Etsy SEO for Newbies – How to Find Keywords for your Listings

Posted By on May 6, 2019

hello alphas I'll make sure I mute my video that way you guys don't get blasted with an ad nope no ad today so oh no it's playing over there wait Nate entertain hello everybody not really too sure what's going on looks like technical difficulties as usual I'm enjoying a venti iced vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso this morning very nice it's almost noon but it's still morning time for me so Oh God okay we had I had multiple plays going on Nate it doesn't look like that preview video is showing anymore in the corner of my play screen is it showing for you there's no preview of oh well I'm live I can see me they can see you when I when I manually click alright guys well either way happy Friday everybody we have a huge Q&A today today to do today but we also have some news for you so if you're joining us for the very first time of course as always we hang out for the first 10 minutes of every video while we wait for everybody to hop online so a little update for you guys if you missed QA last weekend which if you did you should go watch it like right after this Q&A is over we met Anthony wolf of ear ank I did and mr. mr. Nate did we went all the way to Columbus to see Anthony and that and right when we started posting photos everybody wanted to know like why are you guys all together what's going on what are you guys up to and I didn't tell anybody what we were up to I just kept kind of like teasing it and and hinting but basically what we've been doing over the last what would you say it's been it's been over two months now hasn't it yeah it's funny there was a post made where it was like two and half weeks it's really been almost like three months now right yeah it's been a while so Nate do you want to tell them what we need what we basically have been doing with Anthony so a lot of it is just really trying to hone in on what I rank is and finding good brand representation to get the earring name out there in a better way and then on top of that also kind of cleaning up the way that the old website looked and totally redesigning it so it's a brand new interface it's a lot cleaner in my opinion Anthony and the team has done an incredible job not only from a graphic standpoint and from a marketing standpoint but just from a user interface standpoint there's a nice little feedback button at the bottom of every screen on any ranked page and you can provide feedback in real time to Anthony and he grabs that feedback and he's constantly cataloging um you know everything that you guys are talking about so if you have any suggestions any comments any type of feedback share it share it here share it on the website and then the last piece has really been the social media which is I'm hoping maybe you can mention that a little bit actually you know what why don't you mention it but first before you mention it why don't you mention why why you're pushing you rank who are you who are you to push Earring qui why do you care about this Nate do you want to kind of discuss why you want them to follow the the social media well I'll say like this because I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to disclose right now but Nick is going to become a dominant presence on the Internet you're gonna see it everywhere so we're really excited to get that campaign going really through much of what you're used to through the Facebook group we're gonna continue that on no other platforms so you're going to be able to now see rank on Instagram on Twitter you're gonna see your ink on Pinterest and even on Reddit so no matter where you go there's going to be an e rank resource for you and the goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to ask a question and get an answer back in real time so Рyeah and those links guys are all down below like if you click yes open for links you'll find all of them so I I'm really excited especially for Instagram we're at a ranked Pro also on Twitter you can find us at a ranked Pro but just in the next couple of days everything is going to become even bigger and just like Anthony's motto from little things big things grow we're applying that to our social media and that you missed it if you missed like the last Q&A basically what happened was I had been talking to Anthony about Nate because Nate's been helping me with some things with the alphas and Anthony was really impressed with Nate and actually brought Nate on board as their what would you consider yourself a social media content manager yeah yeah he's uh he's in charge of basically the social media marketing that's gonna be taking place for earing so he's your your guy on the inside now and he's also working with the Alpha so you get like the best of both worlds and I on the other hand when it came to this I rank rebrand I I'm not like an employee of E rank and I didn't get paid to do any of it but what this has allowed me to do is have some hands-on experience with a major rebrand and really really testing the waters of what I what I could do while also brainstorming ideas for something huge that's gonna hopefully be completed this year for the alphas and Nate is pretty much the only other person who knows about it other than mr. Mohr he's sick by the way I don't think I mentioned that but if Nate you do you want to weigh in on on how huge the thing is that I'm working on well I'll say this I don't know how you managed to be a mentor and a guide to me to train me to give me a little the resources that you have to constantly be a presence in that handmade alpha community and then also put together things like this every single week it actually blows my mind and you're a wife and your mother that kind of stuff to me like you know I'm wrapping up college and I have a full-time job I do some things on the side and I feel like my whole day is stretched and I'm working 30 hours but then I remember there's people like you people like everyone that's watching this that totally gets what I'm saying it just completely blows my mind that you're able to like put all those together manage it it's crazy but what I will say is there is something huge so if you thought the handmade alphas was gonna be big just wait Starla has a lot more in store for you a lot more resources a lot more things to help you along your journey and my secret guys is every morning I eat a pinecone a whole pinecone and that is what we manage my time so well so be sure to go out in your yard find a nice big pinecone and ingest the entire thing I think that's starting with grass gradually work your way up yeah work your way up to the pinecone that way you know you can get used to it throw up we've got about one minute before we need to start the last few pieces of news that I need to give you guys handmade alpha Academy which is my my like flagship course we'll be opening for summer in June so if you guys want to get on the waiting list to make sure that you get the massive discount and guys who you know what the discount is please don't type it in the chat like keep it a secret because it I know that it's gonna excite everybody and we want to keep it a secret right it's exciting it makes ready yeah join the waiting list down below you can find it next to a little graduation cap emoji another you're gonna want to grab down below is there are my 2019 marketing calendars there is a little party horn emoji beside those make sure that you click that get my marketing calendars you won't double sign up for my email list if you're already on my list you don't have to worry about that they're completely separate lists but if you're interested in getting my marketing calendars those are available free down below and the very last thing that I have for you guys is for everybody who begged me and begged me and begged me and begged me to contact your date Christine about potentially doing another opening of architect which is her course for building a website if you want to have another you know place to sell other than Etsy or if you're you know if that's he's not for you and you want to open your own website I do have a I I have a timeframe in mind for when you can expect that to be open it's gonna mean sometime next month I can't say anything else but just if it's something that you've been waiting for and maybe you've already taken handmade Alfa Academy or maybe maybe Etsy is not for you and you don't think the HIA could help you but you would rather build your own website she will be opening her ultimate architect course to the alphas very soon but I can't say any