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Posted By on September 26, 2019

[CLAPPING] PREACHER: But God knew that His
son would walk among sinners. ALL: Yes. PREACHER: He knew
that He would live with the hungry and the poor. He knew that He would befriend
only the lame and the derelict. He left His son to contend
with those that were overtaken by pride and jealousy, that
sought power and control by deceitful means– ALL: Amen. PREACHER: –those who would
rather pluck out their own eyes than see the light
of God’s goodness. Because not everybody
can see God. He can only be felt. But they
can see His son plain as day. So He led by following,
He loved by serving, and He sacrificed His
own life so that one day His people may find goodness. I am the son of man. [PANTING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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