CIV 6: A Tale of Religion and Wonders…as Egypt! – Part 3

Posted By on July 8, 2019

in the meanwhile were playing him since we started this last Wednesday this is indeed only the second day that we're playing this I believe and I think you're in the first day did we don't like played for like an hour or something because we actually had a we had a restart issue at some point because of the of Tings that happened in game but uh we sorta got sneak attack – bye-bye France and we were a little out of position it was gonna be bad so we just restarted but this game is certainly going much better in fact uh Eleanor of Aquitaine whose English this time as opposed to French has had a really bad time because we've we beat up a bunch of her stuff and then who dis Korea right Korea took a bunch of her stuff as well Eleanor I still exists somewhere over here she's got a city but that's about it meanwhile Japan declared war on us again we've been at war with Japan twice once it was a joint war declaration Japan and England simultaneously declared war on us we sort of fought to a standstill at peace tell Japan then kick the crap out of England but now they've declared war on us again so we're gonna be moving so let's play posture over here he's been exposed I'm not gonna lie but we've got a couple of turns before he lands with those range units and the warrior by himself won't be able to take it so hopefully be able to redeploy our troops down here we I think we had just peaced out England over here and so we were a little bit out of position but I think we're gonna be kind of okay so it was a big week we did a lot last week but I think this week's gonna be even more so if you missed some stuff last week don't worry about it I'm gonna remember me all right thanks for the subs Reis ups that are coming right now um have the pleasure of living both England and Scotland and man Scotland's return Scotland's pretty awesome the people here are so great well blew me away we were walking around st. Andrews and like three different times well sorry twice and st. Andrews we're just walking around and this like person just starts up this huge conversation with us we're just sort of standing there walk in there or whatever and we find ourselves in five 10 minute long conversation with some random person that lives in the town they just like come up and start talking about like okay this is weird and you know I'm not used to being sociable but sure and it was lovely so we got lots of selfies with some new people and oh is it the other thing oh yeah when we're coming back to Dundee train station when we were on our way back home to the air with that done these train station waiting for our train and this this guy just you know sort of sits down next to us and he starts saying he just finished his last exam I just graduated law school you know he's going back to us to hang out with his parents for a couple of months before you know going back and doing his master's he just like starts up this huge conversation like man Scottish people are like really friendly meanwhile I'm really tired and kind of cold so tired from from the trip you know got back in relatively late yesterday and just burnt up from the trip so today I did record uh we got a tropical playthrough that has started I believe though the first episode that we'll go live tomorrow morning so hopefully looking forward to that and yeah it's chilly in here so I got my I got my hoodie on which I don't normally have it we get the hoodie on for extra warmth over here because I don't know we Egyptians are not used to the cold or something like that their mouths is asking how's gallows doing so we're gonna talk about the game a wee bit more we're gonna dive in here it's gonna be great it doesn't hood you'll get extra shaken coastal tiles man I don't know I don't know anyone's abilities we have changed our modding situation here a little bit because she Qi I don't believe his I don't know if it's been updated to the latest patch or not but the thing with the CQI mod which I've been using and I love it's just the user interface mod it is really wonderful but it's like set up as a single monolithic mod and things can break you know various patches and so what we're going to be playing with today instead is the concise ey mod which is implemented as a series of very tiny mods you can see here if I scroll through this list there you go concise you I could slice UI concise UI concise UI and I think that's gonna mean it's less likely to break when there's patches and it does the things that I want it just cleans up the UI just a scooch and then I'm also running the like the more lenses mod which is included in the CQI I'm running it as a standalone over here so I think it's gonna work a little bit better never answer you on Twitter such a what did you ask I don't know I don't know man remove finally trek fate of the world looks like you use your advice oh man fate of the world oh that is such a game good game but brutal it will destroy you don't need particularly lives there a couple years ago really do mr. random car safety yeah they just friendly group of people we solve like the old DMA officers DNA is that it people made lemmings and there's like a lemming statue there and everything so I got some pics of me with lemming stuff top-five strategy games you're right well that's a tough question and I will try to look at it again on the Twitter but that's probably a bit too heavy of a conversation for now yeah boom that one trapped but well it's not trapped anymore oh we know this one is you're right this Korean galley I think we'd be intentionally bought this this tile just a troll Korea here so I think there's nothing for us to do but to hit next turn that we've moved everything um the one exception I think this Archer which is fortified I think it could be moved but I kind of think we should leave it here in case Korea starts and crap Korea who just settled over here so we're have to do something about that at some point we got enough we got more than enough error score for us to go manage over here speaking of Oh asmath ask when this is the era to end in one turn so we are gonna Golden Age that's gonna be fine it'll be really convenient for our neighbors don't because that may lead some interesting loyalty stuff we are that I like to Cahokia over here we are not or allied vassal this really what I meant to say we are not vassal I think with Babylon no they currently have no assurance I think we did it's whiskey and chocolate from cool man fine hey cool man hello there have you missed my Star Wars memes French to war with you that was because you named the city cool and fight in the first yes that's sure in our first run France decided that the city cool man fight was way too awesome and had to be there's and in that run okay what are you taking damage from is this guy like face planting answer the city I mean we've got a tiny bit of damage presented there I guess it must have done that which is interesting I'm like oh we've got the canal graphics here and all the solution water which is very very exciting so yeah let's play possum might have a little bit of a hard time luckily he hasn't been able to land the catapult but I mean he can eventually wear it down with just the slinger it's only 15 strength but we've got probably got a few turns so let's let's continue I mean these units are already kind of moving because I was moving into the city maybe to be able to heal a little bit faster but maybe you should stand there let me yeah let me for fun to heal you right there for now missed your unit and then yeah this Archer here yeah this landscape is pretty rough we've got Magnus we need to chop down more of this like this rainforest and various things so we can move our units a bit faster I mean I know we had a bunch of moves already queued up but I want to sort of see what you see yeah they've got they're gonna have like three turns four turns to have their wave let's play possum I don't know if let's play possum in the chat today but we'll see yeah roads would be nice we did have a trade unit it got bopped at some point currently we don't have one that might be a priority for us oh yeah here I like this new combat log over here city center was attacked by the enemy warrior kickin 39 damaged and itself heal a little bit luckily they're not in a position to prevent it from healing and the warrior will continue to take a fair bit of damage here so it will have a hard time medieval era is here we are Golden Age Japan think I'll work on a cool man glorious age looks like gloating to me I look forward to the day of your fall listen honey you've got quite you those are big words coming from someone who got knocked down to a single city their friend buddy cow mine if Korea doesn't like finish you off I will just just for spite at this point any we can we can Golden Age up over here we're gonna swell um better Yuri cuz commercial up this in harbors we don't have we don't have those so it's kind of moot city receives culture for special district maybe can purchase civilian units with faith actually I think that might be what we do we're not a ton of faith generation but I think it would be nice to maybe get some builders via faith since um since we're not playing the religion game someone else's has religion up so I think this is gonna be a way good way to go builder settlers are also cheaper we're kind of giving going on settlers we've got one coming out over here but builders would be nice especially with Magnus over here I think that's gonna be nice Oh English always so sad listen here sister that's right big words for one province minor waitron game yeah so this you can see here the UI is been tweaked but concise you act like they didn't do much but I do love this is one of the things I liked about CQI they're like buttons for purchasing things with gold and faith like right on the UI over here very handy I'm actually gonna go to the melts over here and purchase a builder here because he's got Magnus over here which means he'll get extra value out of these chops which seems like it's probably a pretty good idea so yeah nuttin atherton over here has completed our trader there we go so we're rebuilding the trader that we lost somewhere along the way it feels like probably building military units this kind of good idea since we're at you know war and everything like that the other thing I'm not sure if we've actually built our unique unit yet our chariot Archer so I'll put it in cue we're gonna want obviously want to start acquiring a Golden Age stuff again as we go forward here to me it looks like a normal age for Japan and Korea and a Dark Age for England here so I mean it would been really great one of them had Dark Age because we might have been able to push a religious pressure on them but but that's but that's okay we'll take it and yeah maybe I could have bought a unit here instead as a defensive measure but I can't anymore because I know any faith left I mean I can buy a scout I don't know if that's gonna be worthwhile it might change the the wall strength a little bit but maybe not because it's it's known as a melee unit so I think it would your kind of block so I guess I'll move you up here and then do that and then yeah do this and slowly and very ponderously walk forward we'd be able to shoot the warrior here we'll be able to shoot in with us Archer next turn so I think let's play possum is gonna be fine actually now nut matter can over here we could run a trade route from here right now and as Egypt we're mostly didn't want to run external trade routes because we get bonus money from that okay actually is a mission to send a trade Rev so that seems like the way to go and the nice thing about this is it will actually create quite a few roads loan particularly some of these river crossings and whatnot the concise UI I mod does update the information here to not show