more than that because I don't know how much I'm allowed to say so I feel like half of this stuff worse today we're like oh we can't really talk about it talk about anything we're not allowed there there are non-disclosure agreements and paperwork and lawyers and we'll the I don't know the FBI will be busting in through the doors we can't lay these things real quick before we get going there's like three different comments and in the chat that I wanted to respond to really quick okay so sassy blossoms first of all thank you for saying that your ink looks awesome Anthony and the entire development team along with Starla and I we've all worked really really hard to give you guys something that you know looks really good and it's super easy to interface and that's what we're hoping for somebody asked a question if your Etsy rank account and profile will transfer over to e rank think of Etsy rank to e rank is just more of a rebranding it's really the same thing just with a different twist and we really wanted to get away from Etsy and really just make it more about earing so it's its own entity but yes your profile your account everything transfers over if you have any questions reach out to me Starla or reach out to Anthony directly through the website and we'll get you some help I was trying to see if there was anything else so much fiber says wild moonlight vlogs yes very much Kate Kate McMullen says I think a Corden's could be a good stepping stone and I thought that was pretty funny you got to eat the acorns like cereal you got to put them in a big bowl and then pour the milk over top preferably some type of like a nut milk like some almond milk or oh my gosh that's the Californian and you coming back out hey California I just lived there for six years I don't dare all right guys let's go ahead and jump to some cool SEO tips and for a lot of you this is gonna be a refresher but I might share some knowledge that you maybe weren't aware of if you do have any questions feel free to type those into the chat I'm gonna have Nate kind of keep track of what's going on in the chat because I can't see your comments while I'm screen sharing I'm gonna give you a preview of what the new earaches site looks like how to use it for keyword research now keep in mind I am a pro member so I will be using my pro account which is $9.99 per month so frickin worth it not getting paid to say that it just you're gonna see so much more data than if you have the free account but the free account is still very useful you can still use it for your keyword research you're just not going to get as much data so if you can swing that that $10 a month I highly recommend it if not the free version still works perfectly you just want your screen won't match up quite as much as mine well so first of all I do want to point something out to you guys that I've noticed consistently and not just my community the handmade off a Facebook community which is linked down below if you're not a member feel free to join but I've also noticed it and a lot of other Etsy groups where sellers are hopping on and they're starting to complain and say things like oh my sales have tanked this month oh man I was doing so good last month and now my sales are completely dropped like let me know down in the comments if your sales have dropped this month okay let me know and let me know if you're one of those people who's wondering why because I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna tell you exactly what your sales have job it's because the summer it's almost summer it's spring it's warm we live in Ohio and we're having a very very warm spring it's nice out everyone's planning flowers and as it gets warmer less people are gonna be sitting on their butts in front of their computers shopping guys this is the time when you need to be working on your SEO this is the time when if you have photos in your shop that needs to be replaced you need to get out there and do that you need to edit your photos you need to make sure that all of this tweaking is done over the summer while it's quiet because you're not make a lot of sales and take it from me I have been selling on Etsy for over seven years now I know what these patterns look like and right around springtime sales drop it's completely normal it's not your shop it's not that people don't like your products use this time wisely because we're right when August September and October roll around that's when Christmas modes gonna start kicking in and by November usually November is everybody's best month and depending on what industry you're in so I just wanted to throw out that quick disclaimer make sure everybody's aware that it's not just you this is normal if you're new to Etsy and this feels like you know something that's crazy that's just happening to you I promise you it's not so now that that's out of the way let's talk about some research that way we can get rolling and you guys have something fun to do over the summer and if you guys like this video we might do some more videos over the next few weeks talking about some of the other ear eang tools that are available but right now we're gonna be talking about two very specific tools the keyword explorer which is a pro tool but if you have a standard membership you can use the keyword tool for that and we will also be talking about the trends report which is a pro tool okay so we're gonna do three different tools today and learn how to do some keyword research so give me one second while I share on my screen the first thing that I'm going to share with you guys though is the new earring home page because Nate and I spent so much time on it and it looks so nice and I'm just so stinkin proud of how beautiful it looks alright Nate you are currently in charge of chat just keep an eye out and if there's any questions that you feel that needs to be answered as we go just yell at me really loud because once I'm on a roll I have trouble hearing alright guys yeah before we begin actually Amy had one of a had a question really quick she says that she was thinking like would it be worthwhile to do a summer collection Isilon the information you just gave them yes absolutely thing about the summer collections though is if you're gonna do that you need to start now you don't want to if you're selling products that are summer themed you got to make sure that people have time to buy them just like Christmas products you don't want to release Christmas products in November you want to make sure that Christmas products are released and you know right around Halloween time or earlier if possible so as long as you bust it out quick get it launched and make sure that you give yourself optimal time to market then you are well off but if those products aren't necessarily you know some are specific then don't worry about it too much it doesn't really matter when you launch so I hope that answered your question Amy and they just feel free to yell at me if you see any more good ones alright guys so right here right when you visit earring calm for the first time you will get this brand new homepage it is significantly different than what the old homepage looked like a lot of this a lot of these cool little graphics and things are Nate and I and lots of very very long nights working on the design of this but just make sure that you go ahead and click start going to sign up if you're not already a member or log in if you are if you're already member from the old site and your data will be transferred over after you log in you'll be taken to your ear ank dashboard this is my personal dashboard from my shop so obviously there's a lot of crazy data here but the tool in particular that we are going to be looking at is the keyword Explorer if you are a pro member or the keyword tool if you are a standard member obviously I'm going to go for the pro since I am a pro member and with this tool what you are able to do is type in a keyword and research exactly how many people are searching for this term on Etsy and Google and how many people are engaging with it okay but rather than for example I saw skeleton key necklaces rather than typing in skeleton key necklace what you guys want to do is type in a broad keyword that just barely describes what your product is so in fact Nate um if you don't mind what I think I'm gonna ask them to do is just I'm gonna have everybody type in the chat what they sell specifically what type of product they sell and then what I want you to do is just read one off to me we're gonna pick on one random person and guys don't attack Nate if he doesn't pick