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Posted By on December 3, 2019

Dearly beloved, Lovely greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We have entered the first day of a new month. It is the first day of the
last month, December, this year. God has wonderfully protected,
blessed and carried us. He strengthens us by giving
promises when we are weak. We should thank God more. If a month of December arrives,
we are in celebration mode of Christmas. To remember the day of Christ birth, A celebration started in our family
and all over the world. Decoration for Christmas will be
started everywhere on the first day of December. What does it reveal? It reveals that God came to this world as a human. An important thing in it is, It has a special blessing for you. While reading 1st John chapter 4 verse 9, “In this the love of God
was made manifest among us,” “That God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.” Love was revealed. When Jesus was born in this world, The love of God towards us was revealed. The love towards you was revealed. What is the problem for many? I have none to love me. I have no one who understands me. I have none who knows me completely. My wife is not understanding me. My husband could not understand me. My children are not understanding my feeling. My parents are not considering my desire. So, no one is there to love and care for me truly. This is the problem of many. You may also be in this situation today. The Lord says,
‘The love towards you was revealed.’ The Lord has revealed His love for you by sending Jesus Christ to this world. How did He reveal means? In the Bible, while reading
Matthew chapter 1 verse 23, A wonderful word is said
about the birth of Jesus. “Behold, the virgin shall
be with child, and bear a Son,” “And they shall call His name Immanuel,”
which is translated, “God with us.” A name given for Jesus is Immanuel. It means “God with us.” “God with us.” When this love revealed, Jesus put His hands-on shoulders and says, ‘My son, I love you.’ ‘I am with you.’ ‘My daughter, I love you.’ ‘I am with you.’ ‘I came to this world as a human
because of the love on you.’ ‘I will be with you as Immanuel.’ What a great promise it is, right! It is a great privilege to be with God
who created the Heavens and the earth. I feel the presence of God while
worshipping and praying in church. It is comforting to me. Are you saying so? Or while going to the meeting and listening to sermons, God is speaking to me at that
time and it is comforting me. Are you feeling so? It is not like that. Jesus came to this world to
be with us not only for certain days. Or not while going to the meeting. He will be with us for 24 hours a day. ‘I will be with you as Immanuel.’ ‘I am God who will be with you.’ The Lord came to this world
as a human to reveal this. Today, do you know what is the great misery? Lonely feeling! ‘I have no one.’ ‘To understand me, to know me, to love me.’ Many have this feeling. They are surrounded by people. Husband, wife, parents, children,
and relatives will be in the family. Friends will be in the workplace. But, they have a feeling that ‘I am all alone.’ I have no one to understand my feeling truly. Many are suffering so. Are you in this trouble? It occurs in everyone’s life. Before few years, A famous TV channel interviewed
a famous North Indian actor. I watched that interview. They asked him so many questions. He told his experience and achievements. After finishing everything, an interviewer asked him the final question. You have name and fame, family and wealth. You have everything. Do you any lack in your life?
asked the interviewer. He thought for a minute and said ‘I have a lack.’ An interviewer asked him ‘what is it?’ He replied that ‘I feel all alone.’ ‘I feel all alone.’ He said it before everyone. The whole world have watched this interview. He said ‘I feel all alone.’ ‘I feel all alone.’ I felt lonely always. I was suffering in this lonely. An interviewer was astonished
that what you are saying so? You have great fame and a lot of fans. And you have a wife and children. You are with them. Do you have any problem
with your wife and children? He replied ‘no’. And said my wife and children were fond of me. My wife and children also knew
that this loneliness was suffering me. He revealed it before everyone. He was not an ordinary person. When I went to Holy land Tour to Jordan and Egypt, When we identify as Indians, people who live there tell this personality name. He was such a famous personality. So he has fame and a name and money. Also, he has a wife and children. He has everything. But he told that he felt lonely. And felt that he has no one. This was my problem. How many of you have the same problem? The lonely feeling while having everything. Only the Lord can make it alright. You understand it clearly. If I marry and get company,
I will get rid of this loneliness. If I have a wife, husband, and children,
I will get rid of this loneliness. Do you think so?