you the distance but instead show you how many turns the trade won't work so 24 terms need to be as about a short so this would be the thing that gives us the most money and it'll complete a mission seems like the way to go no longer show you my glass full of 50 or anymore oh yes the lowest coin denomination in Denmark mmm any points play total war three kingdoms no plans currently but a desire and and a likelihood I guess we could put it that way yeah this UI looks great I mean you have to like subscribe well what you can do is you can you can go to the collection page and see it subscribe all because you have to like subscribe like 15 different things but it's well worthwhile and then you also want to subscribe to the more lenses and better espionage mod I think many the better espionage doesn't matter I mean it's nice it doesn't big be a lil but you want to you want to subscribe to more lenses it is the greatest it is one of the first mods that people made it was directly made as a response to me whining and therefore it's awesome new city quest wait another century or that one just got created at the started in you era it might have created that right as soon as we entered the the medieval era so we instantly completed that which is convenient anyway all that talking I think we're just gonna go ahead and external always remember quills hair to be shorter I think time for Harrogate yeah that's probably Shh oh no no no oh no no no yeah will be an a beginning haircut when I get back home leave it long fur throughout my Scottish visit to make Accenture happy but then I'm gonna cut it to make me happy blah blah blah blah blah blah yeah I denounced you back yes oh there hey the World Congress has kicked in it met half the people but sure producing using the chosen currency type um oh there we go here's what we're gonna do we're gonna see if we can get a discount to purchasing units with faith because we we've got that sort of unlock to ourselves would be nice um trade route yield well we are trading with a city-state right now what shitty states what shitty states what uh what type of city state is Cahokia that is type trade is that the type of city-state it is yeah so let's vote for trade city-states give us more stuff I don't think I'm going to use multiple votes up throw an extra vote here for this in case it's all tied submit most of not to us I hate you innovation for me goes to Montezuma Billy or anyone who grunts at you how much hair really was I don't know man like anyone that much 2/3 something like that I don't feel about right um faith ooh is hundred percent the someone voted for doubling the cost of faith purchases just to screw me and scientific city-states oh well the central urban scholars you don't live in Scotland but we are currently visiting Scotland together ok so let me let me deal with some military first we're gonna move our archer here and pew pew this guy so let's play possum is perfectly safe I mean there is another warrior over here but I'll take him like a couple of parents that land and actually attack so we're not worried about that I mean there might be some more bombards but we're not gonna lose the city which is the only thing I was kind of a really concerned about um now in lower case row we could start the Oracle I think I mean we could build more military units but honestly I'm not convinced we need a ton maybe maybe I'll start another chariot Archer one more bombarda type unit it's our unique why not we'll do that just you're just generally walk towards a socket mostly that's what I'm gonna tell everyone ditto ditto and now you you're not blocking anyone anymore I mean it's you back to fortify until healed and then we'll probably promo into assortment so melts over here what I want to do what is this Cahokia Mounds oh you're gonna build a building when you're cooking with your buddies with Cahokia when you're in cahoots with Cahokia city receives +1 amenity from the first Cahokia mountain provement okay so you can put out multiple Cahokia mountains but each city poland removes receives one amenity from them they don't that doesn't stack the Cahokia Mounds provide gold when you discover natural history plus one amenity from their second 100k and then you get +1 food from two adjacent districts from feudalism plus one housing oh my god there's too much stuff can't be built adjacent to other Cahokia Mounds i mean certainly sounds like it's worth building one at least and I guess maybe two for the long term I was gonna go and chop some trees but you know what let's get this started I mean we're gonna build our sinks as well but sure let's do that WC true hard mode and play Venice what like sip five again yes you can only do the mounted here Cahokia suzuran but I believe the bonus stays if you lose Susan ship there's a few different city-states that let you build something unique and I think they all let you keep the stuff afterwards alright so the search is going to come around here I only need one hour to sort of guard this area someone just died an unmet city-state yeah we're gonna take some damage here special session Oh military emergency Korea has captured Liverpool I would love to start this fight except that I'm already in war so I'm gonna have to say I'm not interested did you find the penultimate mod yet for SIF no actually damn it you're right I need to do that uh alright we don't have faith to buy that melts over here I might want to build city walls if there is something that starts with Korea they might be able to rush some stuff down here and that would be kind of poor let's go ahead and get some ancient walls over here because you can't rush by them so it's kind of important to make sure you've got them um the woods on flat ground I'm gonna leave but the woods on a hill here I'm gonna chop those now there is maybe some settlement options over here on the west coast that might be nice but I think what's best and easiest to move over here actually what if we did settle over here we got a couple of viable tiles well three viable tiles their legal they've got water they're pretty close to Korea but I think might be okay to do in terms of which table to settle I don't think it matters too much I might not want to cover this tile because it can be adjacent to two mountains I could do this which is a little bit more for actually it's fairly well defended the mountain pass here is gonna mean that Korea can't really attack me very quickly yeah I'm gonna go ahead and move this way nice to claim both in the West and East to block Korea bit yeah that's true I mean doing this I think this is like the most aggressive settlement and they have promised Korea I wouldn't settle near them in a previous episode I don't remember I guess oh we don't have vision here because of the hill so I guess we'll wait a little bit it's more risky traffic oh man fight do you remember the sniper assault teleport done yes I do I do that was fun times also orange my favorite food yeah that was from our battle tech run I kind of want to do more about tech run those streams are like sick good it'll literally settle right next year city bars yeah I mean obviously there's gonna be a lot of overlap but I think it's okay the overlap boat is only really truly a problem when you have two cities that are both like max population really if there's at middling populations they still have they're fine like blah blah blah blah apprenticeship blah blah blah blah blah yeah I can't really do any any swapping I was like I've pre research both of these both of these culture what it called civics over here as much as I can I guess we're just gonna have to finish it without having the the Eureka boost and that's gonna have to be okay there's construction seven turns yeah it's not gonna be built in time maybe we can sneak in a water mill it's possible no let's start working on it and see what develops all right mr. warrior you were fully healthy we've got we've got iron we've got some money I guess the question is what are we gonna do with the money I mean I could purchase a water mill that I can't because it would be three hundred twenty gold all right I'm gonna move you up one and I'm just gonna toward turning to ash wards man we're gonna go ahead and chop this finishing these walls boosting engineering so maybe we will work on engineering in case we might need catapults actually for the upcoming warfare and then we've got walls over here which is gonna be very nice to remove some of the threat from Korea over here we could work on the oracle or the Abaddon ax I mean the empanadas mmm empanadas could do the watermelon actually you know what if I start on the watermill you can boost it I might be able to like save it turn off something I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to do another chop here cuz it's another Hill right yeah it is and it's rain for us and I don't tend to keep rainforests around although it is I think giving us one science but we're inevitably gonna chop down the rainforests so it's okay well the world's a stage policies we are currently building builders I'm wondering about just caring man streets we only have one trade route but I think that's fine I don't think we're about to buy a tile or anything let's go okay more influence points fine great scientists points still my favorite thing deforestation is good what about the terraform Mars board game because you I hope you're happy with what we've done sorry for making you spend money Ikki Hawkman but congratulations on buying what is probably my favorite board game right now I mean it's also gloom Haven but there are inherently very very very different in terms of the role they play hope you have friends you can play with um let's do record it history you've got the boost on it already and yeah at some point we'll do the construction technology so that'll get boosted there which is gonna be nice so we'll do that that's gonna be ok we could build the Sphinx here there's only for pop at our Capitol though so I don't think we need to worry about that we are gonna go ahead and remove this rain forest giving us another big speed boost lovely we have a sward man who's gonna move forward and then you over here are definitely going to shoot that fool and then can you shoot him yep I can't move and shoot though no because the rough terrain so just do that that's gonna have to be fine enough you can scooch up a little bit here I'm gonna move you into the city which now is 26 foot points and I guess I'll shoot this guy because he can shoot now although you know in a sense it's nice to target the catapult before constructing your city but I guess it's gonna be fine so a couple of chariot arch was being built walls over here in Daniel danske which may not super be required but we'll still appreciate having them they do culture and stuff later on one Archer still parked in the resi for safety's sake which is excellent we're have to work our way up to machinery so that we can get the cross woman I'm on holiday wind when green plan comes up green planet comes out 14th 16th maybe to 16th something like that someone can google it for you but it's very soon there we go we've Yuri could construction lovely um I could buy a Scout but I'm not gonna this isn't our capital um maybe I should have kept ill come although I can put it back in relatively soon because I kind of like the idea of spanning up builders I mean we could use some you know we could use some districts over here we could build military units for down here well if I'm gonna build anything it may have been a catapult which will unlock in a second I think I actually am gonna build builders we've got a lot of unimproved terrain the other thing I want to do is probably move Magnus now there's still some chops to do it melts well I'm not necessarily gonna chop this and the others are outside the borders which I think still works but I think what I should do is take this off