you don't don't don't you know for my mommy on the pick just pick her in the one close your eyes if you have to and hover your mouse over somebody and just give me a random product that way I'd absolutely while work while we're getting some questions or while we're getting some answers and there's a question by Jane Irvine she said she watched a video where you were using SEO book would you recommend using it he ranked over SEO book now is there much differently SEO book is so outdated guys they stopped importing data like several years ago and that's why that video now has a I think in the description I put that it is outdated now because basically with these with these these tools what's happening is these tools rely on trusted third parties to provide the data that they use so you can't just call Etsy up and say hey can I have all of the words that were searched on Etsy from this month to this month they don't do that that that's not how it works but there are third-party services that will give you this data totally legal it's not it's not you know anything sketchy but you have to rely on these third parties an SEO book did the exact same thing for Google searches right but what ended up happening was they stopped paying I think it's because they weren't making a lot of money from ad space or whatever and they didn't have the money to pay for this data so they just never refreshed it so the data that you're seeing is years old whereas Anthony's data is catered specifically to Etsy so you're not just seeing how many people are searching for these products on Google you're seeing how many people are searching for these products on Google and Etsy okay and he keeps this information updated so that I rank is absolutely the way to go I have completely converted over there is nothing else that I use I only use I rank for this reason Nate Lee writes yes yes Amie Hoffman she has been excellent she's been awesome both on here and through Instagram I believe she said it's feather pen feather pens okay so let's try something something broad let's try and you know feather pen isn't necessarily a longtail keyword usually when you see along keyword you would expect it to be three words or more and point to a very specific type of product so let's just start with the broad term pen and see what we get all right so some of the main areas that we want to look at are the searches per month the competition and the engagement okay and if you're a pro member you'll have a longtail graph that will show you where and how close to being a longtail keyword it is right now we see that pen is a head keyword the difference between a head keyword and a longtail keyword is a longtail keyword has a higher conversion rate because it points to a very specific type of product and if a shopper is searching for a very very specific type of product it means that they are more ready to buy as opposed to somebody who is searching for something very general for example someone who is just searching Mother's Day gift they don't know exactly what they want right but if somebody's searching Mother's Day a cross stitch pattern they know exactly what they want right so they're more likely to buy and if you sell a Mother's Day cross stitch pattern you are more likely to make that sale or have that higher conversion so that's why longtail keywords are significantly better than using a broad a broad short head keyword okay so we have pen is our word and we can look at our nice graph which is a pro feature and see how many people are searching at different points but then what we want to do is scroll down and look at some of the recommended keywords that we see down here now ultimately what we're looking for are yellows in greens and we want to avoid oranges and reds okay because we're looking for searches competition and engagement we want high searches we want low competition and we want high to medium engagement right so scrolling through we see wire-wrapped pendant they see none of these are describing what we want pen blanks pearl pendant so we're seeing a lot of lated keywords so we might want to try to refine this a bit and try to find something else so um let's try what did she what would she call it feather pen pen feather pen and then she also has feather quill pen Oh Natalia Natalia actually said a longtail should be Swarvoski crystals necklace interesting or Amy just said feather quill pen for wedding oh yeah that would be a great longtail so we see crystal oh that's pendant man it's pulling pendant terms let's see let's try quill I actually like quill a lot more whoops would help if I its quill one L or two else hahaha let's see it's quill one L or two L's I think it's one right one or two quill is two L's two L's okay all right so let's see quill dwelling cards quilling art if your quilling wall art blowing cards feather quill pen okay so now we're getting somewhere this would be a longtail keyword notice in the pro membership you can actually see if the long tail it's got a decent amount of searches that's fantastic 610 searches a month that falls into the medium range which means it would be a decent long tail keyword to consider your competition is insanely low there are only a thousand and eighty eight other competitors using the keyword feather quill pen so latch on to this keyword and the engagement for it is high now there's something really interesting that we're gonna go into here in just a few minutes in terms of these search trends so I'm gonna leave this here but let's kind of scroll through and see what other terms that we have it looks like quill pen by itself actually has lower engage it then feather quill pen so that might be something to to think about looking down paper quilling feather quill looks like it has low searches so that wouldn't be a term that you would want to use so feather quill pen definitely seems like the winner out of all of these but something else that you can do once you find that that term that you really really like where'd it go feather quill pen is click on it and then you'll be able to pop up the full record of any minute now you'll be able to pull up the full record and stats for that specific keyword now if you're using the keyword tool if you have a free membership we'll go ahead and type the same word and feather actually you know let's do um let's just do feather way sassy blossoms asked how many searches should we be looking for that is a good amount per month I recommend staying in the yellow to green as long as it's in yellow to green that means that you have those medium to high searches see looking at feather quill we can see this is the free membership by the way the only thing that you guys are not going to have are these graphs and some of the data that's down here but for the free membership what we can do is kind of use this to pull up our most popular tags used by other Etsy sellers and this is a really useful resource if you guys need more ideas you can go in here and kind of see the larger ones are the ones that are most frequently used and you can click on all of these and kind of explore some of the features if you are using the free membership so this is another great resource that you can use but going back we have feather quill pen we have 604 searches per month low competition and the engagement it says that the engagement is low so that might be something to consider maybe trying to throw in a variety of keywords you might want to consider throwing in something like wedding pen you could even do things like guest book signing in fact let's pop open if we have any others and then Nate do you want to pull up one more example of from a shop maybe scroll back up and try to find me one more good one and then we'll go more into trends after that so guys I couldn't cool so go ahead and find one and then just kind of stick your finger on it for a minute while I while I go through this page so a couple things that I forgot to mention guys is when we have this Etsy and Google data which if you want to turn off one that way you can really focus on it you can do that but this Google data think of this more is your second opinion right because you're not selling on Google you're selling on Etsy and this this here is basically going to reinforce the same trends that you're seeing on Etsy so you can kind of see especially in peeks and different seasons where where these products are gonna be more popular if you're looking for a guestbook obviously there's probably going to be a peak in sales around wedding season so this is just more of a second opinion that you can use but keep