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Church people identify with their church and
it’s doctrines, not with Jesus. Christians identify with and follow Jesus, 
His words and His commandments. Many people profess to be Christians but they
are not of Jesus, thus they are not Christians. There is a huge divide between church people
and disciples of Jesus. Church people discriminate on the basis of
their church denomination. If you talk about Jesus they will ask you
which church you belong to. If you reply that you belong to Jesus and
not to a church, you are immediately viewed and treated with suspicion, most often  with
contempt. They look down on you. If you follow Jesus and associate with Him,
you will be hated by all men, especially church people. There is a clear separation between church
people and the children of God, the true followers of Jesus. They are not of the same kingdom. Churches are respected by the world. They are of the world, with beautiful architecture,
to impress the world. The clergy wear special clothes to distinguish
them. They have titles and are respected by the
world, but they are an abomination to God. Church people and Jesus’ followers are incompatible. They are not of the same kingdom  Jesus’
disciples follow Him and live according to His words, the words that He spoke and taught,
as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. “3By this we know that we have come to know
Him, if we keep His commandments. 4The one who says, “I have come to know
Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; 5but
whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him: 6the one
who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.” 1 John 2:3-6. Do you follow Jesus or do you belong to a
church? Are you of the kingdom of God or of this world? May Jesus bless you. Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real. I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ
so that you can know Him, follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about

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  1. finalcall07 you confirmed to me that i must not go to look for a church as i was advised.i must go at Jesus feet in prayer.
    but still i wanna ask you can a true born again believer go to a church and if he/she goes to a church he/she endangers his/her salvation?

  2. I GATHER that You are saying that some churched people are not born again Christians and are in Danger ……….In Jesus bless You Raymond DeNoble

  3. This is facts so truth , most of people that I met in church are pretty dead especially males that is because of sin also they are not baring fruit of life

  4. This is why I can not go in and have church … I wanted to get baptized and the pastor of that church set up a appointment with others way at the end of the month of June .. this did not fill right I am so done people please wake up… I know now it is traditions that they keep… I ask why take communion once a month when Jesus Christ said take as often..

  5. I would be very careful about claiming all of them are like this. this is being. judgemental and unloving. I think you should say that "many" are like this. throwing them all into a category because they are some bad ones isn't right. I myself don't go to church because I listened to an assistant pastor say during a teaching that he needed all of the people In the church to help him get through things. I began to think you should only need to rely on God for this and I quit going. I never really liked church anyways. but I'm pretty sure there are also many who go and are also of God just as we are. and you aren't judging them accordingly. I encourage you to look up frank turek- I don't have enough faith to be an athiest. he attends church but also is an apologist and answers tough questions about the Bible and gives good evidence to support it. I encourage you to be very careful about being judgemental towards a group of people. I would stop saying all of them and just say many.

  6. ……yes, that is true…….church people really do hate Jesus and people who have His spirit and countenance.

  7. This is so true and leaves no room for doubt!! Just read the gospels. For church values change with times and conditions, but the lord and his word is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Also when the lord speaks of the church, he speaks of the people who believe in and follow him not only in words, but in deeds. And when they come together, it is in the body of Christ which makes up the church which cannot be destroyed! Therefore, do not be deceived into believing that the church is a building constructed of stone, bricks and mortar, no, for they can be destroyed at anytime. But the bodies in christ are the true foundation of christianity!

  8. Does anybody else here hear directly from Jesus himself
    If so how long did you have to pray and repent until he answered you
    I am praying but it ain’t working for me thanks

  9. Сын Божыи Иисус Христос сказал что есть токмо одна Церковь Божыя!!! И глава ее Бог и никто инои!!!
    Которая никогда не будет по порчана вобще!!!

    Как ты можеш видть есть много организации которые говорят что яко бы они Церковь. Но они мерзкие лжецы и ублюдки ибо они дурят человеки ибо Сын Божыи Иисус Христос что есть токмо одна Церковь Божыя.
    Как ты можеш видеть эти суки дурят что яко бы ОНИ есть истинная Церковь, но ты ясно можеш проверить это спомощь узнания кто есть лидер этои ими называимои Церкви. Ежели Бог и никто инои кроме Бога не есть Лидером этои так называимои Церкви то это лже Церковь!!!

