Equilibrium (2002) Theological Analysis

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fear anger aggression these things lead
to the dark side so how come in equilibrium when they
administered a drug to everybody to wipe out emotions and feelings and they can
no longer feel anger fear aggression how come it still failed why was there still
war let’s talk about it what did you think of equilibrium let’s talk in the
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right now Marshall it is time for equilibrium there’s no
no murder the utopia and society in equilibrium
that they have built is put on this foundation that if we could just get rid
of human emotion and feelings then there will be no war
because yeah people won’t walk around being happy they won’t walk around being
excited they won’t have passion yeah they won’t have that but they also won’t
have jealousies they won’t have anger they won’t have fear they won’t have
those things that lead them over to the dark side and lead them into war and so
if we could get rid of all human emotion and all of that stuff then BOOM we will
have ended war so the idea is to put in into that type of oppression
dictatorship and all of that stuff put it into it altogether by removing what
they believe is the core the true source of man’s inhumanity to my disability but
here’s the deal it’s not working a society that wanted to remove oppression
is now the most oppressive society there is a society that wanted to get rid of
violence and killing and war is waging war with absolute killers who know this
fighting style called gun kata the idea being that the way they move decreases
their ability to be hit by bullets and maximizes their own kill position so a
society trying to put an end to war and an into fighting is some of the greatest
fighters and warriors out there trying to put it into oppression they’re the
most oppressive society that has existed so right there we already see the cracks
in the foundations something isn’t right and I think the problem with their
entire foundation is this they’re treating symptoms and they’re not
treating the disease itself Jeremiah 17:9 says the heart is deceitful above
all things and beyond cure who can understand it I mean it’s just talking
about the sheer wickedness of the human heart a good man brings things out of
the good stored up in his heart and an evil man brings evil things out of the
evil stored up in his heart for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of
so in other words God’s not mocked a man reaps what he sews what
inside the heart and stored up in here it’s what’s gonna come out so they’re
not treating the disease they’re treating the symptoms and since they’re
just numbing the symptoms the disease is now truly running rampant inside
unchecked because now they can’t even feel like the feelings that’s going on
and they’ve created that physical war on that one level against the people that
want to actually have life and feel happiness and feel passion and
excitement and love like they want to feel it and experience it and truly live
and now this oppressive society has waged war on that so war has not ended
in fact it is still going on the same war that has always been going on but it
has also created war on a whole nother level while I was watching this movie I
drove my wife a little bit crazy because for instance the scene where Christian
Bale’s character John when his wife gets arrested you can’t tell me he wasn’t
feeling if he didn’t feel loved well the connection of love was still there and
that was still in his heart so when these soldiers these police came in and
arrested her his gut reaction was to beat the everliving snot out of them and
do what it takes to save his wife he broke the one dude’s hand put a gun to
another guy’s throat when they said she’s a sense offender that’s when he
finally stepped aside emotionless and let them take her and burn her and you
know destroy her that’s when he stepped aside but what a crazy reaction when
they walked in I would think if this drug did what it claimed it could do
when the police would have broken in you know what he would have done he would
have walked up calmly and said what is the meaning of this they would have
described the meaning of it and then he would have stepped aside but what we saw
come out was passion maybe he didn’t feel passion maybe he didn’t feel love
but love is a word that describes a connection in his heart he had that true
connection with his wife and when that pressure was on what was stored up truly
in his heart came out whether he felt it or not it was still there it was still
inside of him to come out then let’s take a look at John’s kids the mom gets
taken and they decided to stop taking the drug that takes away their emotions
no I’m sorry I think what this is telling me is no matter what there’s a
war go inside and all this drug does is create
that war feelings and emotions don’t go away because you can’t get rid of
humanity you can’t get rid of what’s actually inside the heart even if you
can numb the symptoms you will not get rid of what’s inside of there
they had a reaction to their mom being take away and they made a choice from
that reaction to stop taking those drugs so that they could feel so you can’t
tell me that there wasn’t something already going on and before John quit
taking his doses the fact that he went to sleep and dreamed and flashed back to
his wife being taken you know what that tells me that there was something there
but again it just goes back to what is stored up in the heart
that’s what’s gonna come out you can numb the feelings and you can numb the
symptoms but it won’t change what’s actually on the inside and that is what
the cracks and this foundation are that’s why you get to the end of this
movie and you have John and he ends up stopped taking his doses finds out his
kids aren’t taken their doses finds the resistance joins the resistance to take
out the father which the father has got to be one of the most perverse parts of
this whole thing because again it shows you the true heart of humanity they
wanted to put it into war and dictators and people trying to nab power and have
too much power so it turns out the disease was so rampant on the inside
that this whole deal set up to redeem mankind was a gigantic falsehood and a
gigantic lie it was nothing but a huge power grab so one person can sit in
power over everybody else at their expense this person would be powerful
giving them a false fix to the problem none of the corruption was ended none of
the evil was taken care of and that is why this utopia collapsed in the end
because its foundation was weak when it comes to wanting to take care of the
pain that we feel the hurt that we feel we could try to turn to anything drugs
alcohol sex whatever else to try to numb it as much as possible but that be just
like turning to prozium and it wouldn’t fix a darn thing at all because the
disease is still running unchecked but God gives us a promise I will give you a
new heart and put a new spirit in you I will
remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh he is the one
that is going to go past the symptoms and go straight down to the disease and
he’s gonna take care of the core of it sometimes that’s difficult we feel ugly
we feel disgusting inside the idea of letting a man can be kind of scary but
he’s got good thoughts towards us he’s got love towards us and he’s the real
father that that Antichrist figure that he perverted that name but he’s wearing
the title rightfully God wears it rightfully and comes into the heart and
brings the cure to the disease yeah through life we have to grow we have to
change it’s not an instantaneous process but the point is once he gives us that
brand new heart and he puts in us that brand new spirit the Cure has begun and
it doesn’t just start on the outside and work in it starts on the inside and
begins to slowly work its way out so if we want to see the cure to the disease
we can’t go on numbing symptoms can we we got to take care of the disease
itself so when I watch equilibrium that is the picture I see it’s a fantastic
picture of recognizing there’s a problem but numbing the symptoms instead of
actually taking care of the disease when you watch equilibrium what do you see
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  1. This is exactly hat the left eventually wants….it’s happening right in front of our faces…stay indoctrinated folks…


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