Etsy SEO Tools: Using Keywords Everywhere as an Etsy Keyword Tool

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hey there it's Alisa if you're an IT seller you should be doing keyword research to determine which terms your potential customers are using to search for items like yours you can do this keyword research using a variety of free and paid tools such as a dreg marmalade the Google Keyword tool and the Etsy search bar one underused tool that I use is a google extension called keywords everywhere it's completely free but it's a little bit more advanced because to use it effectively you need to know what the metrics mean for you and your shop I tend to use the keywords extension in combination with both Etsy rank and the Etsy search bar but today I'll show you how to use that by itself to read you one of my own listings to install the keywords everywhere extension go to Google click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the window go to more tools than extensions from there you'll want to open the Chrome Web Store and simply search for keywords you'll find it here and you'll add to Chrome keywords everywhere is free but you have to register your email address use an API key and agree to the terms it also requires that you've received their newsletter once you've done what they've asked you to do you'll be able to check your email to get your API key click on the link then find it in its in step number three here you're gonna highlight it and copy it then you're gonna go to the keywords everywhere icon in the top right of your browser and go to update settings paste your API key use control V and then validate while you're here you can update the rest of your settings choose your country and currency then I enable all three metrics volume CPC and competition I also like to highlight the volume and competition effect factors for the thresholds they provide by default then uncheck the show add all keywords button this just gets in your way when you open se now you'll be able to see the search volume the cost per click and the level of competition for each viewer that you type into the Etsy search bar you'll see items with a high number of searches or low level competition are highlighted in order to understand how to use keywords everywhere you need to understand the metrics it provides the first metric is search volume this is the number that shows the average number of searches that people have performed for this keyword over the last 12 months you can think of this as the demand for the keyword the higher the number of searches the better the CPC is an advertising term it represents how much a click costs for the people doing the advertising in general the lower the cost the better the keyword finally look closely at the competition keywords everywhere uses the number between 0 and 1 with 0 being no competition and one being very high competition you want keywords without very much competition so look for the lower numbers I'll show you how all of this works with an example from my own shop this listing is a very poorly in my shop last fall there are probably a lot of reasons for that but today I'd like to improve the SEO first I'm going to look at the keywords I used originally let's copy the title and paste it all in the bulk keyword checker provided by keywords everywhere the first thing I see when I look at my title keywords is that they don't have a very high search volume happy fall wall decor an autumn farmhouse decor actually have a zero searches no one is using those terms in search so there are a waste of space in my title fall decor is highlighted because people do actually do a lot of searches for it however the competition is very high happy fall sign and rustic fall decorations have lower competition but they still have a low search volume so they aren't great either because my listing did so poorly last year I'm going to clear my current title and tags and redo it all first I'm going to brainstorm a list of about 30 keyword phrases the potential customers may use to find my happy fall sign and I list them all in the bulk keyword checker I'll run the metrics then sort the results by search volume in descending order so you can see which phrases people are searching for the most now I'll look at the phrases with the highest search volumes I see that fall decor has more than 27,000 searches per month but it also has a competition score of one which is too competitive for my little shop to compete fall times and happy fall are both better options for me because the competition is much better happy fall has a score of 0.07 while fall of signs has a score of 0.15 those are both doable and it would be smart of me to combine them into one keyword phrase happy fall signs it's an excellent keyword for my item as well because it describes my item perfectly so I'll type it as the first phrase in the title now I'll use the list to find alternative keyword phrases bottom decor has a search volume of over 5,000 searches per month and a medium level of competition I'll use that and type it next into my title I'd also like to use fall decor because it describes my item however I'm going to combine it with happy fall to make it more accurate and more competitive returning to my list I see that fall wood signs has a low level of competition it's only 0.43 but has a search volume of a thousand thousand searches per month so I'm going to add that to my title I want to use all of the characters available in the title so I'll keep adding phrases from the list making sure that they just the phrases accurately describe my item I feel comfortable a during autumn signs since it has some low competition I'm also going to add wooden fall signs and I'll look again and I see fall wall decor and I know can't search volume I stopped 23 characters I think I'll go with fall wall art but I'm gonna combine it with the word happy because it more accurately describes my item and yeah it also has that keyword phrase happy fall in it that'll take care of my title now I'm going to delete all the tags that I have and start those over again I'm going to copy my keyword phrases from my title now I'm going to keep them in the same order because I know the potential customers type in these exact phrases Etsy search is getting smarter every day however and some alternate methods might work I'll show you one of these alternate methods a little bit later but for now I'll add in each keyword from the title happy fall signs autumn decor and so on I can see the title at the very bottom of my screen so I can either type them in again or copy and paste when I get to the end I have to go back up to my title and copy from there then paste it in to my tags I need to use all of my tags if Etsy gives them to you you should be using them once you list all of the keywords that you used in your title you can generate tags in a couple of different ways one way is to list different words that the search engine may combine to make various search phrases for example I could type in fall happy fall signs with signs and decor then the search engine could combine these terms into different combinations I could also go back into my keywords everywhere list and type these exact search phrases into the tags either way works for now just be sure to utilize all 13 tags and do not leave any blank so that's one way to do keyword research you can do the same thing with at the rank or Marmalade of course however I found that using the keywords everywhere extension to get the numbers in my browser helps a lot especially when I'm using the ANSI search bar I hope this has been helpful for additional tips and articles visit ELISA card ENCOM and be sure to subscribe to my channel thanks

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