Do Christians Have to “Just Have Faith?” – Faith vs. Reason

Posted By on September 19, 2019

I used to think that having faith meant
having to choose between using your brain or just believing. When it came to
God’s existence in His nature, I thought that we had this choice to make between
intelligence and blind hope. I was actually raised in a Christian home and
in church but this idea that had been contrived in my mind to just have faith,
actually, eventually drove me to question God’s existence. I thought, “Why should I
simply believe God is real?” I mean, my Sunday School teachers and my parents
told me I just had to have faith, but I was never given any solid basis for
belief. So, during my college years I stopped living the way I thought God
wanted me to live, and I found myself in a miserably depressed and hopeless state.
And because of this I assumed that one of two things was happening: 1) I was
miserable because I was running from God and my choices were actually affecting
me spiritually, or 2) that I was just miserable because I was so scared of
letting my parents and myself down because of the standards I was raised
with. But because of my hopeless state, I took a particular verse in the Bible and
I sought to find out whether or not God was actually real. It was Jeremiah 29:13.
It says, “You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your
heart.” And so this is where the brain that God gave me came into play. You see,
I looked at this verse and I thought if God is actually real and if the Bible is
actually the Word of God, then, when I do what this verse is telling me to do,
something is going to happen. And I knew that if I actually sought God with all
my heart and found him then I would know He was real, but if I truly seek God with
all my heart and I don’t find Him then I’ll be certain that He’s not there.
And the truth is I actually, really wanted to know what the answer was, no
matter what it meant for my life, and so I started seeking God every day and
I didn’t honestly even know what seeking God meant but I put my whole heart into
it and I did the best I could. I started reading the Bible and I
started praying and I started asking God to do something, anything, I didn’t know
what. And another thing I started doing was I started waiting silently for Him,
and I did these things every single day and the whole time I did this I felt
like I could feel my faith growing but I wasn’t really sure. I mean, after all what
real evidence that I have except for my feelings, right?
Eventually though everything changed and the moment that set my life on a
completely different course suddenly happened; because one night I was laying
on the common room floor of my dorm suite, not caring what the other people
going in and out thought of my actions, when suddenly I heard a gentle voice in
my spirit. The Bible tells us that God is three in one: God the Father, Jesus the
Son, and the Holy Spirit. As I lay there that night I heard the unmistakable
voice of the Holy Spirit and He said some remarkable things. For years I
thought that if God were real and if He actually could talk to me that He would
list off all the terrible things I had done in my life, and that He would give
me a list of good things I had to do in order to make up for all the bad. I
thought that He would tell me that He was disappointed in me but when I heard
His voice for the first time He told me two main things that I’ll never forget.
1) That He loved me; and that was something – even though I had heard it, I
never truly believed it before. And 2) That Jesus died on a cross, and that He
paid the penalty for my sin. I had grown up in church hearing all
about Christian stuff but it took me finally having a real experience with
God to “just have faith” and to believe that the gospel is actually true. And the
gospel is really simple by the way, because God loved the world so much He
sent in Jesus as a man to live a perfect life and then to be murdered on a cross
and to take the punishment for our sins upon Himself, and then, on the third day,
He rose again and now, because of His sacrifice, we get to receive the
forgiveness and grace of God by turning away from our sin, and by believing in
Jesus as our Lord and Savior; and this doesn’t mean that we’re always perfect
in our actions, just that we are continually relying on the sacrifice of
Jesus and that we’re allowing God to change our hearts, and to make us look
more like Christ. Accepting this truth is the greatest decision I’ve ever made. It
changed my life, better than that, it changed me, it changed my heart. And God
has given me grace to live a different life now, and it’s actually a whole lot
more satisfying and peaceful than the life I used to live. And here’s the thing,
I can’t say any of these things judgmentally, because if I did, I would be
judging myself. Because the truth is I’m not a better person than anyone else but
I’ve experienced the very real grace of God and my prayer is that you will
experience it, too. The Bible says that “…without faith it’s impossible to please
God,” that means that to get to Him, faith is required. But it’s not faith that’s
just based on a whim. God doesn’t give us all the evidence, but he does give us
some. He gives us enough. He lets us see the world that He created,
He gives us knowledge of Himself in our hearts, and He also gives us the
testimony of others. And then He leaves us with a choice.
God gave us a promise that if we would seek Him with our whole hearts we would
find Him, and then the choice we are left with is simply this: are we gonna use the
small amount of faith it takes, to see if He was telling the truth
or not.

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  2. This is a super great idea Troy! I love your videos and style. In college I actually found God more than I ever had. He changed everything. I am actually starting a channel about God and what he is doing. Thanks at ton for what you do!

