Do Hindus Worship Cows? – Hindu Beef Taboo Explained

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Cows… I’m pretty sure no one has anything bad
to say about them. They produce milk, they are fairly tame, and
beef does make a good burger. But did you ever feel like worshiping a cow? Well our ancestors definitely did! Many ancient religions held cows to be divine
or in some cases to actually be the form some Gods take. For example Zeus sometimes in Greek mythology
took the form of a bull. Some times people worshiped idols made in
the image of cows or bulls. One famous example is the golden calf in the
story of the Jews exodus from Egypt – where for some reasons their first instinct, when
left to their own devices, was to make a calf out of gold and to worship it… Actually, What I find interesting about this
is there are so many animals which mankind never decided to worship, for instance most
of the ancient world never respected pigs – although some held boars in high esteem
– and you never hear about the great chicken god or anything – well apart from the mega
ultra chicken! But back on topic – with so much history
of people worshiping cows, it is easy to imagine modern instances of the same behaviour. The famous one of course being the Hindus. Most people beleave hindus to worship cows,
but do they really? And why do they hold cows to such esteem? Well to find out stay tuned! –
As I mentioned in the video on Hindu dietary customs, Hinduism is not as uniform a religion
as we might think and there are thousands of sects and sub sects with different beliefs
and interpretations, so we are going to stick to general ideas and consensus. So firstly do Hindus worship cows – the
answer is… drum roll please… nope! Hindus, despite all the information which
may say otherwise, don’t worship cows (although I am sure there are problem some exemptions. But Hindus do revere cows, often to the point
that it may look like worship… Why do they do this well its all because of
a number of factors: Links with divinity
Hindus associate several animals with different gods and consider them sacred, including the
monkey (Hanuman), the elephant (Ganesh), the tiger (Durga) and even the rat (Ganesh). But none is as revered as the cow. The cow is actually linked to a number of
Hindu gods, two of the most important being: Krishna one of the most popular Hindu deities,
who spent their childhood as a cow hearder and who is said to promote the good treatment
of cattle. And in the Vedas, the oldest of the Hindu
scriptures, the cow is associated with Aditi, the mother of the gods. There are also many other gods like Shiva
who are linked to cattle as well… The produce of cows have also been linked
with divinity, especially milk and milk products which are used in many ceremonies and are
part of high caste diets. Philosophy
Hindu philosophy promotes nonviolence – especially non violence against animals -, and the cow
has become a sort of symbolism for this philosophy – called Ahimsa. Also, By the first century A.D., cows had
come to be associated with Brahmans, the highest caste, or class, in Hinduism. To kill a cow was likened to killing a Brahman
— a big taboo. Economics
In ancient India, cattle and oxen were sacrificed to the gods and the meat was eaten. But even then, milk-producing cows were off-limits,
likely because their milk was so precious as a food source. The Indo-Europeans who settled in India in
the 2nd century BC were pastoral peoples, who relied heavily on cattle for food and
already held cows in high reverence – believing that cows gave us more than we gave them. Still today cows produce are extremely important
and used for many practical and ceremonial tasks. Even cow dung is seen as important because
of its use in fuel, in fertilizing the soil and apparently as a disinfectant. Quick side note, when I seen it was used as
a disinfectant I was like “honestly, how on earth can it be used as a disinfectant,
that’s just asking for more disease and for your house to smell like crap!”. But apparently it is really used and some
studies have showed that the bacteria in cow poo might kill other bacteria… but I think
restaurants should stick to the bleach! Nationalism
Because cows have been traditionally revered, it has become increasingly linked to Indian
nationalism. And as Indian nationalism is on the rise,
so too is Indian reverence to cattle, despite growing secularisation in the country. In fact many modern cases of strife in the
nation have been sparked by the killing of cattle by Muslims. And this was the case during the time of the
British Raj – the excuse for the Indian mutiny in 1857 was a rumour that new British
rifles used cow fat in its cartages. Conclusion
As we have seen cows and the reverence to them are deeply engrained into Indian and
Hindu society, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. I hope you have found this topic interesting
and if you would like to share anything in the comments please feel free. Especially if you are a practicing Hindu or
an Indian with anything to add! Thanks for watching.

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  1. Nice, New video!, 0:47 also the only reason Zeus does anything, is to bang something, in this case it's because europa, a girl Zeus wanted to bang, was a herder so he shapeshifter into a bull and after she tried to rear him, Zeus stole her off the island she was on, honestly the weirdest story in the Greco-Roman Pantheon

  2. 0:23 …..Vegetarians cringe at meat-eaters …but meat-eaters have grown up to love it
    Many westerners cringe at eating animals like Dogs, Horse, Spiders, etc …. but they are favorite in parts of Asia and around the world …bcoz they have grown to love it
    Many Meat-Eaters will Cringe at the idea of "Eating Human Flesh" …. but Cannibalistic Tribes eat it …. they have grown to love it …

    If only people understand its about levels and how one is grown up …. Mocking other one shows the ignorance and bigotry you hold in your brain

  3. +Well… Actually … 4:47 …The Indo-European settling in 2nd BC (Aryan Invasion Migration Theory) ….. is a Propaganda Theory induced and spread by Colonizers ….. Its still a Theory with NO SOLID PROOF
    Meanwhile … a new more credible theory … (Out of India Theory) … is starting to gather more relevance of truth ….. even now there are excavations with awaited result reports ….that are bound to doom this filthy European Propaganda

  4. The owl Pueo does play a role in traditional Hawaiian belief. As well the ancient Greeks associated the owl with Athena and the city of Athens had it on the coinage.

