DAWSON CHURCH: Mind to Matter – Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Your Material Reality!

hi everyone welcome back i'm michael sandler your host on inspire nation if you've ever wanted to know the science of turning your thoughts into things then do we have the mind to matter show for you today i'll be talking with johnson church owner of the world's most boisterous laugh award-winning author of the genie in your genes eft tapping expert energy healing expert or researcher the editor of energy psychology and the author of one of the most brilliant important and must read books you can't pry this out of my dead dying fingers evening on air dawson on the science of mind and matter mind to matter and that's just what i want to talk with him about today about the astonishing science how your brain creates material reality that plus we'll talk about howard elementary school molokai a night life musicals and the book of mormon 1983 for Ducato lines geiger counters and fire alarms French words and stickers mystery money in the beach June 12 1982 and what in the world on 1974 Jensen Healey has to do anything so welcome back to the show Dawson are you ready to shine I certainly am Michael shine with you and shine with everyone in this amazing community whoo so we've been having a lengthy conversation beforehand I don't know if we're gonna go sweat lodge I don't know where we're gonna go with this maybe where we first start way back in the beginning how the idea for this book coming to inception you know it's really interesting how this book began because I wasn't a believer in that whole idea I knew that our thoughts create certain things like obviously if you are stressed your body is going to create more molecules like adrenaline and cortisol so that really was an easy proposition it's really obvious that you can generate those molecules by thought in my mind but when I'm yet looking into the research on how we create things outside of our bodies how we affect molecules outside of our bodies I was absolutely blown away by the science showing we can and do do that and so um I used to think Michael that I had been privileged to have one big idea in my life that big idea was about 15 years ago I got that emotions drive gene expression and this was a time when the idea was you know just not really out there and I began to look at all the science between having a feeling and having a gene turn on and off and so the first edition of gene in your genes I said I believe this happens and here's why so I had this really powerful idea but I thought wow you know I'm so privileged universe to have this one big idea in my life I'm so thankful to have written one really important book in my life Thank You universe I I thought there's no way I'd ever get another big idea like that lightning one strike in the same place twice and then whatever Yentl look at the science because initially I mean people's talk about those two things as a metaphysical idea I'd heard that but I thought there's not much science behind that when I began to look at study after study each link in the chain between thought and thing I was like absolutely blown away and I realized I had to write this really ambitious book and just lay it all out explain it people because as you look at the studies one after the other there is a causal chain from what you think what you feel what you experience your core believes to the things that happen all around you so yeah I just I was just I was amazed at the science behind how this works and it does it's a fact it's just there in those 400 studies it's just like a fact so let's let's go through we're gonna whip through each chapter your book fairly quickly there's no way we can cover a fraction of the 400 studies and first off I want to talk about microtubules and neural change how fast is this taking place we used to think of our brains as being static the old model was that your brain grew very rapidly in the first 1718 years of your life and you've had the same brain thereafter we now know that's completely wrong our brains are shifting all the time we're creating an average of one new neuron a second we're creating an average of eight hundred and ten thousand new cells every second in our bodies and many of those are neurons and so our brains are shifting rapidly and microtubules used to be seen as just the structural elements that gave shells their cells their rigid shape they look like girders in a building they are circular there they're composed of molecules called tubulin and so we knew for long we thought we knew what they did was they just were likings girders that hold up the cell and give it its shape but at a certain point researchers the end look into the whole idea of what hollow resident things do and it's like a drum when you beat on that drum when you take that hollow shape it's a resonant chamber and so we had to realize that these microtubules were much less like girders and much more like antennae and then research began to show that they are part of the cells biological signaling system and so they're an antenna and then if there aren't any what are they attuned to but were they where the signal coming from and so a role has been proposed microtubules in coordinating really complex actions like right now I'm sitting here I'm breathing my body's doing a hundred thousand processes per second in each cell how does it coordinate all this activity it does it through signaling and it looks like microtubules are a key component of that signaling by picking up the signals body-wide in really really short periods of time like through the speed of light or even possibly faster so these waves called scalar waves so we now realize that there are these resonance structures in our cells that are picking up signals and the picking up signals that are both local in our bodies and also non-local beyond our bodies and there are lots of us lastly these microtubules every cell neurons can have 100 thousand of these things in them or more and so we are signaling other other other elements of the universe universe is signaling us let me have these resident structures down to the level of each cell that are picking up and receiving these signals it almost makes me think of I think of muscle I think of the real strength and the muscle isn't the muscle it's the mile fashio and so when I think of the brain I'm drawing a connection between the Maya fashion and the microtubules and saying we thought it's the brain but it may actually be the microtubules yes and the brain at the picture that emerges in the research I described in the book is the brain is much more like a transducer it's much more like your screen in front of you so there's a Sween there you have advice in front of you you're receiving a signal from that device but the signal doesn't come from that device it comes from somewhere else and is then turned into a meaningful viewable image by that device that's what the brain does it's receiving consciousness and translating consciousness into what we see all around us but it's not creating consciousness in the way in which we used to think awesome awesome so talking about not thinking about the brain way we used to think tell us about Graham Phillips the Australian astrophysicist and TV journalist I use Graham Phillips as an example in chapter 1 and throughout the book I tell stories because the science is great it's interesting the studies are really fascinating but then how people actually use this in their lives and the changes they produce that's where it goes from the abstract to the concrete and so Graham Phillips was this guy was he was not a believer Michael he was not a believer in meditation or EFT tapping or mindfulness or any of the stuff that we talk about and he was just nasty he'd read some studies about meditation and thought you know this this this and science science behind this what would happen to me if I would have take this practice on my tie change and he's a pretty aggressive guy he is a hard-bitten journalist and he thought well I'll I'll enroll for this eight-week meditation program and see if I change so on day one of the program he went into Monash University and a biologist called Richard chambers