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Oh My they're really small where ever you can park safely parked anyway yeah there's a lineup nice okay okay yeah you get oh okay and then you can come join me in line yeah all right okay see you in a bit Vyasa tea in about 20 minutes here yeah find a parking spot ten blocks away and walk yeah I meet you okay yeah I think we're just gonna go in the parking lot the is rebellion oh yeah here he is this is jeans Wow it's a few people open the door yet oh not yet should be soon hey you try to sneak in mister I know I saw good morning to ya fur coats here don't see looking for antiques I think they're probably back here no thing in here no nothing on those cross things yeah sure yeah okay oh yeah and we have one yeah so oh yeah and as you look back in there no where's dues for people okay if you can get that staples to fit in there those are Sherman Thank You Wow I have three of them pretty yeah oh yeah that was this one and I'm hearing is that which the softest this one yes that is worth well over twice this Wow what are you asking 50 50 and what about this one that I'm asking 30-some okay and oh there it is 35 yeah and it's uh Wow yeah and those are more more than double those prices yeah this is nice isn't it it's called Japan's when the metal is black like that that's yeah so I wonder if that'd be worth it look that works looks like it's all the pieces are there it does yeah what do you think I like that that's the one that is the exact one you've already got yeah that you were looking for the earring it had the missing earring and you found it oh yeah right yeah a bracelet oh I think so okay yeah and then I think she saved this this as well no oh yeah what else did you say so this one is Sherman oh yes so I'll take that one okay okay I've just set it dunks I'm not done looking yet okay okay what's the side oh it's attached oh I see it's 12 dollars take a look okay oh I see it okay each got their sterling silver gold tone hums here we thought it was making some jammer oh that's nice I could be a couple yeah that's nice interesting it looks like a slide rule yeah so that yeah those are slide rules Oh too bad yeah those are cool though yeah there's a move out this fence sterling as well the other side he's done there what this shirt yeah hold on to that for the cufflinks yeah need it yeah I think we'll get those and these too yes laughter and those okay those are interesting though they vary yeah very much sorry I just wanna sneak in there hey want to come in look in here my friend collects these really oh my yeah well I don't know she'd want to pay I'm gonna send her a picture if that's okay you more locate Oh who's this little sweetie Pete sorry I made a friend there I was talking my ear off one silver plate but sure is nice eh yes butter dish Oh it's missing the knife a knife would rest in there okay great to get your butter out yes hold that first that counts wine look at that bottom yeah and sure it's late just too too hot isn't it pretty it is what about these are they ever heavy or plated they're nice the way hey what are you getting Oh nice old ice bucket me oh it penguins on it is not cute so is that bakelite Hangul yeah I think so too hey big man nice an excellent shape yeah yeah I found this train isn't that cute perfect for st. Patrick's Day that's what the lady said and I was like sold okay good she's like wow I'm good yeah you'll have this place clear oh no time yeah I don't I don't like the orange like there's more pieces there and it looks like in here oh yeah it's pretty it's just not for me yep oh there's an old look up there oh there's two yeah what is this oh it's a dictionary yeah maybe something else no look at this see Curious George this part of a piano yeah I hated those you're holding it the wrong way oh yeah there you go I don't see why kids don't like so it's I knew what's coming it's Tillich startled me a little bit great great thank you sir look at this you see this tie clips it's a fishing rod oh yeah I think it's a tie clip in that I think so that is hilarious so none of that stuff is sterling that you know was just plated yes the back set yeah it's sterling okay this here no spbm I don't silver plate space metal very weird right under the top rectangle yeah so replace face back yeah so it's not but that's okay she doesn't know surprising yeah fifty fifties okay yeah that sounds good and I can just stick them in my bag here no are you okay because I know got it steeple that up yeah good plan I kept sticking in your bag though I mean great I understand thank you yeah usually yeah it's just something small yes make sense I saw that isn't that nice yeah that's cool see like I'm gonna stick this in me I would take that it is you don't find the leather with too much noise oh that is so you have it on backwards but it is lovely on you yeah you want to staple that around the handle thank you it works every once in a while oh hi it's not his color I asked him to hold it and that's what happened I personally think sort of a gold or mold would be better on you she said the hots not me it's not your color gold your mold would be built fine hey Kay how are you I thought I'd leave the airplane book we haven't done it yet okay I'm gonna be seeing my grandson soon okay Wow that's cool that nice yeah it's so heavy he was just perfect creams like she said the prices are or cheap here or something and that some ladies what she said oh no I was it I was talking someone else and release it sure you are my god is there gonna be a rumble in the church like that it's a church right are you doing like call me if you need to back up nice to meet you sometime I figured you finally someone whose imagination we wondered if anybody else could see you came to keep an eye on you yeah make sure you behave I'm tempted by that black fat to have another that's Sherman how much was she asking for fifty and it's only the brokes in the earrings which is what exactly sab yeah I don't know that is exactly what you are about do you want $50 for a duplicate it's worth so much though that were they yeah I just haven't sold any but I know that it but it's super valuable so fisherlady sold me the greenhouse I hope she and she knows she knows she knows her princess is that one yeah I thought it was Sleeping Beauty so what do I have here 3 & 2 I think yet so strive so key without get a fight a little just zip through okay get ready so you guys fit any prices in here yep two and three and we paid for that already okay so what do you get two or three yeah okay thank you very much thank you did you there's nothing in here we weren't I don't think oh it's like dr. Seuss yeah I can sure tell his animators yeah yeah yeah okay Kenny G classics in the key of G you know gosh I hate you park in the parking lot oh yes you have to remember this time where you parked cuz I wasn't in there or a lot yeah laughter his case that's really nice quantify the key for it that would be neat that would be neat pretty cool nice frame and you got some Sherman jewelry you have to show that in the truck yeah oh bad and isn't that cute yeah that's pretty neat well I guess that maybe that is the front you did have it on right that's my ek can you ever day they give you a hard time voting okay all right thinkin I should have checked these to make sure they were sterling but they are those are neat yeah slide rules ones missing the slide yeah so it's cufflinks in a tie clip sterling silver yeah I'm pretty vintage I would have Matt yeah yeah pretty detailed like you wouldn't get something in that detail nowadays I don't write and these two these are also sterling and they have an e monogram Oh neat yeah they're minty like yeah not scratch honor they probably were only worn a handful of times if that man beauty that is nice is Sherman and it's mark so serious right there this little kind of a rectangle near the bottom here I don't know if it's gonna show and when it's the metal is black like that it's called japanned Sherman I it's a weird I know but usually the stones will be red and then the metal is black and so it's a little bit more rare I think it shows up nice the the bright rays are back against the black background it's just sparkly yeah that's a nice one mm-hmm it's something big it is yeah tempted by the other one but I already have and here but and it was fifty okay so you have a silver too [Applause] I keep trying to go and use the GPS that's not there anymore

