Encounter Israel-The Church and the Holocaust Part 1

Posted By on November 26, 2019

(energetic techno music) – Six million Jews, six million names, individuals that have
been brutally murdered by Nazi Germany just seven decades ago. Germany the country that
brought forth amazing people like Nikolaus von Zinzendorf, the Pietist revival, Martin Luther that was translating the
Bible into another language, and the question that arises is “What happened to Germany,
a Christian nation that lead them to such
an incredible downturn that cost the German people to turn to such incredible wickedness?”. In this show, we want
to try to answer some of those questions, and I believe
it will help us also today in the time in which we are living. (somber piano techno music) We are right here at the
very center of the city of Berlin at the memorial of
the murdered Jews of Europe, and what you see here is two thousand seven hundred
eleven concrete slabs that many believe represent
the countless graves and even the graves that were not built during the Holocaust. It’s an open wound in the
history of the city of Berlin, and even the history of the German people. One of the reasons why German history took such an incredible
downturn in my opinion was an event that took place
in Germany in 1909. When the Pentecostal revival
was sweeping all across the world, starting out of
Azusa Street in Los Angeles, the German Church made
a very decisive decision to stand against this unique
move of the Holy Spirit. They came out with a declaration
that went into history as the Berlin Declaration
of German Churches, and this is what the declaration said. The reason why I do believe
that this Berlin Declaration had such a catastrophic impact
on the history of Germany is, first of all, in the
history of Jesus himself and the Pharisees came, and they denounced the miracle-working power of
Jesus as being the working of Satan and of demonic origin. He warned the Pharisees, and He says, “What you are doing is a blasphemy
against the Holy Spirit.” and He said, “This is one of the sins that cannot be forgiven.” But then, also, secondly,
in the first book of John, the apostle John is warning us. He says, “It is the last hour. Many Antichrists have
come; therefore we know that it is the last hour, but you-” he says in verse twenty,
“- you have been anointed by the Holy One, and you have knowledge.” What John is telling us is that one of the main agents
that helps us to discern the spirit of Antichrist
is the Holy Spirit. Adolf Hitler without question was one of the greatest symbols
of an Antichristian regime in human history and the church in Germany robbed themselves of this main compass of how the Holy Spirit; they said “We don’t want him in Germany.” And by that, they didn’t have
any compass in their heart that warned them about the evil time in which they were entering. The Holy Spirit is also the main agent that will help us if
we see the early signs of such an Antichristian system, or even if Anti-Semitism
arising to raise our voice. It give us the courage and strength to speak up, be open to the
work of the Holy Spirit, and allow me to pray for
you right here from Berlin about a fresh infilling for your own life. Father, I do ask you whoever
is watching us today, wherever they are living,
that you fill their hearts even today with a fresh
anointing of your Holy Spirit. I pray this in the
powerful and mighty name of Jesus; God bless you right
here from the city of Berlin.

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