Do you care if other people are religious?

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Do I care if other people
are religious? Yeah, in a sense I do,
because I want people to– to live their lives and have reasoning that’s based
on evidence. And I don’t think belief in God is based
on evidence. But more realistically, it doesn’t really concern me
whether or not someone believes in God. What I’m interested in is
what they do with that belief. So, if they believe in God
and that leads them to vote for people who want to abolish,
you know, rights for certain classes of people,
certain groups of people; if it makes them, you know, not care for their child who’s sick,
because they think God is going to heal them; if it makes them into a jerk, because they think Jesus is going to
take care of them in the afterlife, then yeah, I do. I do care if that person’s religious,
because it’s making them a bad person. But at the same time, we all
know religious people who do– who are inspired by their faith
and their belief in God to do a lot of wonderful things.
And that’s great. I think they could probably do all
those good things without a belief in God, but hey, you know what? If their religion
makes them do good things, okay, I don’t really
have a problem with that. So, you know, as it plays out in the real world,
I don’t really care if people believe in God
as long as they’re doing good with that. And on another level, I wish they didn’t,
because there’s just no reason–
no good reasons to believe in God. But as it plays out, you know,
I’m surrounded at work, in my social life, I’m surrounded
by people who do believe in God. And it’s not like, “Oh, they believe in God.
Then they’re on my blacklist and we can’t be friends.” No, I don’t do that,
and I hope you watching this
don’t do that either. It’s totally– you can interact with people,
you could be friends with people who are religious. It’s just a matter of how
they live their life that matters. My name is Hemant Mehta.
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  1. if every 10 seconds I have to go into evidence why there is not flying crab butterfly's 500 ft is size but only religious people cant see them … there are things which I wont lower my mentality to discuss with you, theres a time were I just have had enough im not helping you I can see that so bye bye

  2. I wasn't asking you to consider every piece of evidence or claimed evidence every 10 seconds. I was asking that if you were going to make assumptions that you don't make them in a generalised way, rather make a statement which is specific and specifically applied. Otherwise how could I possibly respond without the discussion turning into nothing but meaningless banter being thrown back and forth?

  3. Question; what is it you are 'breaking' to me? I don't recall saying Hitler was an Atheist (neither was it in my opinion). I think maybe you accidentally responded to what someone else has said to the wrong comment.
    Thanks for trying to keep me informed though?

  4. I agree, I have a lot of comments on here. But unfortunately I have a habit of responding to others when they address me (I don't know why, it seems so crazy hey). But I guess it's not an issue for you because I am neither unintelligent or keeping others from commenting ;]

  5. I think religion needs to choose to leave people to their own lives, I was Christian and to be honest I think most of my time there was wasted. I could of been earning more money I could of been meeting more interesting people that can teach me other wonderful things, I could even join social clubs to keep up my photography and videography. Instead I am sitting listening to teachings I know off the top of my head wondering why the pastor is going over time like usual.

  6. so instead of the subject you wanted to turn it on how I choose to debate and lets all take a good look at how I might be wrong ? sounds like your a jerk

  7. yes i can scrutinize any opinion…whether or not they have anything to do with god…and do you know why…because when "god" is asserted as having an all encompassing moral authority over ME i have that right…it is sheer arrogance to think i don't….pssst…assertions about god is suiting ones agenda…most often times it is used to justify the infringement of peoples rights.

  8. No, I'm simply asking that if you are going to make assumptions(which is ok) that you make them more specific so that I can properly respond. It's a bit difficult to respond to a generalised assumption without having to make too many assumptions myself. I'm sure you can understand how that would result in a convo going nowhere in particular. I am asking that if you are going to give me assumptions, you also give me a basis for the assumption to which as I say I will happily respond to.