  3. god is awesome also you god bless you 😍😘😍 😍😘😍 😍😘😍 😍😘😍 😍😘😍 😍😘😍 😍😘😍 😍😘😍 😍😘😍

  4. You made me cry, i cried because i believe you. I believe all the things youve said. I myself experienced it as well and now im a better version of myself.

    I have never felt this peaceful, content and grateful in my life because of Lord Jesus Christ. I am still continuing to have a better and solid relationship with Lord Jesus. I know there's a whole lot more that i need to know bout my King and my Savior. I am beyond thrilled and excited.

    Thank you Troy for helping me as well most specially when I was at the darkest days of my life, when i had a health anxiety, i was watching your viedos and thank you for helping me.

    Lord Jesus Christ used you and he'll continue to use you to help others as well. And now its my time to help others as well. Im still learning to be the church for others.

    Thank you Troy. I love you and your family. God bless you more πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you Brother Troy. 3.42 wz glad to see you smile… Sharing, expressing the Joy in yr heart. All GLORY BE TO OUR HOLY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH.

  6. Please help me brothers and sisters. I know all this that Troy said is true. I know the gospel and I know Jesus. I have felt His joy and His peace and his prescence. I know he is the only one that can help me.

    But I am like the rich man that came to Jesus to ask him what he needed to do to be saved. And so Jesus told him, but instead of doing it he left. I know the things I must give up, I know what must do but I don't do it.

    That makes me so much worse then the rest. I know I am saved, but I know the Lord wants me to live an abundant Life. Instead I walk around depressed, frustrated and miserable. I want so much more of God but I don't even like to sit and read His word anymore. It's stale to me. I know I have to be the one to chose to give up the world, but I keep chosing my flesh over my God. I don't know what to do anymore. Please pray for me.

  7. Troy my buddy, look, you are an innocent young guy with a humble and kind heart. My heart aches every time when I see you lingering in this absurdity. Guilt and doubt are eating you away. You are acting like a loser. You need to embrace the fact that you don't believe in the nonsense which is the Bible. Run away from Christians and Christianity as fast as you can if you truly want to love humanity. This way you're only destroying yourself and the people around you. I freed myself from the lies of the Bible, and I know that you can do it too. The world needs you, and I need you. You can be a winner!

  8. It seems to be like my story. I used to think the same way but now things are changing for me. Troy, you work as God's messenger for me. Every time I have any doubt, you come up to answer it with one of your videos. I feel Good talks to in form of these videos. Just 2-3 years back I almost lost all my faith in God but he helped to get out of that miserable condition. God bless you Troy

  9. I don't need faith , I know. Being humbled and brought to my knees along with demonic attacks brought me to the Truth. I hated the Bible. Almost 3 years now. All praise to Jesus/Yahushua.

  10. Thanks Jesus for all !! Troy, the Lord is using for blessing His people. Rejoice in the Lord, because He is taking you for spread His name in all nations. Lord bless you with every single word that comes from your mouth! Your videos make me feel encouraged to keep going!!

  11. Very nice video. Brother but it's very hard for me to even follow Christianity and I am so weak spiritually that whenever I read the Bible other spirits attack me even I cannot go to church because my own parent said get out of the house if u want to be a Christian. What should I do??😒😒😒😒😒

  12. I believe that Jesus talked to me through u… Cz these are the same questions I used to have all the time… Btw God bless u

  13. Oh my goodness! This is literally me! Growing up with unrealistic, intimidating standards put on me, questions with no answers, scared to not be the best I could be, etc. It's defeating and discouraging because we need to be following God and not chasing him. We are too enthralled with the chase that we never really follow him. You know you are chasing God if you are feeling defeated. You know you are following him if you are having peace no matter the situation knowing God is in control. The gospel is simple, the walk is not easy but worth it, and the Christian life is worth living…not because of rules but because of the freedom! Freedom in Christ not to live in sin, but to live in the light of truth as my desires become fulfilled as I strive to become more like Christ!

  14. I am afraid in my bible Hebrews 11:16 denoting some other verse 'But now they desire a better country that is an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

  15. Can somebody explain to me what is the meaning or how to do it Jeremiah 28:13 "you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart"

  16. This is so good and inspiring!! Ok but just curious what denomination are you? I am non denominational and it doesn't matter so much what denomination you are, but that you believe in the core beliefs of Christianity. I was just curious.

  17. You and I have similar stories, including the type of home we were raised in and the straying away from God when we left the home (you with college, me with living in an apartment by myself)

    I never would have believed that God would be so loving and wonderful to me, and never knew that God speaks to us personally and helps us in our struggles. It's such a beautiful thing!