examined him he did a whole battery of tests they put him in an MRI they measured the volume of all the parts of his brain he then on day 2 began his meditation and mindfulness journey after two weeks he began to notice behavioral changes he was no longer this really aggressive guy he was much more mellow guy he wasn't anything episodes of road rage and screaming and screaming at his colleagues at work anymore he was really chilling out after eight weeks they took him back to the lab and they measured brain volume reflexes behavior all kinds of characteristics the second time after eight weeks and points his brain can actually grown measurably in eight weeks by 2% 3% 5% 6% in only two months but the part of his brain that had grown the most is a part called the dentate gyrus now the dentate gyrus is really interesting it's a part of the memory and learning center of the brain and its job is to coordinate emotional regulation across all the different parts of the brain and emotional regulation is when you get annoyed when there's a red light it takes too long do you explode when somebody cuts in front of you in traffic do you have road rage when your colleague says something that annoys you do you scream at them when your kid says something when your partner says something when people around you do things that irritate to you are you this explosive personality or the other's capacity of emotional dampening and that part of his brain the dentate gyrus that part of his brain grew in eight weeks by 22.8% now think about that that's a fun your brain growing by 20% in just eight weeks of mindfulness practices so we realize now our brains are not that static text book image we saw in those medical textbooks or biology textbooks they are just reshaping themselves we may look the same on the outside but our brains are boiling with change all the time they behavior we're literally creating the hardware of our brains using the software of our minds so I have many stories like this throughout the book and they are astonishing in the scope and the scale and the speed at which producing change in our bodies in our brains by our practices by our thoughts by our behavior thank you thank you thank you I want to talk about how we begin to shape the brain I was going back and forth but I hear that I have to ask about it Bill Bengston an amazing energy healer who worked with mice but he worked with mice because his his I don't know if we call it professor or leader of the experiment bailed on him he had absolutely he completely changed his brain to be able to do this you know bill as a crazy guy I love Bill I spend a week with him and we've had him on the show too and I love him love him love him he is the real iconoclast he is a university professor but he is a skeptic still about energy healing is really inquiring mind and so yeah he had arranged to do an experiment with a well known energy healer and then what happened was that they were doing this experiment with laboratory mice and this is kind of mice that are injected with a substance that causes tumors and then after about three weeks the mice the mice died and then cancer researchers use these mice to try and experiment with different things that might inhibit the growth of tumors and so bill iterate his experiment and then they'd ordered the mice and then he had his heater all set up to come in come kill the mice and then the mice didn't arrive for there were delayed a week then two weeks and three weeks and so the healer bailed on him and there he was with an experiment and in finding the mice were there and no healers so the the other guy running the experiment said well bill why don't you be the healer and bill was like me you know I don't know much about healing but okay I'll give it a try so Bill's belief was that if he used his healing touch kind of method on these mice they would not develop cancer so they put one who premised the the control group in a different lab and didn't get energy healing put Bill's mice in Bill's lab and he did give them healing every day he held their cages and as a picture in the book of him holding the mouse cage and so he was doing this every day and his thought was okay when a healings mice and my son won't get cancer but by the end of the first week the the the tumors began to appear these are not little tiny tumors inside the – these are big visible tumors eventually the tumor is so large it actually kills the mice by it crushes their internal organs he's a big you know huge tumors that grow outside the mice so the tumors began to grow by the end of the second week bill was like seeing these mice with tumors he was working on and he then just cool the other experimenter who said you know it's just time to declare this whole experiment a total failure all my mice have tumors and the heating did not succeed in preventing the tumors in the mice and the other guys said well you know let's just keep on going because after the injection the longest amounts ever lives is 27 days and they all are dead within that time here it's only another week and a half away from now and I noticed that even though your mice have these tumors there they seem to be very healthy they're running around their cages have lots of energy the meeting normally they are using their little mice wheels to exercise themselves whereas I've got over to the control group at the other lab and those mice are all huddled together they're the low-energy ones already died your mind seemed really healthy despite the tuberoses keep on doing it so bill was kept on plugging away doing energy healing after 24 25 days the tumors began to dry up and the mice lived 28 days now no – no Mouse would ever ever lived 28 days off the injection and they live today 29 and 30 and 31 32 33 34 35 they the tumors just dried up fell off the mice regrew they're healthy coats and live the entire lifespan of a mouse not only that after that they were immune from cancer they could no longer get cancer even injected with this cancer-causing agent so there are now I think 10 trials like that and randomized controlled trials are bill in his method he now is doing much more experiments it's just powerful to see that energy can heal in that way oh and he reshaped his brain in a sense for healing how do we begin to reshape our brains I'll tell you the story of a friend of mine his name is Beth and she is coming out with a book about this so it's no secret she did this but death had diagnosis this is last June actually exactly a year ago she got this diagnosis a breast cancer she had a large tumor in one of her breasts and it had spread to the lymph nodes under her arm so these lymph nodes which usually clear we're now full of cancer cells also they let in those three spots on her lung so look like the cancer was now metastasizing throughout her body as well as the primary tumor in her breast and she emailed me and call me and really ammonia panic and she said you know what do I do I've got this diagnosis she'd also had a gene test and the gene tests revealed eight defective genes and so now she not only has this cancer diagnosis she has this this belief that I'm doomed ha ha I have a defective genes which predispose me to breast cancer I'm gonna put that active in quotes a pretty big air quotes here absolutely and so we worked on that horrible leaf I recommended she I said hey it's not the genes the epigenetics of this is which genes are turned on which DeAnza turned off I'd even shipped all kinds of genes with your beliefs with your mind so she did a whole bunch of different things she first of all she did she elected not to get conventional treatment now that's not my choice for everybody it was the right choice for her she said I'm not gonna get a good biopsy because that could liberate cancer cells in the primary tumor I'm just gonna use scanning to monitor the tumor she got totally serious about reducing the stress in her life she simply deleted every single activity that caused her stress she also began to shed a pretty healthy diet but she'd been eating the occasional chocolate fudge brownie and ha ha ha ha haagen-dazs ice haha and she just cut out absolutely everything other than those healthy things their diet she had us do surrogate