you need to mat move Magnus maybe do lowercase Rho which is some really good choppa bolt rain that's what I'm gonna do we reassign you to lowercase R Oh excellent and we'll chop around there when you get there um we have a scout that's opened in by a Japanese scout but I guess we can just wail on him that's fine he's already damaged so that's okay you're gonna scooch up I'll get you to move wide here because we're gonna need we're gonna need more space for sure and ask for you Osaka can't bombard us so we'll step forward okay we'll just shoot a Sokka no I don't know I'm gonna shoot these units over here it's gonna be for the best finish off the slinger excellent wonderful tech boost governor Magnus has moved combat log no this is not seek EU I remember lumber mills was good to you absolutely I mean I tend to chop lumber I chop trees that are on Hills cuz I build mines but then on flat ground I tend to leave lumber the math can be a little different with Magnus but I kind of like the long term stuff so you just keep moving forward keep moving forward slowly take a while before we get a melee unit over here tonight I wasn't time for recreation Osuna Coliseum entertainment complex insula so we can tweak our policies again and you know I will drop drop caravan trees I will go back to ill come and I think we will build a bunch of builders now we could change our government but I think it's okay so we've got that boost of games and rec we could research engineering I think I will research engineering it's already boosted and we may end up needing the catapult for cities that actually have walls up this flat or its wooded I guess just stand there and shoot for now it's gonna have to be okay step forward you're just gonna sit here in queue few things Japanese Scout I think has rested I'll just fortify here which should be okay and yet we're gonna settle over here I suspect again we may have promised that we wouldn't forward settle here we'll be fine to the citizens of the by toes all mountains smoke a little right that's right what could possibly go wrong did my UI just break I know this mod does hit the hide the city tile the city like yeah I don't know pop-up thing when you build I think something made it broken slightly just just a wafer-thin breaking let me do a couple of things I think the quicksave did work let me just queue up some sort of construction here not water mill actually I wonder walls I'm in the next turn see if it clears it up if not we'll just reload and yeah I want to rename it but uh no I refuse no peace your are the oceans awful your stink clings to everything you touch well that's not very nice oh yeah the the things aren't bad so what we'll do is we'll quick save I wonder if I enter a screenshot mode and then leave no so what we'll do is we'll relay reload from the quicksave so it might be a tiny glitch there if your mountain is smoking maybe you should talk to it and try and make it quit smoking is bad for your health you have built great cities of stone so one of my mods might make it's that the city's banners disappears when we senselessly pinnacle castles we can live with it yes the ancient Japanese Egyptian war everyone knows about the great Japanese edition war this is actually the second Japanese Egyptian war in season both times started by Japan so shall you grow to understand your place in this world well katana ninja I like sieve for graphics better so anything about that left tree okay about you actually do really like the graphics that were introduced in a Gathering Storm the like map overlays and stuff I really think it looks really slick all right so we got a city banners back hooray so you're just gonna shoot that guy and then shoot the cat up hope we're not shooting cats we don't endorse that that's flat this is not right yeah it was woods but if this is flat it means I can move forward here and then still shoot yeah that's I was going to say so that I can shoot one of these units we're gonna shoot the thing that can shoot me from range only I'm allowed to fire from range pew pew pew and then slowly move our melee units up really slowly it's a rough strain over here I did break a promise yeah I was like I had a fake memory that last week we promised we wouldn't settle near them but you know stuff happens let's buy this tile cuz I want that for myself and no they're not gonna beat me to this that being said I will buy this because I think we're gonna put an enchantment right there you see a pass promises somewhere that's a good question no man we got some cranky people in this game yeah she's probably gonna start a war if I can get these walls up I'll be okay especially with Cahokia on my side as a vassal we might be able to babble on back actually you so it's smashing those walls I don't see a sort of cross swords that indicates that there are at war with anyone this is just a UI thing that doesn't show that I don't know okay step forward this is flat here yeah yeah how is if the mouse over cuz plenty of times hills don't aren't really visible to me as Hills now the warrior could maybe melee but I don't think it's gonna do that what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move this Archer over here and then what will enable is our sword meant to end up right over here and be able to take the city this is 20 HP because the award is there but doesn't have walls which is the important thing oh you're gonna keep firing at this guy okay barbarians what oh yes and anyway the meaning of the city thank you very much for some terrible things in my life some of which actually happened campus district adjacency bonus um I don't think we have much in the way of campus adjacency bonus so I'm not gonna stress about changing their policies we were gonna rename the city after subscriber whose name I grabbed from chat now which becomes nightmare lore nightmare lore welcome to the Empire we've been the targeted declaration of war so we have a boost for defensive tactics isn't that nice we usually have a boost to that because people like to declare war on us a lot I will be spamming out a fair number of builders here because we are running oakum in fact I might just have builders being made in all cities temporarily Liang over here I usually quite like to build aquaculture it might be a little early for you so rather than do that I'm actually thinking of unlocking a new type of governor especially we might need to like put more people in cities we take to deal with loyalty issues just have to not be taken now well hopefully nightmare lore we will keep you you're on the fringe I'm not gonna bring a ping here I think pings a good choice we'll probably put you in our capital um because long-term that's probably the thing that's gonna create more of that alright you just keep being fortified until healed for now I'm gonna come over here okay so you're gonna move here so you can't you can't male yasaka yet I will move to here fire that opens up your movement and then we're just gonna shoot out I gotta keep hitting you dang I want to keep I'm gonna start hitting the city but we got to keep these these units down otherwise they're gonna do damage sure units not to mention do damage to the city we're about to take still we're obviously crushing in this war which is always nice to see all right little warrior here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna practice getting you over to lowercase a robe to chop down some trees nope no peace not right now anyway hey there's our first unique unit the chariot Archer giving us era score for the next era so we have the boot – machinery because we didn't build three archers ages ago building getting machineries are very nice crossbows are a huge upgrade in addition to that we'll be able to build lumber mills which will also be hugely valuable so um while I have the chance to spend faith on civilians I better do that I guess we'll be able to spend faith until this Golden Age ends which isn't gonna be for a while so but I mean I guess I could have also checked great people to see if they're someone I could faith by but they're all super expensive for faith so not right now okay now this is going to be my farm but I think it's probably worth pillaging this now to heal so I'll have to repair it later which is kind of annoying if I go here kuna doesn't actually have walls does it cuz it would look different so I could move here although that's not really where I want the spearmen I don't know let's do it and then the sword man yeah you're just uh you know what actually this will just get healed just to sit here it's fine I think this catapult is healing slightly at sea maybe it could level up or something I don't know so you're finding yourself since you have to play Japan were you mean worker today yeah I'm building workers or builders not warriors faith said otherwise then that was a mistake all right chariot move Ford and in turn we have city walls oK you've got a promotion everything okay so I'm gonna kill this unit with the city often at prioritize killing with units the thinking at the XP but you're ready level up and yet I think what I want to do is I'm gonna move you to here so a little closer and then I will promote you to arrow store nice and then let's play possum could probably finish its monument since it was nearly done when this war started so you're still pushing out with units it would be nice to melee you though there's more stuff over here okay let's do this and then this cuz these guys can still shoot that way I will do I suppose this and then you're gonna stand there and then do nothing and yeah I keep having to whale oh my god all he's doing is spamming catapults this just in Japan is crazy about cats I mean I guess that's fine I know I guess I can start nailing it I mean you will heal ya it'll heal all of it so nope just wait charrid Archer slowly move forward that's fine and then we got yes the Builder over here so we're gonna do some more aggressive chops eliminate the rainforest hey we're playing Brazil go so we got another builder alright I'll get you to move over here and yes thanks that up that's gonna be fun and let's go a few more builders we may switch out a Telkom when the offensive tactics comes out I don't know if Japan's a crazy like a country that's crazy for cats but I do know there's some great cat videos on YouTube from out of Japan I'll start a builder there maybe I'll go through one other iteration of a Civic before we stop building builders so you can move here I shoot that guy if you just melee yeah oh come on and once again the AI manages to survive with like no hit points and just drive me crazy um I guess we have to do this you've got a promotion pending – unless we can mailee it a couple of times this way not quite kill it Archer you are gonna crow we don't have the technology to allow units to embark I mean builders yes but huh all right you're just gonna go and hang out and let's play possum for now cuz getting you to the front would be very annoying yeah we may as well build sphinxes everywhere sphinxes stinks aye well what would you think would be the best plural for Sphinx this is a succeed better latest expansion I rely Gathering Storm on multiple different levels I thought it was quite nice so someone built the great lighthouse a city-state was defeated all right there's only one Sphinx well it's like the Sphinx like a Highlander is he lies in the defense the possibility of victory fastball no I'm gonna keep I'm not gonna make a change right now we're gonna research theology because we're never gonna found a religion so we'll never get the boost to it and that'll be a good time to switch out of elcome so about six turns left of bill come bonus so yeah and that's not additional builds it's just faster builds so yeah I'll start one more builder in the lowercase R oh um where's Liang actually in the resi where we're not actually even building builders but you have to