  9. I am an atheist. However I don't want everyone in the world to have the same view as me, that would make life boring. I don't care what religion others choose to follow and I am more than willing to accept this. I would even be interested in having conversations with these people to discuss religion because it interests me.
    However in saying this the moment someone tells me how I should act and what I should believe, I will not accept this. I'M living MY life and no one can tell me otherwise.

  10. there shouldn't be rules or laws for good people don't need them I wouldn't choose to hurt anyone because I don't want to … I just am like that not I fear a hell or some other bs story and when it comes to sex b4 marriage haha you crazy dude

  11. "Okay, but that's not what I meant"
    yes it was. you said point blank… "you can't scrutinize the opinions of God" … interpreting betrays the idea of god as meaningless…no one interprets the importance of AIR differently!!…the notion that these ideas of god which HAS been used as fodder to marginalize people nullifies ANY and ALL claims of any exceptional qualities … as you yourself said " the scripture is malleable enough to take from it what you will" so what?

  12. everyone is different ive been with girls that are soo nice etc and your family looks like it has issues should try talk to eachother more and make them understand anything they doing wrong + being a Christian in my atheist opinion is annoying ok that 1st but not only can it help people it can make them think in other ways that isn't always (the right way) if you looked at it from another point of view.. Be happy in this life and be nice to people since this is most likely the only life we get

  13. I don't care if people are religious – if they want to belive in superstitious nonsense, that's their problem. However, they need to keep it in church (or whatever). Religion has no place other than in places of "worship" – not in schools, workplaces, government, courtrooms or anywhere else.

  14. It's funny(sad) how their beliefs can affect their comprehension (of life), that they can read your response and say: "Ah, it´s just one of those Christians who was never a real Christian, and lured by the devil..". It really is a waste, as it was for me, to not try to see reality as it is. It`s never late.

    It`s probably more important to see things based on what we know of and not on what we don't know or wish; and worst of all, to legislate in favor of Dogma.. That`s the worst of the worst.

  15. Humans aside Hemant, if you don't have an answer to where it all began, how can you say that there isn't an answer? The Big Bang: what went 'bang' what made it 'bang' and where did it come from? Physics at the Quantum level doesn't work as we understand. We know that the Universe didn't just happen randomly. There has to be a higher intelligence. We just don't know who or what that is.

  16. I never read the bible, I never had to I do not care to. Susan and I ages 10ish went swimming in my pool. She was so excited, too excited. Her Mom, belt in hand, chased Susan out of the pool, belt was welling her skin. Susan so terrorized ran through a glass door. 213 stitches from groin to ankle. Why, Mormon's are not to wear bathing suits showing too much skin. 3 weeks I sat by her bed, reading feeding her till she could take steps slowly. So, the evidence was in my face and witness in my eye

  17. Y Brynecho, you DO care if people are religious. You care a lot if people are religious. It's one thing to say you don't want people to pray and speak about religion to you but what you're saying is a whole other thing.

  18. Go sign the petition:

  19. I have no problem with religious people. However the second they say something ignorant for their belief, or they use their belief for a reason to do something politically (no gay marriage) thats when I went to hulk smash. 

  20. I think people who do good things and credit their religion, probably would be doing good anyway. And frankly, a lot of bad people who blame the devil or will of god, etc., would be doing these bad things without religion as well. The problem is that religion can make good people do bad things, that would have been unthinkable if it were not for the fact that they believed God's will was a factor.
    About a year ago, I did an experiment where I asked a lot of Christians the following question. "If you truly believed that God was commanding you to blow up a building full of people, would you do it?"  I must have asked 40-50 theists that question on this forum and others. Only one or two said no, they would not. The majority did not answer.  But many said they would, if they truly believed it was the will of God.
    Good people will do good things. Bad people will do bad things. But to take a good person and make him do bad things–look to religion for that.