  18. Thank you Troy for remember me God love me and what he has sacrificed for save me (his son Jesus Christ). Awesome message God bess you

  19. these words just spoke up to my situation…. the problem u said… i believe that he loves me and he is the one behind my life…but i fail to experience his love.. i wish god would speak with me too…speak with my situations…

  20. So the guy spent a long time continuingly asking for a sign from God and he eventually ended up in a mental state where he was just laying on the ground in public and he heard a voice say rather generic Christian phrases? That could very likely just have been a hallucination. It could even have been him hearing someone talking about Jesus somewhere else in the building.

  21. Thank you brother for sharing your experience.i was also loosing faith in Lord the Mighty Zeus. I was also in that miserable place you were ,godless. I was so in doubt of his existence and finally he called up to me and reminded me that he loves me and i was his marvelous creation.
    Today i live a better life and prays to lord Zeus everyday.We should hold on to our faith and do not let Haides persuade us away from this path. We should not let those godless atheist take away our faith. Have faith brother not actual evidence because what proof can evidence give us over faith ?.
    Zeus bless you.

  22. What you were talking about on this video is exactly what I am going through. Trying so hard to seek. Seek and seek and seek, and then, there seems to be something, but then it goes back to nothing. Everything seems so ambiguous. His words is all out there, but what’s the β€œhow”? Gosh, it’s just so frustrating, and my bondages seems to be just there. Telling myself to have faith every day seems like trying to brainwash myself. Like a broken battery never seems to be fully charged. I wish I could get the same voice whisper to me soon, so I can feel the love.

  23. What's the 3rd thing? In the start of the video, you mention 3 things but only tell us 2 things. What is the third if you don't mind me asking. Also, what was the approximate time that you spent seeking God?

  24. I questioned God today because I don't understand why if God wants you to come to Him then why is the journey so hard, why is it that I feel empty, no joy, don't hear from God, depressed , nothing has changed, I haven't changed, confused, little hope for my future, lost. I asked Him where are all the promises He stated in the bible, why would someone not think that if you are seeking and you do not find God that He is not interested in you. Today I was fed up. I have begged at times and still I hear naught.

  25. Hey Troy, I recently finished my christian/fiction novel "A Change in the Winds"! Just wanted to say thanks cuz your videos helped me keep pushing through! The real secret to finishing or doing anything is just striving to have a deeper relationship with Jesus every day! God bless πŸ™‚

  26. PERFECTLY said my brother… I second that.. I dare anyone to truly seek His face and relationship to see if He's real!?? πŸ˜³πŸ˜€.. Hold on cause your going to meet YOUR CREATOR, THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING!

  27. You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart … Jeremiah 29 : 13 β™₯️ love this verse… all your messages will surely help me to know God , begin and grow a relationship with God… Thank you .. Praise Lord… please tell me how to recognize his voice undoubtedly unmistakably

  28. Thank you for your testimony Troy. I can testify to the power of earnestly seeking Go. My life changed after doing so in 2016. I grew up in a secular household and was an agnostic at the time of my encounter with God. I really wanted to know the truth and for weeks I studied Christianity but I couldn't come to faith as I was relying too much on my rational mind. Then God gave me a dream that would change my whole life! In this dream I’m walking in the desert. Around me are only sand dunes, no vegetation and no water. Beside me, to my left, is a male presence who walks quietly. I never turn to see his face, but I know it’s a man and all though we’ve never met before I feel very comfortable and at ease in his presence. As I’m walking on my path I’m talking out loud, reminding myself that I need to ask my mother for her opinion in one matter, my brother for guidance in another and my friend's view on a third matter. Just as I’m about to remind myself of something else, this presence, who had been listening silently and patiently up until now, finally loses his patience. All of a sudden, he turns into an enormous figure of authority. He stops me in the midst of my sentence and says in a loud and determined voice "Don't ask your mother. Don't ask your brother. Don't ask your friend." I feel so inferior and childlike. But then he ads "Ask God. Ask God. Ask God." As he repeats "Ask God”, three times, my eyes are drawn to the horizon where there is an immense bright light. The light grows bigger and draws closer. The initial feeling of submissiveness is taken over by the light, and I go from a state of subordinate fear to being overwhelmed with a transformative flood of divine love, joy and peace. This flood of feelings is tangible and physical. I’m dwelling in the purest form of love and in a second the light takes over everything and I wake up. As I wake up I’m absolutely overflowing with love, joy and peace.
    I immediately knew that the dream was from God, it was an experience unlike any I had ever had in my life, so real, more real than life itself. Reason was no longer an obstacle to faith, God had given me the gift of faith through this dream. Because I still didn't know much about the Bible I had to turn to google to research different elements of the dream: why was I in a desert? What does it mean to 'ask God' for something? What, is God some sort of light? And those feelings of love, joy and peace, are those biblical? Why was everything repeated three times? It didn't take me long before the meaning of the dream and the symbolism started to unwrap itself. It was all amazingly biblical! Praise our God!


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