get established somewhere to give the bonus well major its feet no just to keep resting a little bit more alright let's just fire in a socket for all I know he's building walls and then I'm gonna be really annoyed I and some of these using some promotions waiting but and I'm gonna melee you bring you down quite a bit and you're gonna come over here and threaten that guy and I guess you're gonna get shot by that catapult so I'll just pull you back over here and get you to wait stink stink stinks mmm yeah we'll move you down here um do I have to change if I want to click here ok that's one of your tiles so if I chop this this will go to RO where you have magnets to get extra value out of it excellent so Sphinx is a bunch of things depending on your tech so it gives faith and culture who also boost appeal then he gets bonus face next to wonder bonus culture if next to a flood plane additional culture once natural history discovered tourism after flight can't be built to another sinks so I mean there's optimal places to build them but mostly it's like yeah we may as well spam as many as possible so therefore I'm not too worried it's possible a place one and then not be able to place another one in some sort of like really optimal spot but ok sinkers that's the plural of Sphinx is Viktor that's like okay and we're gonna take a soccer lovey and traditionally I rename cities after the war is over so we will wait a scootch for that I could insta purchase a monument but it's not let me have loyalty problems over here so I'm not super concerned I will simply repair the granary now we have another governor title available so if we were to promote Magnus see Magnus's trade bonuses are usually quite nice but as each of you want to run international trade routes when provisions not that crazy either the power is okay plus the science per turn for each citizen yeah I think we're gonna want to get these I forgot that like changed ping at some point he's kind of awesome what are we making more of we're currently making more science than culture so let's go ahead actually boost our culture that way you mean I get credit for it right away maybe just next turn it'll update didn't refresh this play like it does when you change your policy cards so I'll finish you off nice there's still you over here but I'll just rest here no there I will do this unless I buy these tiles it's sort of the last bit of chopping I'm gonna do a round row here but honestly there's not that there's actually a fair amount of Tropp ability in the rezzie and we could use with rushing that tell you what we're gonna move Magnus over to of the resi and then Liang if I move it to nuttin Atherton actually then what's gonna happen is Liang will be established by the time that builder gets built so we'll get plus one charge okay we may change your mind for things but for now that's gonna be okay all right we may stop the Builder spam I don't know roh-roh can actually squeeze out another builder with full it'll come bonus to me as well I'd really like to build builders in waves like this alright you know just move you down here so you can bombard next turn you're just gonna rest okay I know I have still have a lot of purple tiles to improve right now I'm focusing on the chops wherever Magnus's yeah builder so this would take a little while longer so we'll probably do something else in our capital most likely more of these kind of improvements now hill-hill know really good spot for um a industrial zone I mean there's another pair of hills here if we did it there well this is a hill here so if we did there no it's just – I mean I want industrial zones at some point but how about I built the government Plaza if I put in a capital then it can stack with other things and that would be kind of okay I have a bonus to building districts that if I'm a there adjacent to a river I believe as Egypt so I guess I'll build it here we'll get that started I'm not the cool super government buildings let's play possum it's got its Monument done this is someone else's campus but I think let's play possum would like to build a campus right over here let's do that and you've got ping yeah we're gonna leave this here although in a turn we'll be able to build a lumber mill on there for now though I'll just uh sphynx this up – hmm we're gonna leave that there instead we're gonna get some sea turtles lovey does the Sphinx give us oops that's screenshot mode which is cool this is fing same as housing no see that's interesting so because farms give us housing a couple of things give us a little bit of housing but sphinxes do not which means we'll have a little bit of a harder time going over our housing cap in our cities let me want to I don't know consider our spam rules but we'll see you over here you're going to shoot that you're gonna shoot this and then we'll try to finish you off the Spearman oh it's not quite gonna pull it off one more shot I didn't want to promote this guy but let's go ahead and do this clear that out and I'm gonna move down here man there's a couple it's all over and there I don't do this I might get shot by catapults but that'll have to be okay I mean the people have instincts is I don't know man we could carve out the inside people could live in there remember that people break down to not just machinery all right this gives us the crossbow tech which is huge we've got a fair amount of money bank – we can't well we could run professional army hold on a sec um in probably in one turn if I go to government I believe we have unlocked I've gotten the boost for mercenaries which unlocks professional army which gives you half off upgrades but we haven't researched it yet well let's do mathematics I don't you know the petra's already built I think we've got the boost unless I want to do something else so that's the navigation would give us the ability to embark it's just traitors embark wait how what do you need – oh we need ship building four units to embark all right which is fine I don't know if we're gonna have two galleys anytime soon so let me just research ship building directly here the ability to embark will give us a little bit more flexibility all right the resi has walls excuse me I will now a the game mechanic thanks for the raiding party much appreciated also I like the kitty hello oh yeah sorry about the the over-enthusiastic we bought for the the emote spam don't want to dampen things but there you go so we're currently for those of you who just joined in channel we are currently playing as Egypt over here in Civilization 6 and having a grand old time smack in the hell in Japan who started a war against us silly Japan why would you do that okay let's come over here let's uh improvy it all these purple tiles which are courtesy of the more lenses ahmad highlighting unimproved resources and also things that we need to repair may be moved to the front i don't know i'm gonna give some love to daniel dance go over here especially since we're running stone circles Pantheon just remembered because it was last week so we get bonus faith from quarries so we're gonna want to get those hooked up absolutely we've got the sea turtle sucked up so we're gonna go here do we stinks it up yeah you know what i'm gonna keep going with the policies if I can build the Sphinx I will build the Sphinx because it's cool therefore I want you will come down here by Sunday try to figure out like the best way to engage this kiddo still doesn't have walls um I guess I could move here for it more room for other units will do this it means I can got shot by this catapult but I think it's gonna be okay cats aren't that scary unless they're attacking cities but yeah Japan is doing nothing but spamming catapults it has no interest in building anything else suppose I can build here and still shoot you've got a promotion waiting for you though alright let me remove you doesn't help with attacking cities that's okay you'll move there and then not have enough to do anything that's fine someone just built jebel barkal Oh Elinor has officially been defeated Korea has gone and finished out Elinor it's a final English city over here so a combination of me and Korea have eliminated England from the rip England we can no more have exact religious thinking without theology an exact amend situation all right we're gonna change policies cuz we're gonna drop ill come because we stop and we build a huge wave of builders but we're good for a little while so we can drop that I've been planning still fine for now we want to consider changing governments I mean we could we could go to Oleg our key which actually might not be a terrible idea I think I will for a few different things but in particular right now I'm gonna be happy just running conscription it's gonna make us a ton of money with the amount of units we have Scripture no I think we keep urban planning is gonna be fine charismatic leaders still good and I still like inspiration for great scientist we will rename typically I rename the cities after the war is over so we'll leave Osaka nan and then we'll sort of do it in bulk discussions available proposal oh we can call a special session because okay now that's very interesting so we had not given to start an emergency when Korea captured Liverpool and I said no because I'm kind of busy with Japan but kind of really would like to get involved in emergency vs Korea I think we're still gonna have to pass though yeah it sort of sucks probably well here's the thing normally I make feudalism very high priority because the +1 food from every adjacent to farm improvements is nice and then I make little farming triangles but if I'm building sphinxes Sphinx I sink ters then I guess we're not gonna do that I'm really worried our cities are gonna be too small both by a combination of lack of food and also lack of the housing that cities provide I don't really need to surf them right now we didn't just go crazy with builders a little while ago I'm actually tempted to go up to mercenaries which I guess goes through the serfdom as well can't believe we don't have six firms yet all right well we'll start on feudalism we'll see if we can pop out some farms it's cuz we keep building sphinxes instead of farms but it's cool so we're doing it row row row your boat probably just things like a water mill or something like that I mean even got grain and everything although how about we library up your campus yes let's do that we've got another envoy oh we lost the Susan trip with Cahokia so let's get that back there we go we'll go all the way to six isn't we don't even have banks or shipping buildings but yeah well we'll go ahead and get that cope here just declared war in Japan well I would certainly hope so speaking of Japan let's go ahead and rather than attack up the hill we'll see if we can get the friendly territory because you do have the ability to be upgraded to is it called the skirmisher the next version of the the Builder here and yeah let's try to plop down some farms I know I could I can stinks here but let me get let me get a handful of farms the sharing capital which is too small Oh built after national disaster right this place flooded which doesn't actually affect us but we'll see if we can get up to six farms it's gonna be tricky we're actually fairly hilly terrain and mostly you know doing that oh we can get the freakin Cahokia Mounds which are also amazing and then we plot a few there you go I just wanted to get enough just that we could trigger feudalism I mean again we could sort of minimax and replacement there but at some point you just play the game send guys concurrently under siege someone got 12 hit points so we should be able to just drop in the single turn regardless I don't think I can move and shoot with you so oh I can actually shoot Sendai from here if I were to go here okay good at your stuff moving I wasn't checking to see how much move in this thing had yeah the