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Posted By on September 15, 2019

I am a pastor to the Kenyan church
that meets here in Anaheim. Every Kenyan immigrant, they have their own experience
on how they got to the United States. But, a bottom line experience is
that of feeling alone. It’s right here.
This is my Kikuyu Bible. This coming Sunday, I’m actually
preaching on the book of Job. Having a community church opens door
to a majority of people who have been looking for
a place which they can call home. And, we realized that we were being selfish
by just having the service in Kikuyu. After we changed to English and Swahili, we started seeing members of other
ethnic groups from Kenya joining our church. [Preaching in Swahili] The idea of Ubuntu
is very important to us. Ubuntu basically means, “I am because we are.” Most of us, coming from Africa,
we have had that experience all the time, that we are part of the community
before we are the individual. When I’m born, I’m not born just in to a family. I’m born into a community. Say for example, you’re sick. That illness is
taken to be a community illness. So, we will come to be with you. And, not just visiting you. We’ll come. We’ll cook for you.
We’ll eat together with you. We’ll encourage you,
and when you get well, we’ll come back to give thanks
as a community.

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