Cultures ATTACK on Christians will shock you! (R$E)

Posted By on October 2, 2019

I just wanted to round off the last video that I released on this channel which showed the walls being destroyed in the diesel commercial and and how Christians are being portrayed in their media in the mainstream media I mean we’ve already got this huge attack on Christian alternative media as it stands and this channel is under attack from that but we’re seeing it more and more that the Christian point of view is being portrayed as bland boring encroaching on human rights restrictive and worthless I mean if you look back into the 1970s you can trace some of the beginnings of this agenda taking shape Pink Floyd you’re just another brick in the wall it was all anti-authority trying to generate a revolution this social conditioning you know if you read the lyrics we don’t need no education we don’t need no thought control teachers leave them kids alone so this is all about disrespecting authority to turn everything on its head and if they can get people to start disrespecting Authority and ignoring instruction from authoritative figures placed above them then eventually why would they listen to the instruction from the Bible opposing anyone who stands against them as this barrier this wall that needs to be broken so teachers leave them kids alone teachers it doesn’t necessarily only have to be in a school this could also be referring to pastors in a church teachers leave them kids alone let them do what they want stop inflicting barriers and boundaries and moral guidance parents leave your children alone it’s all the same thing and incrementally it turns into a massive anti Christian agenda and then another example do you remember that Taco Bell a commercial called routine Republic where these the followed these two main characters this man and this woman who were stuck in this oppressive regime this fascist dictatorship and noticed that all of it again all of the colors are dismal and gray and you hear the same hints all the way through this going you know different is bad routine is good and what is really representing when it comes down to it is the tradition routine structure is bad and that this is what we need to overcome for this Luciferian new age and in fact in this video the man and the woman break out of this regime and they break through the wall and all of this is propaganda to represent the coming of the lawless one who breaks us out of this so-called cage that we have in society so by the time you get to the end of this with all these various attacks on the public’s perception of Christians and Christianity and the Bible you get a whole generation of people you see Christians as this fascist dictating Nazi enemy that we really could do without and it was the same in JK Rowling’s new movie you know the author of Harry Potter this movie came out in 2016 called fantastic beasts and where to find them and in this movie there’s loads of magicians that have learned the craft of magic and basically there’s it focuses in it doesn’t directly call them Christians but it focuses in them on this family that are portrayed as a cult and you notice the the coloring of their clothes are very bland very gray and dismal and you see that this family looks much like what they would call a stereotypical Baptist looking family to me their portrait is bland old-fashioned oppressive hypocritical part of a cult that and this family can contribute nothing to a society who are enlightened beyond them so to me this is the same portrayal of this old way this tradition that needs to be gotten rid of in favor of this illumination this magical world which is just is the same Illuminati propaganda just dressed up in different ways it’s an agenda of witchcraft [Music] seen it done it been there drove that stuffy stodgy boring snoring ho hum drum dum-dum Isis have declared war on Christianity isn’t the kind of story that ought to be dominating cable news and I don’t think that narrative is getting the attention it should get war on Christianity press in America should be full of headlines about [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the dismal boring bland colors in the oncoming New Age of magic when you get to the core of it these words are being used to describe Christians [Music] the agenda of Babylon [Music] [Applause] [Music] you you

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for watching. Hope you are all well. Currently filming in Israel, more updates soon. God bless you all and let's keep our focus on our walk with Christ, sharing the gospel and helping others to see the truth through these days. Below are some verses that stand against the luciferian agenda we are seeing here.

    Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.
    – Proverbs 19:20

    Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not.
    – Proverbs 8:33

    Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD.
    – Proverbs 19:20

    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
    – Proverbs 1:7

    If you love me, keep my commandments.
    – John 14:15

    For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.
    – 1 John 5:3

    I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.
    – Jeremiah 29:11

    Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to deceitful spirits, and doctrines of demons
    – 1 Timothy 4:1

  2. They can try everything they want. Nothing and I mean Nothing or Nobody else can ever change my thoughts my feelings my beliefs in Jesus Christ. They can try to persecute me jail me even take my head for his name sake. But Christ is the only way to the truth the way and the life.

  3. Remember during Obama's reign the people he supported in Syria were slaughtering Christians and Selling their under age daughters into sexual slavery. Not one word, Let alone sending aid to those poor people. Then bringing in the decendant's of those who tried to Concore Europe by the sword a thousand years before.

