE keyword stuffing or not so guys before I proceed with the video this is your first time visiting my XE channel and you want to scale your business to the next level don't forget to subscribe today I upload weekly videos on XE and also how to grow and make an impactful business online so don't forget to subscribe the reason why I wanted to make this video is because I was talking to a mother actually seller today about XE titles and whether you should change the title to something shorter or whether you should keep all the keywords in your title now I have done it both ways I have some of my stores still have the old way which was you know you put as many keywords as you can in the title and then some of my newer stores now have the newer way which is the changes that XE made of last year in October which is writing a shorter simple title now XE recommends right to use your title to tell shoppers what your items are in a simple few words and ultimately that's what it is the title basically will tell the customer what you're selling and it should be easy to read it should be easy for them to know exactly what you're selling and I kind of understand why they did the change if you really think about it if you have a whole bunch of keywords and you're just stuffing them it does make it harder to understand what exactly you're selling especially if you've seen different keywords that maybe don't really it describes what you're selling but could cause some type of confusion and that's what you want to avoid and that's the reason why XE made the changes or suggest for you to make those Changez is because they want they're looking out for the customer they want to make sure that the customer makes an informed decision when looking at your title they should be able to read it they should be able to read the title and know exactly what you're selling but if for some reason when they read the title leaves on some type of confusion and they don't really know what they're buying from you that's when the customer either one messages you to ask you a question about that listing or simply goes to the next competitor that sells a similar item like yourself so therefore I do understand the reasoning behind it now when you want when you do in title what you want to make sure that you do is continue to do SEO best practices which is using the main tag or keyword tagging keyword is the same the main tag or keyword that you want to rank for in the beginning of your listing titles because it does have a strong influence not only on XE search but also other search engines like Google Yahoo or being whatever you're listing my appear when somebody does a search that's something that would never change so whether today XE says do a title this short and tomorrow XE says you know what we're gonna go ahead and go back to the old way do a lot of keywords and then they go back to okay maybe do a let's do these different changes on your title one thing that will never change that is always gonna be consistent is that you have to always put your main keyword slash tag that you're trying to rank for in the beginning of that sentence and that's an SEO on page factor it has never changed and this is how not only XE works this is just how the search engine understands what you're selling this is something that you will see when somebody blogs this is something that you would do if you have an Amazon this is something that you would do if you have a website or if you sell let's say on Shopify or any other platforms you will this is something that you will learn and you will you know pretty much do all across in different platforms so for SEO best practices keep in mind that your main keyword should be in the beginning you shouldn't be using instant download wedding custom invites you should put wedding custom invites in the beginning and maybe put at the end on instant download you shouldn't be put in free shipping in the beginning you shouldn't be doing SKU 201 67 wedding invites instead down no you should always put the main keyword in the beginning of your title and anything additional at the end of your title for two reasons one is an SEO best practice and to the end of the title usually gets truncated you want to make sure that your title limit or characters it's not over 140 anything that you put additional it won't you know fit because I won't let you add more tied more characters however the end of that that title just keep in mind it will be truncated especially somebody's looking at it in their mobile device if they're looking at it in the computer they'll be able to see the whole title or at least majority of the title but they're looking from a mobile phone which majority of people shop from their mobile phone it is truncated a little bit more so just keep that in mind so let me give you an example of what keyword stuffing is and another example of what kind of like what XE wants you to do so so this is an example of stuffing keywords in your title so custom wedding invite that's one keyword wedding invitations that's another keyword do-it-yourself invites that's another key word elegant invite flower invites so that kind of shows you that you put in a whole bunch of keywords so someone might look at this title and be line okay custom wedding mean by its weight do-it-yourself invites I thought it was custom made is she gonna do it or do I do it but then it says invites idea flower image so they don't start doing that and that's what XE doesn't want you to do or doesn't want the buyer to do so when next time that you write your titles you have to think about in both ways in two ways you have to meet your SEO best practice but then you also have to meet the customers right at the buyer so people are gonna buy from you so you want to make sure that you not only include your main keywords or phrases that customers are gonna be searching for your item but you also want to make it easy and simple so the customer can make an informed decision they can read the title and know exactly what they're buying without any confusion that's what you want to do ultimately if you have keyword stuffing at the current moment and you feel like okay I don't want to really change my keywords I don't think that by you changing them necessarily if you put them shorter it's gonna skyrocket yourselves I don't think that's the case I just think it's just gonna be easier for buyers to know what you're selling without you know just to avoid any confusion I know for myself I could contest that a couple people have to message me before because I have you know put all these tags in my title and people get confused sometimes and don't message me and say hey in your title you have this but I'm a little confused about this so therefore I know that it does cause some confusion and I think that XE tries to do their best to innovate their system right to innovate how everything works together and helps because ultimately if you make more money they make more money so they're not gonna recommend something that they haven't really thought about right that they haven't seen enough people get confused right so therefore in my opinion I think that you should write simple titles but then also you should put in the main tags that you want to rank for so this is like an example of something that you can do custom wedding flower invitation for your special day so you could do something like that you could say custom wedding invitations get yours today's personalized so you kind of do stuff like that um if you could at least add two different keywords in there if you can make it flow and make it sound natural that's what I would do so if it's one is custom wedding invites you can say custom wedding invites you can personalize invites or you could purchase your personalized invites with us today or something like that and then you kind of put in two tags instead of one but just keep in mind that your main tag that you want to rank for should be in the beginning of your listing and anything after that maybe another keyword if you can but remember the end of the one hundred and forty forty characters really doesn't matter it'll be truncated it's more in the beginning but this is a short you know tutorial that I kind of wanted to talk about because I know that there's so many people out there that you know they say no you should do keyword stuffing or you should do it this way I don't think either way is wrong um even though XE does recommend the simple short titles I think either way it's okay but I do see their point of view that if you have a simple short title it makes it easier for the customer to know what they're buying to avoid unnecessary messages for your store and to also avoid any confusion so therefore simple short titles will be the best way to do it but don't forget you know to add your main tag that way you're still meeting your SEO best practice but then you're also meeting a customer's point of view of when they're looking at your listing so I hope that this tutorial helped you today to kind of understand a little bit more about XE titles and tags if you have any questions about this subject make sure that you leave them below in the comment section don't forget guys so please like comment and share this video and thank you for watching

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