Church Deception in the Last Days Session #2

Posted By on October 14, 2019

Hello everyone welcome back to the Gates
of Huldah this session is part 2 about the deception in the last days and I
wanted to do this session to make sure that people are aware of how the pagan
practices of Rome are still influencing the church today some of the information
I’ll share will come from a class that I took when I enrolled in seminary some
years ago and that class really left me speechless because we were studying
about the history of Christianity and we went back to 325 AD
it’s interesting that at the same time I was listening to a series by pastor
Myles Munroe when he was teaching on the keys the king and the kingdom and he was
talking about the exact same thing when I heard him talk about how pagans had
influenced Christianity I knew that it was divine timing I was left with many
questions that forced me to fast and to pray and and study like never before and
the Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved and also that we are
destroyed because of a lack of knowledge the problem is that when you try to
educate Christians about the false doctrines in the church they become
fearful because they think you’re trying to turn them away from the true gospel
and some wonder if you’re in a cult so no the Messiah warned us about wolves in
sheep’s clothing he said beware of false prophets he said they come to you in
sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves by their fruit you will
recognize them also in Revelation 2 and 9 he tells us about a people who would
be pretending to be the true people of the Most High in the last days shouldn’t
we want to know who those people are and the way that they’ve been turning people
away from the truth but in order to find out who has been telling the lies we
need to know what the lies are so let’s talk about it on today’s session all right so you may want to grab some
notebook paper and a pen so that you can write down some of the resources that
I’ll share with you today that way you can do your own research just like I did
but at least I’m giving you the information where you can go back and
look it up on your own so we’ll get started here in the book of Jude Jude 3
through 7 and Jude is warning us about a group of men who would come in and
infiltrate the church as you study out this information you’ll find out that we
have been given a religion that’s mixed with paganism but what is at the root of
all of this we’ll find out as we continue through this session all right
verse 3 beloved well I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common
salvation I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend
earnestly for the faith which was once were all delivered to the Saints for
certain men have crept in unnoticed who long ago were marked out for this
condemnation ungodly men who turned the grace of our God into lewdness and deny
the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ but I want to remind you though
you were one though you once knew this that the Lord having saved the people
out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed those who did not believe and
the angels who did not keep their proper domain but left their own abode he has
reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great
day so if you notice here he’s going back to Genesis 6 where was talking
about the fallen angels and if you want to find out more about those angels and
what they did you’ll need to find a copy of the Book of Enoch you can easily
download a copy or listen to a video YouTube of it but you’ll find that those
angels came in unto the daughters of men and the women
bore Giants unto them and then the seed or the children of those Giants they
were known as the Nephilim so Jude is telling us that somehow these men are
connected to this wicked seed of the fallen angel listen to that again and
the angels who did not keep their proper domain but left their own abode he has
reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great
day as Sodom and Gomorrah now he ties in Sodom and Gomorrah because some of the same perversion that was going on with these wicked angels in their seed was
happened in sodom and gomorrah the perversion the sins that these Nephilim
races were committing against the animals teaching the people about
witchcraft and hottest a worship demons a lot of these things again you will
find if you will read the Book of Enoch but now he’s tying in Sodom and Gomorrah
and how those two cities were destroyed because of the wickedness and the
perversion so he says as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them in a
similar manner to these two who was he talking about connecting them back to
those fallen angels in their seed in a similar manner to these having giving
themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh are set forth
as an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire so again he’s reminding us
about the perversion and wicked practice and he’s showing us the root of the
depravity this is a warning to the church and we need to take heed all right let’s go back to the beginning
here in Genesis 3 14 through 15 the fate of the serpent so the Lord God said to
the serpent because you have done this done what this is after he deceived Eve
into eating from the forbidden tree and then she in turn gave it to Adam and
they both ate and now judgment is being passed on him it’s saying because you
have done this cursed are you above all livestock and every beast of the field
so we have to know that Satan is the one that used this serpent to beguile heart
as he’s speaking to the serpent on your belly you will go and dust you will eat
