Disbelief Comes After Belief – Hamza Yusuf

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We have placed in their neck this collars. And they are big collars so they can’t bend
their neck. They are up to the chin. And they have their hands tied up. Because… So this is what is called in balagha, istiara
tamsilia. It’s an example that is using very expressing
language, figurative speech to create an understanding in the mind. Like a metaphor that, you know, when you say,
Zayidun Assadun, Zayd is a lion. You don’t mean that Zayd is an animal but
has a main and teeth and roars. You mean that he is courageous. So it’s a way of driving that point home and
creating, tamseel, an image in the mind of a person that enables them to really see the
reality of these people state. So that is the majority of scholars say this
because it is talking about these people specifically who we are being called to Islam and whats
worst about them is that they weren’t even interested in examining the proposition and that’s what accidia is.

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  1. JazakAllahu Khairan I have read into how If any of us possess traits of Hypocrisy can become a disbeliever in the Sight of Allah. It is unfortunate that most Muslims do not care to read about Sifat-ul-Munafiqun even though Al-Aleem has commanded us to Obey Muhammad(SAWS) if you actually Love Me😢💔

  2. It is sad. A lot of muslims have already killed themselves spiritually due to their ignorance towards the Quran and Sunnah

  3. Complete perception of the seriousness of Allah's Message can only be blessed to us by Allah and no one can help us acquire it unless we strive to understand Allah out of Gratitude, Humility, and Love for Him

  4. I think he confuses sportsmanship with the elation of winning, a moment of unbridled joy, relief, release when months of stress and pressure reach a climax and a goal has been achieved. This expression mirrors that of the supporters. It is not arrogance. For Hamza Yusuf, everything has to be achieved with humility, yet he condescends when talking about non-believers, claiming they are arrogant because they don’t believe or are beyond belief. It seems he feels superior as a Muslim. Is it passive aggression?

  5. Hamza Yusuf is a sufi. No matter how eloquently he comes across you will be misguided away from true Islam. Save yourselves. Allah Hu Allam

  6. The real problem is our lack of understanding Arabic. Too busy working for the man and paying Bill's to understand the langauage of which will draw you closer to the high ranks of Jannah. No learning Arabic no deep understanding.

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  8. Assalamu Alaikum
    I make islamic videos and I use mostly Nouman Ali Khan and Yasir Qadhi's lectures. I would really appreciate if someone watches them.

  9. Beautiful as ever, the best part is when he asks the Muslim Ummah where is your research, what have you done for humanity, so true my brother so true, the only thing they are hanging on to is KIBR (Pride) so sad their so few learned man like you and much fewer who listen to you, Allah Bariq and may Allah guide us on the right path, Ameen In-Sha-Allah

  10. May Allah Guide Us all and remove any kind of ego in us that blinds us and makes us think with this kind of arrogance , may Allah Guide Us in order to purify ourselves from these diseases common today before it's too late.

  11. Its kind of ironic,This channel is called the humble believer, yet he steals hamza yusufs content and enables ads and gets money from doing nothing. Allah says in the quran that you are entitled to what you work for. But whatever there is no point these days the muslims all commit shirk when they put money above their religion.

  12. Islam saved my life. Had it not been for Allah blessing me with an open heart to accept Islam into my heart, I probably would be dead.


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