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  1. Hey! Congrats Rob & Karen! I see you guys finally made it to 5000 subs! It’s about time YouTube finally helped y’all reach folks. You should have 50,000 subs by now…πŸ€¨πŸ˜‰

  2. Great price on the Sherman brooch! The signature plates that are oval on the back are supposed to be the earlier pieces and the more oblong are later but really makes no different for prices.japanned settings are most sought after!

  3. Hello Bargain Barons, I've been gone for 3 weeks but guess what I did while I was gone, ….. I watched you on my phone!!!! The week is not the same without you two!!

  4. Hey Guys! 😁

    Woooohoooo!! 5k +

    Some entitled people in there…πŸ™„

    Boy Jerry looked happy.

    You guys found your "new" Nancy. πŸ˜‰

    Happy Monday (get some rest Rob).
    Karen that "new" jacket looks so nice on you.

    Take care of Yourselves 😁

  5. Whew! That sale was intense–people were up on me the while time! Wait. I wasn't even there….. but it sure felt like I was. Thanks for the adventure guys!! 😊

  6. Woot!! Over 5k!!! WOOT! Great haul!!!! Rob your such a smarty pants!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I wanted to see Rob with hat on green 🎩 love that pin

  7. That Sherman brooch was an amazing find! Wow!!! I hardly ever look at costume jewelry like that. Just for gold or silver. I think I'll start looking for signed pieces.

  8. Never heard of Sherman,gosh so beautiful.You guys are such an enjoyment.loved seeing you both this morning.

  9. That leather case is awesome. I was surprised that you listed it as antique rather than vintage. How did you determine its age? This is becoming the Jerry Show, now he is bringing in his own guest lineup. πŸ™‚


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