force here kind of being annoying with the line-of-sight blocking you can do that you I will move up and shoot and shoot and melee I was gonna say this one might get lucky but we still had the other spearmen regardless excellent we'll keep you as well not that that's a very impressive city what the heck probably I'll start in the ancient walls again since you can't buy walls I think we will accelerate that it might end up be continued being on the border with Japan later on depending on when we actually end the war we'll have to see you're gonna move up over here you rather than shoot Kyoto which will just heal up again I'll move you to a hill first a little easier to manage this wards van has been fully repaired and everything will get your skirt around here see if we can put Kyoto under siege as well yeah we're gonna we're gonna let the you have the London things slide at least for now let's see we can do you know some of these hills are super invisible all ripe and building some horsemen so between the bombard and that the spearmen took a fair amount of damage right a special session no I don't care I'm gonna pass there we go nightmare lore okay it's got walls up some border with Korea probably a monument maybe just for some some tile expansions for us over here it's gonna be okay we want to we'll get some stone circles or some quarries so that we can keep getting our stone circle bonus you've got some yeah something turns not bad your population will grow I could move someone over here you don't think we're gonna actually have to worry now you're starting on rough terrain so you're not able to you don't have enough movement to move and shoot so you can promote to a crossbow yeah I think that's worth doing I mean the chert archers like they're cool because they're an unique unit but crossbows are better though I may want to bought this guy actually yeah let's actually do that I probably should have taken a shot with this but I think we can kill him or not oh you have four move because you are starting on proper terrain so you can move here shoot him that eliminates the zone of control which allows me to retreat with my spearmen there you go that's what I want to do this spearmen here can promote I kind of like thrust because then it makes the spearmen not total crap against male events and then not enough money Oh next turn I will though all those one of these archers is gonna have to be in my territory I guess I'm just gonna move you here there's not enough room to keep you going excellent and yeah I can move I can move a governor over here but 17 isn't too bad mm-hmm dead mate what are you doing dad meets a kiotas building wonder whoo gurus plan have a lot of stink sis need more farms build more Sphinx build more Sphinx I do love the groom iam so much so Korea wants to buy horses for money Korea is probably also gonna start a war with me so how about I don't give her horses all right I'm not interested in London she'll Petra has captured Osaka has she really hmm interesting so I mean if we we could consider to let this pass I mean we have to thumbs it down we have no choice as a free vote we have to thumbs it down at least one time I'm kind of okay with it triggering it does weaken my units slightly but hardly mentioned gives us the loyalty boost and then we get a bonus at the end I think this you bonus used to be like lots and lots of gold but now it's a bunch of diplomatic favor I don't know it's fine so we'll just let it go thumbs down both of those eight requests we cannot let other civilizations fall before the onslaught of nature for once and for all and part of the emergency they'll pass pass yeah whatever okay so there's some more Wars now looks like we're at war with Korea regardless I should have just gone for it with that emergency okay that may affect what's going on with Japan here we shall see all right Osaka you're gonna take too long to build military units to be relevant um although you know what we can do we can faith by cuz we're in the golden age I will face by a builder here because the territory over here has been torn up pretty badly and then just start working on a monument it's gonna be okay um this Japanese Scouts kind of annoying our nude over here luckily uh yeah hopefully Cahokia doesn't go down but it's got 50 wall strengths over here so that's actually an act is a really good buffer levee military how much 540 hmm it'll probably do some okay fighting without us I'm not too concerned and yeah these uh these Cahokia Mounds are really good because they do give amenities and one point of housing and yeah we can go and shoot this friendship over here that's been stuck for ages hell my god it's finally gonna be able to escape you guys oh you did you have a promotion not just an upgrade no I don't know alright the crossbow so is this flat yes okay yeah it can be hard to see I could go here and shoot but maybe I will actually just set up on the hill I mean I know it means not shooting this turn but I think it's okay so the chair is cheaper to upgrade to a crossbow but I think I will upgrade something that's got a couple of levels of promotion instead how many do this guy you're not gonna be able to shoot this darn you only have to movement so I'm gonna move you to here and then give you a promotion to volley is fine and then yeah we won't have enough money to keep doing this the crossbow promotions unfortunately just sit here and heal from now I suppose it could take a turn to it you know I will take a turn to attack there'll be some bum bards coming my way but I think that's gonna be fine and you will also scooch for it okay yeah so Kyoto building a wonder it does look like it oh we got a flood over here doesn't bother me floods can never cause problems for me and yet what is this this is the menage meenakshi temple we could let it finish which would let us take it on the other hand we might be having a little bit more of a clock because of the stuff in the north fact I think I might spam out a ton of crossbows Oh Babylon to get the Babylon back on my side here apparently get some quarry's more faith more quarries more faith which is great because I can faith by civilians I know that it's gonna kill you which is a little bit unfortunate but um I feel like I should probably get one of these units just move up the nightmare lore or something come over here repair this tile it's bits from garden girl II didn't think you're much garden girl Eden Cheers okay so we did get shot by the catapult which is kind of as expected also Japan keeps building catapults I don't know why they're so into siege stuff and once good everyone's got their kink I'm not gonna shame that's fine we'll move you over here I can't want these traitors but I also want to shoot at Kyoto so that it can decide to like eventually peace out but ya know let's let's go ahead and plunder I'll leave this one here you're gonna show to kill me cuz you Kyoto cuz you'll do yeah not as much damage that would hope we may have to get some actual siege equipment here I don't know move you here move you here and yeah actually yeah I got a whale on the actual units dang it oh yeah and you're gonna hit by the babylonian units – we're having a movie out of here run away um do we actually want to do a policy change would there's to be something helpful in the short term just in case I'm gonna run bastions just in case although futile contract you know what um melee anti Calvary range I'm gonna put the feudal contract the wild card slot so we can build crossbows a little faster they have bastions for safety we might want to be able to build some tickets one or two mounted units is really handy for help them take cities because they do move faster so this I think Japan's trying to build which will give them Gru's governors the promotion's amenities gold things that none of these are terribly critical if we can get Angkor Wat I know if it's been built we have to get an aqueduct first so I don't really care about that questions veteran see maybe I will just go ahead up the mercenaries now so we can run professionalism as needed for upgraded units and speaking of yeah we're just gonna we're gonna get some crossbows up in the north to make sure that's okay let's go at crossbow here we don't need a ton like sort of one per city that gets built wouldn't be too bad if I had money I'd upgrade you but I don't so I won't but we'll finish that off which is swell is this flat ground no this is a hill where's Magnus these days well yeah I'm here by the resi I don't suppose what I want to do here faith purchase a builder 140 yeah few more turns maybe alright well I guess you may as well stick around here for now we'll get you to do that you will get some more stone so production and faith you can safely come over here hook up the pasture which is gonna be a nice reproduction mmm I guess I'll promote you comment strength when defending versus city attacks not very meaningful right now but may as well do that now we can a melee here because you don't have a wall so that's ok I will love to do the traitor but I'm gonna promote you in place and I like to give my mate my melee units tortoise early on in the game not so much like I give them things booster fighting but after that tortoise is the most important thing to me you are actually getting a little closer to rebelling so tell you what we're gonna do oh I've got a new title available all right I may be a victor because it's always nice to have Victor around in case of emergencies and I'm gonna put you in Sunday Bloody Sunday Steve has some good news get in the stream before my wedding this weekend hey congratulations man that's fantastic duh duh you know Congrats all right we have to I want to take Kyoto but I also have to keep these numbers down but there's a unit in Kyoto I think I will actually focus fire Kyoto ignore that one cat that's just hanging out I will move you here I will go and grab that almost enough to promote another crossbow are there just be a little easier with an actual siege thing um can we kill you know usually not focusing on units is a mistake we lost let's go but I think in this case Wei Lian cute especially since it does have a unit inside of it is the correct move so it's just since we might be able to just peace out Japan at that point so you've got a builder not that you probably just get a watermill going on for production know this if we were to do this it would be faith let's hold off on that no don't waste your hip points because you might get shot on a shot out by other things so just fortify I'm a little concerned about the spearmen maybe dying on the other hand okay here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna keep the spearmen here with the knowledge that it might die but I'm weird if I move it away my sword men will take too much damage from various bombard sources and yeah will plunder this no money hook up the moo-cows hit the crabs going on right you fought that that sword man we'll go ahead and promote you not upgrade you just promote you this is a Korean Scout so we're at war with that unit and I think at the but with Babylon as well so I think this builders gonna have to stay put otherwise we're gonna lose them yeah I think we can take you at an expert it is healing because we don't actually have it under siege it's a little hard to believe given how many units we got here but siege is an actual mechanic oh this should win if it doesn't we have the lead suppose no experiment so military training encampment building's horses an iron generate a little bit more I don't think we need any of these boom boost I'm gonna keep you so it canceled the Wonder production but I'm okay with that and you can start constructing ancient walls and we've got envoy if we send you here that'll break the vassal ization status so we're no longer at war Babylon and we get arrow score for it excellent we can't kill or steal great people in civics