Church Live Streaming System w/ Ableton, Blackmagic, ProPresenter and TouchOSC

Posted By on August 25, 2019

okay so this is Doug here I’m backstage
at the Keys vineyard Community Church this is our touchosc template that I
made pretty quickly it’s got two sets this is kind of just like your basic
serving set and then there’s some miscellaneous commands here you know for
example this is where I would go to start the stream if I needed to Facebook
transition in OBS and that’s using Bow MIDI translator Pro that’s taking a MIDI
note from Ableton and converting that to a mouse position and deflect welcome is
just gonna throw up the welcome screen up there that’s really the only
difference there we can trigger a song like this see the lights go out I’m
using five PTZ optics cameras theyre all 20x zoom I’ve got four run SDI to the
Blackmagic 810 switcher and I have an NDI I upgraded one in the drum cage
so this is our drum cage I can control these kind of Bulby lights on a little
dimmer there I’m actually gonna upgrade to some better lighting but this was a
temporary solution and right there we have our fifth PTZ optics 20x camera one
Ethernet cable is what does all that it’s run NDI and i have that run into a
computer actually no it’s run into there and then I have it plugged in directly
into that router you see those white blinking lights there and then there’s
an Ethernet cable that goes up along that wall into our control booth there
and it feeds a switch in there and that is how it gets to the network so a
pretty powerful setup and it’s super convenient using one cable to power
everything and it ends up having a really nice shot on the screen I’m gonna
go see the mood change the more of an RDD feel I use a lot of
purples and blues another thing that’s cool is I use it
say like we do a countdown and then we have an announcement video so lights are
gonna dim and I’m gonna pop up on the screen so the house lights dimmed the
stage lights went off and the video played all I did was I pressed
announcements and go you know in years past you to have several different
devices and you’d never get the timing super-smooth so that works really well
when Pastor goes to preach you can just simply press sermon go it’s gonna raise
up the preaching lights and put him on the screen we can automate shots so for
example we have that went to a wide shot there was some interest in the haze
machine so I’ll go over to that next can see it puffing out some you know it’s a
Chauvet hurricane it’s a three hundred dollar model and we’re using a Chauve
fog juice we use the heavy stuff at a very light output and you want to make
sure you’ve got some airflow in the room or you will fog up the room we have a
couple of Chauve RGB geyser lights we use
those for special events they’re not Sunday morning lights but you know if we
have a fall fest or a big concert we’ll put those up they’re not you know like
we’ve done Star Wars skits or use the Force it spurts it out so pretty cool you you

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  1. He's got it fitting his workflow which is great, don't know that I could adopt in my more traditional setting.

  2. Interesting, I would not have thought of intergratign and automating so much. Why not justtrain Volunteers to run the system?

  3. Would like to see a more basic set-up for a church this integration with Ableton is a little much for most churches I am familiar with.


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