worked with her my I did surrogate work by the surrogate EFT tapping with my wife as her surrogate so we would happen my wife would say I am Bette and I believe that she just go ahead and make up things that that might be thinking you're fearing that I I that I've been told that I'm a defective genes and even though I've been told this I love and accept myself so we were doing this kind of surrogate healing for bet she's getting energy healing from people she went and did intensive Qigong and she had to practice all of these things in her life meditation EFT tapping Qigong teeny upper died reducing your stress by later on I think in August she had another scan and that lump was still there in her breast but one of the doctors I think she got like three of different opinions when the doctor said you know that looks to me as though it's not living tissue it looks necrotic looks like a dead cancer when that's passed and it just dead cells there and your body is then just gonna flush them out and all of her lymph nodes had cleared up that point there was no more cancer in lymph nodes and so by September again June she got the diagnosis and immediately did all this stuff energy healing for her body August July August September three months later she had scans she had blood work she was cancer-free energy healing so changing your mind changing your beliefs changing your brain and it then shifts your body dramatically so I would strongly urge people of any kind of serious diagnosis is look at the role energy healing can play in your life don't discard modern medicine I love modern medicine better but a medicine when she had really good doctors as well and they were monitoring our progress and so you get the best of all possible worlds the best allopathic medicine best of natural medicine but then look at what you can do how you can change your mind change your brain change your belief change your practices and then your body as a result so came a fashion confession here we had we had on a dear friend of yours Dean Radin a few months back yes and and we love Minh at the end we ended up having a talk on he brought it up I think and I just went with it on transmuting the energy of donuts and and so this morning Jessica and I split a chocolate doughnut aka Dean Radin before the show so before we did the show you placed your hands over your heart as we went into a state of coherence before we started and you went into a place of prayer what's the benefit of placing our hands over our heart and feeling love when we wake in the morning I think that ring intention to everything you do is powerful and we were intending boy began everyone who watches this who hears this will be blessed and will be inspired to make changes in their lives don't wait we have cancer don't wait till you have a a major diagnosis like diabetes or heart disease do it now do these things right now so place your hands over your heart is a physical cue now I believe in regular spiritual and psychotherapy practice slightly I think cognitive cognitive therapy is effective I think talk therapy can be effective but if you anchor if you try and anchor therapeutic change in the mind alone I think it's much less effective than anchoring it in the body so change your mind change your beliefs but anchor that in physical change but if at my hand of my heart and I breathe and I visualize everyone watching and I imagine them all being loved and blessed and inspired by this that's anchoring that in a somatic kinesthetic body based experience and that's why therapies like EMDR reduces eye movement some tapping yeah he would uses tapping and eye movements other kinds of somatic therapies are so really important so if you wake up in the morning cross your hands over your heart I also have you just tap usually with with the hand closest to your heart then reverse and tap for the other hand as well we also an EFT have you tap on 12 acupuncture points that is so powerful in Ankara those beliefs and that changed not just in your psychology in your body as well and when you have your body and your mind and your spirit and your emotions all moving in the same direction this rate term from NLP called congruence you are then Congress behind your intentions and that's when real change happens if you have your body going one direction your mind going in another your body suffering we're talking about you being in a sweat lodge yesterday and again the body is gonna go through stuff and part of it is that is letting the body go through this experience sometimes I yesterday actually I was I was doing something scary I was paddle boarding the new paddle board and there was this railroad bridge and I got really panicked paddle boarding under this railroad red bridge I just kept on breathing and affirming as I paddle board underneath it so again it's feeling the adrenaline rising feeling the cortisol rising feel the panic rising and then to knee in to your higher power to knee into what I call in the book I call it non-local mind you let go of your local mind your local mind in the sweat lodge says I'm gonna die your local mind you when you're paddleboarding says that's a scary bridge I'm paddling under and you tune into a non-local mind and affirm that all as well and you then live your local experience based on non-local mind you let go that panic then the cortisol subsides the adrenaline goes away if you're in the sweat lodge you get over feeding you're gonna die and he then transcend and move into this union of local and non-local mind you're then living your local life as a expression of non-local mind it's the way the birds do and the trees do you know the trees don't need a memo from God say okay it's spring it's time to bad now the birds and they're flying that flock it's not like they're having a committee meeting saying gee do we turn left or do we turn right over here you may have done this before but we we were living on Emerald Isle southernmost barrier island last year North Carolina and what I would do is I would close my eyes when I would see a flock of birds and I would try to tune in with the birds and feel which direction and you would start to be able to feel and you'd open your eyes for confirmation and you would feel the swoop as if you're going along with them try try that sometimes I mean anyone watching or listening here try that sometime tune it to birds if you're swimming in the ocean and he's he a flat whole school of fish try just tuning into them and you will find you can and you then become part of them they also then don't perceive you as a I go and some of the dolphins every year and people say she doses are their only photographs me swimming those dolphins and people safety knows and you know there were twelve people swimming there and the Dolphins really swept up close to you and they were looking at you and you were interacting with them and they weren't interacting with the other eleven people in the group I wonder why you know and at least my is because I am tuning into that I'm swimming like a dolphin I'm tuning into them energetically my wife and I we tune our hearts to the Dolphins the whales we go there like what will go on a whale watch watch trip watching trip and all the other whale watching boats will come back no scenes three males a mile away will have seen whales one hundred yards away and aided them and they're interacting with the boat you know because if you if you why I why do we see ourselves okay ask yourself this question why would you see yourself as not in coordination with nature the same way the dogs are the birds are the fish are the trees are why not live as part of this emergent phenomenon can we talk a lot about the book about and what about the that's the the field of science is called emergence and emergence is the the emergence of order spontaneously out of complex interactive systems and if nature can do that for the birds and the fish and the dolphins and the trees how about it can do that and was looking to do that for you today in absolutely every single detail of your life now Michael is a book I took a lot about synchronicity this whole chapter on secrecy I talked about big synchronous things in my life but I don't talk in the book about