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“but you know that without you i’ll dump all of this, right?” “i mean… am i going somewhere?” “well, i don’t know “come on…” “he’s my best friend” “there’s nothing out there, where’d you go?” “i’m sorry, sławek…” “you are taking revenge on something you did yourself!” “GET OUT!” “for so many years you didn’t give a crap about me!” “you didn’t speak to me for 70 years! not even once!” “they always were destroying everything, i know… but that is why we disconnected from this, remember?” “thank you, mr devil. maybe even he will forgive you someday.” “rafał, it’s not just about you and me anymore. for a long time it isn’t! you can’t just leave everything like that!” “i really don’t have enough strength anymore…” “but you have me, rafał” “it turned out pretty cool” “yeah, you’re right. it’s… it’s pretty alright.”

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