  21. Dude, I'm with you. I'm at taco bell. There's families eating and fussing, teeny boppers playing pattyfingers and footsie, and 2 religious jerkwads behind me spewing these long loud diatribes against other religions, pontificating these autobiographical soliloquies about their relationship with god and why they were called to serve him. What a joke! They're talking to one another as if they were talking to a captive audience of church patrons- you know, slow, condescending, succinct and descriptive as if their target audience is stupid and illiterate. Don't these idiots realize that this is what church is for? Their ruining my meal with their talking about their relationship with their imaginary friend!

  22. well it's sort of contradicting to say there is no good reason to believe in god yet you say if believing in god inspires you to do good things then great. So if believing in god inspires them to do good things then that is one good reason for them to believe in god.

  23. I don't necessarily care if people believe in god, but when I know I feel like I have to watch what I'm saying for some reason and I hate it

  24. That's true Robert Smith (your comment on Santa to SteelCity).  However, we give people morphine in hospitals who are in pain.  It, in some cases completely, disconnects them from reality.  Sometimes that's a very good thing.  While we can wish everyone the strength to face life head on with the support of good friends and family, sometimes people still feel terrified and alone.  For many religious people, their faith comforts them in those moments and leaves them more functional because of it. 

    My mother was Val Victorian, she was raised catholic, her religious faith faltered a long time ago when her mother died and she became obsessively terrified of death for a period of years fearing that it is simply "the end" and there is nothing left afterwards.  It just about disabled her.

    Noting this terror as a weakness in her behavior does not in any way make it less real for her.  Many of people's fears are utterly illogical and irrational.  But the impacts are real just the same.  The simple truth is that if someone's faith in what happens after they die gives them comfort while they are alive and allows them to lead a more full and productive life…well…that's a very good and practical thing here and now. 

    This is not to say there isn't fallout and a host of other problems typically associated with X or Y religion.  But some people very much benefit from having faith in a higher power and the cost in money and time is well worth it.  Sometimes just the benefit of getting them out of the house and socialized with their local community is worth it, personally prefer gaming with my wife and friends but to each their own. 

    Much of what Hemant says is good, but dismissing practical benefits of being happier because of someone's beliefs is a bit unpragmatic to me.

    To put a different spin on it, a child is dying of cancer.  It's Christmas and he's excited about santa.  Is it better to tell them santa doesn't exist in the child's last few days?  Or let him keep his thoughts in something magical?

    Same thing, different setting.  I love watching Sci fi movies, but holy hanna do the writers blunder left and right with even simple physics.  Now…should I pause the movie and explain why x or y thing was utterly jacked up and ridiculous?  Or should I just try my best to focus on the general intent and direction of the storyline?  People take comfort in falsely believing ridiculous things are possible regularly.  While that can be troubling on some levels I don't see it stopping. 

    I love physics, it was easy for me to learn and I ended up tutoring a lot of people in addition to math, chemistry, and biology.  But for many people physics and/or some branches of science are difficult.  We live in a society surrounded by engineering and technology, but only a small percentage of people actually understand how the things around them work.  Even then, given all we know, there is still considerably more that we don't know, there is an endless amount of things I will never know.  I like the idea of string theory, but as of yet we can't prove much about it.  The point of this is that I could explain for hours how electrons move about in a circuit board to someone along with dialogue on low and hi energy states in transistors etc. and at the end of the day their computer would still be a magic box that paints pictures for them and does stuff.  We drive in cars with variable valves, few people know what that really means.  We sell them the idea that they understand it and that is "good enough" for many.

    Based on your logic,  it seems to suggest they would be happier people if they pursued the truth in understanding the realities of what makes things work around them.  But the issue in a nutshell is that for many, the effort it would take isn't worth it.  So branding takes over and styling cues and color pallets take over and Apple makes a ton of money because they have a brilliant marketing team, people weigh how their vehicle makes them feel, how well does x or y gadget fit in their hand, is it a status symbol etc.?  While I would dearly love for everyone on the planet to have at least a rudimentary understanding of engineering, biology, and computer science that is not going to happen.  So our marketing dept. dumbs things down until they make people feel good about themselves so that they are not overwhelmed by the tech and science behind things (mostly).