so don't get too excited um okay so we'll cross because there is a road Oh should there I don't know what Japan doesn't have any walls like this is making this trivially easy and I don't know why that this is being the case so you moving up over here you've got so a pikemen so far not scary although you might have more friends soon yeah this Archer just stay here on alert you need to worry about this northern border so no longer being a war with Babylon makes me feel a little bit I don't know what Japanese Scout out right over here so our Korean Scout will put you here and prove this farm get the crabs mmm seafood celestial navigation boost mm-hmm obviously the Japanese catapult needs some target practice hence no walls left that's good I like that I mean don't get me wrong like range units are good yeah eyes got that a good idea there but if they've only got that and no melee I'm not sure what they're expecting to do and they'd be better off building archers or crossbows if they have crossbows ah okay you got your monument over here which is great you really could use a builder over here but you are on the war front your crossbow production speed would be kind of poor I think over at the resi we're going to build some sort of improvement I'm just not sure or sorry district is what I mean I'm just not sure which actually your housing cap right now you're going to knock the ductus if you can't build an aqueduct here that's right it's super-awkward I don't we'll build a granary I think the resi we will have to farm aggressively not Sphinx it up so much because it's really gonna need the housing boost um that's for that guy I would like to use the term to promote my archers into things I can't okay you are gonna run away I'm gonna move my units around all right sword men fall back to here I put you in here then I can move you back over there ah huh let's take a shot at this guy they're taking damage from you now yeah I guess these archers aren't gonna be able to upgrade this turn Oh unless I get a kill you'll actually I'll promote you this turn instead we'll grab the volley that's gonna be fine um we've got all the units here I don't want to keep pushing down here but pardon me is also like well we could move our units north to deal with Korea hmm so the housing from these mountains will also be really nice in the resi may you actually build assortment maybe that's it to the AI might be like only want to build the stuff using their resources speaking of we're captain both iron horses but well actually it's probably a good idea to build a couple more sword men in North Oh you I wanted you to build in the camp and I think right here would've been nice to chop this tree first actually why don't I build it all the way here like the BA black doesn't actually matter that much yeah let's really forward and cam it there you go I'm okay with this um and oh we bought the tile so we don't quite have enough money to crossbow anymore Ashley yes now this is a hill right yeah okay I guess I'm gonna stay where I am and shoot all right your upgrade is cheaper so let's do this cuz the price to upgrade a unit is based on the difference in hammers well sorry not hammers some really old sub stuff but production you okay okay no this hoodie like sparkling like this well it's actually I thought it was the the green screen effect but I'm realizes just the other Moyet patterns or stuff kicking in I mean it might be some green screening – I'm not sure oh you're right I wasn't sheetrock reading a few turns – so I should have just saved my money oh well no one ever accused me of being good at this game um what's the best way to resolve this well you've got a promotion you could actually just sit here and not fire but I think I'd be okay with that I'm just gonna promote you in place you've evolved so it heals you up nicely thus Ward's man can we gonna shut off something first not really you have to he'll do this alright just wail on this oh here we go we can finish you off thusly although you've got of course another catapult over here cuz you'll never run out of catapults well shoot you you're a triple promoted dude if I move you here ain't chance same word this Archer might get whacked by this Horseman here I think you're gonna have to stay still unfortunately get some tabacky okay so much lumber and waste gonna catapult you can build a whole new town but all that that's right it's crazy all right um I guess you're gonna have to stay here and shoot him and of course you're gonna survive like one hit point because AI thinks so I guess you're gonna do this I'm worried about losing the sword meant possibly to the horseman there's a good chance the horseman will choose to stay in the city let's quickly finish celestial navigation ro has built a crossbow which is great we'll probably go to like district or building stuff ro doesn't have Walt ro isn't really exposed someone could land here I would probably want walls at some point but I think I can wait oh let's get the watermill that's actually gonna be quite nice to have there let's figure out some movement over here okay yeah I'm just gonna send you back here for safety I can't promote you right now do that I guess hmm yeah I can't really okay so I will kill you which should allow us to just move a melee unit into here let's feel like the the one unit per tile often feels like you're solving puzzles uh yes you're going to nightmare lore and you are gonna hang out in two melts right now let's see Korea is apparently fairly busy oh it's focusing at Cahokia whose walls are half dead okay we're not a very good Sue's ring we might be able to piece Korea before the emergency though yeah let's just change this we're gonna we don't need bastions well put in professional army um I don't think we need feudal contract either we may still have a crossbow building somewhere it's not a big deal I would like to go back the inspiration for great scientists because that is the best any chance we can just peace out career right now you know one turn well if they don't take Korea kokal Cahokia this turn we might be able to save it we're not really in a position to build an aqueduct only one city can use it and they can't build one so we'll just hard research that and see if we can reveal cool was it I think so we're not gonna kill anything with quit dream so we can just research that now you may as well upgrade your larva and harbor with a lighthouse that'll be kind of swell and give us extra trade route capacity which we do desperately need if we go and put it on when Babylon will actually become the Suez merthin which can also change some of our various positional math or military math with people who are at war with us shoot you finish off this way a promotion move up here oh there's a warrior monk um okay still not enough money but I feel safe moving this Archer up here it's well protected by melee you're just gonna chill here and heal I'm gonna move to here rather than at Nagoya because we're probably gonna focus on Fukuoka first I'm here and start resting hmm I mean I guess this guy's shown no interest in attacking already so I'll just for to file though healed right here a random Scout yeah it tends to be quite resistant P steel during emergencies I do recall that as well Cahokia Falls well that means that when we just conquer it later and keep it for ourselves liberate it and by liberated I mean keep it for myself I'll just put this Archer on alert here poof some damage still no city walls oh um audience chamber right we need we've got a government Plaza here we want to go and add something to it so more how it's a places with the governor has become better no so either we do the ancestral Hall which makes super settler spam right we build them faster new cities get a bonus does actually a lot of places we'd still want to settle then those are warlords throne which if we capture a city we get a production boost in all cities or five turns I mean we are going to be capturing some cities admittedly but I think the settler spam bonus is too strong speaking of souther spam I don't know what you guys prefer the Warlord's throne so capturing a city gives us a production boost I don't think it's tax so it can overlap awkwardly or yeah this is 50% increase to building settlers new cities get a free builder which is kind of swell ancestral Hall yeah a bunch of people are saying that some people are saying warlords I'm going to ancestral hall I think it's just too strong I really like settling on mass to UM this Spearman would like to run away please cancel um this little piggy went to market I kind of want to get someone to stand in front of this Archer or maybe I'll just sidestep here I realize that will end his turn cuz it's a marsh but you know can't win them all will trim down the opposition here ever so slightly right yeah good I can hit this guy which does expose this Archer a little bit but not really I don't think that Horseman is gonna move out yeah I like to keep defensive stuff kicking around all right you got built you went there I think what's gonna happen is I'm gonna move you up to here protect nightmare lore cuz I suspect that might be the next target for Korea and 29 defense not that much I mean it's taken down the city with 50 defense so I think we'll do something like that and then be on alert mode over here Oh build assortment and did move out we're not quite gonna kill you that's kind of annoying um nearly healed hoping it made ahead fractional movement because of some road stuff nice take the shot you might still be able to kill me and I said I've moved up one step with a Spearman if I hadn't moved this guy would have been able to do something a little bit better positionally but I guess you're gonna stay put and just do this oh here we go or not also made your defeat I'll move here and not have enough turns left to plunder that I guess that'll have to be okay yeah we could consider piecing out Korea don't think we could consider piecing out Japan let's take a look at Korea maybe save Cahokia oh you are happy with this would you be able to like sweeten the deal with money no no okay so Korea is perfectly happy to just white peace and I think I'm gonna do it they'll save Cahokia then I can just take my time and focus on Japan with no pressure in the north whatsoever you can always go back and beat the crap out of her later excellent sounds good to me alright so yeah we can just take our time to Japan oh the last two units their first loss unit of the day possibly maybe the entire game and we probably awesome to the Barbarian at some point um production towards buildings in this district no buildings to be created I don't know let us we just built in or we're building a campus so we'll build campus buildings faster new districts placed by this player act as a culture bomb let's up vote ourselves significantly here we're gonna put all our diplo favor into this so our districts will culture bomb hopefully we'll see mmm little Scout earlier hey that worked excellent and City Center buildings right now let's forget about the district get a boost yeah that's fine so like we'll probably want to build a granary right now in this granary or actually I'll get some ancient walls up over here so our city centers will take advantage of the boost granary there okay if I move here yes I can still shoot I really want to promote you so I will do that now let's do a swap II do there we go that way so promote you and this way this crossbow can shoot and make himself useful I mean the Spearman to go and wow that would hurt way too much let's do this instead and then we'll move you up over here medieval air and really we need six freaking arrow score in eight turns which enemy shouldn't be impossible but man okay so I don't need this many crossbows up here anymore we're gonna let them settle base it's gonna be okay um and there's a barbarian camp min maybe I'll just like yeah yeah there's