    Как мы видем все эти лже Церкви между собою воюют либо обединяються что бы соединить все ереси в одно что в книге Апокалипсис от Свэтаго Иоанхса Богослова называеться как религия Антихриста.

    Сын Божыи Иисус Христос сказал: Церковь Божыя не в зданиях но внутри тебя.
    Начни изполнять в полнои мере Слово Мое и Я и Отец Мои сразуже сотворим Церковь Божыю в тебе и и ты сможеш меня увидить на яву!!!
    Сын Божыи Иисус Христос сказал: Кто на 100% изполнит Слово Мое тот смерть не увидет и воидет в Царствие Божые.
    Слово Мое простое. Каждыи его может изполнить на 100%. В нем нет ничего сложного и темболие невозможного.
    Даю вам главную Заповедь в которои все остальные Заповеди вложены: любите иных как сами себя и Бога не меньше.
    И ты не даи не кому назваться тебе Отцом, Господином, Учителем, ибо твои Отец это Бог, твои Господин это Бог, твои Учитель это Бог!!!

  10. Son of God Jesus Christ said that there is only one Church of God!!!
    And Leader of it is God and nobody else!!!
    And which will not be corrupted at all!!!

    As you see that are many organizations who claim as they are Churches. So they are dirty lairs and bustards because they lair to people because Son of God Jesus Christ said that there is only one Church of God!!!
    As you see each of that bitches lair that THEY are the true Church, but you can clearly check if it is true by finding out who is leader of this them called Church. If God and nobdy else beside God is not Leader of this so called Church then it is fake Church!!!
    Leader of true Church of God is God and no one else!!!

    As it is possible to see all these fake Churches fight each other or unite in order to unite all heresies in to one which in book of Apocalyps from Sain John is called as religion of Antichrist.

    Son of God Jesus Christ said that Church of God is not in building but inside you.
    Start to follow at 100% My Word and I and My Father will build Church of God inside you and you will be able to see Me in real!!!
    My Word is simple. It is simple to do and awrybody can do it at 100% and there is nothing hard nor impossible in it.
    I give you the Main Commandment from God which contains all other Commandments from God: Love others as yourself and God not lesser.
    And do not let anybody to call as Father, Master, Teacher, because you Father is God, your Master is God, your Teacher is God!!!!

  11. This is not a true statement! Churches have lost sinners as every other place on this Earth. More people should go to church instead of helping to empty them with misunderstood accusations. We are ALL sinners and come short of the glory of God!

  12. Bless you Brother this is truth and we see it in the fruits of the majority of churchians. Walk in Christ not in man made doctrines 🙂

  13. Following Jesus is truly a tough call, but he's faithful. I'm going through so much pain especially from family (who are 'Christians') because of my decision to follow Jesus In holiness and righteousness. I trust God to see me through and make it safely home with my children, in Jesus' name.

  14. Brother a person can be a part of the Church and be a Christian. The only true Church is Orthodoxy. God never changes. We never changed. We are not a denomination. We always were since the Apostles and have not changed. The rest of the world will change. We won't because God won't. We do not believe in scripture only. God cannot fit into a book which was written by men. We have the lives of the saints, monastics and other things. God is a Mystery and his greatness is Mystery. There once was a monk in my country of Greece who decided that one day he will figure out how the Holy Spirit comes into communion and enters it. He tried and tried and had great difficulty. One day he was so tired of trying that he decided to take a walk on the beach in northern Greece and he came upon a child playing in the sand. The child was digging a hole in the sand where the water kept filling it up. The monk came up to the boy and said " my son, you cannot make a hole here because it will always be filled by the water, what are you trying to do? "……………so the boy answer " I'm trying to take the whole sea and put it into this small hole just like you are trying to understand how the Holy Spirit enters communion" ……..then the boy disappeared into the air. God is Mystery. Great is God. His love for you is Great. We must be obedient.

