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Posted By on October 17, 2019

Hi, I’m David Bell for
It’s more than important to live by a moral code, trying to discern what is right and
what is wrong. It’s absolutely necessary for the health and happiness of any kind of society.
How do we do it? Jesus said, ”Love the Lord your God with
all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”;
and, ”Love your neighbour as yourself.” Everything else depends on them. Life holds
together, because they pull all things into their orbit. When we ignore them bad things
can and do happen. When we live them out in practical terms, they unleash extraordinary
generosity, and the fires of creative response. A few years ago I was at a conference with
a couple of hundred participants, and an array of international speakers. I knew how little
I knew, but everything was done to make everyone feel acknowledged and welcomed. A Japanese
professor, who also served in a high ranking government committee, spoke of the terrible
effects of the earthquake and tsunami. The consequences on the catastrophic failure of
the nuclear power plant were obvious to the whole world. She told how in the days and
weeks and months after, there were many vocal critics over the power company�s manifold
failures. They took to social media. That was inevitable.
Among the critics were many expert physicists, who knew what they were talking about.
At the highest level of government, however, there was dismay, not because of the criticism
per se, but because the critics chose only to use the media and did’nt offer their huge
pool of knowledge and talent to either the power company or the government.
As a long-term result, the higher education system in Japan, the universities and the
polytechnics, was given a kind of fundamental reform. New generations of scientists and
technologists were to be trained to make ethical response, to offer help. To use critical awareness,
from a base of excellent knowledge, not to demean but to build up community response.
Education without a moral compass at tertiary level, indeed at any level, is inadequate.
Those two commandments can generate the best of human response in every situation.
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