  4. Dumb shit. Christian are under attack? It's already done … Satan does not need to attack. We are far divided than before,catholic,Protestant,born again, Iglesias, baptist…we are done we already lost

  5. How can we stand against this execution of the image of Christians? How can we protect our children? How can we show the world the darkness behind the "freedom" of witchcraft and rebellion? I'm confused, angrybut most importantly I have no clue what the next step is

  6. Watching The,Wall is like watching a horror movie for unsaved people .Same thing with Zeppelin songs .They like to tell your comming awful fate .Your stairway lies on the whispering wind..fuck you Jimmy Page

  7. Thank you, RISE– haven't seen much like this; pastors don't want to touch it; Christ will vomit those churches out, Revel 3:16—

  8. There is no more persecuted group than the group that wants to be persecuted. (you 'Christians') are you seriously telling me Lana Rey (that fat-assed Whore of Babylon ; and there are many !) is a 'Christian' ? Like WTF !?

  9. I have no problem with people's believes but SCREW all religions! Even the ones making a religion out of NOT having one! And the psh-op stuff in the media start laughing at that because you should know it comes out of the trickery bag of rich mentally sick bastards getting a kick out of laughing at YOU! >start laughing back! instead of shaking with fear!

  10. What this video lacks is the demonstration of the Illuminati's capabilities to deceive Israelis as well as Christians who lack the full armor of God. Fundamentally, Bible prophecies are being fulfilled at such a rate that the LORD JESUS Christ could return at any moment now to take his Bride, the Church with him. For those claiming to be Christians but have not accepted Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior and remain on earth during the tribulation period, they will be turn out exactly as described in this video – Nazi like and fascist. Interestingly, Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

  11. How can people see education as a way of illuminati or satanism…if we are not able 2 educate ourselfs no matter what is used in the process…good or bad is a concept that needs 2 be studied coz if u are blind 2 the truth of each side u wont even consider searching/knowing/loving (…ect) so u can step-up N stand ur grounds in front of an ennemy…so before putting judgement on anything or anyone think twice…
    Stop being close-minded N start opening ur eyes 2 humanity example not screening supposed reality !!!

  12. Most rock music is satanic.  However, the song "The Wall" has to be taken in context.  Pink Floyd is describing one of his past school teachers, who had some serious mental problems because of his narcisstic wife. The schoolteacher used his position of authority to take out his frustrations on the students.  The vast majority of authority figures have an illegitimate claim to the position, or use it in an illegitimate manner.  You should know that the "authority" the new world order elite would wish to exercise is a very ugly viewpoint they justify on false premises of their supposed superiority.  The problem is not submission to authority as much as the abundance of illegitimate, unqualified efforts to assert it. My father was amazed that a rock song could indeed describe an experience he thought was unique to him, and I have had a narcisstic parent and a narcisstic teacher give me a bunch of mental suffering and wounds.

  13. Everything you've heard about the Illuminati is a LIE!
    The RICH ELITE is your enemy. Find out the Truth and change the world forever!

  14. Many are confused but the Lucifer is a great deceiver, I means to break away from the twisted status quo. To live out of the box. The "System" would have you bow to Satan in their steepled temples. We are the temple!.Jesuits hate the true God.They killed Christ.They keep the earth enslaved.They start and play both sides of war. They rape childrens minds and bodies. They glorify negative. Be free/positive and learn the truth. Break away from the train of brown nosers. You know the ones that insist we are savages to think for ourselves.The ANALists that twist your words and cant see past their noses. Beware false prophets.Their pockets are bulging with the blood sweat and tears of the poor/uneducated. You know the people you think below you.Money/power corrupts. They know who they are! You have many bigoted bones in your body.When the true messiah said. We are all equal. You smirk. The playing field has been neutralized. Fukushima eats away at the Devils planet.Thus its all in vain. Not too late yet.Share bring joy. Its a spark in time.You do have a soul dont you? REPENT! CONFESS!!

  15. Do you know that Bible is not even of Christian origin. ROFL it's compiled from many books which were burnt down a long time ago to keep its origin unknown. ROFL the events explained are billions of years old.

