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and here rolls out of the synagogue and
entered into Simon’s house and Simon’s wife’s mother was taken with the great
fever and they besought him for her and he stood over her and rebuked the fever
Anna left her and immediately she rolls and ministered unto them as from the
fourth chapter Luke 38 39 verse they’re related passages in Matthew of a chapter
some time ago woman told me her child had a very high fever that was not
expected to live the doctor had prescribed small doses of aspirin and
had administered an antibiotic preparation the mother was involved in a
contemplated divorce action was terribly agitated and emotionally disturbed this
disturbed feeding was communicated subconsciously to the child and actually
the child got ill children are at the mercy of their parents and are
controlled by the dominant mental atmosphere of those around them they
have not yet reached the age of reason where they can take control of their own
thoughts emotions and reactions to life this mother at my suggestion decided to
get quiet and still by reading the 23rd psalm praying for guidance also praying
for the peace and harmony of her husband and pouring our love upon him instead of
resentment and rage the fever of the tile was as was the suppressed anger and
rage of the mother which was felt by the child and expressed as I fever our state
of excitation of the mind having quite at her own mind she began
to pray for the child in this manner spirit which is God is the life of my
child spirit has no temperature it is never sicker feverish the peace of God
floods my child’s mind and balling the harmony health love and perfection of
the infinite are made manifest in my child’s mind and body now she is relaxed
in a teeth boy serene and calm I am now stirring up the gift of God within her
and all as well she repeated the above prayer slowly quietly lovingly for about
ten minutes she noticed a remarkable change in the child who were awakened
and asked for a doll and for something to eat the temperature became normal
what happened the fever left the child because the mother was no longer
feverish or agitated in her mind her mood of peace harmony and love was
instantaneously felt by the child and a corresponding reaction was produced in
the child she took her child by the hand
biblically speaking the hand in the Bible means the power of
God with the hand your fashion mold shape and directs God has no hand God is
the living spirit within without face former figure so the hand is symbolic of
the creed of power intelligence in all of us she lifted her child by the hand
in the sense that she lifted up the idea of help harmony and peace in her mind to
the point of acceptance and the power of the Almighty responded accordingly it is
the nature of the deeper mind to respond to the nature of your thought when the
mother focused her attention on the idea of perfect health for her child
the power of the almighty flowed through her focal point of attention and healing
followed when the Bible speaks of entering into Simon’s house it refers to
what you were healing the word Simon Simon means to hear and Simon’s wife’s
mother means the emotional state which follows what you have been hearing are
giving attention to if disturbed by some news or if you become unduly excited you
must rise up in your synagogue that is your mind
which means you should contemplate the inner presence and power a saturating
every atom of your being then a wave of inner peace will follow and all will be
well you reduce the fever or sixteen by contemplating the online presence of God
our harmony our peace our love a right action this is divine science in action
and divine signs is simply knowledge of your divinity that’s all coming from
skill – no great piece of they who love thy law and nothing shall offend them
and it came to pass when he was in a certain city behold a man full of
leprosy who seen Jesus fell on his face and besought him saying lord if thou
wilt thou canst make me clean and he put forth his hand and touched him saying I
will be thou clean and immediately the leprosy departed from him and he charged
him to tell no man but go and show thyself to the priest an offer for thy
cleansing according as Moses commanded for a testimony unto them as from 5th
chapter Luke 12 to the 14 elated passages are in mark and also in Matthew
a leper biblically speaking is a person who through erroneous thoughts are
separated himself from the real source of mind of life it means to be unclean so it means a man who was governed by
the five senses and the psychologically and spiritually separated from his
divine center of the source of all life a leprous or impure condition as is the
result that being governed by the five senses with the fears superstitions and
erroneous thoughts he put forth his hand and touched him saying I will be thou
clean you’ve seen men and women lay hands on people and pray over them and
healing followed I have seen Edwards in England raise his hands and dramatic
people and people who got our trailers are the problems and they
have been healed and of course this has occurred from time immemorial sometimes people referred to the man who
practices the laying on of hands as a natural-born healer of course we’re all
bachelor will born healers for the simple reason that the infinite healing
presence of God is within all men all of us can contact it with our thoughts it
responds to all the healing presence is in use and the dog the cat the priest
and the bird it’s in the soil it’s everywhere its omnipresent is the very
life of all things there are different degrees of faith there is the man who