  15. Though it is important to have fellowship with fellow believers, there is no command to be part of a church or denomination.
    1:30…. Laodicea. Looks rich but is poor and lamentable.



    Las personas de la iglesia se identifican con su iglesia y sus doctrinas, no con Jesús.

    Los Cristianos se identifican y siguen a Jesús, Sus palabras y Sus mandamientos. Muchas personas confiesan ser Cristianos pero no son de Jesús, por lo tanto no son Cristianos.

    Hay una gran división entre la gente de la iglesia y los discípulos de Jesús. Las personas de la iglesia discriminan sobre la base de su denominación de iglesia. Si hablas de Jesús, te preguntarán a qué iglesia perteneces. Si respondes que perteneces a Jesús y no a una iglesia, inmediatamente te miran de reojo y estás bajo sospecha, la mayoría de las veces te tratan con desprecio. Te desprecian.

    Si sigues a Jesús y te asocias con Él, serás odiado por todos los hombres, especialmente por la gente de iglesia. Hay una clara separación entre la gente de iglesia y los hijos de Dios, los verdaderos seguidores de Jesús. No son del mismo reino. Las iglesias son respetadas por el mundo. Son del mundo, con hermosa arquitectura, para impresionar al mundo. El clero lleva ropa especial para distinguirlos. Tienen títulos y son respetados por el mundo, pero son una abominación para Dios.

    La gente de la iglesia y los seguidores de Jesús son incompatibles. No son del mismo reino que los discípulos de Jesús que lo siguen y viven de acuerdo con Sus palabras, las palabras que habló y enseñó, como se encuentran registradas en Mateo, Marcos, Lucas y Juan.

    “ Y en esto sabemos que nosotros le conocemos, si guardamos sus mandamientos.

    4 El que dice: Yo le conozco, y no guarda sus mandamientos, el tal es mentiroso, y la verdad no está en él;

    5 pero el que guarda su palabra, en éste verdaderamente el amor de Dios se ha perfeccionado; por esto sabemos que estamos en él.

    6 El que dice que permanece en él, debe andar como él anduvo.” 1 Juan 3:3-6

    ¿Sigues a Jesús o perteneces a una iglesia? ¿Eres del reino de Dios o de este mundo?

    Que Jesús te bendiga.


    Jesucristo está vivo y el infierno es real.

    Estoy aquí para darte a conocer a Jesucristo para que le conozcas, le sigas y tengas vida eterna.

    Subscríbete a mi canal para aprender más sobre Jesús.

    Que Jesús te bendiga.

  17. Two Kingdoms, the LORD OF HOSTS OR satan a created entitie= strife, conflict , deciet,murder, lier , opposer, defiler. Lawless.
    Who are the people receiving?
    Life vs strife

  18. Once your in the zone your in the zone, there ain't no looking back,beware not to soil your garmets, stay sharp,stay focused, stay advised , do you want to walk with the HOLY ONES, or the decieved ones, understand this ,that we will be killed for our testimony, but be of good cheer, for we sleep for only a moment , and then our work commences.grace is there! Hold fast !



    Церковные люди отождествляют себя со своей церковью и её доктринами, а не с Иисусом. Христиане отождествляют себя с Иисусом и следуют за Ним, Его словами и Его заповедями. Многие люди заявляют, что они – христиане, но они – не от Иисуса, поэтому они – не христиане.

    Между церковными людьми и учениками Иисуса существует огромная пропасть. Церковные люди дискриминируют на основе их церковной деноминации. Если ты говоришь им об Иисусе, они спросят тебя, какой церкви ты принадлежишь. Если ты отвечаешь, что ты принадлежишь Иисусу, а не церкви, тебя сразу же рассматривают и относятся к тебе с подозрением, чаще всего, с презрением. Они смотрят на тебя свысока. Если ты следуешь за Иисусом и общаешься с Ним, ты будешь ненавидим всеми людьми, особенно церковными людьми.