small synchronous things and an example of what is this in the grocery store doing my grocery shopping and I'll buy a bunch of different things and I'll get sim tooted hit to buy Kleenex now my left brain which is really smart then says I don't need Kleenex it's not on my shopping list and I know I noticed there was the Kleenex in the in the guest bathroom worth there was a Kleenex in there there's a Kleenex in the master bathroom and so the guest bathroom Phoenix was not empty the master bathroom Phoenix was not empty and in the next to the bed there was a third box of Kleenex that box was not empty as well so I know for a fact mentally in my smart left brain that I have three Kleenex boxes in the house none of them empty I do not need to buy Kleenex so I want my Kleenex I'll get home and I'll walk over and sure it out there's a Phoenix popping out of the guest bathroom Kleenex box I'll pull it out and it's the last Kleenex and I'll go to the master bottom and pull that one out it's the last Kleenex and I'll walk over to the bedroom and pull out it out and it's light and I have 3 empty Kleenex boxes ha ha ha ha so what astonishes me is it this great synchronous universe in emergence in consciousness non-local mind directs us in huge way it's like career and love and money and health it directs us and all these mega ways but the astonishing things to me is when you're living a synchronous life it's guiding you down the level of being in the store and getting that intuitive nudge to buy Kleenex now why on earth youtubers should care that my life works out that way on that kind of a small scale I think he I'm thinking I'm looking at universe's say hey don't you have you know like you know big flops of four million starlings to coordinate and and and and and the migration of the humpback whales and and you really care about whether my penis or not but it does I was there I was there shopping yesterday and I'm looking at a bunch of granola and I'm going why am I just staring at the granola they all have canola oil I don't want canola oil they have South Florida what safflower oil give me something without an inflammatory factor and I'm looking at them and I'm going why am I even you've got to read the bear to nature the bear to nature I'll have canola canola canola keep reading the bear to nature and I'm like I really I give up all right I'll pick this one last one up no oil I like thank you well you know one of the things we do I teach I take people to a why every year and we do a seven-day life purpose between it's pretty powerful bed and so like we're asking about big questions like life purpose but they start with small questions they start with meditation every day and then by the third day we're having them do this as they walk down the buffet line at lunch and we have them walk down the buffet line and tune into what their body needs now this is really full of surprises we have people there who are carnivores who always eat meat and it would never have any thought of being vegan or vegetarian and they'll walk down the whole lunch line I mean they really tune into their bodies they find themselves making a lot of plant-based choices and also having meals and being really happy with no meat we also have vegans at those retreats walking down their line and suddenly their body is saying you need that chicken breast and they're tuned into their bodies and we start to really respect our bodies love our bodies girls we have this inner GPS guidance signal that is is there all the time the problem is we are too busy too distracted to out of the habit of listening to it to be part of that emergent flow of the cosmos but we show you as over the seven chapters of the book how to the last two chapters especially is just tuned into that flow and when you listen when it realizes you're listening it starts to work with you and be there for you in a powerful new way awesome awesome whoa so let's let and and I was one of those vegans after my second nve I've been coming back had low blood I had what five different peoples blood going through my veins and a few months into recovery my body was saying you need some bone broth and and I was feeding my cats if one who just got up and might be asking out of the studio in a moment I was feeding my cats me and going for some reason I feel a calling for this and I ended up eating meat for a few months it's what my body needed because I tuned into that let's go from there let's talk about how emotions organize our environment and I am I am fascinated now by gamma and Delta and in particular gamma bursts why am I taking out on this so much well gamma bursts were the gamma is the highest brainwave frequency there was also the most recently discovered brain reaping see the first one was was alpha which was discovered in the 1920s by the guy who invented the EEG gamma was developed was was was discovered much later later and the big series of experiments that put gamma on the map was when Richard Davidson at the University of Madison Wisconsin tested Buddhist monks and they were meditating for an average of 31 years ok these are serious long meditators up to four hours a day of compassion meditation and he found that they were all happiness areas of their brains were lit up and then lost lots of these gamma frequencies in their brains and so gamma is the signature frequency of insight inspiration and happiness people who are happy people who are having insights people really calm they tend to have a lot of gamma if you sum it up to an EEG and they're having a panic attack they have literally zero gamma going on in their brains so gamma is this very very important wave of insight I called the genius way or the Einstein wave and in the book I have a little picture of Einstein which I associated with gamma and so gamma is is this really amazing wave what we do so again Richard Amundsen Tibetan monks happy 31 years of meditating 4 hours a day and the making gamma what I'm doing in workshops okay I'm taking people who fail a meditation who say I can't meditate I've tried to meditate I've been to workshops read books totally failed I'm having to do Iike meditation and tapping setting them down we're looking about up to an EEG and in four minutes they're making gamma and when I first proposed I teach at Esalen every year as list to you my first email them about because I teach EFT but when I teach meditation as well and trained people in this meditation method that in four minutes to make gamma I said it's really simple to do this you just take do these seven easy steps school eka meditation and people are in this inspired state they're happy they're in Dhamma and they rejected my application they they email me back and said dr. church we are the country's premier meditation site we have all the top meditation teachers who teach here and we can assure you it is not that easy to meditate in that way ha ha ha ha they turned me down ha ha ha ha I'll bet eventually they actually actually actually did let me go there and teach you meditation we did a study of people who are doing that it's just been published in a peer-reviewed journal and it shows they had wonderful brainwave changes when they when they did do this and it wasn't anything it's not that hard so so and we're gonna do an eco meditation before the end maybe you can tell us briefly about heart coherence at this point and talking about we're talking about how energy creates things yeah well the past anything about heart coherence is heart med has been training people to do hard coherence for a long time but one of the things we found is that when we would take meditators and then they get into meditation that means say ok do your regular meditation routine we found they dropped out of heart coherence so with imitation we actually trained it to induce heart coherence while they're in meditation it's really really interesting and we in the book had a lot about about coherence mental coherence physical coherence because we find that in the book research shows that people who are in tenders who intend things to happen like you'll want to you know be happy wealthy why is disease-free make a million dollars how the love of our lives live in wherever it is we want to live we always