Church Workshops: mission training for everyone

Posted By on November 23, 2019

[CHRIS] I think it’s really important
that churches reflect on mission because that’s our very purpose. [JOHN] At Church Mission
Society we’ve got over 200 years of mission experience but we don’t want
to keep that learning to ourselves, we want to take that into local churches. [NINA] I decided to come along today because
I really wanted to discuss and work with people who genuinely cared about
mission in our local community. [ALWYN] It’s been very well structured and the content that’s been given to us in terms of information has been very useful – but also the
opportunity in order to share with other members participating their views and
their experiences, which I found very valuable. [JOHN] We want to help people think
about mission in a different way so that they can recognise where God is at work
in their local community. [NINA] The expectation is less on us to perform and more for us to just show up and to obey, that it’s not what the church has to say – but it’s
really what God has to say that’s important. [JOHN] This opportunity isn’t just for clergy
or mission committees or ministry professionals, this is for everyone. [CHRIS] I’ve loved the interactive element of it – the fact that it hasn’t just been
presentation from the front, and also it enables me to connect with people who
are on the same journey as well. you

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