all the days of your life now listen to the prophecy and I will put enmity
hatred I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her
seed he talking about the Messiah will crush your head and you will strike his
heel so we see war being declared here on Satan and his seed as a result of his
crimes against humanity so in in these verses you see that there would be a
perpetual hatred between Satan and the woman and then between her seat and his
seat so this tells you there is a serpent seed in the earth and they have
been working to destroy or contaminate the seed of the woman I have another
video coming up that I’m going to show you you’ll take a look at the four
empires of the world that have been used to try to destroy the people of the Most
High but it serves as a time clock so that we see when the end of this age
will be then now this vision was given to Daniel and you can read about it in
Daniel 7 let’s take a look at this so if you read Daniel 7 you see this statue
it’s he had a vision of a statue that represents the
or empires that would be battling against the seed of the woman in the
first of the head of goal which represents the Babylonian Empire and it
is the the eagle with the wings the second part represents the chest of
silver chest and arms of silver and this was Cyrus the Great for the
Medo-Persian empire and it represents the bear then the third was Alexander
the Great thus belly and thighs of bronze is still
leopard with the four ring wings in the foreheads and then the last part was the
Roman Empire which seceded that Greek Empire and on this one there isn’t
another world empire seceding this one so this one is still actually in power
and you can see that it then splits into ten lesser kingdoms it would you see
represented by the ten toes so this is you can find this in Daniel 7 so there
you saw that Rome was represented by the legs of iron mixed with clay now I want
to share some excerpts from this article written by Paul Carter in 2017 he’s
talking about the Babylonian the fall of Babylon the Babylonian Empire fell to
the Persians under Cyrus and 539 BC later when Darius was King the
Babylonians revolted they experienced defeat and experienced many of the
brutalities they had previously inflicted upon the Jews what was once
called the queen of the world we’re talking about Babylon now what was once
called the queen of the world was defeated devastated and despoiled but
then he says but Babylon next appears in biblical accounts six hundred and thirty
years later Peter refers to the city symbolically as the new world culture at
war with the believers and the scripture is taken from first
Peter 5 and 13 where Peter says she who was in Babylon elect together with you
greets you and so does mark my son now the thing is Peter was not in Babylon he
was referring to Rome as the new Babylon trying to undermine the people of the
Most High this is what I’m trying to share with you when I speak about the
spirit of Rome but where it came from was the head that head of gold the
Babylonian Empire what we think is that these empires were totally wiped out but
we don’t understand that that statue represented a unit a complete unit so
there are parts of each Empire in the the successors those who come after them
some of many of the pagan practices that we see today came from Babylon so
hopefully you’ll see that as we continue with this session so where does the
Catholic Church get its authority from well they claim that it was given to
them by the Apostle Peter in their history they say that when Peter came to
Rome before he died he gave the authority of the church that was given
to him by the Messiah to the Pope they also say that Peter was the first
pope of rome now what history really shows is that Peter was martyred and he
was crucified upside down this was turn during the time of Nero and Rome was
trying to wipe out the early church because they were making a great impact
it was said that they were turning the world upside down
but the scripture used by roman catholic church as the basis for
their authority is taken from this verse in Matthew 16:18 and basically where
Messiah says to Peter upon this rock I build my church and if you remember it
was because Peter recognized who he really was so let’s read it it says
jesus replied blessed are You Simon son of Jonah for this was not revealed to
you by flesh and blood but by my father in heaven and I tell you that you are
Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not
prevail against it I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven so let’s
take a look at two quotes here I found the first is from Bishop Hughes and this
was in 1852 he says no man has a right to choose his religion basically saying
you all need to be Catholic that’s the only true church and then this other one
it says the Pope takes place of Jesus Christ on earth by divine right the Pope
has supreme and full power in faith and morals over each and every pastor and
his flock and you’re gonna see where that comes into play a bit later he is
the true Vicar the head of the entire church the father and teacher of all
Christians he is the infallible ruler the founder of dogmas the author of and
the judge of counsels the universal ruler of truth the arbiter of the world
the supreme judge of heaven and earth the judge of all being judged by no one
did you hear that being judged by no one God himself on earth and this is where
they what they mean when they say the Pope is the thicker as
he is God he’s taking the place of God here and you can see this is quote this
is a quote from the New York catechism so this is where the church