in mind if you also have your own website you can use this as a super bonus here to make sure that you're optimizing your website with keywords now another thing that I wanted to point out to you guys are these Google competition and Google cost per clicks because this is something that I know gets overlooked you know when you're looking at all the pretty colors you don't really think to look over here and most people don't understand what the significance of the Google competition and the Google cost per click is which is the CPC a combination of a high Google competition which is 11.00 would be the highest and a high CPC which you can just kind of scroll through and see which are the highest 1.23 that's high 11.9 one is obviously higher just scroll through and find the ones that are the highest so we're looking for our high competition high Google CPC this indicates that advertisers know that this keyword is special therefore they're willing to pay more cost per click they're willing to pay more and bid higher to get placement on Google for that keyword so basically what we're seeing is we're looking for the winning racehorse right so if we look through this list and we see that what's this term guestbook wedding that it has high competition and the CPC is dollar 91 cents one point nine one we know that this is a high demand word okay as opposed to maybe a polaroid guestbook that only has zero point eight three okay so make sure that you're looking for this combination of high CPC and high Google competition okay Nate you want to go ahead and give me one more one more term absolutely chain or bond contributed and said hand engraved drinking glasses all right so let's do engraved glass let's just oops guys will have to excuse me when I use mr. Moore's keyboard it's like I'm in a different universe it is so much more clicky alright so engraved glass we have very low searches per month very high competition and low engagement so obviously engraved glass is not a term that we would want to use what we would want to do is scroll down and look at some of the better terms so we have wine glass so maybe the engraved could be something that you could add in front of wine glass that way wine glass stays together wine glass is not a longtail keyword because it is only two terms and it doesn't really point to a very specific type of product and that competition is very high let's go ahead and click out of quill pens here we go looking through wineglass though we might be able to go through and find a better term so we have personalized wine glass this has a lot of monthly searches very high competition but that engagement is very high so it might be a good secondary keyword we have personalized wine glass we're getting closer we have high searches we have a little bit lower competition but still pretty high but we also have a very high engagement we have hand-painted wine glass that doesn't really point to engraved wine glasses though so we have some high searches low competition and high engagement let's see what we have edged wineglass so maybe maybe instead of engraved since we're not seeing much for engraved you might want to consider looking into edged in place of engraved because we have decent searches 1410 we have 16,000 678 competition which is relatively high but not too bad and the engagement is medium so this would be a great opportunity for you to test a combination of maybe wine glass or personalized wine glass and etched wine glass and try to find a good combination that works for you and keep in mind it can take months to find the purpose or perfect combination but you rank has a lot of great tracking tools that we might talk about another time I'll show you another resource where you can find out how to track your your keywords a little bit better here in just a few minutes but basically try a combination of these words make sure that you're looking for good numbers make sure that you're looking for the greens and the yellows and just test things out guys because ultimately what you want to do is find the perfect recipe it's like trying to find the perfect cookie recipe okay and this is going to take a lot of time it's gonna take a lot of experimenting now one thing that I do want to point out is the trends graph that we have here basically the trends graph tell us or tells us how popular this keyword has been over the last 15 months and for wineglass for example we can see this peak right here for wineglass is December 2018 personalized wine glass we see a peak in December 2018 and January 2019 so there's a lot of really useful things that we can that we can use this for and look let's think about this guys when do people buy Christmas wreaths we'll do a little a little trivia okay Nate let me know what a majority say but guys just type in what month do you guys think that most people buy Christmas wreaths and we'll test it out in fact I'll get it typed in while we're waiting on some answers Pam Duffy has joined us hi Pam we might be meeting Pam later right oh yeah she has been one of the like earring crock stars and I personally have been extremely impressed with everything she's done to help out the team yeah guys very very hey Nate Pam won't be at an admin or I mean a chat moderator she won't be able to type her own channel into the comment scope could you pull through and just plug her channel down below guys have you absolutely if you guys ever get sick of listening to long q and A's and you would like to hang out with Pam she also has an amazing channel that you guys can check out look for the comment from Nate he will be typing that in in just a minute but right now I'm waiting for you guys to let me know what month do most people buy Christmas wreaths let me know let me know let me know and then we're gonna look it up we're gonna find out when most people buy Christmas wreaths and there is a point to this exercise that you guys will be finding out in just a moment were you able to find Pam's channel got it perfect po e ffect you're gonna be my new my new link retriever my link a link retriever I'm a computer nerd so I know how to search things very quickly yes it is your your new job go find the links what are most people saying in our chat what month are you Vanessa just said oh no I'm late my notification just showed up ah that's okay Vanessa after the video yeah after the video is over we'll be posting it so you'll be able to watch the replay yeah thanks for Jordyn post right after we're done so yeah most people right now we have quite we've got a couple of November's one or two December's everyone's saying October October November and December alright so let's go ahead and pull up Christmas wreath and then we're gonna scroll down to Christmas wreath look at our Etsy trends Oh what do you know first month October second month November didn't mean to click it and third month is December but it looks like the most people are purchasing in November so when you sell Christmas wreaths guys assume that you are a Christmas wreath shop or you just make wreaths and you want to make some for Christmas when should you list your Christmas wreaths let me know what month should you actually list your Christmas wreaths well I mean everyone nailed when they're searching for it so I mean you know when you're gonna get it wood shit'll you list it let's see here oh they're starting to roll in right now there we go okay I'll let a few more come in and then I'll reveal to you what they're saying oh I'm sorry neccessity did she says three months before I'm just kidding there's a lot of august's there's a few September's Barbara just said mid-october more September's July August in essence is July August okay September and August is September and August when you guys okay so for example if you guys shopped at Target and you live in an area where there is swimming assuming that you don't live in like Iceland or something and there's outdoor swimming usually in the United States I guess I should specify in February when it is generally pretty cold target releases their bikinis nobody in Ohio is buying a bikini in February but they are buying bikinis right now when it's starting to warm up so you want to make sure that you are releasing your products two to three months before you expect to sell them and if these products are beginning to sell in October and we even have a little spike in September then you need to be listed by September and August does that make sense so how do you find trends what do you how do you find out what's trending right now now this is a feature that is exclusive to you right pro