  16. Yeah for the first time EVERYONE has freedom of speech now….on youtube….not just christians. Because up until THIS time NO ONE had freedom of speech in THIS country BUT CHRISTIANS…..and no one could speak AGAINST it! Nothing outside of internet has really changed ! Christianity still dominates freedom of speech in this country and unless you are a comedian or a character on tv no one can openly speak up against christianity not even in their own home unless it is 100% a non christian home YET christians can speak up against all people all religons all subjects including the private subject matter of others personal life choices. Yet whenever anybody expresses themselves or ideas that are OUTSIDE of the arena of subserviant christian values you all come out of the woodwork like cockroaches to make videos exerting how that persons work is attacking christedom and victimising you when it so clearly is not! You will turn and bend and twist original content until it fits your narcasistic vitimized view. A good example is car commercials. So innocent when you watch the original. But when you all get done with it the devil practically creams his pants. Clearly the evil is nowhere to be found OUT THERE because it exists only in your crickety little heads filled with delusions fear darkness afew demons and cobwebs! Evil truly is in the eye of the beholder and you people behold nothing beautiful….only evil 24/7 in ALL things at ALL times ALWAYS. Clearly YOU are the cancer and the world cannot move FORWARD until you are cut out of it. May your evil demonic dead scarecrow come get you already so the rest of us can move onward upward towards intelligence beauty truth love unity and harmony!!!!!!

  17. Ps The secular world doesnt even focus on any of you yet you claim its obsession to victimize you when it is actually you doing it to everyone else out there whilst twisting all things to fit your ludacris agenda of perpetually making yourselves look like the persecuted people of a world gone rogue evil! The Devil..father of lies got nothing on you! You christian youtubers are the crafty masters of deception and lies! Pure evil lives in each and every one of you brainwashed babbling bobble heads! You look for trouble where there is none.

  18. Disrespecting authority?! Isnt that what all christians do when you talk against and disrespect politicians authority and the powers that be in this world whose seats of authority is light years above your religon. Here again you try to put christianity and the bible at the top of the pyramid as the highest authority when it is NOT! You really do try to paint that mental image in peoples heads with your words as if it was ABOVE teachers! What the hell can your bible/god/religon teach us!? How to devolve!? Oh you are a crafty wordsmith dude! One thats been trained to quickly twist the mind of anyone listening. They are led to Imagine what you are saying…once indoctrinated they soon forget the reality obvious around them.

  19. All art is at once symbol and surface. Those who see the surface are shallow. Those who go beyond the surface do so at their own peril…All art is very useless.

  20. Somewhere in the NT, Jesus told us that the world will hate us because it hated him. It's amazing, the subtle persecution of us will not be subtle much longer for us and our big brothers and sisters, The Jewish people. See Pittssburgh Synagogue Attack 10/27/2018

  21. North Americas Indian tribes are the 10 lost Hebrew tribes of Israel. The maps have been changed. Civilization started in USA. Utah was Judah.. look closely at the names. They spoke the original Hebrew. This is their land. This is mystery Babylon because no one understands gods people are still enslaved. By the heathen us gentiles. The south Americans and Africans are the other tribes. Hence why they were enslaved and brought here to make you think they weren't here. They were .. and the true Israel is them. Religion isn't nothing. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah put two and two together. He was copper colored. And they shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free. Jesus hated religion. And they my people shall worship me in spirit and truth. What people still do it? Not whites we turned it into Gov corporation churches. Ask a pastor about the native Israelites watch what happens. We stole everything from them. Our time is coming the 400 years is up. America you are Egypt. You have Gods people. Let them go. Ty Lord for the truth

  22. I read Jesus calling daily, I don't abide with u people that it is New Age. Its about surrendering to Christ daily based on scripture. New age Is attaining god likeness or even godhood based on levels. That's the difference, quit being legalistic we are told to test the spirits with scripture. Maybe her other books are different, but the daily inspiration helps me to surrender my will to His will.

  23. Loving your videos so much. I used to be very deep into new age and Catholicism got saved in November 2017. My life changed so quickly old friends no longer in touch, I didn’t realize how countercultural being a bible believing Christian truly is but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  24. there will always be good and evil just accept it. it's your choice, be good, or evil. you are free to do what you want on earth. be smart or be stupid. its up to you. and you only.

  25. when I think of rebellion from school it was the nasty teachersthat made me want to rebel. But the enemy want that to replace u.

  26. The Heavens remain strongly and strictly protected and no matter what rang they might have into the occult, they won't be able to ever break that wall!!!

  27. Sorry, but isn’t it conservatives who want deregulation, aka, no rules? These channels are such a tangled web. And eveyone today has to be an expert detangler.

  28. But, bro, what can we do against it?
    I'm not afraid for my own soul. I follow Jesus because I know He is my Saviour. There is no other.
    But I fear for the souls of people I know, and my country.