    I'm getting further off topic and I apologize for that.  Point is, while I agree the pursuit of truth and logic is a great thing, there are points of diminishing returns where the comfort someone gets from what they believe in ultimately gives them a better life than abandoning their beliefs.  Obviously not always the case and it would be utterly bonkers to state that people's beliefs don't cause themselves and others serious (and sometimes global) trouble.  But peace of mind is a legit reason to believe in something. 

    At the end of the day, no matter how annoying it may be to hear someone spout utter nonsense about X or Y thing.  A lot of people simply must choose their own path that makes sense to them and there isn't a thing I can do to sway them.  But it doesn't mean the comfort in their path doesn't have merit in and of itself.

    Having said that, I greatly appreciate the non toxic angle the video speaker took here and I wish more people in general could take that approach with others in general.  /shrug

    I can dare to dream anyway.  🙂

  25. I feel that a growing number of people are confusing religion with God.  Not only would I say that they are two separate entities, I would go as far as to say they have almost nothing to do with each other.  
    The reason why more and more people are leaning towards Atheism is because people have more access to information these days and it isn't difficult to see when somebody (or some group of people) are trying to sell you a line of bullshit.  When a group of people, we'll use Christians, say A,B & C, yet their book they claim to live by contradicts things they teach in church, instead of throwing out the religious philosophies, they contort and pervert what the Bible is actually saying.  I say, "if the bible contradicts religious theology, throw the religious theology away." Seems like common sense, but actually the opposite is what happens.  People are blinded through religion.  Religion takes otherwise sensible, decent people, and requires them to shut their brain off if they are going to be in the club.  No thank you!

  26. Why can't religious people see the incredibly rational, ethical, influential arguments you're making and integrate them into their own philosophies, or even completely adopt them and discard their old religious views? The answer is childhood indoctrination. They are brought up to think a certain way, to see the world in the eyes of "God". You make the arguments for how this can come to be harmful, however I think it very important that you further your efforts in speaking about how to overcome these views.

    The only way to overcome religion is through education. It is a great thing that in light of the relatively recent information age, more and more people have access to improved educational opportunities, both institutional and personal. This has led to increased humanistic values and and overall worldview more nurturing of the Gold Rule.

    We must support the efforts of globalized education, increased availability to freedom of speech, and ultimately freedom of thought. Following this path can only result in a rationalized approach to solving the worlds problems with each other as top priority.

    Daily humanistic efforts, check.

  27. religion is just another form of group knows more than group is better than yours.We're better dressed and better educated.And god favors our group not yours…your all going to hell if you don't jump on our ship. crock o' shit=religion.

  28. I really enjoy your videos and appreciate that you aren't rude about religion, just explaining how you see things. It's nice to hear a different view point without feeling like it's an attack. I subscribed 🙂

  29. i honestly dont give  a aflying fuck if someone is religious. if your religious then ok i cant change you im not going to try to change you. thaats you and this is me. 

  30. I really don't give a damn if people are religious.
    Just like I don't care if people are pro-life, anti-gay, racist or vegetarian etc etc. As long as they don't try to force other people to do the same or try to take away other peoples rights, then it's really none of my business what other people do with their lives.

  31. I have lots of friends who believe in God but they don't ever talk about it and they aren't like "Super-extreme-Christians" so it doesn't bother me

  32. Very interesting. I am a Christian and feel that you make some valid observations. As others have commented here, thanks for speaking in a not-so-abrasive way.  We all share this earth and do life together, so it is important for us not to attack one another.