but I want to give you guys one little thing since we're talking about trends this is the trending on Etsy report and you can see the ten most searched terms for last month which was March we see that enamel pen was trending girls Easter dress obviously because of Easter but the what's really interesting is you can go back and look at what was trending this time last year so for all of you who are saying is it too late to release a summer product line make sure that if you have a pro membership you're going to this page and looking at what was trending specifically in June or if you're if you're doing some SEO right now maybe you want to look at what's trending in May we can see that Mother's Day gift was trending this is a term that you might want to throw into your tags and titles and you know obviously make sure you take it out after the holiday is over but this might be a term that you want to experiment with Father's Day gift this is another big one that you can get in on now we have wedding decor because wedding season is right around the corner let's see we have bridesmaid gift that's gonna go along with the wedding season going into June Father's Day we have clothing obviously everybody's doing their their summer kind of I guess they're redoing their closets riri buying for summer we have weddings once again wedding season bridesmaid gift so this is a really great way to see what was popular about you know about a year ago maybe maybe thirteen to fourteen months out because if that term was popular this time last year it's probably going to be popular this year too right there's gonna be a few exceptions to this for example slime hasn't been nearly as popular as it was you know last year I think that that was kind of a more of a trendy thing for the kids last year and it hasn't been quite as popular this year but it's still pretty popular and it's something that you guys need to consider when you are kind of scouting out these trends okay and make sure that if you're doing this research and you plan to edit your your tags and titles you want to make sure that you're doing this early because you want to give at the optimal time to assess your listings and these changes it can take sixty days or more to assess these changes so you need to make sure that your giving plenty of time for you know not just for Etsy to assess the changes but to accommodate the shoppers who are getting in there and shopping early now the last thing that I want to show you guys real quick if you need more help with some of the tools is there are some really cool videos that Nate and I corded Nate edited if you go into the beginner's guide this is for everybody this is going to be a video that will kind of overview the free tools it's only six minutes and 14 seconds long it's just a quick overview that will get you started and right when you sign up for I rank if you're already a member you will be taken to a page with this but if you ever need to get back to it just pop open into your settings go to beginner's guide and you can listen to this video and hear my lovely voice for about six minutes pro members get to deal with me for a little bit longer go into getting started with pro and you'll get a longer video it is 14 minutes and 53 seconds of me covering some of the most important pro tools if you have you rent pro I highly recommend doing the e rank Pro video and the beginners guide video because they cover completely different tools so I'm gonna go ahead and stop sharing my screen alright um Nate let's let's try to tackle some of these comments that I'm sure that we that I'm sure that we have do we have any more questions that I've missed yeah uh let me go up through here I mean seriously everyone you're doing such a good job with providing us with like great feedback and really funny comments so we really appreciate that too that's always good let's see here Pam I'm she says I'm glad to be an earring team amazed by the work you all did were just as amazed by all the feedback and all the work you've done I mean you are an absolute genius when it comes to everything at sea I personally spent about a month kind of going through your channel and watching some of your videos I really like your presence in your videos so I'm hoping maybe we can collaborate together on some future video work together I'd like to talk to you maybe one on one when you get some time just to you know throw that out there yeah we um Pam that will go team because the hair exactly right that was the first thing that caught my eye was like oh you would start let's collaborate on your hair Amy also said that when you know when you're searching over the list of different tools and there's that Pro tag next to the ones that are actually Pro Tools Amy thought that that meant that that was a feature that you had to pay extra for which is why it should press that might that's actually good feedback thank you for that wrecking Chris says nobody had an outside pool in the UK our weather is way too rainy for that a good point moonstone Mary she asks so earring Pro is ten dollars a month is that paid monthly or annually right now that is paid monthly though Anthony has teased that there should be an annual plan coming soon we just don't know when that's going to be available because that does take quite a bit of work to to kind of you know get integrated and all the tools that we're talking about with Pro you don't pay per tool it's $9.99 per month and you get all of the pro tools everything that has that little orange you know box beside it that says Pro you get all of those so southern belle Taylor Designs she just said okay you made up my mind for me Lowell I just upgraded a pro welcome to the family thank you so much you're about to be amazed by all the tools that you now have access to and what's really great is that I will be manning the Instagram the Facebook the Twitter stuff so reach out on there if you ever have any comments feedback and questions and we'll be sure to get back to you oh and Nate not only that but we should point this out if you have like a really cool success story something that would help Nate out you know while creating some content if you have like a great at like ear a success story even if it was when it was back when it was like Etsy rank and you just you want to share it and you've got like a cool photo of one of your products or you know just something like that or a photo of yourself submit it or tag the e rank Pro Instagram because what we're gonna be looking for are some cool success stories to share so feel free to do that if you want to help out Nate yes and honestly my dream for in my gold my dream for the Instagram for social media in general is to really make it about every one of you it's not just about ear ink right we're kind of here to be the face of earring but it's more about providing you with the tools or resources that you need and we want to reflect our social media back into the community so please if you have a great story that you want to share that you feel that would be helpful to other Etsy shop people and you think that it would help them grow which is our complete mission statements all about growth submitted hash tag I rank through any of your social media posts um and I'll be digging through them and picking things out every single week and you might have a chance to get featured so it would be a good thing for you and then also it would be a chance to maybe highlight some things that other shop owners were kind of maybe nervous or didn't want to necessarily share because of their own struggles and things but if you can be that person to kind of say hey these are the struggles that I've had these are the things that I've been able to overcome that's gonna empower even more people and it's gonna make our community grow and that's what we really want so thank you yes that's like a shout out for you like no I'm talking about benefits for you it this is like a free feature where all of the earring followers would you know get to get to juice yes and wrecking crew says I can't afford produce yet but if my work takes off I'll totally do you some kind of content to help out well hey I'll tell you what ear Inc wasn't really built to just have Pro members a lot of the resources that we have to offer are completely and totally free join us jump into the Facebook community start a conversation get in there and ask questions you know most of the resources that are available are already there all you have to do is become a member of earing follow us on instagram follow us on twitter again become a member