  29. It's the same lie martial arts give us through what Bruce Lee coined in his lie of Jheet Kune Do – that "No Way is Way, and no limitation as limitation." Bruce Lee was an athiest, and when asked if he believed in God, he said – "No, frankly I do not. I believe in myself."

    I'll be damned if I would respect such authorities as Bruce Lee has spawned!!!

    There are "authorities" that we very well need to challenge, and that "and, unashamed, speak with the enemy in the gates," – Psalm 127:5,

    and, as also, Ephesians 6:12 commends:

    "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

    Millions have bought off on Bruce Lee's message, and we have made an idol of such things as the martial arts have produced – unrealistic movies, MMA, UFC and PRIDE competitions in the sports arenas, rivaling what went on in Rome in the Colessium, before its downfall.

    NO. There is only one way, truth and life, and through whom alone we can have presence with the Father – Jesus Christ, John 14:6.

  30. The Illuminati are not trying to flush out christainity in the West, but have very much succeeded in flushing it out. Western countries no more consider praying public meetings. It is a human right abuse. Many European countries have stop sponsoring missionary work in third world countries. This now considered anti-pluralism. The English have selling church buildings to moslems to transform these churches into mosques. Where then is your faith that you paraded and enslave many third world nation's with in 'christainizing those nation? Is God no more true to you? Did you used your faith as a colonial weapon to enslave third world countries? There is more to this end than we can imagine. I do believe and I am a christain.

  31. Muslims and Athiest freemason attacking Christianity like crazy ..
    cnn msnbc manipulate Christians with their lying evil tungues + Catholic and the popes = one new religion all anti-Christ ..


    + The term of “No Rules” itself is another RULE/The fund(a)mental ORDER-RULE-BASE-MATRIX!!!

    + Whoever tells/forces/wants/requires “No Rules” attempts to be the MAIN/MONO/DOMINANT RULER!!!

    + If we twist the rule of “No Rules” we unavoidably shall face with the most terrible rotten RULE whose code is “NO RULES”. THE “RULE of NO RULES”, NO RULES such as morals, families, respect, loyalty, etc. You can find all ingredients and OBLIGATORY subrules FROM the novel BY Aldous Huxley, “BRAVE NEW WORLD”.

    + “NO RULES” is the other/masked/deceptive name of the "Chaos the son of Anarchy",…

    + “ANARCHY” is the Final Planetarian System of SATAN the CURSED. Satan/Demon/Lucifer(ius) had forced the same ONCE UP/ON A TIME in Heaven before Our Omnipotent Lord-God.

    + If you have enough courage let me share with you another "TOP Secret Truth" which is well-known by the entire world; “ORDER IN CHAOS”. THE “RULE of NO RULES” is the different title of the CHAOS’ ORDER. ORDER OUT OF CHAOS from the Latin “ORDO AB CHAO”



    + Let Know(L)Edge Sets You(r Mind and Heart) Free,…

    + Let Know(L)Edge Tears down the walls of SATAN built be/tween You and Lord God,…


  33. And the beast opened its mouth to blaspheme against God and slander His name and His tabernacle—those who dwell in heaven. Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints and to conquer them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.
    Revelation 13: 7