  5. Did you drop a Yu Gi Oh Abridged reference , lmao grew up on that man , way back in the day , and as a Hindu its more of a respect we give to the cow, and i have no hate to anyone who eats cows , thats your choice!

  6. 0:12 To correct you, I have one bad thing to say about cows:
    The methane produced by their farts are one of the biggest contributors to climate change…
    …Just another reason why insects should be replacing cattle as a meat source…

  7. Nobody worshiped owls because they have big ol eyes and weird necks and only come out at night like some weird criminal. Sorry man.

  8. We should respect cows because after our mother this is the only animal who give antibodies and make kid strong. But praying the cow and any animal sounds fucking stupid. We should stop this. We should protect cows to protect biodiversity. But praying is not the right way

  9. The map of India used in this video is wrong and it's not appreciated. The region deleted from the map, is the region where numerous soldiers laid down their life in order to protect it.

  10. Hindu's do not worship cows; they do not love, respect, honor and adore cows. Cows are not venerated, revered. Funny, Catholics say that of Mary too. "We do not worship Mary. We love, respect, honor, venerate, and adore her, but we do not worship her."

  11. Do you know why we Hindus respect cows, because 'when you are an infant then you can grow up by the milk of mothers brest feeding & cow serves us like a mother

  12. Was your patronizing comment at 5:44 “but I think the restaurants should just stick to bleach” really needed? It shows your complete ignorance on HOw the dung’s antisceptic properties are used by Indians. You really think Indians would use dung to clean their kitchens or restaurants? If you do, you just revealed your bias and prejudice and white supremacy .

  13. Oh, and most Indians – Hindus Muslims Christians Jains Sikhs consider an owl to be a very dumb bird. A crow is wise, so your lack of wisdom could be forgiven by Indians.

  14. Cows are treated as sacred as they are the favorite of Lord Krishna (who is one of the most popular form or Avatar of God). Majority of Hindus do love , respect, and adore cows and hold them with such high regard that cows are venerated as the mother and they can never think of killing or eating cows, that would be sacrilege, a heinous sin.

  15. I must say,this is quite a superficial study on hinduism. Many go by outer appearances and come to wrong conclusions. The foundation of what is known as hinduism today lies in Advaita Vedanta or the study of non dual consciousness. Well, many here are scarcely aware of that themselves. The outward appearances have many meanings but without proper in depth understanding and knowledge, one can never arrive at the truth. We believe that ours is a very individualistic journey to know the true nature of oneself and our relation with the universe. For that purpose, multiple paths have been established by ancient masters as method to purify ourselves for our upliftment.

  16. Lemme ask u please eat your pet dog or cat of your preference in your house…..I don't know people obsessions is with indian cows, let them be……it's economics and common sense 4 the land and people…

  17. I am a Hindu I know there is a 🐗 god . Hinduism has god form of every animal to even birds. Hinduism is not a religion for instance you can also worship Jesus.


  19. Hindus philosophy non violence against animals but they violence against humans
    Wtf hindus … not all hindus some good hindus not do violence

  20. India's map is wrong where is Kashmir, Sikkim and arunachal Pradesh .These are among the 29 states of India.In my state Kerala we don't worship cow even Kerala has a 56 percent Hindu population. Beef is banned all over India but not Kerala and Nagaland. But we don't eat cow meat .ln Kerala Buffalo meat is considered as beef.But north Indian peoples misunderstood it as cow .Cow is also sacred to Kerala also but never worship it like north Indians .

  21. i dont understand why cows, like a sheep can give you milk for days and also shits the same with even fur as an extra over the cow. im pretty sure that the first hindus were in hunger and thirst then they only found a cow first and been worshiping it ever since. weird people like look at the cow shes like wtf are these people doing / wow nice grass over there / i think ill sleep soon. and why are gods creatures like whats the meaning of god for them.

  22. cow dung can also have psychedelic mushrooms growing in them, I feel in the ancient times there is so much relation to psychedelic plants

  23. I don't know how you can convince someone to worship an animal… 🤷‍♂️ They are there for our benefit. Not to worship.

  24. hinduism is oldest religion in world it is only hinduism who invent 0 it is only hinduism who give distance between sun and earth in hanuman chalisa but when islam came he break all our temples islam and brtishers looted our countary about 1000 trillion dollars but now we are still alive proud to be HINDU


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