of the Facebook community you'll have great people in there like Starla and Pam's and guide you along the way so even if you can't afford all of the pro features you could definitely afford ten minutes to sign up right and that's all it takes and not to mention Anthony wolf is in his group every single week he has a Q&A session usually every Tuesday where you can talk directly to Anthony and ask questions and provide feedback it's just it's probably this has to be the like closest community based around like a web tool that I have ever seen I've never seen so much love when it comes to just an online tool because it's usually there if there's usually a lot of coldness when it comes to something like this so I there's just so much warmth in the community yeah and Misty asked if I ever sleep or yes I do starla works 10 times as hard as I do so does Anthony so does pain so I am I am just the student trying to learn as much as possible we always make the joke with Anthony when when Anthony says something about what about about taking up too much of your time he's always like chime in I'm like don't worry about him he's 26 and single and he has no kid crime age time everything right this is your this is the phase where you need to be just like busting butt because you've got so right I'm you can either this is something right I even tell the office you are either time rich and money poor or mm wait time rich and money poor or time poor and money rich that's like those are like dad I'm setting an entrepreneur entrepreneur those are like you the two phases that you transition one to the other so that's right yeah and southern-belle just said you don't know what tired is yet yeah I really don't I don't know what a 60 hour you know day looks like yet so the goal is to get there though so get on Instagram tagging and stuff and keep me really busy keep them busy guys any more any more good questions I've just lost track of the chat because there's so many okay I know everyone is just being great right now um Amy says I wish my shop would grow my whole shop is going to be revamped I feel like I'm the only one who revamp their shop the most when I am done getting it all to where I want to won't change it again what do you have to say about the constant change you actually mentioned this the other day Starla you're talking about like how many times you should actually rebrand yourself maybe you can speak to that a little bit yeah so here's there's there's a couple different and we talk about this a lot in handmade alpha Academy when it comes to rebranding so I can't say all a lot um in terms of like the nitty-gritty details but think about it this way imagine imagine a company that like coca-cola that has kept the same iconic consistent logo for what over a hundred years right coca-cola has been around for well over a hundred years I believe Nate Google how old coca-cola is um but you keep like they've had that iconic red and white in that specific font for a long time but then there are only seven years 127 January 29th 1892 that is insane and they've kept very similar branding for 127 years but then there are those brands out there who changed their branding all the time and they completely go like all different directions and the the the metaphor that I use both in him made alpha Academy and that I used last week when we when we spoke was imagine your branding is like a song okay if you're driving to work and you hear a song on the radio and you kind of like it you know you're you're you're jamming to it then you get to work and then on the drive home you hear it again and then you're kind of mouthing the words a little bit and then you go home and then the next day you drive to work again and you hear it and you're like wow I like this song so on your lunch break you you download the CD and then on the ride home you're singing all the words and then by the week after that you've got all the words memorized and you're jamming out and it's just your favorite song in the whole wide world but imagine if every time that you had heard that song the words had been changed just slightly would you remember it probably not and that's what branding is you have to sing the same song over and over again and build a reputation for that song otherwise people will not remember you so make sure that when you're I mean moving and making changes in your shop that's fantastic in fact it's good for your ranking at CeCe's activity Etsy sees you moving around Etsy you know knows that you're an active seller and that you're doing good by your community so Etsy is more likely to see that activity as a positive thing and that usually positively impacts your ranking right but at the same time make sure that those changes are taking place and things that that matter like your tax and new titles and things once you get your branding perfect and you're happy with it don't don't you know I like to call it like almost like you get like this nest syndrome where you your branding is perfect but you just you keep tweaking it like oh it's perfect but it could be a little bit better and you just never settle and you're constantly changing you need to make sure that you get that branding perfect like the first time or second time if you're rebranding hire a designer if you have to and don't publish it don't upload it until you're happy with that final result I mean imagine if all of the variations that we did with the e rank logo Nate imagine if if we had posted each of those to the Facebook page my gosh like while we were in the creative process every single time we've changed no that's where you have to balance out like what you reveal when I feel style I feel like you're so good at announcing to your audience like what's happening and when but you always seem to like have just that little bit of just like intrigue you know you make people really want with your marketing I mean you're just so sharp at it yeah and that's what you guys to teasing you have to tease people and keep them excited and keep them engaged so if you're working on your branding maybe post something on social media like hey you know something's coming you don't know what it is get excited just like we were talking about earlier what I was saying when I told when I told you that I was working on something else and Nate comes on and he's like if you guys think that alphas are cool you just wait for this secret thing that I can't talk about but now you guys are all thinking about it right you're you're wondering what it is when is it going to release what does it cover what's it about that's gonna be in your guys's heads for probably months now so that's what you guys need to be doing to your audience when it comes to everything whether it be product lines advertising sales or your branding if you plan to rebrand so Nate do we have any more questions rolling in let's take a look here sassy blossom says I could do without the song char can do with you never heard of that one baby shark you ever baby zips no I'm sure you and Mark will will probably play it for me neck I'm over now no tailors a little too old for baby shark but I've been on social media enough with all my mom friends to know what it is it's uh it's a very annoying song for children we'll just leave it at that southern belle Taylor Designs just had a serious question she says I've been working I've been told by my marketing manager that I need to start a YouTube channel why would I need to and would it help well that really depends on what you sell I don't know why a marketing manager would say that you need a YouTube channel because when it comes to product advertising unless you're perpetually creating visual marketing and ads that are in a video format there's really not a whole lot that you can do if you're doing like your creative process and you have a product that you can show the creative process for some products that's not very wise you don't want to give away your secrets on how you make your products and tell people how to make them but say you're like a maybe you're a blacksmith and it's gonna be really hard for the average Joe to just you replicate what you do maybe you make knives or something or you know some some hammered metal jewelry and you've poured the hot metal and nobody's gonna nobody's going to do that so it'd be okay to show your creative process but if you create something like maybe you do cross stitch and you don't want people to see how exactly what you're doing because they could just go and replicate it then there wouldn't be ideal for you to have a youtube channel covering your