  34. THE ONLY THING THAT NEEDS THE EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS THAT THE GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING. Edmund Burke brothers in Christ Mr. Trump should ban witchcraft and open satanism is irrational to allow when the state fights against everything that generates … HELP ME TO PRAY AND THIS REPORT https: // www. black magic MUST BE BANNED BECAUSE IT IS THE CRIME aPOLOGY SHOULD lead NI YOUTUBE THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AS TOLD "yaVe TE REPREDA SATAN. WHO WHO CHOOSES ISRAEL REPRESENTS YOU. THINK FOR A SECOND SOCIAL ENGINEER:
    Politicians and police swear on a bible where the public enemy number one is the devil. The adversity of life. Who came to steal, kill and destroy the father of lies. His sorcerers destroy everything that seeks state: sick, bankrupt companies, madden, possess, produce impotence, separated couples, and certainly sacrifice people for eternal youth and powers clear that they will not recognize this but we are going to believe to liars? fools we would be naive and let them let us twine the rope around the neck until it's too late. Many do not do anything out of fear: error, so they empower themselves and that they want to do but if we play by the light of Christ we will be covered with power I will sell from above. Much is criticized by the ICAR, by the inquisition but much worse are the witchcraft, which is the worst of sins because it opens the door to the densest of the lower astral plane for demons to enter here with thirst for blood to kill and destroy the objective but as a crazy force chaotically continues destroying this park that God gave us turning it into a nuclear dump. Get out, let's allow that madness? With the millions of dollars that the state invests for and for the people. Allowing witchcraft is pure madness is not seeing and if it is for a good that is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, there will come a celestial inquisition that no one can complain about because God says. ANSIO BE AN ACCUSING WITNESS AGAINST WITCHES AND WITCHES. AMEN AND AMEN COME LORD JESUS. YAVE REPRESENTS YOU SATAN. PRAYED BE GOD AND CRISTOREY and blessed also be the Archangel Michael who leaves and left the devil as in that little picture. GOD BLESS YOU
    and know all the sorcerers that Jesus has at this very moment his plug in his hand and he can unplug it when he wants to see how far you dare to go that so far from hell you want to arrive. how irrational and self-destructive you are, he warned you if you see that your opponent is more powerful makes the passes before you get to the police … I warned you not to be hardheaded. Repentant sinners leave the lamas in peace. Yave Jesus and Miguel here love and love.
    BY STARTED denounce YouTube, xq is justify crime, then to the media, the police and the government Let the cry in heaven happy Jesus believe me, NOT SAY "ALL THAT IT MANAGES THE DEVIL" For no S MAS OMNIPOTNTE GOD INSTRUMENT AND USING WHENEVER YOU NEED ONLY WANT AND HOW TO nesesitas ONE THING YOU HEAR WITHOUT one will see the HOLINESS FATHER, BUT NOT WAIT TO BE PERFECT THAT AIMS TO BOTH MUHC mietras HUMILITY.

    and know all the sorcerers that Jesus has at this very moment his plug in his hand and he can unplug it when he wants to see how far you dare to go that so far from hell you want to arrive. how irrational and self-destructive you are, he warned you if you see that your opponent is more powerful makes the passes before you get to the police … I warned you not to be hardheaded. Repentant sinners leave the lamas in peace. Yave Jesus and Miguel here love and love.

    I know the desperation in some opportunities black magicians that persecute me for every infima want to do good work, one candy from a pauper, or minimum preaches and leave a message "Alalabado is God and Cristorey" at an ATM. Why? Because if you do those things, the aura whitens more, it gets shiny and the curse that you are not doing immediately comes back on them and strengthened. Come as light is the best protection. Another very good thing is to empathize with God and Jesus so imagine that he surrounds us, that we are looking at his eyes, that we are smelling his delicious fragrance, that we have a host in his mouth, that he puts his holy hand on our head and only makes us think of him and we are even receiving transfiguration of his holy and glorious blood. I assure you that in doing this, in holiness, everything will bounce back and nothing will come but you should not wish evil to the sorcerer, let us leave it to God. Mia is the revenge says God against your adversaries) the sorcerers) I will fight. Come light, mental clarity is all we need to be free and protected from all witchcraft. Jesus already paid for us, we just have to reactivate it with our faith and our prayer and our claim. And in addition spiritually united is much better. United let us be in Christ brothers against every curse and remember. Against Jacob there is no curse against against Israel there are no curses. Num 22.22 Amen and amen and Shalom Israel.
    PRAYER TO ATTACK THE DEVIL DURING THE MILLENNIUM. That for our sincere repentance of our sins and for the light of faith in this prayer made to God in the Name of Jesus Christ, spiritually united with my brothers, the Father listen to the following petition: That by the fulfillment of his word, with his angels and their light, the devil is bound for a thousand years in hell as promised in his word Revelation 20. That for the Glorious Blood of Jesus, the evil stalker of souls be neutralized throughout the millennium. May the Archangel Michael and his legions leave the infernal accuser as in that little stamp. At last. So that all the Judeo-Christian values and principles that synthesize the Bible shine: love, good, light, faith, peace, truth, justice, freedom, reason, union, progress, health, well-being, fulfilling those other happy words apocalypse 12 They say: A fallen the accuser who day and night accused our brothers in front of the throne of God. Glory to God. So be it, love and love and Shalom Israel. May the devil be bound with the light of God for a thousand years (3 times minimum)

  35. Jesus is……

    2. 100% Man
    3. 100% God
    4., Son of Daud and Abraham
    5. 200% Jew
    6. The Way
    7. The True
    8. The Life

    Believe and follow Him…..see you after death

  36. Amos 3:3
    (New King James Version)Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?

    1 Corinthians 10:21
    (New King James Version)You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord's table and of the table of demons.

