Do Yourself a Favor STOP Trying to Rank #1 For Keywords on Google SEO Strategy 2019

Posted By on May 15, 2019

there are many service providers out there but we're sure you want a good one with professional touch we have it what if I told you that ranking number one on Google won't necessarily make you more money hey everyone i'm neil patel and today i'm gonna share with you what you should stop wasting your time trying to rank number one on google before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel that will release more videos like this you'll get notified question for you how many of you try to continually rank number one for specific keyword if that's you leave a comment below with yes if it's not you leave a comment below with no can you guess how many keywords i try to rank number one for zero I don't even track my own rankings now let me break down why you should avoid trying to rank number one on google for a lot of terms first thing one rank tracking is really inaccurate so when you think you rank number one you may not rank number one every region has different results because of localized search every person every state every country is looking at different results based on how they search google is trying to adjust the results to be personalized to each individual so it's not about trying to write number one it's about trying to provide the best user experience so more people want to see results from your site versus someone else's site the second thing is ranking number one doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna get most the traffic did you know according to Atrix only 49% of the time ranking number one gets you the most tracking that means 51 percent of the time all the other spots get the rest of the traffic it's not about being number one it's about getting most the traffic the third thing is you don't have to rank number one to get the most traffic for example there's certain keywords that I rank let's say number three or number four for like SEO tips but yeah I get more traffic than than number one let's see because I take up the rich snippet if you take up Rich Snippets you can also rank higher so people are googling for a term don't just think about oh I want to rank high you need to build more links I need to do more internal linking make your content addresses that term then here's what I mean by that and someone's typing keywords like SEO tips they're looking for SEO tips so your article make breakdown seven tips that can help mouth and when you clearly define these tips you'll notice that you have a higher chance of being pulled in as a rich snippet and that'll help you get more traffic than if you weren't there the fourth thing is not all keywords have intent for example I rank on Google for terms like online marketing internet marketing SEO those terms may seem amazing and they are competitive but guess how much revenue they drive very little why because anyone who searches for those keywords is looking for basic advice there's no intent they're people who search for SEO are looking for hey what is SEO how does it work how does Google rankings where those want people that are gonna pay me for my ad agency but on the flip side if I ranked for SEO agency I'll generate way more revenue so in other words you need to look for keywords that are intent based and last but not least rankings won't guarantee your success here's what I mean if you do all the right things to get to the top but yet no one wants to go visit your page you're not gonna stay at the top a good example of this is a trust was trying for a very long time to rank for backlink checker they created content internal links they did everything that's possible to rank at the top but no matter what they did they weren't ranking it wasn't that their SEO was bad it was that users didn't care to visit their page and the reason being is they were looking for a free back we check ur while their tour cost money once Atrus figured out that hey we're not doing what's best for the user and they gave the skim down version of their tool for free and they only provided let's say a hundred links I don't know what the exact number is but it's somewhere around there what they found is they're ranking shot up to the top of page one why because they gave users what they wanted so even if you do all the right things to rank at the top but you ignore the user you're not going to rank you're not going to convert them you need to understand what they want and using tools like Survey Monkey will help you get that information so that's it it's not just about ranking number one you shouldn't focus your time on that you should focus your time on all these other things including providing the best user experience because that's what will help your business grow and make more money if you need help growing your site your traffic your revenue check out my ad agency Neil Patel digital and of course if you enjoy the video like it share it tell the people about it then leave a comment below and I'll make sure I respond and answer it thank you for watching so what are you waiting for take action now and enjoy your friends compliments

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