is getting its authority and it believes it has a divine right to rule here on
the earth so after the Roman Catholic Church supposedly took control of the
church that they received from Peter this is when you see a lot of the
blending of the paganism with the true gospel and the word uses religious
syncretism syncretism and this definition here by SR Imbach it’s a
syncretism the process by which elements of one religion are assimilated into
another religion resulting in a change in the fundamental tenants or nature of
those religions it is the union of two or more opposite beliefs so that the
synthesized form is a new thing it is not always a total fusion but maybe a
combination of separate segments that remain identifiable compartments and I
gave you the example last time of when we think about what Christians
believe about Easter that is the time to remember the death burial and
resurrection of the Messiah but yet most people identify the Easter Bunny Easter
eggs you know all of that with Easter two separate things the Easter Bunny has
absolutely nothing to do with the death burial and resurrection of the Messiah
yet you have the blending one is a is from a pagan religion that worshiped
estar and we get that now we have Easter where we’re remembering the
death burial and resurrection of the Messiah and also celebrating this
religion that they were paying homage to this goddess
so that’s religious syncretism and a lot of this happened when Rome started
taking notice of these people who were turning the world upside down so it
tried to destroy the movement the church went through unimaginable persecution
from the Roman Empire and again history says this is when Peter was martyred and
he was crucified so you know the old saying if you can’t beat them join them
well that’s what happened this is when religious syncretism began under Emperor
Constantine so we’re going to talk about what some of those doctrines of men the
paganism what were some of those things that were introduced all right let’s deal with a sacred cow
by reading the scripture in Matthew 12 38 through 40 then some of the scribes
and Pharisees said to him teacher we want to see a sign from you jesus
replied a wicked and adulterous generation demands a sign but none will
be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah for as Jonah was three
days and three nights in the belly of the great fish so will the Son of Man be
three days and three nights in the heart of the earth so you do not get three
days and three nights from Friday noon to Sunday morning if you count Friday
night and Saturday night that’s only two nights where’s the third night if you
count if you count Friday as a day even consider that he’s it’s supposed to be
noon Friday let’s just count that today and then you count Saturday that’s
only two days so the traditional Good Friday to Easter Sunday morning timing
it’s not adding up we cannot fit three days and three nights between a Friday
afternoon crucifixion and an Easter Sunday sunrise the Messiah said this is
the sign that he would give that he was the promised Messiah and I’m gonna show
you how the enemy has crept in and this very important sign proving who he was
has been corrupted why so that it would sit in with a Roman pagan holiday now
let’s examine let’s carefully examine these things all right here we go so let’s read these
two scriptures and then we’ll dig into this John 19:31 therefore because it was
the preparation day the body should not remain on the cross on the Sabbath for
that Sabbath was a high day the Jews asked Pilate that their legs might be
broken and that they might be taken away so if you remember they didn’t have to
break messiahs legs because when they came to him he was already dead but to
two thieves that who were crucified with them their legs were broken so that they
would die quickly and they could take them down from the cross so they were
trying to give through this quickly because they knew that that next day was
going to be the Sabbath now in John 21 tells us that on the first day of the
week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early while it was still dark and saw
that the stone had been taken away from the tomb so in John tells us in 20 verse
1 that when they went to the tomb that Sunday morning they found it empty and
it was still dark so he had to be resurrected before daybreak on that
sunday so he wasn’t in a tomb at no time during daylight the daylight portion for
that Sunday okay so none of that can be counted as a day and in the Jewish
culture of that time all work had to be done on the day before the Sabbath to
avoid working on the day of rest so if we’re looking at that Saturday that’s
where most people are thinking that okay well then he had to die that Friday
right so the day before the Sabbath was commonly called the preparation day so
clearly the day on which the messiah was crucified and
his body placing on the in the tomb was the day immediately preceding a Sabbath
the question is which Sabbath now I remember years ago dr. Fred Price
did a teaching on this and I can remember writing almost two pages of
notes because I was saying finally someone was explaining that you could
not get three days and three nights from sad from Friday noon to Sunday morning
again this was almost 20 years ago or maybe more than 20 years ago and yet
mainstream denominations are still clinging to this Good Friday Sunday
morning resurrection tradition and that’s exactly what it is it’s tradition
because it’s not lining up with Scripture when you count the days so now
we have to dig a little deeper let’s dig deeper because we have three important
days happening during this time you have the feast of Passover which Passover
