Dentist Surita accepted Islam rejecting idol worship ~Ask Dr Zakir Naik [Urdu/Hindi]

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My Name Is Dr Sutaria, From Katihar I Want To Ask Dr Zakir Naik I Have Been Watching Peace Tv For 10 Years I Am Delighted That I Can
Ask Question In Person The First Question Is That God Created Everyone, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh,
Christian, Created Everyone Why Do People From Other Religions
Give Bad Looks To The Muslim Most? What Is The Reason? Second Question Is That God Is One, Anyone From
Any Religion (Hindu, Muslim,Etc) Knows That But Why Is It Not
Understood For Everyone That God Is One. Why Does One Spend One’S
Life Through Confusion? Sister Asked Two Questions Before Asking Question She Said That She
Had Been Watching Peace Tv Since 2006 And Also Following Me In Tv Before That. Her First Question Was “Why Do People
From Other Religions Give Bad Looks To Muslims”? Second Question, As People
From All Religions Know God Is One Why Do Not
They Believe In One God? Two Questions Of Her. Sister, Your First Question Why Do
People Give Bad Looks To Muslims? The Main Reason Is
Media What I Told Before. Today Media Is The Most
Powerful Weapon What I Said. Today’S Media Can Make Hero
Villain And Vice Versa. Night Can Be Day And Day Can Be Night,
It Is A Game Of Media, Very Easy For Media. Like I Said What Happened In The Uk. From This Way Today, America Used To
Have Concern Of Russia, Russia Is Gone…. Now Have Problem With Islam… When Islam Spreads Peace And Unity
Doing Any Bad Is Not Possible. If Peace Spreads Everywhere, But Some People Do Not
Want Peace Because Peace & Unity Stops Their Bad Things. As Some People’S Business Only Goes
On In Absence Of Peace & Unity, They Get Benefited. They Get Benefited Through Chaos So Everyone Doesn’T Want Peace & Unity They Talks For Peace & Unity “War For Peace”
But Actually They Are Doing War On Peace. ” We Are Fighting For Peace” But Not For That
Peace Rather Destroying The Peace & Harmony Not War For Peace, War On Peace. So It Is Media, Sister. Media Is So Powerful, For That Reason I Tell
Muslim Lag Behind Media. We Should Spread True Message Through Media. Sister, You Have Been Watching Peace Tv Six
Years, Before That You Saw Him In … Channel I Want To Ask You What You Do Think
About Islam After Watching Peace Tv? From My Childhood I Follow God Is One
And I Never Ever Like Idol Worship. God Created Us. We Ask For Help From The Thing Making
By Ourselves How Can Power Come In That Thing First? Second Question, When God
Controls The Universe How Can One Idol Control Human Being? Third, Wherever You Are If You Have Belief And Remember God, God Will Hear
Definitely Your Prayer That Is The Belief From My Childhood. More Questions Came To My Mind With My Age
And I Am Looking For The Solutions On My Own The Confusions Which I Had Are Being
Gone After Watching Your Peace Tv. My Effort Is To Find Solution To Remove The
Rest Of The Confusions In The Future. How Do You Feel Regarding Islam? I Like Islam Very Much. Have Your Misconceptions
That Media Is Feeding On Islam Gone? Yes, I Always Believe That
Islam Religion Is Very Good. There Is Nothing Like Idol Worship In Islam, Only God Who
Controls The Universe, Without Him A Leave Can’T Fall…. So Why Won’T He Be Worshipped ?…. You Are Translating The Verse
Of The Quran, Mashaallah. Not Even A Leaf Falls Without His (Allah) Knowledge. Sister Your Second Question, When Non-Muslims Know
That God Is One But Why Don’T They Believe It? Yes, This Was My Question, Why Don’T They
Believe But It Is The Same Power….. Christian Says God Is One, Hindu Says Eshwar Is One ,
Muslim Says Allah Is One, Gurudwara Says Waheguru Is One As All Say But Why Don’T Follow God Is One? Your Question Is Very Good. Why Is
It Not Accepted If It Is Known? The Traders Of The Religions Are The Main Liable. Religion Traders Do Not Want People To Follow It For Them Knowing Is Ok But Their Trading Shop
Will Be Closed If Everyone Starts Following. But Closing Shop Here…… In Every Religion There Are Some People Who Don’T Want The People Should
Come To Close Their Religions By Studying Their Religious Scriptures. Otherwise Their Shops Of Selling Religion Will Be Closed.