  33. I liked the way that you answered this. As somebody who has spent a lot of time studying Christian theology and the Bible, this is the way that I've come to view things as a person who believes and attempts to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. The hero in the parable was never the one who had the correct belief as defined by the priests and scholars, whom Jesus routinely condemned as hypocrites. The hero in every parable was the humble person that gave it all for the sake of the people around them. This is the reason I don't evangelize. I sincerely believe that God prefers good people of any faith or of no faith to bad Christians. Salvation is for the here, not the hereafter. If there is a world after this one, we'll get there together. In the mean time we should work to make this world the best of all possible worlds, for our own sake, and the sake of those who come after us.

  34. I …DO.. care if people believe in god.
    It is the  ''moderate '' religious that give support to the extremist religious nutters.
    If the '' moderate '' religious masses would just re-think their position and CHANGE their worldview from FAITH based (intellectual conviction from NO verifiable evidence whatsoever ) to SCIENCE based worldview ( intellectual conviction FROM verifiable evidence ), then the whole PLANET would be a much safer place to live.
    The extremists and fundamentalists, would then be a VERY small minority, easily identified and monitored.
    Extremists are weeds growing in the flowerbed of religious moderation.
    As long as the flowerbed of moderation exists, so do the ''weeds'' of extremism.
    There should be LAWS against religious crime, but as long as the ''moderate masses'' flow with the religious river, this will never happen.
    How will responsible humans EVER be elected in significant numbers to pass laws on religious crimes, if they can't be elected into office, due to the ''voting block'' of the church ?
    Here's an example – 1 country in ONE day – Iraq -religious deaths …..72, that's SEVENTY TWO humans WIPED OUT because somebodies INVISIBLE FRIEND said so.
    That number SEVENTY TWO dead, is not PLANET wide it is from ONE COUNTRY in ONE day.
    Extrapolate this number PLANET wide, throughout history and you will have SOME concept of the inhumane slaughter that religion brings to the human race HOURLY.

    The idea that people should be able to believe what they personally WANT to believe does not fly.
    Some examples –
    People jumping from tall buildings, and as they plummet exclaiming
    …''I can fly… ''
    Humans driving cars at high speed through red lights believing they will not hit another vehicle
    Aircraft pilots believing the fuel tank is full …when the fuel gauge reads empty !
    People believing 2+2=7.624398

    And the …ONLY… reason people support the INSANE idea that people should be
     ''  able to believe what they want '', is because we have been historically ground-down by the religious argument.
    Religion is the deluded teaching the gullible.
    And people STILL smile at me and say
    ''  Oh, but what harm can a little religion do ? ''

    Are you fucking kidding me ?………….

  35. how much you care about a person being religious doesnt say anything about whether you think they are correct. Atheism qualifies belief, not personal preference. So it must be irrelevant to atheism to even address that question…although nothing is wrong with humoring people about how you feel about such things.

  36. It's beneficial for everyone to live in a country full of intelligent people. So yes, since most religious people are easily manipulable and not thinking for themselves, it really bothers me that people are still religious in this day and age.

  37. My best friend is a very strict Christian and I am an atheist. We have been friends for 10 years without big fights.

  38. Religion is a tool to guide people who lack the drive or ability to think for themselves or handle the idea that bad things happen without a reason. Many believers are people who would be lost without that tool and would suffer for it. So no, I don't care if other people are religious, I care when people try to force beliefs that aren't even their own on other people.

  39. some of us just need to believe that there is something more than just the averaged life span of existence. I'm not close-minded at all, however i have a need to believe there is more than the time i have allotted here.

  40. I do have a question, I don't seem understand why the whole anti-religion thing is going on. I mean I am a believer and as such you know great commission and all that noise. On the same token its like the great commission of an atheist is to somehow clear the world of some delusion? please correct me if I'm wrong. at the same time when im asked my opinion its though it reject before i even speak, i don't it just seems like everyone plays the stubborn card believer or not. I guess this is both a question and statement lol

  41. I have a question for you, but first I want you to know that I really enjoy your videos and I totaly agree with you so my question is how would you answer to "What if god tricks us with science, to sort out the real belivers and send the rest to hell?" and "what if we are in a program that god created?" (I've got this questions from religious people so they are not mine and I'm writing them how they were asking them to me)

  42. I agree with you and it is about time I hear a fresh voice about the poision that comes From religion

  43. Watched a couple of these vids. They are fine but not great. Then again I have been an atheist for at least 2 decades. Defining earlier beliefs while growing up might be more tricky and not entirely productive but at no point did the whole 'god' picture make too much sense.

