Do protestant pastors hear confessions?

Posted By on July 14, 2019

hi everybody this is Matt thanks for watching and welcome back had a viewer question and I'd like to thank five crosses for asking this question he asks hello Matt do any of the Protestant pastors believe that they have apostolic succession and hear confessions well thanks for asking that I really appreciate the question for the first part of it about Protestant pastors believing that they have apostolic succession my experience has been no not once have I ever heard a Protestant pastor or somebody that I've been associated with or known even remotely I've never heard them claim apostolic succession that's something that really isn't in the vocabulary of a normal Protestant now I have heard some Protestant preachers call themselves apostle call themselves bishop and things like that if they are any church that has a system where they actually name people bishops and they they provide them with the title like that that's one thing but for the most part when I would hear somebody especially call themselves an apostle I would naturally kind of bristle a little bit at that because to me it's like okay who called you an apostle I'm you know I never felt comfortable with that whatsoever I've heard that but even with these people I've never heard them ever once say that they had any kind of apostolic succession the other thing is is in Protestant churches records really are kept all that well not in comparison with the Catholic Church anything that you do in a Catholic Church is written down somewhere so if I'm a lector or anything else you know for one man there's a record that at 10 o'clock on a Sunday morning I was the lecturer at this particular mass you don't have that in Protestant churches so no I've never heard that as far as hearing confessions that's another really really good one now as far as a pastor or somebody like that hearing a confession in the same way that Catholics give confessions not really because a Protestant pastor nobody that I've known of has ever even tried or suggested to give absolution and that's because as a Protestant we didn't believe in it we believe that we were granted absolution automatically from the Lord the moment that we said I'm sorry for my sins now we would have people come to us and talk to us about a sin problem that they had but it wasn't like writing down a list of consents to confess nothing like that whatsoever usually when somebody came to talk to us about something like that it was more from getting advice you know this is a problem I have how do I get over it but as far as a confession per se not quite although I'll put a disclaimer in there although sometimes in some specific churches people have been known to get up and confess their sins in front of the entire congregation and I've also known of people that they would basically get in front of a group of men usually a group of Deacons in the church and confess their sins there but as far as absolution as far as regular types of confession no no not not in that sense of the word so anyway I hope this helps thanks for the questions and for anybody else out there has a question for me you want to ask it about just like this person did feel free that's why I'm here so put any questions that you have for me in the comments below on this video and I love having a back and forth conversation so you know let's let's share knowledge and let's all grow in the faith

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