through faith heals result sirs another wielder deep-seated so-called incurable
malignancy it is easy for the incredi link presence to heal a tubercle lung
has a cut on the finger there is no greater small in the God that made us
all there is no bigger little they’re harder easy
it’s omnipotent its all-powerful its omniscient all lines on the action
the only presence and power it’s the power that moves the world guides the
planets in their course cause the earth to revolve around this axis and so on
the prayers of the man who lays his hands on another appeals to the
cooperation of the subconscious mind a response takes place and according to
your faith our feeling our awareness conviction is the done unto you
this is the time-honored procedure of healing belongs to all men down through
the ages has occurred will continue to occur and he charged him to tell no man
it is a wise procedure to refrain from going around telling telling everyone
you had a spiritual healing many of your friends will pass derogatory and
skeptical remarks which might undermine your fame causing you to doubt and hints
undo the benefits you received from the prayers of the healer and your own
mental acceptance show thyself to the priest a priest is a person who offers
sacrifice that is you give up the lesser for the greater everybody’s a priest
because you’re always mediating between the invisible and the visible through
the medium of your own top so when you pray you’re the priest offering up the
sacrifice you’re feeling mood or attitude or receptivity is the
connecting link between the invisible and the visible your desires are
offering you cleanse yourself by forgiving everyone by sincerely wishing
for all those who may have seen to hurt you you wish for them all the blessings
of life such as these love joy and happiness that you must do you always
know when you’ve forgiven everyone because you can meet them in your mind
and there’s no sting there at all you no longer sizzle in other words and
you forgiving yourself for are bringing these negative thoughts we live in the
love of the light and the glory of God all these things go out having cleansed
your mind of all impurities negative imagery and destructive thoughts you
offer your gift your desire to God by galvanizing yourself into the feeling of
being one with your ideal become engrossed absorbed in the joy of having
heard the good new of the joy of the answered prayer
this consumes the old state and gives birth to the new if you want a healing
of your body withdraw mentally from symptoms and evidence of synth senses
and begin to think of the infinite healing presence within your own the
five outward senses are now turned inward and focused on health and harmony
and peace all your attention is on your help and peace of and the Almighty
Creator power flows through the focal point of attention you feel the response
of the spirit flowing through you’ll the healing presence touches every item of
your being and you are spiritually enriched dwelling in conscious communion
with the divine men oftimes becomes intoxicated with the spirit a state an
acceleration of the whole being takes place this spiritual awakening builds up
the entire man making anew so that each day adds a new joy as we continue to
pray sign scientifically we are lifted up so that an outpouring of spirit takes
place and our whole being is Reva refined and recharged dr. Alexis Carrel
the Nobel Prize winner in Manly unknown points out the marvelous effects
produced by prayer he cites the case of the cancer soul which shriveled to a
scar in front of his eyes he recounts seeing wound Legion heal in a few
seconds and pathological symptoms disappear in a few hours
extreme activation of the processes of organic repair had said in these
healings of tumors burns and so forth were due to nothing more than the
release of the healing power within each one
god of the infinite healing presence is the only healer the only presence and
the only power when we call on this presence within giving it supreme
recognition claiming that the healing power saturates our mind and our body we
receive a corresponding flood of the healing power which permeates every atom
of our body sicut rising wounds and making us whole
our body begins to function harmoniously it’s atomic and molecular formation once
more is transformed into the way it is in the divine center within us then we
know the truth of the saying yet in my flesh our body shall I see God see
harmony and beauty made manifest when the Bible says offer thy cleansing
according as Moses commanded you are to look at the word Moses as Troy points
out as the law Moshe were to drawl to the depths of yourself the way you
deeper mind works as you exalt your thought patterns claiming in affirming
your good your deeper mind the law automatically responds to the new mental
pattern and mental imagery in the healing follow the law of your mind
holds no grudges no more so than the law of electricity or mathematics or
chemistry all you do is conformed to the principle electricity in the results
follow you may have misused the principle electricity or chemistry or
physics or the principle of chemistry for making water may have misused it for
50 years at the moment you follow the correct procedure you’ll get water so
your mind is a principle your mind holds no grand
God is the eternal now and there’s no time or space in mind as timeless and
spaceless so change your mind now you change a future for the futures your
present thinking grown-up the old men brought in a bed a man which was taken
with the palsy and they sought means to bring him in and to lay him before him