    In some vid satanism was mentioned. Satanism vastly differs from satan worshipping and satanism is actually a form of atheism. Ok, so satanism is in no way organized and the spectrum might be pretty wide, but in essence satanism reviews all religions as evil even though it recognizes no deities whatsoever. Also as church has deemed the color of white to be a color of purity and all that crap then black is a pretty natural counter to that. This is in northern Europe, but I hear all kinds of batshit crazy stuff is swept under the rug of satanism in the US. Satanists just have a darker view of the world and religions are the 'great satan' even though, again, no deities exist'. Satanists also may look creepy (and intentionally so) but if the silly religious people would judge them by what they actually do and not by what they look like…. funny stuff.

  44. It's…hard to say how I feel exactly. On the one hand, above all else, I am an American; I will – to my dying breath – fight for the People's Rights to Freedom of Choice and Free Thinking. Therefore, I support that everyone is entitled to their choice of religion…But at the same time, I am worried that they themselves did not make the choice of Religion and were instead, told to believe in it by their parents or guardians. And, I feel like in some religions, the organization discourages that Free Thinking. If someone is going to be Christian, or Muslim, or Jewish, or Hindu; it should be because they themselves did some deep thinking, researched the religion before hand, and concluded that this was the faith for them; NOT simply because of tradition, or family, or community.
    I also think it stems from the Harmful aspects of it, especially since…100% of the Christians that I know, do not know – or at the very least deny – what is in the Bible that I find objectionable. It's that kind of arrogance that they preach to know what they are talking about while really, they have no idea.

    Like you said – I don't Black-List people who are Christian or Religious for being so. The problem is that – I know people who are more intelligent than I am, who are very deep and rational thinkers – they favor logic and evidence above all else…So I find it so confusing that they still recognize not only God's existence, but his moral compass as well. It doesn't make sense to me that they've never thought as deeply as I did.

  45. Religion affects us all. Ideologies affects other parts of our brain and inform our actions. And religion promotes irrationality aka "faith" and allows otherwise good people to commit atrocities. it isn't some benign hobby. It has real world consequences.

  46. Partly agree with the video. Religion allows otherwise good people to commit atrocities. Which is whu it's a poison to society. we have a moral obligation to try our best to be reasonable. And because if we accept one irrational thing or.for bad reasons, then we are more likely to accept other irrational things. And religion promotes this. Any irrational ideology is potentially dangerous and affects our actions. So I agree partly. Even if ur well intentioned. Irrationality can allow u to do horrific things. Like I.e pray ur kids to death. It has real world consequences. So it isn't like it doesn't matter. It matters why.

  47. So that's why rational discourse of anything irrational and promoting reason is important and causes progress as that is how society works.. because it affects us all. And any irrational thing is potentially harmful. I.e god or religion. Which promotes it.

  48. I don't think it really matters if they're religious. Just don't shove it down my throat or try to force me to become a Christian, and we can be friends. What they do with their lives is their own business, as I believe nobody has the right to tell people how to live their lives.

  49.       Believing in God seems to be okay.  It just becomes dangerous when they believe God will intervene in our world (in any way) to save a sick child or get my a great parking space.  It is also dangerous when believers speak in the name of God. If God is real, he should be able to speak for himself.  He has done it in impressive ways in the past so I will wait for the next burning bush to spontaneously combust.  But after I check for any other possible scientific explanations. 
          I really like people who think and are passionate about their ideas.  In many ways, it helps me solidify my own beliefs. But the best conversations involve both sides critically listening and thinking about it.  Biggest complaint I have on YouTube is you have so many trolls out there who say the rudest ignorant statements in the hopes of getting an argument going. These are pointless and sadly help destroy our images of thoughtful Christians turning them into redneck angry bullies who want to hit you over the head with a baseball bat if you don't agree with their views of God and the way the world should be run.  It is almost impossible to open up a closed mind. 