occurs in the spring of each year it’s on the fourteenth day of the Hebrew
month of nice on some say Nisan which is in March or April so let’s look at this
time here in the evening on the 14th of Nisan at exactly 3:00 p.m. the Passover
lamb was killed we know that the Messiah is that lamb
that they were going to kill now if you remember the lamb had to be inspected
before it was killed to make sure there were no defects or blemishes so if you
remember where Pilate confirms it he says to the high priest I find no fault
in this man okay so you have that 14th day where
lamb is to be killed then you have the next day which is the feast of
unleavened bread it takes place on the 15th day of Nisan and it lasts for seven
days all right and then you had the Sabbath day the Saturday day of rest so
those are the three things going on here now let’s look at the timeline so you
have the 14th which would have been that Wednesday of Nisan Messiah was tried
early that morning declared faultless by Pilate they hung him on the cross the
scripture said from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. he dies the same time during this Passover
because that’s when the Passover was being slaughtered in the temple so he’s
prepared for burial and they’re put they place him in the tomb before sunset ok
so now you have the next day which was unleavened bread the 15th of Nisan which
would be Thursday so the first day of the firt of the feasts of unleavened
bread which is a high Sabbath this is the high Sabbath that John is talking
about in 1931 this is the Sabbath he’s talking about
so Messiah is now when the tomb of first night and then a first day now you have
the 16th which is this Friday he has spent the second night and in the second
day in the tomb now you have the seventh the 17th day which is that Saturday this
is the Sabbath the weekly Sabbath day of rest
the Saturday so he spends the third night in the third day in the tomb now
we have to think son set sunset because that’s when they’re
looking they’re looking at the afternoons to the next afternoon not
morning to morning like we’re thinking about alright so now you have the 18th
he’s now in the grave three nights three days so by the 18th which is that Sunday
the first day of the week remember here is saying that when they get there on
the first day of the week it’s still dark and they see that the stone has
been removed and he’s not there his body can’t even be found so he had to be
resurrected at the close of that Sabbath somewhere in between the time that time
and the beginning of the first day of the week
so the confusion about him being crucified on Friday may come from this
verse saying that he could not remain on the cross on the Sabbath if you’re only
thinking that there is the one Sabbath day the Saturday but that is not true
let’s take a look at another scripture I would HIGHLY encourage you to go back
and read Leviticus 23 on your own so that you can see the different feast
days that he’s talking about here but I’m gonna start in verse 33 but you’ll
find as you read Leviticus 23 that there’s a list of holy Sabbath’s with an
S and festivals and the most high makes it clear that they are to be observed
from evening to evening you’ll find that in Leviticus 23:32
so in other words from sunset to sunset when the sun went down and then that
evening begin so let’s read verse 33 and the Lord spake unto Moses saying speak
unto the children of Israel saying the fifteenth day of this seventh month
shall be the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days unto the Lord on the first
day shall be an holy convocation you shall do no servile work there in seven
days you shall offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord on the eighth day
shall be an holy convocation unto you and you shall offer an offering made by
fire unto the Lord it is a solemn assembly and you shall do no servile
work therein so do you see these days that’s sounding like the Sabbath where
they were not supposed to work well these are different days here he’s
highlighting and then it says verse 37 these are the feasts of the Lord which
you which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations to offer an offering made
by fire unto the Lord a burnt offering and a meat offering a sacrifice and
drink offering everything upon his Day beside the Sabbath’s City S at the end
beside the Sabbath of the Lord and beside your gifts and
beside all your vowels and beside all your freewill offerings will you give
unto the Lord also in the fifteenth day of the seventh month when you have
gathered in the first when you have gathered in the fruit of the land you
shall keep a feast unto the Lord seven days on the first day shall be a Sabbath
and on the eighth day shall be a Sabbath so you had the Bible’s talks about two
kinds of Sabbath days you have the normal weekly Sabbath day that falls on
the seventh day of the week Saturday not to be confused with Sunday which is the
first day of the week and then you had annual Sabbath days and again if you go
back and you read through that Scripture you’ll see where he’s talking about that
so because Christianity got rid of the biblical annual Sabbath day they changed
the Sabbath to Sunday that’s when a lot of the confusions you know came in about
which Sabbath are we are we talking about so if you look at the scripture go
to Matthew 28:1 John 21 the one that we just read and it says as it began to
dawn toward the first day of the week again which is that Sunday that would
imply that Messiah arose Saturday afternoon before the sunset sunset would
have been Sunday evening not Sunday morning so many believed that the