creative process there are ways that you can use a YouTube channel but I will admit my youtube channel never took off as a advertising point for my Etsy business if you go down into my very very old old old old videos I have a lot of different like old-school just ads that I made with like Windows Movie Maker for my my product launches and they've got very few views most of the views that they do have are from alphas just snooping them out I didn't really have any traction so it really just depends on the type of product but as for your marketing wouldn't you say marketing manager yes a marketing manager I don't really here's the thing make sure that you focus most of your efforts into three social media platforms YouTube is a social media platform but it doesn't have to be the one that you use I don't think that YouTube is the place or for Etsy handmade products unless there is like a reason for it for example if you're like a blacksmith or something and you have an interesting creative process what I would recommend is looking more into channels like Pinterest Instagram Facebook creating a Facebook group similar to what I have in the art by Starlin or key keepers Club but other than that keep I would like to see more videos for product advertising on Facebook it's a lot easier to gain traction there your videos can be shorter as long as they're engaging there's a lot of great resources that you can use to create those square videos that fit a screen but and that's another big thing that not a lot of people realize is that if you're posting videos on social media it's always good to make sure that those are in a square format because they fit the screen the best it's why you see all of the BuzzFeed videos and the like the tasty recipe videos they're all squares because they fit the best resolution but you know back to back to the main topic you don't have to have a YouTube channel so I'm sorry if I upset you or whoever no Pama mentioned youtube is the second biggest search engine on the internet so if it works for you then it can get your brand out it's a good point to make I'm sassy blossom says when doing your research on a drink and you see that there is a lot of trends on Google and less on Etsy would you choose it if it is in the yellow and green I think that that just depends if there is a term that it seems better then obviously go with whatever the winning horse is but if you're seeing a term that you don't think would perform well and you want to test it try it out give it a little while you know and make sure that if you guys want to learn more about tracking watch those beginner videos that I showed you on the e-ring site because what I do in those videos is teach you a little bit more about how to track your actual your the keywords that you're using to make sure that they are performing that way if they're not performing you can switch them out but if it looks promising even if it's just performing well on Google then go ahead and test it as long as it's in the yellow and it's in that medium to high range you should be fine to test you just want to make sure that you're trying to avoid those SuperDuper high competition rates because that's where things get a little bit hard when you're fighting with you know we'll say 50 thousand plus other sellers using that term it's gonna be really hard for you to rank for it route from Portugal she says РPortugal says I intend to open my store soon a hundred items to start a store is a good number or should I continue to make more printables and wait um 100 is a lot now for SEO there's there's two kind of sides to this for SEO having more listings is fantastic and I actually go into why this is in handmade alpha Academy because I have a very specific like top secret SEO formula in there for our alphas AAA office type in the comments don't tell them what the formulas but type in the comments if you know what the formula is and tell them how awesome it is but don't tell them what it is but basically guys having more listings helps you to build a lot more structure because what it does is it basically gives signals to Etsy that that keyword that you want to be known for is what you're all about and you have a lot more branches to the tree that are reaching out and more opportunities to be found because there are so many listings floating around out there right by at the same time in terms of I would say that actually building an external following for me personally what I found works best for me is doing product line launches where I'm releasing a collection and if you guys need to learn more about collections in a way which of these strategies is best for you whether it's releasing a lot of products or releasing in product lines be sure to go down below there's gonna be a little lollipop emoji right under this video if you click show more look for the one that says get free business candy from Renae Christine that's gonna take you to Renae Christine's free product line training and it's also going to include a lot of other free goodies from Renee but basically what that's going to do is teach you how to create product lines it's a free training that will teach you how to launch lines of products and mark it the way that big brands like Tiffany and Co РTiffany and Co do so like I said there's two ways to do it it's not gonna hurt you to release all those products honestly a hundred like if you're waiting to launch and you don't think a hundred is enough I think I've only got like thirty products in my shop right now so you know it's not that's definitely not an obstacle don't don't worry about only having a hundred one hundred is a lot yeah the point kate says I know the formula and it's magic yes the magic formula it's a secret formula that you only get to know if you're in hand Madoff Academy but hand Madoff Academy doesn't open until June waiting list is linked down below if you guys want the biggest fattest discount ever when June rolls around make sure that you sign up because if you're not on my waiting list you don't get no discount discount I gotta get the discount when do you work art says I've struggled between teaching artists how to make what I make and just selling my work I have started a YouTube channel now though teaching how let me reword that I have started a YouTube channel now though teaching how to make my stuff should I stop doing this I think it depends I think that everything should be profit driven though so if you're teaching people how to make your stuff and you're still trying to sell your stuff you might be fighting against yourself have you ever considered creating something like an online course that would teach people how to make your products or maybe creating some type of PDF guide and opening up a secondary shop teaching people how to make your products or is there any way that in your YouTube channel you can keep some of the information or process secret and then you know that way they would be more inclined to actually purchase from you so that would be like me showing you guys like a step-by-step tutorial on how I make my products it's what's that that that's just gonna be teaching you guys how to make what I make and then nobody's gonna buy from me right so it might be something to think about if you're if you're really benefiting your goal or if you're you're hurting your long-term goal I think that there's a lot of interesting ways that you could do this and Nate why don't you talk about patreon that might be a great option you know nothing I do patreon is great I know several like there's a guy I've been following on the internet for about a decade now and he went from like doing really funny Internet videos to just now he like does full-on graphic art design and he's actually designing his own cartoon based off of a video game that he's a fan of and what he has decided to do is instead of just like working behind the scenes to get all of this content out he actually films himself for like 10 to 12 hours every single day on camera drawing and making this cartoon and he has people subscribe to him through patreon for like 5 to 10 bucks a month and that pays all of his bills and everything doesn't have a day job all he has to do is sit at home and work on his content so he's like building content gonna have content that's like completed to put out there to actually make money off of but he's been making money while he's creating the content by showing people what he's doing it's brilliant and painting you know first thing that you always use when you're at our house these are by Wendy Wendy made made these posters so