and when they could not find by what way they might bring him in because of the
multitude they went upon the housetop let him down through the tiling with his
couch into the midst before Jesus and when he saw their faith he said unto Him
man thy sins are forgiven laying fifth chapter Luke 18 to 20 verse related
passage in book of Mark and I say unto thee arise and take up the couch and go
into that house fifth chapter Luke 24 read I remember a case of palsy and
femurs being treated some years ago the man’s legs would become locked so the
inability to move was experienced panic and fear would ensue and the man would
be frozen on the spot even in the middle of a busy street this condition of
constant fear panic and foreboding was wearing him down the following procedure
was adopted the first step was to get an out of nature’s way after agreeing
quickly with I mean adversary’ he was told he must not continue in a state of
quarreled fear and panic as to why he was beset with such a physical condition
causes which brought it about and so forth
he admitted to himself the condition was present quite a problem he also admitted
he didn’t have to have it that it could be ield
he said to himself I am going to deny the worst and return to the rock from
whence I came he turned to the Divine Presence Worthen
which created him I knew what to do he said to himself the sealing presence is
omnipresent omniscient omnipotent he aligned himself for the infinite
realizing that the healing presence were saturating every atom of his being and
flowing through him as harmony no peacefulness beauty and right action
perfection as he gradually filled his mind with these eternal verities he
became reconditioned to health and harmony as he changed his mind he seems
his body healed himself for the body is a shadow of the mind for there’s only
one healing power in ER I am the law of the Gila theme the Bible story says men
brought in a bed a man which was taken with the palsy the bed in which a man
lies as his own mind he lies down in that bed with fear doubt condemnation
guilt and superstition these thoughts paralysed the mind and the body in mock
second chapter one to the twelfth verse where we have a slightly different
version of the same story it says the man was born the for the numeral four
represents the manifested world the objective manifestation of subjective
states of consciousness for means termination the end result the
completion of a cycle of consciousness negative or positive we are told that
Jesus which means awareness of the power of God healed him by forgiving his sense
to say nice to miss the mark the goal of health preparedness apiece we forgive
ourselves by identifying mentally and emotionally with our ideal and
continuing to do so until it gels within a
as a conviction or subjective embodiment we are of course sinning also when we
think negatively when we resent hate condemn or fear another person if we
think there is some power to challenge the one power God we’re also sinning
because we are cohabiting mentally with evil belief in another power thereby
attracting all manner of calamity trouble and loss we send when we
deviator turn away from our announced goal or aim in life which should always
be peace harmony wisdom and perfect health to indulge in morbid image
drained and destructive thoughts we admire or happiness and we missed the
target of a full and happy life we’re told he forgave the paralytic man by
saying arise and take up that couch which means that truth our God never
judges or condemns the absolu doesn’t judge all judgment is given to the son
the son is your own mind and all men are and women are sons are expressions of
the infinite your mind is the son or offspring of the Spirit with that mind
you claim to select and arrive at decisions and conclusions if you are in
your judgment or decision you experience the automatic of compulsory reaction
from your subconscious mind your mind is always forgiving you because the moment
you presented with new mental imagery and lovely patterns of thought it
responds accordingly it is perpetually forgiving you that is called the love of
God or the mercy of the infinite the paralytic could not be cured until his
sins had been cancelled but once the inner state of mind is changed through
contact with the healing power and his sense of oneness with him he now
rises through the power of the almighty the one power he no longer is carried
around by four men symbolic of worldly beliefs an erroneous impressions of all
kinds the outer change conforms to the inner spiritual awakening and when they
could not find by what way they might bring him in because of the multitude
they went upon the housetop the multitude refers to man’s mental
accusers such as fear self-accusation remorse condemnation and cure ability
and so on when he realizes the truth our God or the law of life never condemns he
ceases to condemn and forgives himself there is then instead of lying down
thrown in a bed of false beliefs and fears of all kind through his contact
with the almighty power he stands upright in the law visioning and
imagining his perfect health and wholeness
you must go on now stop if you want an answer to your prayer you must climb you
must go up the hill of God you do this by reminding yourself of the one
omnipotent power in your faith in it we climb by faith we saw a loft above our
problem with wings of faith and disciplined imagination faith means to
look up to the one giving all your allegiance devotion loyalty to the
infinite presence and power which created you truth means to go in one
direction on there knowing that the Great Physician is within and that this