the intentions and most people many of those things don't happen they affirm they visualize and a lot of it doesn't happen but we found that when you're intending that way you're usually ineffective but if you're a meditator if you are in mental coherence what happens is you come into physiological coherence as well and when people who are encode here in sin tend their stuff happens often very very quickly they're what we call master manifester z– but the manifesting in that state of coherence the inter coherence first and they're one with submergent reality so now they're one with the birds and the trees and the dolphins and all the stuff and then the kinds of intentions you have when you are one with the universe when you were one with non-local mind they're there they're not those petty little intentions and desires you have when you're stuck in your old conditioning in local mind so now you're having elevated emotions and you're having a remarkably powerful experience of being one with non-local mind and the kinds of intentions you have in that state are one with those emergent properties in the whole universe and so of course they happen easily because you're in flow you're in flow with the whole of creation and things you intend then are very different and then they manifest very easily because you are in that flow so that's refined with people who are in that dead space they are in coherence and conveniences is essential for effective manifestation how would you define coherence where people are hearing it for the first time very simple I have lights the room light bulbs the room around me some of those 16 watt light bulbs turn on that light bulb and that's 60 watts of light flooding out from that light bulb is great it illuminates the whole room about ten feet away so it's in coherent light it's scattered it's it's rays going out from the bulb in all those directions and it'll illuminate the whole room it'll extend ten feet away from me if I take sixty watts and make those light rays all coherent lowing in the same direction it's called a laser that's 60 watt laser will cut through a quarter-inch steel plate that's the difference between incoherent light and coherent light and that's the difference between incoherent thought oh I'd like to have this but I distracted by all these 40,000 other things versus a highly coherent person they're in heart coherence they're meditating they are they've got their whole body and coherence when they had that thought gee I'd love to see that happen it can happen just like that so speaking about energy coherence and people in energy coherence what is an energy contagion and why are you such a good one I love this research now this was not on my radar before I wrote the book but we've all seen these times of mass hysteria and there are examples throughout history and in the 1930s when Hitler came to power he had these Nuremberg rallies where they had up to a million people in this in his huge films in Nuremberg and they were oldest chanting Heil Hitler working themselves up into this frenzy prepare for World War two the Salem witch trials are another example another more recent example is when we went to war in Iraq in 2002 there was this mass emotional contagion where Congress voted to go to war over the just really writing over the advice well the foreign policy analysts who said hey there's nothing there don't do this but there's a some kind of mass movement towards war so these mass movements in consciousness some of them are very powerful and positive the Summer of Love in 1982 I was in Central Park the largest rally in American history up to that point and we were rallying for an end to nuclear war a nuclear standoff between the Soviet Union and the UN the US and so this huge movement there were these huge movements in consciousness Summer of Love all of these times when either for really violent aims like the Nazi for or for peace in other instances people had these huge experiences of mass emotional contagion and so the researchers say that emotions are as contagious as the flu or as a as any kind of infectious disease emotions are containers you can catch them from the people around you and in long-running studies they found that if the people around you are negative they will infect you with those negative emotions and you will infect other people with them in one last study they manipulated the Facebook feed our people and they were able to produce emotional contagion in seven hundred and eighty thousand people on Facebook three years ago by just tweaking their feeds to be a little bit emotionally darker a little bit emotionally lighter so I want to make us agents of emotional infection for positive emotions I want you to wake up in the morning and be so full of love I want you to be so addicted to the serotonin and dopamine another wonderful neuro chemicals in your brain I talk a lot in the book about an and amide also called the Bliss molecule and our floods are neurotransmitters when we're meditating and doing this kind of meditation and so you you you and train yourself to that in the morning you then become an agent of emotional contagion all around you the whole day and the research shows you don't just affect the people around you one layer out but that they affect people around them another lay around and so effect infecting other people with emotional contagion so my dream is that this book now again we've had people just I mean within one review on Amazon we've got only these five-star reviews on Amazon within the first few days the first day like the book the only ship the day before the next day one woman posted saying I got the book yesterday I've done nothing but read the book ever since and it's like just blowing my mind and the woman said i I've never ready taken meditation seriously before now I'm committing to a daily meditation practice so we want this emotional contagion that this book might matter is producing right now to literally in fact millions and millions and millions of people and show them that these ways of thinking about their lives they've had but I in this local mind I think limitations I can't create I thought manifest my dreams don't come true that when you discard those old stories about your life when you when you align with non-local mind that you become a remarkable creator of emotional reality around you in physical reality inside your body and out and literally we can produce emotional contagion and a movement positivity enjoy an Enlightenment that can shape and shift the entire world it's within our grasp now species to make these massive changes in the afterword of the book I say the future of the planet and the human race and our species look nothing like the past we're in the middle of this tectonic shift in human affairs and all over the globe as we spread the emotional contagion of positivity and joy and enlightenment not just in our little communities but throughout our whole society and so I believe in the middle of this huge shift in consciousness and I want to do all I can to help catalyze as much of that as I possibly can through my mind um interviews like this through writing through appearances through workshops I mean I want people to get this message and act on it and see the ships it produces not only their own lives but in the whole community and the world that we live in it's it's the whole reason we have this show absolutely so so we're just releasing right now what we call is our magical morning routine for busy spiritual seekers we've got meditation in there we've got tapping in there to help people get into coherence to help people do some of this clearing work I want everybody to be a metronome you talk in the book how you put Metra know is completely out of sync three minutes later a whole room of metronomes are in sync is there something else we want to do first thing in the morning to help start to get us in coherence what I do is I do two things but I make from the morning I first more tap and release anything and everything that stands between me and inner peace and so I breathe and tap and I imagine releasing anything and everything that stands me meaning inner peace first of all so you first need to release because