Crossway ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible (Hardback) Review

Posted By on May 24, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. Beau. Imagine the fact that we now live in an age where a major publisher can put out a study bible with the words "systematic theology" on it with the expectation of people buying it. It was not like that 15 years ago.

  2. How would you describe or compare the bleed through on this bible? Better same or worse then the Thinline or their global study bible?

  3. Nice, clear presentation. I considered purchasing this study Bible, but I wanted more scholarly and detailed E.S.V. study Bibles first. For that purpose I highly recommend "The Lutheran Study Bible" (from Concordia, not the same-titled "study" Bible from an E.L.C.A./E.L.C.iC. liberal standpoint from another Lutheran publisher) and the Reformed study Bible, "The Reformation Study Bible". Those are better choices for an annotated study Bible. "The Systematic Study Bible" (E.S.V.) is for those who wish to read Reformed theology as in the Bible on a more introductory level. So, it basically is for theological beginners, but good for what it does for them.


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