this is what only really yeah it is super cool I love these I was coming I order some for myself honestly I know that you're always using our coasters but I don't think I've ever mentioned that these were hers but yeah Wendy patreon would be a great option for you because then rather than giving this this really cool information that people might be willing to pay for a way for free you might use YouTube to really show off your products and maybe show maybe like a time-lapse video of you making your products you know super fast sped up but then do your patreon link in the in the description and have people actually pay you know five dollars to learn more about the process that way if they're making their own at home they're actually giving you a little bit of money for learning you know that really great information that you're sharing with them so that like yeah consider your products are important and are valuable your skills are just as important invaluable so definitely don't be afriad don't be afraid to charge for your skills you know Jayne mentions that she is on the waiting list and she wants to know how long it will be before it opens up and when it will be opening mid-june I can't remember the exact date I believe it's the 14th if you guys actually get my free marketing calendars also linked down below there's a little party horn emoji beside them both enrollment dates for we have one in June and one December both of those enrollment dates are going to be marked on that calendar I know that the December one is December first and I think that the June one is the 14th so if you guys download that calendar you guys can stay more up to date and kind of keep track of when that launch is so and it will be open for ten days and then it closes until December so make sure that you're on that waiting list because that's how you get the discount and yeah and all the goodies all the goodies that come with it let's see do we have any more good comments Oh Pam I love that the best time to start is five years ago second best time is right now yeah guys there's no good time to start the best time to start is right now because otherwise you might suffer from that paralysis by over analysis just jump Nate what do I always tell you about jumping off the cliff just do it know that you're gonna land on your feet yeah you have anymore well when did you just mention that she's really excited that you held up and showed the coaster I'm really excited to know who actually made those because they're amazing yeah Wendy um oh man I'm not gonna be able to I want I would love to put her chat or her video in the comments actually you know what I believe that Wendy's products were in our last unboxing video so go watch our unboxing video speaking of which Alfa's now that we're kind of in the last few minutes and walnuts looking for last minute questions back there on that chair is the pile of products that we have had for p.o box we haven't done an unboxing since our Christmas episode because things have slowed down our p.o box is down below with all the other junk down below this video in the description make sure that you get your products in if you want them featured in our next video we need three more packages before we're going to record this video and we're super excited because I've edited all of our previous videos all of those videos all the unboxings which are they're fun because they're funny and I can put my own like goofy spin on them they're not you know they're not as uh they're not as businessí they're just more more for you guys but I think it's gonna be editing those now and I'm really excited to see how goofy he makes them so I'm excited to work on it I want you to just make it crazy I want you to make everybody laugh do you have any more do we have any more wrecking crew says I can send you a package store do it yes make sure that you read the rules down below there are really rolls down below don't send things that are illegal yes please no nothing wet nothing doing nothing that could get broken and then get all over our other PA box items I don't want the post office to be mad at me anything else any last minutes Yeley is going to send you a package as well i hope i pronounced that correctly it's illegible you already know I love it see this is what's so cool about this community it doesn't even feel like we're talking to strangers here it feels like everyone knows each other you're all just hanging out ELISA is an H a a student she her business is serenity by y le and she makes some really amazing jewelry be sure to go check her out hey Wendy if you're sending another set of coasters I might steal one from Starla for myself see I think that they come in four packs we gave one away for a giveaway so people here's here's another thing I know that we get a lot of products um gifts like for us with our unboxing packages so if you guys end up sending anything to Nate make sure that you label it make sense we get stuff for Taylor we get stuff for us we get stuff for the giveaways now we've got Nate involved so I'm pretty sure that he'll end up getting some stuff in our fan mail too so thank you label everything yes oh hey amy has a last-minute question do you think Etsy will ever make it possible to put your shop on vaycay and be able to work on your shop page that's a great question well I'm not I can't really see into that see crystal ball so it's a good good suggestion and it might be something that you would want to leave feedback on there's a lot of different resources where you can leave feedback to Etsy I can't mean I can't even remember I think that you could probably google it though I can't remember exactly how to leave Etsy feedback I have a link for it in handmade alpha academy in the academy resource guide but I don't know what it is offhand but Heather Alexander if we signed up for hae waiting was previously should we sign up again if you are already on my email list you don't you don't have to sign up basically everybody who's on the waiting list will be getting the first notice of a che but if you're already on my on my normal email list then you will also be getting the discount and the you know the the notice that it's open so it the the waiting list is just like my most interested Alfa's I might let them in like a few hours earlier so anybody else its 101 any last-minute questions before we hop off for questions thingies everyone so real quick I've noticed a couple of more Instagram followers come in please continue to get on there and support us at rank Pro worse good stuff is coming yes and we have all those links are down below the the I rank Twitter Instagram Facebook Facebook group if you want to hang out with Anthony and talk to his staff the e rank Pinterest and the e rank reddit account and Nate we did have one question at the beginning of the video that I completely ignored and I'm gonna give you like one second to answer it before we hop off because we do have to meet with Anthony today but somebody asked what is reddit Oh what is ready think of it like a giant blog thing it's a giant blog okay and you can literally talk about anything and everything the Etsy forms are not that great and I believe a lot of people are moving over to Reddit so it's actually a pretty good resource there is a ton of knowledge in there and I have an account set of threee rank that we will be responding to anything I rank related so feel free to look us up you can find the link down below you can just search reddit you rank Pro and you'll find us super easy it's a needle follow us we love it all right guys well we hope that you have an awesome weekend thank you so much for joining us and make sure that if you have not already I highly recommend that you get in the e ranked Facebook group if you end up having questions or if you want to leave feedback for Anthony right now feedback time is like super duper crucial we need to hear lots of feedback that way we give it to Anthony so he knows what you guys think for the new site if you see any bugs if you see anything that could be improved upon you also have the option to click the feedback button that is down in the bottom right corner of your ear a screen that will pop up a little chat and then you can email Anthony directly so guys we hope you have an amazing weekend there is a lot a lot a lot a lot of good stuff coming up in the next few months from both us and Anthony over at ear ink and Nate who is now part of the e ranked team so guys have a great weekend Nate bye Cheers see you later guys bye

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