if you have impediments there's all some phenomenon in energy psychology we call psychological reversal and we can measure this when your energy field isn't flowing properly then you can have intentions but they don't work so you have to release those obstacles first we have you tap on these Rosel points to release those so that's the first thing then our tribe down they're releasing I then meditate I spend maybe 10 20 minutes read Rafi and D and then once you've dropped in deep you're then in that state of flow you're in that state of emergency you're in that state of oneness with non-local mind you basically listen himself out and you then start your day from there and you are a very different person than if you hadn't done that so that's what I do every morning whoo so from there if I was to put my take my coaching hat Dawson and I was to put it on you and we want to help people to get into the highest possible alignment get in the flow with non-local mind on top of what you recommended here what's one homework assignment will you give people today well in the book I list a whole group of things you can do and there isn't any one-size-fits-all some people it's yoga yoga but some the flow well the people it's walk on the beach or walk in nature and walk in the woods and walk in whatever part of nature they have and even if you live in a city there are parks there in New York the Central Park in many cities there are nature trails there are rivers you can go to so some people it's movement some people it's exciting dance dance brings them into this space some people it is grounding themselves it's just walking barefoot on the earth some people it might be tapping some people it might be a breathing exercise the diametric breathing some people may be chanting so it's less one thing you do then looking at the whole range of things you can do and doing making a commitment to do the one that brings you the closest to that feeling of flow some people sports athletes can get into that dead space by using their their sport but whatever whatever works for you whatever that burst r+ neurochemicals in your brain commit to doing that one thing every day so know what it is experiment with different ones and then do that one thing to start yourself off every day now when you do that you start to condition your mind and you condition your body to expect to feel that good see what anticipate feeling that good you then are motivated to return yourself that good feeling state when other things happen in the day to disturb that state so anchoring yourself every day every morning especially in that good feeling state is really important do not do not turn on your smartphone and check your status check Facebook check Instagram check your email do not do that first thing in the morning give yourself space for consciousness in the morning and all of those other things can wait those are all the outside world talking to you you know the outside world to talk to you until you've talked to your mind and your body and give it in instructions for how you want your day to unfold you then are like this morning why would one i-i've one one problem in my life right now there's a business venture I'm involved in and as a result of that that business venture I should be getting a check for $30,000 next week now things have gone wrong I'm not getting a check for $30,000 next week and I was something that being expected to have happen in next week's cash flow so I've been you know wondering how to deal with this I was meditation this morning and this brilliant solution came to me that helps all the people involved in this seemingly difficult situation everyone's gonna get what they want and I'm gonna get the thirty thousand dollars a different way so I could never have kept them up with that solution laterally my left brain but in meditation the solution just loaded into consciousness speaking about floating into consciousness what does in 1974 Jensen Healey have to do with anything well I had not one but I had two jets and Healy's and when I began to experiment and look at the studies on mind matter I was really pretty aware and intrigued by the four forces of physics so these the foundation of physics the foundation of our knowledge of science right now and so we have these four forces of physics and I began to look at can human intention change the four forces and I have not found evidence that it can change all four for them and one of them I had tried to get some of my more my brighter colleagues to experiment with Geiger counters and see if intention could affect the rate of nuclear decay and I hadn't been able to fit anyone to do these experiments so I eventually ordered my own Geiger counter my own radioactive source and so I had people give us a try myself and so the great day arrived I sent the whole experiment and set up my Geiger counter measure the rate of radioactive decay of radioactive substance and this should be this would be impossible to change like some radioactive substances like cesium is is a substance they use for atomic clocks and the cesium atomic clock is accurate to one second every 20 million years okay so the rate of radioactive decay is an extremely stable rate when I just sat down and intended in a coherent state I could change the rate of radioactive decay by about 15% I was amazing so I jumped into my red Jesse Lee off I did that first experiment and I just grow but high-speed down the road to swimmy and yelling ha ha ha ha and I was just amazed that it was possible to to do that so again that's just one pilot project in the book we have to do randomized controlled trials and replicate them and let most has to happen we can announce that but it's amazing what you can do with your mind when you're in that state of coherence we we have somewhere in the house I believe it's in yeah I've got to dig through my boxes we have a Geiger from when we lived on Hawaii which was soon after Fukushima went off and and so I want to take that get to our smoke detector and see if we can play with that and see what we can come up with I was thinking from the healy perspective as well since you're talking about laws of physics I've got to assume I was a well I still have the disease but it's in remission and an MGB a file and that had Lucas electric and and I have to assume that shifting your energy can shift how well the old sports cars electric system works yeah it's interesting that there are experiments showing that we can affect electric fields with our minds and in one study done by the late Joe Jones of University of california-irvine I am on the book as well they were able to change electromagnetism by 22 percent by it just by intention so absolutely yeah awesome so on that note what advice would you give to parents to help their kids start to understand this today the best thing you can do for your kids is to be all you can be yourself and teaching by example is the best possible thing I have three kids and I know that I just love seeing what where they've got in their lives and so just being that person be your whole potential is is the best thing you can do and they might have all gone in very different directions they they they become their own people they're doing their own thing three very different things but they haven't sense of empowerment in a sense in a sense of potential and a sense of being creators in fact they're scary creators I mean they just create stuff out of the ether in a flash and so I think being that person you're yourself is the most powerful thing you can do and then as you liberate your potential you show them it's possible for them to liberate their potential also be be aware of yourself talk are you saying oh we can't do this or people at our family are this way really how sure you that and many parents are unconsciously building all kinds of limiting self-talk into their their the brains of their kids in our live workshops that we do an exercise where we will be help find all the parental instructions that have been dropped into you as a kid and people wind up with long lists of information that they acquired as a kid things like money doesn't grow on trees all the good men are taken the Apple never falls far from the