“Do we believe in Polygamy?” LDS Church Historian *Richard E. Turley Jr.* answers

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[Q] But it’s not coming back. They’re still
here now, isn’t it? The church says there is no
polygamy, but it is. So what? Why do we talk different languages in the church? I have
a friend, his wife died and he met another wife
and [01:12:14-01:12:17] he will have to wives in the next life, so we believe in polygamy. [RT] We believe in the sealing of people for
the afterlife. Of course the question that arises is in the world generally is what do
you do if you live through life with more than
one person? What do you do if your spouse dies and you remarry? What happens in
heaven? And the answer that section 132 gives is that you’ll be together. Do we know a
lot about how that works? We really don’t. [Q] But do we believe in it? [RT] Do we believe in the 132nd section? Yes,
we do. [Q] So we believe in polygamy. [RT] We don’t practice polygamy on earth. [Q] Yes we do, we go to the temple and seal
them? [RT] But you know what I mean. [Q] No. [RT] One man, one wife at a time on earth. [Q] Yeah, but if it was legal today, would
we have two wives? Could I take another one? [RT] It would not change from the current
position until the prophet said so. And as I
said, I can’t predict the future. [Q] But you must answer, I think you can answer
at least, do we believe in polygamy? We don’t practice it, but we believe in it because
we are sealing more wives to one man. [RT] We believe in the sealing of people [1:13:43-1:13:46]
The reason I hesitate to say we believe in polygamy is if I say that then people will
say, well then you have more than one wife, right?
You don’t, right? Nobody else here does, either, I believe. That’s why I say it the
way I say it, OK? [Q] Is that your technical way? [1:14:00-1:14-04] [RT] No, nobody’s telling me anything. [Q] Do we believe in polygamy? [RT] We do believe in polygamy; we don’t practice
polygamy. That’s what I’m trying to say.

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  1. Cop out? He answered quite plainly that polygamy is still believed in, but he also understands that if he says it, it will be misquoted and spread widely. Very good answer.


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