correct day if you go back through and study this out that the correct day
would have been Wednesday that he would have died that
Wednesday afternoon he was in the grave Wednesday evening to Saturday evening
and he was gone before sunset because after sunset it would have been
considered Sunday so I’m hoping that this is making sense look we listen to
it again go back and read those scriptures because this Friday noon
crucifixion and he’s out of the grave by Sunday morning it does not line up
particularly if you’re counting the correct Sabbath which would have been
Saturday and not the Sunday and we have we need to consider the number of people
who have turned away from the gospel because they refuse to check their brain
at the church doors they can count they counted the days and the nights and
they’re saying wait a minute that’s not adding up but the church says well you
just have to have faith actually just have blind faith and believe that you
can get three days and three nights from Friday noon to Sunday morning you would
have to be blind deaf and dumb and not the words we we did this we allow this
Messiah said that those three days and three nights would be a sign and the way
that it is now it’s trying to make him into a liar he said three days and three
nights three days and three nights again go back read John 19:31 it talks about
that Sabbath day being a High day mean a meaning a term to differentiate
the seven annual Sabbath’s from this regular week we Sabbath
day I’m hoping that that makes sense for you I actually have another article that
I found that I’m gonna read through and maybe by hearing that as well that
you’ll be able to understand this it’s really important that we get this
because you have the heathens looking at us thinking that we’re crazy that we
can’t even count three days and three nights we have to stop this we have to
stop this the the enemy is the liar not the Messiah all right
let’s read through this here this is the title did the women buy spices before or
after the Sabbath written by Vaughn Wolfgang Schneider and the scriptures he
used Mark 16:1 when the Sabbath was passed the women brought spices in order
to anoint the body of jesus and then Luke 23:56 the women prepare the spices
and ointments and then rested the Sabbath day so it says at first glance
and when going by what one may have heard or read traditionally about the
crucifixion and burial of Jesus these scriptures from Mark and Luke appear to
be contradictory to each other in terms of the timing given as to when the women
went to buy the spices and ointments precious ointment for to anoint Jesus’
body so I just read this two scriptures for you let’s drop down what says
reading different translations and taking a closer look at these passages
as well as a look at the Greek text does not bring any further new insights but
rather affirms that these passages are indeed correct in their wording and that
there are no textual variances nor any translation problems as such but
then where is the problem if the translation is correct
then the problem of an apparent contradiction must be within our own
understanding of these passages somehow we do not understand something correctly
and that causes the apparent contradiction now what is it in this
case which produces this apparent contradiction the seeming contradiction
is in the fact that it seems that the information about the purchase and
preparation of the spices and ointments for the anointing of Jesus’s body by the
women is said in one place to have happened before the Sabbath and in
another place after the Sabbath the problem is that events involving an
identical matter seemingly did not happen at the same identical time which
is impossible it is important to note that in such a view of the situation we
base on our considerations on the fact that there are only one set of spices
and ointments which were bought and prepared as well as the reference is to
only one Sabbath day the weekly Sabbath which is Saturday since it is impossible
for both statements by mark and Luke to be true in such a case it follows that
one of these component components of our considerations cannot be correct and
must therefore be false and this is why we have the confusion so in general
there is the possibility that the women did not go once to purchase and prepare
spices and ointments but rather did this twice once on the day before the Sabbath
and a second time on the day after the Sabbath however this can safely be
disregarded in this case because for one there is really no mention in the text
for such a double purchase and secondly it would make absolutely no
sense that the woman women would go again on the day after the Sabbath to
purchase more spices when other gospel records already show that the women went
to the grave with the ointments very early on the day after the weekly
Sabbath and learned that the grave was already empty this possibility therefore
is to be discarded as a possible solution
so in the next part I’m going to show you then what is the solution alright
let’s go over this second part of his article he says the only other
possibility is that we are not dealing with only one identical Sabbath but
rather there are two different Sabbath days involved in this case the first
Sabbath was a special Sabbath a high day the day of a feast and after this
Sabbath there was a regular weekday followed by the normal weekly Sabbath
day the women would then have gone and bought the spices and ointments on the
day after the first Sabbath and prepared everything in order to then rest on the
second Sabbath day and be ready to go to the grave immediately after the weekly
