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    [Please stop with your emotion icons and your BASELESS FINGER POINTING without an elegant explanation behind the "CHARGE." Giving thumbs up because you're the "faithless majority" is meaningless. It doesn't actually prove anything! It is really unfair for the ones that actually have good comments and not just slogans, cliches, overused metaphors, grammatical gimmicks, ineffectual phrases, infantile phrases and MORE!

    Remember, this is the internet, but you still have to use proper grammar and elegant English.

    Frederick ("Br. Michael") and Robert ("Br. Peter") Dimond are "radical sede vacantists," and their position either has been denied or calm (down) by many who claim to be "sede vacantists."


    By Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

    Copyright 2007


    "The contemporary apocalypse ("hiding" so as to cause to lapse into non-existence) of the Divine Liturgy of the Canonized Latin Rite Mass was predicted by saints and popes; and, forewarned against by the Holy Virgin Mary.

    The Bishops' "apocalyptic new mass" worships man ("666"); blasphemes God and His Salutary Economy; and promotes the apocalyptic reign of anti-Christ.

    In these "A.D. Times," it is only Christ Divine Liturgy of Canonized Mass that matters and can save and sanctify. "In and at" Mass, Christ fulfills His last promise in the Gospel according to St. Matthew.

    The Holy Bible (especially, the Apocalypse) demands total commitment to praying and living Divine Liturgy."


    "Appearing to eleven-year-old Maximin Giraud and fifteen-year-old Melanie Calvat at La Salette, Our Lady sat down on a rock and wept. Her "Western Church" would become "the seat of Antichrist." "New Mass," Antichrist's service, sits comfortably in Rome's New Order Newchurch — the existential church defined by the Bishops' Liturgical Revolt (1960s onward):

    Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist…. The Church will be in eclipse. (Our Lady of La Salette)

    [Concerning "the eclipse of God's church," we note that, that which is eclipsed remains in existence. However, it is no longer visible to us. Where is Christ's one and only church of salvation (that church "extra ecclesiam, nulla salus")? Christ's true church can exist only where a valid Canonized Mass Liturgy exists (of course, as "representing" and as "part of" the Orthodox Catholic Church, that church outside of which there is no salvation both liturgically now and eternally "as experienced"). Any church body without a Canonized Mass Liturgy is protestant and apostate.]

    In addition to the Church Fathers, the German mystic, Anna Catherina Emmerich (1774-1824) had visions and mystical experiences in which she saw the birth of what she terms "the dark church" and "the black counterfeit church." The word "counterfeit" denotes more than just the idea of false. (There have been many false churches.) "Counterfeit" implies deliberate deception (as occurs in Newchurch by the episcopal imposition of their "New Mass")."

    [The Dimond Brothers, throws out anything that they don't like.]


    "What was the message to Bernadette in 1858? "Build a chapel here!"

    "Build a chapel for the celebration of the Canonized Mass. Only at Holy Mass is Immaculate Mary properly reverenced. Indeed, here especially, the Two Hearts "beat as one" (primarily, the Salutary Sacred Heart of Jesus; secondarily, the Immaculate Heart of Mary).

    Each valid Divine Liturgy is Benedictus (qui venit in nomine Domini) Who "somehow" (miraculously) once again comes through Benedicta.

    … From its inception to its climax, the Fatima Message focused upon the Canonized Mass and Immaculate Mary as Our Lady of the Canonized Mass. In 1916, the Angel brought Holy Communion to the children of Fatima (most likely, from Padre Pio's Mass, since only a valid priest, not even an angel, can consecrate or "confect" the Eucharist). The Fatima Message began with the Holy Eucharist adored and received. The Angel of Peace brought the little children (Jacinta was only six) Holy Eucharist. "


    "…Here is the Revelation of Divine Liturgy. Yet, in reading this book, the Apocalypse is filled with "attention grabbing images" which attract: horses, seals, books, beasts, harlots, churches at various "places" and like-images are employed to entertain and hold the interest of the "kiddies" (the "children" of God).

    However, it is pathetic when serious students or scholars of the Holy Bible get so obsessed with the "attention grabbers" as to make them the subject matter of God's Word.

    The Apocalypse reveals Divine Liturgy within each one's own personal "great tribulations." It reveals Divine Liturgy in (the three Ages of) Reality: [the Age of the Son or the establishment of salvation; the Age of the Holy Spirit or the application of salvation; and the Age of the Father or the eternity of Heaven].

    To read this book of the Holy Bible salutarily as one should and must, accentuate the essentials. Don't get lost in minutiae. Always remember that this is God's great Liturgical Letter to you."


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