tree the higher you rise the harder you fall me there people have all these things in their subconscious minds and then they're unconsciously living all those limiting beliefs and acting them out in their lives so we help them find those in our live workshops and katham away release them and let go them so the demon do is clean up your own act and watch any limiting belief you have and really say I remember when I was a parenting my kids I had a whole long list of things I said to myself you know I remember being treated that way as a kid when I was 2 or 3 or 5 I will simply not let my treat my kids the same way remember one time my youngest boy Alexander we were in Trader Joe's this big food chain and we go shopping there every every day and my my daughter Rex adda was there as well with us so alex was about three Roxana was about 12 and we were shopping and in Trader Joe's and it was Halloween and so the staff had got a whole bunch of Halloween balloons these use yellow and black balloons and they were helium balloons they were giving it out to young kids and so we walked in there they they gave my son a balloon and they tied it up to his wrist and then being a three-year-old he was like at picking at this not run and tie it and we were saying to him now Alex donut tie that that string from your wrist because if you do it's a helium balloon it'll float away and he won't have it anymore but in the car on the way home he succeeded and I'm tying the balloon from his wrist and as we open the car door and got out using his car seat he'd untied the balloon the balloon blew out and hit a sharp leaf and popped and he watched his beloved balloon pop and he just began to bawl his eyes out he jumped into my arms he threw his arms around my neck he buried his head in my neck and he was just crying like his heart was gonna break and so at that moment Michael I had all of these voices in my head coming up up all the things my parents have said to me like now you see how important it is to listen to Daddy to listen to your big sister and not untie the balloon you see how important it is to follow instructions and I just realized that all of that stuff that my parents have said I needed to not say to my kid and just let it have his feelings so he had his feelings he cried for about five seconds he then looked up his sister was carrying bags of groceries into the house he was like curious watching what she was doing he jumped out of my arms ran after her and that was the end of it he'd released his trauma in about five seconds of just feigning his feelings because I hadn't said all of those things to him blamed him shamed him so I had taken care of them and I had not said all of those things and so that's what you can do a few kids do not pass along the negative programming you got and then sure they're gonna get hurt and traumatized and bad things will happen they'll cry for three seconds they'll be over it they'll flash the emotions through them and then they will not be in my classes when they're 35 years old oh please take care of all the the baggage I got from my parents when I was five so that's what you can do your kids oh my god whoa I'm watching a movie right now I don't even know how old is they it's probably pretty recent the King's Speech oh love it and and and and he the the the Duke of York had been imprinted by his father the King and it developed a stammer I'm looking over next to me I'm looking at this water right here I'm thinking of your son I'm thinking of water I'm thinking of energy how we can imprint this stuff how we are made of water and we can imprint ourselves and if we get this concept of imprinting and a water molecule how it changes everything you know I'm now blessing my food and bless my water and for each meal I used to do that sometimes neither it all the time because in the research I represent in the book researchers found that water molecules one of course is a very simple substance has one oxygen molecule two hydrogen's and the measure of the angle of the body at which they bond we see the two hydrogen's hanging off the oxygen atom and that bonding angle over here is 104 hot degrees and that's been measured for a century we've known this for a long time and so we know that h2o always bonds at that bonding angle between the big oxygen between little hydrodynamics is 104 and hot degrees except that after you take your water and bless it it isn't it changes the molecular angle of the water and when you take that blessed water and water plants with them they are more chlorophyll in them they grow faster they grow higher so all kinds of things happen to your body when you bless your food and bless your water whew on that note what personally brings you the greatest happiness Dawson or what I call the willow factor well I think for me being and being one with the universe that just totally shits me I may not feel all that happy or centered or balanced when I wake up but I'll try to new to the universe I really change and so I tuned in to non-local mind I tuned it my sense of guidance I tuned it the sense of being part of this this this infinite benevolent universe much greater than myself so I don't that's a person Michael I don't think of it as a personalized God I didn't mention an old man in the sky with a long gray beard I just think of it as being that emergent property of universe but I know that that thing loves me that thing cares about me and so when I tune in to that when I feel as I am attuned to that that is I think the person or the being that totally ships my reality every day that I'm much nicer to my my coworker so much nice people around me I'm centered I'm much kinder to people when people do like I'll meet somebody and and they're angry and they're mean I just love them I love it and that's a very hard force to resist and and from now on you may even have spare Kleenex with you for them as well on that note where can people go to find your beautiful book mind to matter and I am serious I love it I love it you're not getting my paws off of it if you want me to say it everyone should get 10 copies there's no sure to what it could is it'd be great to get 10 copies of the book and give it to everyone you know because if we all get incoherent if we all become metronomes together we can change this place we can and we're changing it by our thoughts all the time and so go to mind to meadow dot Club because that is the books launch page and you get a webinar with me you get all kinds of links to other useful items like I made a series of seven free meditations one to accompany each of the seven chapters of the book and they're absolutely free and you get a whole bunch of other goodies so got a mind to matter so M IND might vitamins not calm that's dot Club dot CLU B and that's where you get the meditations as well as a whole bunch of other things so please do share this with people you know just one one last story and it's a difficult story to tell that in in my life I sometimes done things that I regret or didn't do things I regret and and my client friend a few years ago who but it's suicide and I realized that I had not shared with him meditation tapping even stuff I knew I hung out with them but I never told about I did what I would like you know like be pushing my stuff on him but you know he committed suicide and none of us in our social circle knew that I was taking a walk with him about three months before that we were taking a walk in a park and we've been talking about going kayaking later on in the summer and everything seemed okay I was with him and his girlfriend and we bunch of other people we were just having a good time and so I then said to myself you know what time have I known something that could help somebody and I haven't shared with them so I that was one of my big regrets is I did not teach him tapping the not teaching meditation right there in that walk in the park so a few a few months off he committed suicide I was driving from San Francisco to LA it's about a seven hour drive and I was in my car driving to LA to give a keynote speech there and I got a call it was his girlfriend and she was suicidal her suicidal tendencies had been triggered by his committing suicide a few months before but