Dr. Zoe Lumiere | One Powerful Key for Allowing Your Dreams and Clearing Your Blocks

Posted By on October 12, 2019

so for me really learning how to show up
for our dream inside out in this way that is kind of really easy once we get
into the habit of it really starting to be aware of what experience what feeling
what experience in this moment is my dream calling me into write the the
clearest experience I’ve had of this was the first experience I had of this and
it’s actually what got me back into dreaming because as much as I was trying
to be all spiritual and completely living I don’t have any ones I don’t
have any desires I don’t have any dreams there was consistently this experience
of I want a partner I and I actually never wanted a boyfriend I always wanted
a husband it’s just how it came in for me and it’s
so touching to me because my ability to really allow this dream has changed my
life in such a beautiful way so these just a tears of profound joy as I
remember the many many many nights that I began to play with this thing called
dreaming again and rather than locking down on my dream and doing anything in
the physical world I started to become aware of why do I want this dream and I
actually started to imagine each night I would go to sleep and I would imagine
that my husband had his arm around me and I became so aware of what that
experience was and what was important to me about that train which was not if he
had brown or blonde hair or how much money he had in the bank but it truly was
I feel so seen I feel so loved just as me it really helped receiving this dream
really helped me let go of so many of the unconscious energies in me that
really did believe that I had to be prettier I had to be skinnier I had to
be so many different things that definitely had to be less broken in
order to really receive this beautiful man though that would be my husband
and so um I think that’s why I’m so passionate about dreaming because then
why I created the allowing love process that dream was really my first
experience taking myself into the power of really allowing your dream to be so
close that you begin to be aware of exactly what that experience is and I’m
not very familiar with it but quantum physics – Joe Dispenza there are so many
out there that are actually proving our emotions not just the visualization but
when we really feel that that we want there is something that happens
universally that supports us in receiving and allowing that dream and I
just I’m I’m so passionate about it because I my life would be very
different if I hadn’t taken that first courageous step to really play with
dreams again give myself permission that there is something that I really want
and most importantly to show up for it inside out and and this is the the most
important thing here because if I still trying to get my love outside in right
thinking that my love was going to come from my husband I don’t think it would
have happened as gracefully and profoundly as it has but I became so
aware that the experience that I wanted was to be seen to be loved just as I am
and so as we learn how to do dreaming in terms of spiritual manifestation in
terms of the allowing love method we really learned that whatever comes
present with the experience of our dream that is what we need to take
responsibility for and that is how we need to show up in life right I wasn’t
gonna be be seen beloved when I had my husband I had my clear directive to
start to see myself love myself right now
and I I genuinely believe that it’s because I really showed up for that
process and started to clear the judgments that was blocking my own self
love prettiness skinniness my very interesting childhood and as I begin
began to do that it’s not a surprise to me that within probably about a year my
husband showed up and we were married pretty quickly

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