  50. That was a good fight. The more you challenge God proves that you really afraid isn't it? Why challenging something that you believe doesn't exist unless you are on the other side of the controversy between Christ and Satan. While religion fights against Satan some one has to fight on Satan's behalf on the opposite side. While religion fights with purpose and determination, you might be fighting ignorantly without knowing your commander and your enemy. The battle is real, can't you get the logic?  Its just that logic, you can't commit your whole life talking and fighting over things that you know is not real and doesn't exist. 

  51. Question:  How does one address a Christian being/becoming evangelical over time? I don't mind if people that I meet are religious, but I seem to find it a little difficult for them to not care about me not believing.  Which then leads to me shutting every person of faith out of my life. 

  52. OK….I am just going to tell you , on the outside I have always said, I am not religious but I respect people's right to believe whatever they want and I really do. But deep down inside, I think, they are sheep that need to be lead by other people's thoughts and ideas, And that is the first time I have ever told anyone my true inner thoughts on religion. 

  53. God wants you to ask him, and he'll always give you an answer. An Ignorant Fool will say "I asked my pastor and he said just have faith". First off if you know the Bible, you'd know your answers.

  54. im a complete dick to the christian kids at my school when ever i get in a conversation and someone tries to convince me in to Christianity it will always end out with u just have to have faith and i smile walk away and know that i won

  55. God kill babies…… not a problem. God rape babies…. not a problem? If God toll you to do these things, would you do it for God if he tell you to?

  56. It's not the normal religious people that pray occasionally and do the sign of peace at church that bother me, it's these evangelical nutcases who scream in the subways about being saved from hell and shoving big signs in people's faces that say REPENT. Also, the people who think RIDICULOUS things like newborn babies deserve eternal hell just for existing, and that masturbation is sinful, or that not fasting is selfish..etc. Also, the con artists like Pat robbertson and Bill Weise who concoct their stupid visit to hell at 3am trying to convince people of that nonsense by making it sound realistic and authentic as possible. People like that are pure psychopaths and should be committed. You don't fucking scare innocent kids by putting your stupid cartoons of dancing demons throwing people into magma on youtube. Hell doesn't exist. All religious people care about is teaching lessons and judgement and punishment. That's not what life is all about assholes. We exist and therefore have every right to enjoy our existence.

  57. I'm am a religious person who follows my faith to the best of my ability. I admire your videos and am always open minded to others thoughts and concerns. However I do not attend church and I wanted to explain why. I find that people who mainly attend church usually more often than not only go to show others " oh I'm a good person and I'm going to heaven for it. ". But from what I've experienced people who act like that tend to stab people in the back or show there true colors when you make a mistake in life. Nothing can change my mind about my preferences about religion but I wanted to say thank you for your insights and opinions on your videos.

  58. I’m an atheist and my best friend is a super hardcore Mormon and it slightly bothers me, but I know I could never change her mind, and I don’t need to. She doesn’t mind me being an atheist, even though she’ll send me stuff to try to get me to believe sometimes. It’s not often. And when she does that I’ll tell her my reasons it’s not true and then we change the subject. The only reason her religion bothers me is because she limits herself with it. She refuses to show her shoulders or her collarbone area, and her skirts, dresses, and pants have to go to at least her knees or she won’t wear them. I just feel like she’s handicapping herself a lot and it pains me, but it makes her happy I guess.

  59. I once knew a family of religious people who were my friends until they found out I was a non-believer then they wouldn't associate with me any more. People who base friendship on the basis of politics or religion are not true friends.


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