Every Religion Has Such Type Of People. So My Best Effort Is To Bring People
Drawing Close To Their Religious Books At First. So I Tell Muslims And Non-Muslim, Study Your Own Religious
Scriptures And Act Upon On These. Those Are Common Follow These First. For This Those Religion Traders…. But The Common People Of Different Religions
(Hindu, Muslim, Christian) Are With Me. But Religion Traders Don’T Want This Being
Afraid Of Closing Down Their Trades. The Main Problem Is With The Religion Traders. For This Reason, Every Followers Of Other Religions Study Their Own Scriptures
With The Correct Meaning And Act Upon These Then All People Come To One God. And Everyone Follow One God And
None But He Would Be Worshipped. Nevertheless, Why Do All Pass Islam
After Knowing It Is The Best Religion. Sir, The Road Is Straight Forward, There Is No Confusion….. Sister, You Watched Peace Tv. After Watching Peace
Tv, You Are Certain What The True Islam Is. The Rest Of The Channels Do Not Show Real Islam, Showing Muslims Are
Terrorists, Blah Blah, Muslims Oppress People, Don’T Give Woman Right So All Don’T Watch Peace Tv, Na? In Sha Allah One Day Will Come, All
Common People Of The World Will Watch Peace Tv, In Sha Allah In Sha Allah Our Aim Is To Telecast Peace Tv In
The First 10 Languages Of The World At Least. In Sha Allah In Sha Allah, We Pray To Allah Because
Of The Hadith Of The Prophet Mohammad (Saw) One Day Islam Will Reach Every Household. So Our Prayer To Allah To Make Us That Means
So We Can Take True Islam To Every House, In Sha Allah Sister, I Want To Ask You, Do You Believe In One God? From My Childhood I Believe In One God. Do You Believe That Prophet Mohammad (Saw) Is The
Last Messenger? From My Childhood I Know It. So I Want To Ask You Dr Shurita If You Believe In God Is One, Idol
Worshipping Is Wrong, The Prophet Muhammad (Saw) Is The Last Messenger That’S Mean You Became Muslim. Yes, I Was Going To Ask You A Question Yes, The Religion You Follow In Heart Is It
Necessary To Display That One Publicly? Not Necessary.. If You Believe From The Heart And God Knows Who You
Are And God Knows Everything You Are Following Is It Necessary Muslim Has
To Say That I Am Muslim? Sister’S Question Is Very Good, Following By
Heart Is Not Enough, Is It Necessary To Express? If You Think If I Express It In Publicly I Will
Face A Life-Threaten Risk In Such An Village, Area, Country,, All Are Non-Muslim, War Field
And It Would Be Known That I Am Muslim From The Verse Of The Quran Says I Can Do Shirk ( Associating Partner With God) If
Your Life Falls In Danger For Becoming Muslim But Faith Should Be In The Heart. Means If Someone Asks You If You Are An Idol Worshipper
And Know Your Life Is In Danger You Can Say Yes. But Faith Should Be In Your Heart. So Allah Gives Permission If Your Life Is In Danger, Someone Points A Gun
To Your Head, And Say Who Are You, If You Say You Are An Idol Worshipper, But There Is A Faith In Your Heart That
God Is One , Then You Won’T Be A Sinner. If You Are Afraid Of Life Threaten Risk After Expressing
Your Faith Publicly , Don’T Express It Publicly. But Expressing It Publicly It Is Easy To Follow.