a wonder here I'm just gonna stand over here cuz we may we may settle in there after the ancestral hall gets built crossbow over here can just double move thusly you are going to move to here which means you can move to here so that you don't have a promotion pending I guess I'm just gonna fortify you in place there's no point in taking one shot of the city it's gonna reel right away so I'm actually just gonna move the crossbow over here just to leave room for next turn the Navy has both a tradition and the future kind of far away from doing the Medieval Fair I think we're probably pretty far away from the tent pop as well unless we happen to take a big city we're eight over here but yeah the growing is kind of slow we're gonna keep building City Center buildings as much as possible and let's go ahead and get this with Babylon up to six and and that's that Archer over here still waiting for some upgrade so I'll move you up anyway and we'll do this fire oh it's gonna be slow and we are I guess I don't have another melee unit here to blockade this I don't remember because there's no zone of control on ranged units I don't know if you surround the city with just range units does it still count as putting it in the seat so it stops healing I don't know the answer to that question yes it counts oh you have promotion waiting is this flatlands it looks like it uh Marsh so no that would end my turn I was hoping to like move and promote it's defending in City attacks actually Alissa I might just get suppression on you make it easier I don't usually do that but I think that might be a good one there ancient walls over here for the speed boost bran ray which is all speed boosting you have no city center building is left over here I might get another encampment though I think what I'll do is buy I don't really have any money that I spent it um I guess seeing can adhere isn't so bad Oh 30-some turns away well everything's slow here let me faith by a builder since we're at peace with you over here that'll be nice and that'll accelerate some of these things um a Magnus is here right for chops which is very nice I'll cue up another builder yeah all right I'll chop to get more builders and clear some space for where might one put me cam it though the monument cuz it's faster right now build the granary because it's faster right now and you are just gonna move to here and fire I guess I need to understand there there we go now you're on the siege excellent guess I didn't need to set up a zone of control with him but that's okay do I know what Amelie I don't know it would almost kill you so just stay fortified and that's gonna be okay alright so at least it's not gonna heal we're still bringing the wall the the strength down fairly slowly but we'll see we got about half an hour left a notice on a control for ranging it's the controller unhex excellent yes so come over here chop that well I don't usually flat a chop flatland force maybe yeah nevermind when we clove it'll get there I think I'm just gonna go ahead and pillage this make sure that this unit doesn't get randomly killed so unbuilt the Terracotta Army good for them third me at strap up the swarm spam out a couple of sellers it sounds about right Oh what is there a new emergency against me Oh for city state and when I don't know about so there's no voting for me row row row your boat um probably just get some more district of some kind here's more theater squares amenities aren't huge either we actually might want to start on a entertainment complex I think we're getting into a Matt complex going we'll be happy to have it okay city center building and upppp you mmm yeah I wasn't say that's not gonna work next turn I think though yes we don't want to clear this rainforest actually like normally you clear it because you're gonna build an improvement that replaces the rainforest about the plantation coexist with it so I guess we just do this yeah we're gonna Dark Age I think which is not gonna be good for the loyalty over here three turns we're still at sixty do not like hay and puke you um I think ooh yeah you just I won't run away but oh I can put you inside the encampment which we now own excellent oh and I'll promote you so that you you feel just to make sure we were gonna keep this city thank you very much and you can repair your monument and I'm not gonna send any on boys anywhere I guess I have to accept there we go to not be able to do if you just escaped it doesn't do what you want or not what I want anyway pasture that build all right show me neither tonight are there and I'd over there hey it's alright um well we'll just finish math cuz it's one turn on that suspect we probably will maybe start working on the gunpowder after that we'll see oh um let's faith by some triggers actually where would I want to faith by a trader from I'm gonna faith buy from Daniel dan scoop cuz the train here is a little bit rough so you can get some roads although I'm not doing internal trade route so it's different perhaps the resi is working this builder yeah okay so actually I guess we're Liang is I will faith by a builder there and then I don't really brought us start clapping down where are we gonna put down some sort of district so we definitely want to do that you Jason C bonus only from rainforests actually that gets rid of this mound next we need to some commercial hubs here since you can't Harbor there's already improvements tell you what I'm just gonna get you to do a builder we actually might switch back into LLL come so we've got a few places building builders and with that in mind let me start one here as well we'll plan on switching it to a locum yeah like in one turn here yeah you're just gonna stay here keep an eye on things oh did that weird the Korean settler go they must just be in the fog there must be about to plop down a city right I can move here and oh I can't promote dope I thought my movement would be okay so they've got Nagoya they probably have a city here and here we could consider I mean this will lead to a lot of was this a warmonger penalty but it's not that but take we know wiping out Japan completely might if not right so I want to change into ill come or actually it's not ill come it's serfdom so we actually don't get the speed boost anymore so I don't need to switch into surf them until those builders are just about ready to go maybe I'll leave urban planning for now I can get rid of professional army I still run conscription for more money and leave the rest as is oh yeah culture bombing from districts that's sure if we're gonna have this policy going on right now devine routes right so we can get monarchy that is gonna be a priority but I mean I also relate the discount so I still focus I think on the city center discount stuff promotions possible or just more people I'm gonna get Liang to have aquaculture we're gonna start deploying her on the coast at some point possibly now in particulate let's play possum I think that's what's gonna happen Liang I'd like to move you to let's play possum if you please and we'll probably aquaculture some stuff out there trade right here so we can more or less just sort by money um yeah I guess this is fine no city-state missions no so we'll do that I mean we've got a bonus to money from trade route so I guess we'll use it yeah and we're gonna let me know this up move you to here and then give you a promotion you've got a promotion I know look at some move you to here and then promote you well we'll probably do the same thing where we're gonna try to stop them from regenerating by engaging some zone control stuff here not that the guy is a very good City should we just peace out I mean there's still a bunch of territory here Renaissance era yeah we're dark aging oh my god you know what no peace because zone of control six there are nineteen turns six turns I mean I can move a leader there and I will let me go and move Vic – uh fu okay but hey we can golden-age sure we can heroic age later on so that's gonna be alright discover new content killing all non barbarian naval unit may construct a new specialty district each time you complete a trade route I mean we don't have any trade routes right now I think monumentality will generate more era score for us although I'm not sure it's gonna generate that much but let's see campus to be started um we still have the discount to the stuff inside here get some walls going raise Nagoya there's peace else after you kill Japan yeah we're gonna just raise Nagoya yeah cuz yeah we should these tiles will more or less go to us which will be nice so we still need right I could get rid of professional army still alright that's fine this one control here in here so if I move here and there and there there you go you're now under siege and yeah now I remember why someone said something about Steven Seagal earlier something something under siege alright I've never seen that movie I don't think you would like to pay me you want and you want pay me for open borders I mean the iron might let you make more swordsmen but you know what I'll take the cash I'm a sucker for money too valuable to race well I mean it is pop eight that's true but all these tiles over here they'll all fall within the border of of fu over here so might be okay and I'm a little bit worried about like loyalty problems if we just get rid of it that's probably going to eliminate some of these issues tactics mean doing what you can Pickman Huey Louie build on a lake or a coast we've got anywhere for that buttresses IES and dams and Hagia Sophia build wonders we're a little busy we're not really building many wonders I think I have to go to education we might not be able to Eureka unfortunately but it'll be a high value thing for us to have and be able to build hello I will allow it to heal this turn alright you get one Turner here count yourself lucky Oh a major flood and we don't get any penalties for that actually did it damage our units think it mighta say stalemate but I was gonna say I'm pretty sure we're gonna win I'll take the major defeat just to make sure we'll pop it next turn so we saw a tornado or something do damage your units Hey all right government change monarchy yes absolutely there's some eros core um we will put professional army back in at least temporarily because we've got one Archer we would like to upgrade amenities and cities with garrison Union we actually quite a few garrison units although production towards encampment districts and buildings or a new that because we're building at least two encampments is gonna be the plan boost for castles um let's go for guilds because I think that's unlike it happening time soon we can get a new building in our government Plaza leveraging city-states cost have city-state ba-ba-ba-ba-ba plus one spies the one I like higher chance of operations I really love it and I don't care about the faith so we're gonna go with the Intelligence Agency well go ahead and build some walls over here especially I think we still have the yeah the discount to building those things right now boom you might actually die so we'll do it this way instead excellent so yeah what do we do interestingly enough it's claiming that Nagoya is fully loyal or like will be loyal which has me a little surprised why is it rising pressure from your misty I guess we have enough cities so it makes me think next turn probably fu and Kyoto will actually be loyal we are going to upgrade this Archer for Half Price I guess I'm gonna keep it alright done we have 16 minutes left and we're getting some serious work done along the way so yeah just heal heal and I guess you're gonna come over here and do some work let's fight pop and the closest city is not close by yeah there you go everything else is fine yeah no I'm kind of okay with keeping this here let's uh build some more Sphinx over here you definitely need to heal any charges okay good you got lots of builds do you have