  37. What? War against Christianity? It can be the war against GOD , because people love and trust or pray to Jesus Christ , the only holy and BELOVED SON of GOD in the whole Universe. Don't you think that HOLY MIGHTY GOD will be the Victor of such war..who can be against GOD and can the war.

  38. No pun intended. But there are many types of witches eg.. white witches, dark witches, grey witches etc, and idk why a lot of people think witches do not believe in divine power/God or God's, and all wear the stigmata that all witches are bad and evil. Which is not true! Most witches draw their power from nature and are naturalist and have a holistic perspective with their craft. I don't agree with Christian haters, like I do not agree with Christians that hate what they do not understand. I believe each to their own and good will to all. But if only this world was that simple and straightforward. There are many men with evil intentions and intentions is part of spelling or witch craft. This world is filled with sorcery, both good and wicked. I am not trying to glorify or water down that there has been a lot of evil promoted in the world today through dark magik. I just think that it is a fine grey line that can go above a lot of people's heads, the trick is not to get lost in the complications and remain simplistic. Not all witches joined a cult to learn craft, some are born to it, and we keep our family secrets. As there is a time and place for everything. I do believe in the Supreme God. God is kind and he is a loving God, he even made hell for the sinners. Js

  39. The Pink Floyd song, Brick In The Wall I looked at entirely different. Ya…fuck authority,… man's authority, what the schools teach are lies so ya…teacher leave the kids alone. I never related these lyrics to dump Prime Creator…ever. Authority is run by satanists. Schools are run by satanists….the agenda is run by satanists. This planet is satans domain. There is only one law it is Prime Creators law…it is called, The Law Of One, which is universal law. Man's laws are bullshit. This video is pure NONSENSE.

  40. I disagree with the floyd quote. That song is about flame history and narrative. Not teachers as in religion. Jesus was against religion. Other than that what it said about witch craft is true..witch craft runs the planet!

  41. Jesus Christ lived in the most oppressive and barbaric regime of the roman empire when asked should we give taxes to the Romans, Jesus replied “Give to caesar what is due to caesar and to God what is due to God”. God is in control and rulers are there only because God permits it for His plans but the ultimate authority is God. When the authority of God conflicts with the authority of man, Christians should follow God.

  42. WHERE is the Real Battlefield of Armageddon/WHAT does Armageddon LITERALLY MEAN???

    WHO is The Real CONQUEROR or VICTOR;

    The biggest combat place, constant war area, lifetime fight stage is in/on THE CHEST (HEART).

    Every Body has a Chest (Heart) and a Skull (Brain/Mind),…

    Re/member The MIND (Brain) is directed/oriented/shaped/leaded/conducted/canalized BY HEART. Every single decision/judgement Process/Operation starts and ends in/at the Heart,…

    The main/final headquarter of judgement is Heart,…

    WHO is The Real CONQUEROR or VICTOR;

    It’s certainly not such a pompous person whosoever stands on the ruins/desolationS of others’/rests’,…

    In/Deed whoever wins the fight/combat/warfare, (provoking/triggering/occurring/happening) in his/her own in(ner)SIDE deserves to be A; 100% HUMAN, WELL DISCIPLINED DISCIPLE, MAN of GOD, LOYAL LOVER of LORD,…

    A Message to You From Your Inside/Chest-Heart; “““OUR Victory needs and requires a Firm Dedication and has a Parole from DictateStationary-Dictionary/Glossary which coded as “impossible” yet WE should translate it into “I’mPossible!” Since Our OmniPotent Lord has gifted us that Pot/ential,…”””

    Please Our Unique Lord + Compassionate God,

    Don’t Let us sing the Hill(Hell)Song,


    Let Your Loyal LOVERS pray/play/sing the HEALsong(S),…

  43. Authority now a days can easily be corrupt. The family unit has been destroyed. We can't simply go back to the way we were 50 years ago. It was a process that started in the 60's to change our society to what it is today.

  44. Hi love the channel just thought you might live to have a look at a documentary called Europa's last battle its ten parts it very shocking thanks

  45. Yes I agree with obeying the bible but not following the jesuit brainwashing, zionism, satanism. Whats wrong with breaking free of the new world order?