The Person Who Expresses It He/ She Will Follow It As Well. But The Person Didn’T Express It Publicly But Claims To Be Muslim
And There Is A Fear Of Life-Threaten Risk Then No Problem The Relationship Between His Heart And
God Need Not To Be Exposed In Public. But There Is No Life-Threaten Risk And Because Of Small Troubles I Don’T Express
Publicly, Then What Will Happened? He/ She Will Face Difficulty In Acting Upon .. Though There Are Small Troubles One Should Express It
Publicly. Because It Will Make Him / Her Easy To Act Upon Faith Like Become Easy To Say Salah, Keep Fasting, But If It Is No Accepted Publicly,
More Difficulties Will Appear. If There Had Been So Much Trouble Like Life-Threaten
Risk, You Would Not Come To Microphone. I Am In The Field, Sister. You Wouldn’T Say I Am Against Idol Worshipping, Believe
In One God If There Had Been Life-Threaten Risk. When You Spoke So Much, So I Am Certain
You Have No Life-Threaten Risk. I Am In The Field. You Are A Dr So Do I. I Am A Medical Doctor But I Don’T About Your Field. Are You Phd Dr Or Medical Dr,
Which Is Your Field, Sister? Dentist Dentist Mashaallah, Close Profession, I Am Medical Doctor, Mbbs, You Are
A Dentist. How You Know The Problem Of Tooth Ache, Right? Likewise, I Also Know Eventually. I Am A Not Only Medical Doctor But
Also A Soul Doctor. Mashaallah. I Know You Have No Problem
Of Life-Threaten Risk. So No Life-Threaten Risk For You, My Advice To You
That It Will Be Easy To Act Upon Faith If You Accept It Publicly. I Know It, So You Know It? So Is Your Life In Danger? I Can’T Clear It To You. My Last Question Is To You That….
[Ok, From My View You Are Muslim] In Sha Allah, May Allah Give You
More Guidance To Know And Act Upon, Sister. I Want To Ask You My Last Question.
Yes Sister Dr Surita, Ask Me. God Sent Everyone In The Earth. Why Did He
Divide Human Being Into Different Religions In The Earth? I Was Asked This Question. As God Is One Why Does He Divide Human
Being Into Different Religions? God Sent Only One Deen
(Religion) For Human Being. Surah Ale ‘Imran Ch.3 V.19 In The Quran Says Indeed, The Religion In The Sight Of Allah Is Islam Which Means Peace; Acquire Peace By
Acting Upon The Message Of Allah. The Person Who Acts Upon The Message Of God And
Acquires Peace He/ She Is Called Muslim In Arabic. But What Happened? Because God Sent Many Messengers The Messengers Who Came Earlier They
Were For A Certain People And Time. Why? Allah Knows Everything. He Knows, 1400 Years Ago Human Being
Could Understand His Whole Message. For This Reason 1400 Years
Ago The Quran Has Been Sent. The Scriptures Which Were Sent Before By The
Span Of Time These Got Changed And Distorted By People. And Allah Thought To Keep These Preserved Was Not Right.
Because It Was Not Necessary. Because The Final Message, Quran 1400 Years Ago Was
Sent, Allah Wrote In Quran (Surah Al Hijr Ch.P15 V.9) “Surely, We Have Revealed The Quran,
And Surely, We Will Preserve It” Because It Is The Final Revelation, After
This No More Revelation Will Come. For The Reason It Was Sent For The Whole
Human Kind Not Only For Muslim, Arab.. It Is Not Confined To A Certain Time But For Indefinitely. Because No
More Revelation Will Come And None Can Change This Revelation. For This Reason In Spite Of Being Changed
Or Distorted Previous Scriptures The Main Thing In Those Scriptures
That The Core Thing Of Oneness Of God That God Is One. There Is No God Except Him. Don’T Do Idol Worship Exist
In All Religious Scriptures. This Is Different Matter, Religion
Traders Don’T Expose It Publicly. That’Why People Have A Misconception That
Zakir Only Speaks About His Religion, I Am Speaking About Their Religions. When People Start Studying They Come
To Know He Is Speaking The Truth. But One Thing God Did Alhamdulillah
That The Main Message Of Oneness Of God Is Preserved Along With The Final Messenger
Prophet Muhammad (Saw) Would Come Hope The Answer Of The Question.

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