healing power is healing in our and that there is none to oppose challenge or
quark the infinite presence and power in any way whatever here is the denial of
the infinite is nothing but a conglomeration of
sinister shadows without reality and with nothing to sustain it it is said
they climbed up and opened the roof and let the paralytic down through the roof
before Jesus all this means is that in contemplating God and the divine healing
presence within you are lifted up your mind is open and receptive and you let
your D abiding conviction and the idea perfect help sink down here subliminal
levels within your own Jesus means God is your deliverer Joshua means the same
thing the I am within you which received the impress of your conviction responds
accordingly if you break the roof of the house you can see the heavens about the
Sun the Moon the Stars don’t let the press the worldly thoughts
prevent you from receiving a healing if your loved one is sick open up the roof
of your mind that in the healing light surrender your loved one to God and
realize that he’s now immersed in the Holy omnipresence see him as he ought to
be radiant happy and free clean was true of God is true of your loved one as you
continue to do this your loved one will rise up from his bed of pain misery and
suffering and walk the earth glorifying the infant and it came to pass also when another
Sabbath he entered into the synagogue and taught there was a man whose right
hand was withered and the scribes and Pharisees watched him whether he would
heal on the Sabbath day that they might find an accusation against them but he
knew their thoughts and said to the man which had the withered hand rise up and
stand forth in the midst any arose and stood forth 6th chapter of Luke 6 with a
thirst and looking around about and all he said unto the man stretch forth thy
hand he did so his hand was restored Hall as the other six depth of loped in
first related passage in the book of Mark chapter
delcie salmon a missionary’s wife in south africa tells in her book he heals
today about a child with a deformed left hand three fingers were missing in their
place for tiny stumps after prayer there was a growth of the whole hand at the
end of the arm they began to unfold like a flower in front of their eyes she also
states there is absolute on the minds of people who have follow developments that
a perfect hand is forming we must not look upon this as miraculous or
something supernatural we must begin to realize that the creative power which
forms molds and shapes the body can definitely grow a handle Egger and i
after all where do the organs of your body come from as you made an ice blocks
couldn’t you fix it if it were out of water and out of broken couldn’t you
mend it and supply the missing parts when Jesus said stretched forth I hand
you must look upon it as a drama I’ve taken place in your own consciousness
your own mentality you are Jesus in action when you know the realisation
your desire would save you from any predicament be apart of name if you’re
sick health is your Savior but you’re lost in the jungle that the
guiding principle will lead you out you’re in prison freedom is your savior
the dying of thirst waters your savior and if you’re dying of hunger food is
your Savior you are Jesus or the spiritual man in action when you’re
conscious and subconscious mind agree in the realization of your wish or prayer
when there is no further argument and you reached an agreement you are what is
called in the Bible Jesus Christ in action Jesus represents your illumine
reason Christ means the power and wisdom resident in your subjective self and
when your conscious and subconscious agree your prayers are with answered
that means your Jesus Christ in action the synchronous union of your conscious
and subconscious mind Elsie Salmons faith in the Creator part of God to form
a new hand for the child called the stunted arm to grow her faith in her
Savior or her Jesus she is aware of the reality what she prays for and knows
that the nature of the infinite intelligence is responsiveness she
discovered that the infinite healing presence was the savior of the child and
the savior of everybody for know there’s no man to save you you’re lost in the
jungle there’s no man to save you if you’re sick and dying of cancer or
something the healing part of God can heal you
calling back to AIDS is done to you in the Crick esoteric interpretation of the
Bible it must be understood that principles are personified as persons in
order to make portrayal and interaction vivid and forceful that’s why Paul says
in the second chapter of Corinthians know ye not your own selves how that
Jesus Christ is in you except ye be reprobates there very clearly language
he tells you you are Jesus Christ in action when you harmonize the
interaction of your conscious and subconscious mind
we must not however confine the story of the man with the withered hand to his
literal meaning the hand is a symbol of power of direction of effectiveness
which our NGO fashioned mole create and design the hand of the Almighty means
decreed a part of God focused are directed and some objective symbolically
a man as a withered hand when he has an inferiority complex when he feels guilty
inadequate or a defeatist such a man does not function efficiently he’s not
expressing his god-given powers we stretched forth our hand when we release
the hidden power and become channels for the divine when we begin to release the
love the light the glory of the one who forever is deep in the hearts of all men
but you can do all things through this God power with strength with you

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