  46. Christianity is destroying itself for them. It’s no better than Islam or Judaism. Mankind has no need for such blind superstition, division and war. Christianity Inc. exists now. Christians died out in the First Century.

  47. great video as always R$E… but i think you have the 'Pink Floyd's The Wall' part a bit misunderstood. now, there ARE things in that album that are not suitable for a Disciple of Christ… a couple of the songs are definitely rather lewd and/or licentious… but it IS about the expression of a man's thoughts and feelings as he goes through a total mental breakdown. but the parts about resisting authority in that album, i see as kind of right on point.

    the schools and teachers and other "authorities" that we are being asked to obey right now are all corrupt and evil NWO antichrist types, using mind control on the masses and trying to 'break' you from childhood into a good little consumer/worker/cattle starting in our schools . if you really listen to that album, it is THOSE types of 'authorities' that he is saying to resist because they are trying to make you into just a number and take away all of your humanity, and your SPIRIT AS A CHILD OF THE FATHER AND DISCIPLE OF YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH. and that in my opinion is absolutely something that more people need to wake up and see going on in their lives and they DO need to reject THAT authority. sadly the vast majority of the Society we live in is like that… pushing conformity to the NWO and trying to control our minds hearts and Spirits, and as i said, YES i do think we MUST resist that… the ONLY AUTHORITY we need ALWAYS adhere to is that of Yahshua/The Father/Holy Spirit. i can totally see how that could look wrong or sinister if you don't know the whole story of the album. i dont listen to the album really anymore, and if i do i end up skipping many of the songs… but there are definitely some Truths in it. May Our Father continue to Bless you and Yahshua continue to guide you through the Holy Spirit.

  48. ALL RELIGIONS – (including christianity) ARE satanic….

    they are ALL COPIED from earlier belief systems and are

    'God' is satan….
    PRINCE of the AIR / the lying JEALOUS sky-God….of ALL RELIGIONS….

    be-LIE-ving THEIR 'God' to be the REAL one….

    THE TRUE HOLY CREATOR / SUPREME OMNIPOTENT BEING is something/someone else…. AND TOTALLY OPPOSITE to the LIE which is 'God' and RELIGIOUS tyranny….

  49. my opinion is christian is another word for ancient belief
    its all brainwashing including yourself
    sorry your plain rude jk rolling is not the anti christ just a novelist , you are warping
    truth ie lying whichcraft religion craft more like

  50. Great video but I think you've misinterpreted the message from Pink Floyd. We've had 40 years of education being infiltrated by leftism and brainwashing children/students. It's during this time that Jesus and God have been taken out of the classroom. Modern eduction has simply become brainwashing with progressive values. It's through this that children have become disrespectful to parents. The leftist agenda is to replace parents with teachers in bringing up children. Hilary Clinton said it is the role of the State to bring up children and not the parent. So in this respect I agree with Pink Floyd, those teachers should leave the children alone.

  51. Roger Waters ,heard in interview , he supports one world government ,so did John Lennon with imagine ,I've known this a long time. Shameful. Devil's music. Come and willfully be a slave to illuminati control.

  52. Hello! I'm a Japanese Jesus Follower. Illuminati, Jehovah Satan himself persistently stalking me and attacking me, even as human form. The Lord Jehovah is actually Satan to God and rewritten in Babylonian version as Lord. I love Jesus. Illuminati hates that. I started feeling so sure about why Jehovah has to be in Japan not in Israel. Jesus DID CRUSHED Satan's head. I am very sure there was far more much happened when Jesus was on the cross, which is enough for Satan to be driven away from his previous comparatively strong powerhouse BY PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. I am very sure Satan has hidden what did really happen at that time. I praise God.

  53. christianity has had 2000years of domination it has persecuted all other religions , what you dont see is that christianity is the illuminate, the one world, one god ,one book. society is finally breaking free from the restraints of 2000years of brainwashing .
    christians relish the persecution, they love to play the marter, play the victim when they are the majority and have special "respect".

    take religion out of government and any other politacal organisations
    treat all religions the same and stop whining ,

  54. When you get a new computer you fill its memory with what you want. Isn't that the same principle as schooling? So much bandwidth to fill. They will only tell you what they want you to know to make you productive enough when schooling comes to an end. Education starts after your school years.

  55. Rise, little light studios, the truthunedited and polite leader are some of the few YouTube channels that are not afraid to expose what is actually happening in this world.


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