– It will not change. Though you have everything, Jesus is the only one who can give happiness
and assure you that you are not alone for He is with you. The presence of God will remove your loneliness. For that, Jesus says, ‘I am Immanuel.’ ‘I came to be with you ever.’ ‘I will be with you.’ He says, “I will not leave you or forsake you.” Can your wife tell this to you? Can your husband tell this to you? Who can tell that ‘I will be with
you wherever you go’ in this world? While going to work, you would go
alone by leaving your wife and children. While going to school, you would
go alone by leaving your parents. While going to college, you would
go alone by leaving your family. But, Jesus is the only one who will
be with you for 24 hours a day. He has promised that
“I will not leave you.” ‘I will be with you wherever you go.’ For that, He came to this world. And said by putting His hands-on shoulders, ‘My son, My daughter,’ ‘I am with you.’ ‘I am Immanuel.’ ‘I came to this world as
a human to be with you ever.’ ‘Due to my love for you.’ His love was revealed. See how Jesus loves you? He is the Lord who will be with you. His presence will make you happy. My dearly beloved, The presence of God! The thought that ‘Jesus is with us.’ If you accept Jesus in your life, You can feel that He comes into your heart. You can feel it that a person is with you always. You can feel that a person is
always with you from morning to night. While going to bed in the night, Thank Him for He is with you the whole day. Thank Him for He is with you the whole day. You would praise Him automatically. While waking up in the morning, ‘Thank you for being with me.’ ‘Thank you for blessing this day.’ You will praise Him automatically. If you are intimate with Him that much,
you will be happy always. So the Lord says, as I love you,
I came to this world as a human. I desire to be with you always as Immanuel. But you should accept me. You should give space in your heart. Guard yourself so that His presence be with you. While meditating the Bible and praying daily, His presence will encounter you. If you do not eat daily, You will feel weak in your body, right? You will be strong when you eat at the time. Likewise, if you do not read the Bible and pray, You will become weak in your spiritual life. You will feel that the presence of God left you. When you read the Bible,
pray and praise the Lord, His presence will manifest in you. You will feel that He is with you forever. He is with you. He put His hands on your shoulders and says that, ‘My son, My daughter,’ ‘I am with you.’ ‘I will be with you as
I am with you until this month.’ With joy and happiness, Will you say to the Lord? You are my Immanuel. You are with me. You praise Him so. Your fear, tiredness,
and disappointment will change. He will take care of everything. Why do you have to fear when He is with you? Do not be afraid of your situation. Do not dismay about anything. He will take care of everything. Do not be afraid. Now, tell to the Lord, Thank you for loving me. You have to be with me as Immanuel. Shall we submit ourselves and pray so? You have not read the Bible
and pray for some days. So, you have lost the presence of God. You have been frustrated. And thinking why it is happening to me? Surrender yourself again. And give time for Him daily. Speak with Him. He will keep HIs hands on you and tell, ‘Do not be afraid, son.’ ‘Do not be afraid, daughter.’ ‘I am with you.’ Shall we pray? Father, Thank you for exposing your love by revealing yourself to this world for us. To be with us and lead us, Thank you for your love to be with us as Immanuel. Thank you for being with me. Let this lonely feeling discard in the name of Jesus. Let the thought of ‘none is there for me’
should change in the name of Jesus. Jesus as Immanuel, is with me always. I am praying, let this joy and
happiness bloom in everyone’s heart. Strengthen those who are weak. Make powerful who are frustrated. Renew the relation with you that they have lost. Help your children to be with you and to read the Bible and meditate and pray. You are with them, Father. You are with them as Immanuel. Let this joy and happiness bloom in everyone. Thank you, God, for your
love for blessing them. Thank you! Thank you! God who led us from January till now in this year, Thank you for your love being
Immanuel to lead us in this month. You will take care of everything. And make it happen. You will do miracles. And change every obstacle. You will bless us. We believe it! We thank, the King Jesus,
Immanuel who is with me and us. We praise and thank you! We pray in the name of Jesus, Father, Amen, Amen! Beloved, Do not give space for lonely feeling anymore. When you feel like that, you tell, ‘No, Jesus is with me.’ ‘Immanuel is with me.’ ‘He loves me more.’ ‘I am not alone.’ You confess it. You tell, ‘I am not alone.’ ‘Jesus, the Immanuel, is with me.’ Confess it boldly. When you confess it the satan who brings a lonely feeling will cast away. Great joy will occur in your life. Be with Jesus Speak with Him daily. Listen to Him what He is telling daily. The Lord will be with you and wonderfully lead you. He will lead you coming days as he led you before. You are thinking to finish some
matters within this month, right? He will finish everything for you. Do not be afraid. Everything will end up as a blessing and good. You will see the miracle. When you enter the new year, you will enter with great joy. Do not lose the relationship of Jesus. God bless you

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