    Между церковными людьми и детьми Божьими, истинными последователями Иисуса есть чёткое разделение. Они – не от одного и того же царства. Церкви уважаемы в мире. Они – от мира, с красивой архитектурой, чтобы произвести впечатление на мир. Духовенство носит специальную одежду, чтобы отличать их. У них есть титулы, и их уважает мир, но они – мерзость для Бога.

    Церковные люди и последователи Иисуса – несовместимы. Они – не от одного и того же царства. Ученики Иисуса следуют за Ним и живут согласно Его слов, слов, которые Он говорил, и которым Он учил, как записано в Матфея, Марка, Луки и Иоанна. "А что мы познали Его, узнаём из того, что соблюдаем Его заповеди. Кто говорит: "Я познал Его", но заповедей Его не соблюдает, тот – лжец, и нет в нём истины; а кто соблюдает слово Его, в том истинно любовь Божья совершилась: из этого узнаём, что мы – в Нём. Кто говорит, что пребывает в Нём, тот должен поступать так, как Он поступал", 1 Иоанна 2:3-6.

    Ты следуешь за Иисусом, или ты принадлежишь церкви?

    Ты – от Царства Божьего или от этого мира?

    Да благословит тебя Иисус".

  20. The problem was created by Paul the false apostle of Ephesus, his writings are antichrist, he was an arrogant egotistical disturbed human being and was even involved in the eventual killing of James the brother of Jesus. All denominations follow Paul but Gods true children follow Jesus and keep the Holy 10 Commandments that live in our hearts minds and souls Amen

  21. Yes Jan, Jesus Paul Jude , John scene the whore churches in the spirit and written in the bible , the whore of babylon religious demons have the many spirits of antichrists, fun times, games , dead activities dead in their sins , worldly as hell demonic ungodly hate the lord sound doctrine , they hate the holy ghost teachings of the lord is blasphemed rejected slander banned cast out scoffed mocked, called names etc. just atheists deceived demons in their strong delusions 666 beast system

  22. the world already received the mark of the beast 666 2 headed monster whore of babylon the dead religions& false christianity satanists many follow after and living after the flesh in the many forms of sins wickedness lawlessness worldliness pride evil eye proud stiff-necked wicked sinners who always reject the holy ghost spirit sound doctrine spirit to have live in Jesus Christ.

  23. Hell with the world the lord has around turned them over to satan (2thess.) perish in unrighteousness marked 666 perdition all nations and many demons called people almost 100% today times it is to late for them has been for centuries Jesus said many deceived the many John scene the whore churches revelation book Jude spoke of them , Paul warnings etc. their end is the lake of fire , we are in (great tribulation) and they do not know it blinded.

  24. you can not buy nor sell without the 666 mark means living after the flesh desires and passions which all flesh kings demons people wallow after and love it so they love the world and conformed to their idols tv filthy lucre and all matters of sins wickedness lawlessness abominations in their strong satan delusions reprobate carnal minded liars from hell living .

  25. you have the (holy ghost spirit redeemed from all lawlessness sins rebellion heart wickedness evil eye pride come out from among them and be separated , been reconciled back to Jehovah in spirit truth in true repents proven by deeds holy living according to soberly godly live a new creature changed life baptized with fire from the lord acts 2:38.39 titus 2:11-15 etc.

  26. I belong to the Father the word and the Holy Spirit these three agree and are one hallelujah thank you Jesus and on Earth the water the blood and the holy spirit agree as one Hallelujah

  27. Hi, you speak often against the church, you have in mind a very bad type of church. But let me give you my testimony : I was a person very lonely, I was single and miserable, feeling rejected most of the time, probably rejecting people myself, and the devil used this loneliness a lot to make me sin and despair and drive me to die of sadness . When I came to faith in Jesus the very first thing the Lord did in my life is to bring me in Christian community, to heal me from loneliness, to make me feel accepted, share meals with Christians and teach me to respect and love others , accept them, and work on my character. May be you don't know this issue, because you are a married man, you have a family and you don't suffer from loneliness, but for lonely people, community is a blessing, to have a christian family is a blessing, and the Lord wants it. And please don't say General things as " church people are not Christians" do you know each of them?

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