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Posted By on July 30, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. It makes me cringe so hard as a conservative that the crowd actually couldn’t tell he was trolling or didn’t know who he was lmao

  2. "You're not MLK! You're not!"

    And you ain't got no papers but you don't see me spouting at your taco stuffed bitch ass.

  3. Notice the video is 2:38 minutes long? Pathetic lefts and anti-right can't even use NPC meme on a longer unedited video.

    Anything can be taken out of context. Once again you guys take it at face value

    Meanwhile the right who battle REAL NPCS have much longer videos showing everything.

    You'd think by now if America was really shit and everything negative and with Trump, he would have already been impeached.

    In your life anything you've said, a social news media can literally make you look racist, homophobic, hateful, rash.

    The argument Trump and right and "racists" control media? Yeah right, a majority of news networks bashing us, most late night hosts bashing us, Hollywood bashing us.

    Another thing, the sjws and npc's on the left have shown to be much more vicious and ignorant than a 2 minute edited troll video provoking people taking out of context moments could ever be.

    Show a video where it is one democrat or neutral affiliated person, requesting calmly for debate or interviews providing non-hypocritical counter points at a RNC like this.

    If there is and the right is everything a leftist radical npc would be, then I would be glad to align myself to neutral denouncing all radicals and only keeping to civil and honest people.

    However you'd find we right would gladly and peacefully receive a democrat or neutral person who reciprocated open mindedness and honest genuine values.

    I also speak for GOOD leftists, ones like you've seen in a Joe Rogan podcast.

    Get real, honestly this should've just been a funny troll video, but you got more people bitching and whining, this is at a RNC you don't think bashing us will warrant replies? Then you complain we complain. Now I'm complaining because of ignorant people complaining literally saying statements that say nothing. I've provided over 4 points in this comment, at least even if I wasn't right leaning, I'd still call out the morons in this comment section.

    I'm done, probably gonna see if Eric did a video like this at the DNC, let's see huh, gonna do RNC, let's see DNC two minute cut video. Better at least roast both sides and if there is a DNC video like this, you'd best know the anti left comments actually provide points and counter points to all the hate and hypocrisy pc snowflakes have done all these years…

    JUST LOOKED IT UP, good Eric you also made a similar video on DNC, I looked at the comments, no hate, funny memes, light heartedness, so the anti right in these comments really just bitching. You totally come to a video that trolls RNC to roast our people but not your own because they look as crazy as our out of context RNC.

    Meaning both RNC and DNC could have been out of context but you choose to just hate on RNC, good job snowflakes. GOOD BYE 👋

  4. “My peepee comes out yellow” he got on stage with Alex Jones and only comes up with that, imagine thinking this is funny.

  5. Alex jones is insane. And his followers are too. I hate how he is conservative 😂. And a lot of people in that crowd sucked too.

  6. Jokes on that guy, he actually is martin luther king. After the alleged "assasination" MLK underwent extensive plastic surgery, and became a comedian.

  7. Dude people are soo stupid you can see that hes just joking aroundwith them and they get pissed have a laugh for once

  8. 0:11 the difference between Republicans and Democrats. The lady smiles and rolls her eyes. The Democrat would accuse him of sexual harassment. Liberals are delusional. It's Republicans that have a much better sense of humor


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