I had taught her to tap so I tapped her with her on the phone for over an hour and she didn't commit suicide that night she then went on to clean up a whole bunch of emotional trauma in her childhood and she's thriving today so I asked myself you know when have I not shared with people when did I not buy them that book that could make the difference their lives when did I not give them a link to the workshop where they could learn Iike meditation or tapping when did I not give them a link to a coach who could help him so I am so passion when I feel that urge give the person the gift of what you know don't say they'll find it by themselves you may be the person who gives them the book who gives them me the website link let your friends know and it can make all the difference in their lives they can transform if we're just not sharing what we know really helps us this is why I know helps me as science tells me this is so I know the stuff works I note and I totally transform I've seen it transform thousands of people in the course of my research and I had this passion to see it reach every single person in the world so please help me with this mission don't let people suffer just because you were silent and said nothing just share this with everyone you know by those ten copies email that link to my dreaded Club two people shared on Facebook share on social media showed on Instagram I'm sure it tweet about it because it it does make a difference to people and it makes a difference in the world woohoo and make her post a review on Amazon that helps tremendously as well carry karenge Co she was my group project partner in grad school and she committed suicide a year afterwards and didn't get to have these conversations as well so couldn't agree with you more so come on over to mind to matter dot Club if you want to find out more or get the book and if you don't remember mine to matter dot club come on over to inspire nation show calm and we'll get you over to mine to matter dot club as well quite quick question is it to Teo or – with a – t o – matter – the same as the book title my divided Club fantastic any last words of wisdom before maybe you can lead us in a little eco meditation here just to let go of your limitations when you find yourself saying I can't do that or my life is this way those stories are usually not true I've done workshops with literally tens of thousands of people now both online workshops live workshops and people tell me their stories the limitation I hear them say these things you just require that at some point during your life it's just a piece of wisdom you got from a parent a teacher an art and uncle your tribe let go of your limitations let yourself live in love every day live the great version of you live the most elevated version of you when you have eight emotions going on some of them the negatives and the more positive take the elevated ones the highest ones and train yourself to be that high version of you you deserve to be who you are and what the universe thinks you are I can assure you the universe great la non-local mind does not think you are a small and limited person at all it does not have that version of you imprinted in the cosmos the cosmos has this lost version of the love is possible in your life the health is possible in your life the abundance that's possible in your life live that version of you and when you hear yourself saying those things that make you small make you limited tap breathe meditate release them they aren't true that I got and will trade I got to get a laugh like yours unbelievable and so beautifully contagious so would you mind leading us in a little eco meditation close your eyes and feel your body less you're driving down the road do this afterwards mmm feel your hands feel your feet notice your breath flowing effortlessly in and out and imagine yourself breathing through your heart breathing through the area of your physical heart and as you breathe in and out through your heart slow your breathing down make your breathing slower and slower until you're breathing six seconds per in-breath and six seconds for art breath breathing in six seconds through your heart breathing out six seconds through your heart now notice your tongue inside your mouth and relax your tongue completely on the floor of your mouth tongue relax on the floor of your mouth breathing through your heart six seconds in six seconds out tongue relaxed on the floor ago mouth and imagined a big empty space behind your eyes big empty space behind your eyes tongue relaxed on the floor of your mouth breathing in 6 seconds through your heart breathing out 6 seconds for your heart as you breathe in and out through your heart send a beam of energy from your heart to a person or place that makes you feel wonderful send a beam of hard energy to this person for this place tongue relaxed in the floral mal the empty space behind your eyes 6 second in-breath 6 second our breaths feel the energy going from your heart to this person who makes you feel really good time relaxed on the floor of your mouth the empty space behind your eyes six-second in breaths through your heart six-second our friends for your heart now gently draw your own heart energy back into your body detach it and feel it now completely inside your body now direct the energy to a part of your body that's in pain or part of your body that is suffering more part of your body you feel ashamed of or part of your body you don't like Bay that part of your body in your own heart energy now her to bring your awareness back to your environment that here and now with the next three breaths prepare to open your eyes look around you feel your hands feel your feet on the third breath open your eyes notice anything yellow in the room around you notice anything green nearby notice anything round in your environment just welcome yourself back into your body and welcome yourself back into the here and now because these elevated states are powerful we know that when we do this we raise our immune function we decreased our cortisol we improve physiological functioning and then need to be people who can really work effectively in the world around us so we both induce these elevated states and we want to be effective and do things in the world around us so we return look around us bring ourselves back into our reality and then in that space we can be effective agents of that wonderful positive emotional contagion and the world around us Oh yellow green very good around my little mascot turtle helping me to go slowly Thank You Dawson this has been phenomenal I'm a little bit Zonk tout now in the most beautiful way but this has been phenomenal your book was a true treasure and a treat you know I've read probably 800 books for the show and and this has been one of the absolute most fun and and I am so so grateful for the work you're doing it's so important and this this one's a life changer this book right here because it hits the people who need it most which of the people who are stuck in local and going but that's all there is and this is just page after page after page you're like I carumba I give up there's got to be something more here and I see it and I can do something about it yes absolutely you can thank you thank you thank you so gotta crank it up for the finish for everyone out there this is Michael Sandler saying be well have fun get mine to matter and begin creating your own reality with your mind today love it love it love it Dawson oh I love you too thank you so much for being on the show love you love your work love your movie and let's go change the world together thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed it be sure to like like below also leave your comments have some real fun with it subscribe to our channel where you're gonna get more great videos more interviews coming up and check out our website inspire nation show calm that's where you'll find tips blogs information videos you won't find anywhere else and useful and helpful resources to really help you kick-start your life and to shine bright thanks so much again thank you for your support like like like comment subscribe see the website thanks so much and have fun of course shine bright