to repair some stuff then a barbarian it is a barbarian crossbow which is a little bit terrifying we could maybe just peace out here what would you give me for peace there Hojo would you give me for example all your money oh you cannot accept this deal nevermind then okay no case for you you piece of so-and-so came at complex we could also start a holy site actually starting districts is very nice because it locks in their cost yeah we'll go ahead and um want to buy and put it here no let's put it here I stuffed operate a Spearman so that's gonna be a thing um what we can get another treasure so let's go that get that started yeah I can't fake buy stuff anymore granny is still cheaper right now I'll get these ancient walls the bill generate culture later you could shoot me twelve defense you could shoot this but he won't kill me if he does that so just four or five is fine we're here we'll do some repairs yes please mind this yeah so sitting in the flood definitely did damage this unit Commerce Center on the tile you almost bought for the city only cited sits on the river every man should make his son learn some useful trade of profession so that in these days of changing booster banking from church we're not gonna run theocracy where's religion really disorders none of these are terribly important to us at this time in Diplomatic Service son elites and stuff I think I'm gonna recruit domani cuz she's just very useful to have around for things in fact I'm gonna send you tonight Mary Laura just realize you have negative loyalty repair builders that are repairing things it's still my favorite animation in the game we're saving Japan from barbarians to Japan you should just bend the knee to me because clearly I'd be the best overlord this is a Korean unit that's just looking around all right that's fine mm-hmm this of Education is to replace Annapolis sinks in your capital lives the mount with the district reduces your bonus oh yeah perhaps yeah okay so we've unlocked at the universities which is gonna be handy we'll go to the yeah we'll do the castles right now I guess I'll fake by the meeting house since I can't fake by units anymore and then we'll get a water mill over here when Bart Bart bombarded it with another crossbow it's possible we wouldn't just able to take it this turn just kind of crazy pair of that wait there come over here I think we're just gonna wipe out Japan Oh defendant psycho just finished Hey we succeeded an emergency +4 era score yeah I think we're gonna we're gonna heroic age take that okay you're done here unless we want to build a wonder or trader but I'm gonna go right into a barracks over here ditto here so we're gonna want to start focusing where we build some of these units yes things and things I'm actually gonna make I think I may make a little farming triangle over here there are a few we're gonna have this we'll keep it why not this point I'm treating cities like Pokemon I just got to catch them all we'll do ancient walls here there could be all kinds of barbarians apparently hey that's Tokyo now he wants peace dude it's too late now sorry sorry bro mmm it's working on treeger uh yes remove this rain force nobody likes the rain forest I mean unless there's some sort of like freaky hippie person or something that would be weird more bonus when defending its melees come over here oh yeah these branch oh bomb Bart's a lost a unit some reason I was just assumed there were mainly ships now I think those ships only have a bombard range of one so as long as I stay off the coast I think we'll be okay well I guess they got one in the city butts all right oh yeah just work in the arena because we're gonna start having some amenity things just fix the commercial hub that's gonna be okay yeah do you build one of these clear the marsh Marshall Marshall Marshall start to accrue some some nighter you know shoot from here something we tried sip like environment on I have not damn barbarians slowing down my conquests whiskey and chocolate it's a bomb hey Bob if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain forest if you like pina coladas um my second ever CD that I owned the first was masini for Christmas needed because of a CD player he got was a Christmas gift the second ever CD I ever owned was a mix of different things and I had that song on it which was quite lovely The Granary cuz you were capped on housing plus we still got the booster city center buildings am i running Serfdom no right because my government only has one policy for it I guess it's fine okay sure Kudo I know you're gonna be healing which does suck actually we're gonna have a hard time taking care of this maybe you should go in and blow up the ships because otherwise we're gonna have a really hard time knocking down these walls so if we blow up the ship we can get more units in here you're gonna offer me nighter and some money for open borders sure the second senior UN was the Guardian to get content back yeah awesome awesome Hits Volume one or something what was it you just awesome songs with the Guardian the galaxy thing oh yeah we are whittling down Tokyo it's gonna be slow without more buildings but it'll be okay we would get the boost to building medieval walls but I don't think I'm as concerned about getting them up let's go ahead and get a university in lower case row the resi is on the front line oh yes right I had decided I wasn't going to shop because it's flatland accept and I was like oh I'll build a lumber mill but except I won't up have an encampment there so you will build any of the walls because I think you will be on the front line of some serious warfare you can get an armory which is gonna boost something you're just gonna stand alert vote over here and we do have Liang's so we can do aquaculture and stuff I've got this on my trigger I mean it'll there's an automatic pop-up fork it might have just expired hey I dodged a thousand-year flood over there library armory stable herb barracks I am NOT gonna place my on boys gonna wait to meet some new people do that pull you back a step and get you to rest remove the marsh the Razzie grow outside looking like a might shrink after this but we'll see sure about this make sure actually that's not bad should be able to take it next turn nope sorry Japan okay Renaissance era 24-hour era score 71 of 82 I mean I think the last era started pretty short so they'll probably be a longer time here potato Palace it would actually be nice to build a potato Palace we're starting University we might just go and directly research it though you don't have any mounds yet no so you can go ahead and get one so we're gonna want at least one well actually I only want two in every city so when we get the technology it'll boost it I could move up for Toby hold on first things first Q let's make sure to bring you all the way down to zero Sony's pulling with the sword to start solving some mathematical puzzles but he decided to put it away maybe maybe he'll do mathematical puzzles later on Japan will not stand the test of time plus five arrow score nice we are gonna keep you and we'll get you strung ancient walls shoot this fool and next now I can move all our units north and starts causing some trouble to Egypt whatever nice to have allies and stuff I like Machiavelli ISM but actually yeah um let's do that so presumably I can make spies if I've got this I'm gonna do this we'll make some spies will start getting putting them to work welcome to reform church for now and we're gonna hope we can get our trade route up I don't know yes to the library so you come here we'll get you to chop that down fishery you know steal my encampment kill oh my god there's a goodie hut down there all right you're gonna go way up yeah promote you're gonna go way up take Korea we'll take this whole continent for ourselves you punk that would've been eros core ah hate you okay I'm gonna chop this that finish your wall and now you're gonna do is you're gonna start an encampment right over there thank you very much okay yes you don't have a mounds we'll build one will promote you to I guess avoid the river crossing penalties kind of nice much land here yeah um we are two turns away from finishing oh no we have the ancestral Hall so we can spam the hell out of settlers especially maybe we'll run the policy as well we'll have to see believe it I'll leave a note that's not the note where's the note button right over here spam settlers part of the mod boom a little reminder so when you play next week I will look into that list and try to remember what I'm supposed to do well don't wanna stir up the cellar here I still want to change the policy but it'll be four turns I mean it started we're actually gonna start quite maybe not you your your production would be way too slow here I'm just go ahead and build the temple you have faith but not enough to get any kind of great person right nope we're very far away from any of that do still build me a monument over here that's gonna be fine Osaka another trader babylons got a mission for us so let's do that look at you expand so me and Korea so England is gone Japan is gone now it's just Egypt in Korea sharing one continent we haven't actually met the other continent yet oh I start building a spy give me a researcher here if you have any great works no no great works the heist so I'm just gonna send you over here because there's lots of stuff for us to go in and blow up which sounds pretty good trade right over here we've got no missions I mean we're not about to start a war with them so I guess I'll do this trade route for now this'll give us the occasional vision inside their territory which might be useful what's your timer it's 9 p.m. well with 9 p.m. over here or 4 p.m. back home which means it is time for us to wrap this up because I believe a kiss for luck will be streaming now no browser stone will be streaming now it's Wednesday he's gonna be doing more vampire the masquerade bloodlines i'll players my condemned unit so that shows religion I don't know I will choose to condemn Shinto I don't really care trade routes sent to the cows and player provide bonus goal to the sender chosen player gets extra trade route capacity I would like to choose myself I don't know if I'll spend any resources here because I'm gonna hey I'll do one extra vote just in case everyone votes for themselves by one vote then we'll go and throw it in oh and city bene me let's do that now let's do that right now boom city renaming starting from sup then we read Breyer stone so subscribers make sure to say something in chat so I can see your names we have Moon River Moon River wider than a mile I'm crossing you in style some day Moon River portes dear sorry I don't have songs for all of you more more of your names have to sound like songs or something goodnight Daniel Dan scoop I don't think you're in this game and school given a few things oh no you are Daniel Vance q1 Barrett right over there yep hold on uh listen although I'm just gonna use Thor she's your name is very long and we have the keys I think I think that's everything excellent all right so we're gonna save it here we're gonna go and raid arrive soon I'm gonna go get some dinner and I'm gonna watch him thanks for coming out everyone thank several who followed and subscribe and do all that I didn't read the research I'll try to remember to do it on Saturday next slide the next live stream should be on maybe know there might be some stuff on Saturday I don't know he's playing dragon quest what what why isn't he playing vampire the masquerade

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  1. Restarting because you're losing at the moment, is the complete opposite of what games are. Why play a game with enemy AI if all you wanna do is steam roll everything?

    P.S. Does the slamming of the keys on the keyboard annoy anyone else a little?


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