Ether.Cards Team Interview – Tachyon II Demo Day 2019

Posted By on June 20, 2019

I'm Dave I develop software or ether cards I'm Ben I run strategy and operations for other cards I'm on rush and I'm the CEO but I do coding as well so what ether card does is connects the physical world and non-physical world of boxing we move tokens to physical forms and we have physical objects to to gain features of the chain so what we do we do these cards we will make it very easy for people to hold the blockchain essence tachyon gives us a lot of support incredible networking and they have a lot of experience that we can learn from previously we've been using the cars to take blockchain assets maitland it put them into a physical form we were thinking about going the other way we're thinking about making tags which we could put into objects coming into tachyon the team coached us and helped us focus exactly what we wanted to do and then helped us to get there we are about to release our new product and start generating revenue and there is a few very important pilots lined up for us to to engage on so we are looking forward to that they come into tachyon and networking with a whole bunch of brilliant contemporaries and senior blockchain developers has definitely brought in my horizon and I've learned so much more that we can integrate into ether cots and that has definitely helped the product grow and just being coached by Michael wheeler from inferior was fantastic you

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