Dumbo (1941) Theological Analysis | A Weakness That Was Really Strength

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you know I didn’t see this movie when I
was a kid but watching it back as an adult it is a crazy movie of weird pink
elephants and Dumbo accidentally getting drunk and waking up in a tree –
fascinating film really what did you think of this movie and are you excited
for the new one welcome to Durbania I’m Durban and this is my theological
analysis for Dumbo the 1941 animated movie you know this movie was seriously
just one hour long but because of how incredibly weird this movie was how dark
and depressing it was in some places how freakish it’s like it just felt so much
longer but really it’s only an hour it goes through the stuff pretty quick in
it at least it ends happy it I just finished watching it and I kind of
flapper catch – what are we gonna do when there’s no movie I don’t know well
let’s dig deep into this animated film just because he’s got those big ears
they call him a freak the laughs it’s not gonna psyche us I feel like this
entire animated movie is a perfect illustration of something the Bible says
God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise God chose the
weak things of the world to shame the strong so you have these thoughts
delivering babies to all the animals in the circus and finally the mother
elephant gets her baby named jumbo junior yes was not supposed to be Dumbo
his name was jumbo but you see the moment she unfolded the little cloth and
those giant ears flopped out the mother didn’t care she loved her child but the
other elephants they were prideful and they weren’t gossips and back biters and
busybodies is this some mistake just look at those
no II a are ass and so they see the giant ears a little jumbo and they just
gossip like crazy batter right there and the presence of the mother and in the
presence of the baby they’re just happy to have something else to talk bad about
not to love it unconditionally they’re excited how they can gossip now and so
the mother defends the baby from the family and kind of hides the baby but
that he’s like suppose it ants the supposed family of jumbo give him the
name Dumbo to make fun of him jumbo you mean Dumbo so like right from birth
basically he’s being made fun of because of his Gigantor ears so this feature to
them that is weak and foolish they are having a great time gossiping about it
elephants are supposed to be this elegant and proud race don’t forget that
we elephants have always walked with dignity his disgrace is our own shame
and so this little freak here kind of puts a kink in that and so they’re
having fun gossiping about it and making fun of this baby from the beginning the
circus has no idea what to do with this little kid who keeps tripping over his
ears so what do they do they just kind of put him out to be seen by everybody
so everybody could laugh at the size of his ears and then when the mother sees
these snot-nosed brat children who think they have everything together in their
lives and everything must be so good so they are literally jumping over the
fence over the boundaries to go into the elephant pen so when little jumbo Dumbo
is hiding behind his mother they’re pulling him out so they could see his
ears and make fun of his ears of course the loving mother is gonna get
defensive and what’s her reward for protecting her child and protecting her
child self-esteem it’s just it’s so dark and twisted and depressing and then his
aunts it’s the only way in how to describe them but the rest of these
elephants that are supposed to be his family do they reach down and understand
his pain do they look at him and go oh poor babies
separated from his mother no they love gossiping about the mother and where she
went crazy have I got a trunk full of dirt I mean just so excited to have
something to gossip and then when little baby Dumbo wants to come and eat from
the same straw that they’re eating from they have to bring you know they even
say it we’re gonna pretend we don’t see him and they give him the cold shoulder
so this little weak foolish thing is putting a kink and how elephants should
be so dignified and carry themselves so well what was awesome is it took a
little mouse and I looked this on line I guess his name is Timothy Q Mouse this
little mouse takes it upon himself to be Dumbo’s friend and does his best to help
out Dumbo so Timothy Q Mouse the only friend of Dumbo tries to do him good and
get him a gig that’ll make him popular except Dumbo trips over his own ears and
almost destroys the circus so they shame him further by making him
a clown they put him in a fiery building and he’s supposed to jump out and he’s
really actually sweating so it’s real fire he’s in real danger
he goes to jump out of this building to land on the thing to try to catch him
with and he breaks through and lands and what I can only assume is a pie and it’s
all just one great big huge joke to shame him for his foolish ears now this
is where it gets weird where the clowns decide they want to build a bigger
building for him to jump from and they drop their bottle of alcohol in the
water and Dumbo drinks the water and gets drunk the mouse drinks the water
and gets drunk yeah Dumbo is a kid and he’s drunk and so
Mouse and kid have a weird freakish dream about pink dancing elephants and
they wake up in a tree it’s when Dumbo is drunk and he doesn’t remember it that
he flies into a tree so it’s through Dumbo getting drunk that we learned he
could fly do you think that’ll be in the 2019 moving but a drunk
Dumbo learns that he can fly but now he’s got to figure out how is he gonna
fly sober now that he’s conscious how do you consciously fly when he only
subconsciously flew well those crows give him a feather and
they say it’s a psychological thing tell him it’s a magic feather and so he
believes by holding the feather he can fly so he flies but here’s the big thing
that we learn this asset his ears that everybody is making fun of that they
called the most foolish thing what was called the most foolish thing was this
elephants greatest strength turns out that he could fly and once he believed
that he could fly he flew like a bird and then the clowns
the very thing meant to humiliate him when he’s at the very top of that super
tall building they’d built for him and it’s really on fire and he jumps out and
he loses the feather his mouse friend is there to tell him look there was no such
thing as a magic feather just believe man just fly just fly and he flaps his
ears and he flies and it’s an awesome scene that’s probably my favorite in
this twisted weird animated movie because the very thing that everybody
shamed him for and separated from it separated him from his mom for the very
thing that he probably looked at in his life as a curse and a scourge became the
very gift that calls him to excel above everybody else all of those elephants
that should have been his family and made fun of his ears their wisdom was
shamed by the gift that those ears really were and so finally this movie
gets to end on a happy note because the very thing that everybody was confused
about made fun of him for and thought was so foolish was the very strength
that caused him to fly and to excel God chose the foolish things of the world to
shame the wise God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong so
that’s what I see in the 1941 Dumbo what did you think of this movie and are you
excited for the new one coming out let’s talk in the comments while you’re there
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  1. Haha. Dumbo is nuts! Kind of what I like about it. Great review. One of my favorites of these theological analysis


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