Sabbath was over to anoint Jesus’s body this would also be the third day since
the burial and the watch which had been placed at the grave upon the request of
the elders of the people would not have made it possible for the women to gain
access to the grave any earlier this then
this then really is what happened and he’s speaking of himself as I explored
in greater detail in a study entitled was Jesus three days and three nights in
the grave Jesus was crucified on fourteen nice on the day before the High
Day which was the first day of the feast of unleavened bread also called feast of
Passover on 15 Nison and He died in the afternoon on fourteen Nisan on and was
buried and was buried still before sunset that day because if you remember
they had to hurry up and get them off the cross so this was the beginning of
the new day this was a Wednesday the women saw that Jesus had not been buried properly according to custom again because they are trying to hurry up and
rush it and they went and bought spices and ointments on the day after the
special Sabbath day which was Friday and then they needed to rest during the
following day which again would be the weekly Sabbath that Saturday so the
apparent contradiction is solved when we noticed that the traditional teaching of
a crucifixion on Friday and the consideration of only one Sabbath day
the weekly Sabbath is in correct the records record the identical event the
identical activities of the women on Friday during that week but they relate
to the event to two different Sabbath days during that week mark 16 speaks of
the high Sabbath the special Sabbath on 15 Nisan on Luke however speaks of the
weekly Sabbath which was on 17 Nisan on when we understand the two records
correctly the apparent contradiction is solved and we can again rejoice at the
great accuracy of the revelation of God in His Word we
have to get this because we have not been rightly dividing the word but we
also need to look at the other culprit here which is the Roman Catholic Church
a lot of this confusion came because they change the Sabbath to the first day
of the week the Creator never did he established the Saturday Sabbath during
creation but the Roman Catholic Church believes that they have the right to
change divine laws and customs take a look look at this quote it says the
people of Constantinople and almost everywhere assemble together on the
Sabbath as well as on the first day of the week which custom is never observed
at Rome or at Alexandria now another quote says the authority of
the church can therefore not be bound to the authority of the scriptures because
the church had changed the Sabbath into Sunday not by command of Christ but by
its own authority and you see that this code comes directly out of their cannon
so this lie that crept in to say you know we’re celebrating Easter to
remember the death burial and resurrection of the Messiah this was an
underhanded way to continue honoring the goddess of fertility and that’s why
sorry that’s why you see the bunny and eggs a
part of this how dare we allow the suffering of our Messiah to even be
associated with a bunny this is what Jude was talking about when he talked
about these doctrines that crept in unawares
they needed to connect Christianity because it was such a popular movement
at the time to their pagan deities to get more of the nobilities to accept it
so I want you to take a look at the next two videos that I’m gonna show because
there have been some changes in Christianity that most people don’t even
know about and I really encourage you to share this information because we need
to know what is at the root of all of this deception what you’ll see is that
the Pope has been on a mission to bring all religions under the authority of the
Catholic Church again a lot of Christians don’t even know what’s
happening but may I remind you that all of these Christian denominations are
daughters of the Roman Catholic Church these churches came as a result of the
Protestant movement but their roots are still connected to the Roman Catholic
Church take a look at this and I need you to at least understand a little bit
of the the history behind this because we are living in an incredibly important
generation I believe that God has brought me here to this year’s ministers
conference in the spirit of Elijah let me explain if you look carefully the
spirit of Elijah was on John the Baptist to turn the hearts of the sons to the
fathers and to turn the hearts of the father’s to the sons to prepare the way
for the Lord and we know that prophecy always has a double fulfillment and we
know that Liza will come before the second coming as well and I’ve
understood that the spirit of Elijah is the spirit of reconciliation to return
hearts to each other this is very important we know that the first
thousand years there was one church it was called the Catholic Church and the
word Catholic means Universal it doesn’t mean Roman Catholic
means you’d if you’re born again raise your hand if you’re born again you’re a
Catholic take back redeem what belongs to you
we are Catholics and then there was the split at the end of the first millennium
we had the Orthodox Eastern West two churches then five hundred years later
we have Luther in his protest three churches in fifteen hundred years three
denominations or three churches and then from Luther’s protest onwards
thirty-three thousand new denominations I’ve come to understand that diversity
is divine its division that’s diabolic it’s true what you were saying about the
glory I agree with you of course it’s true
the glory that the father had he gave to Jesus the glory was the presence of God
what is the charismatic renewal it’s when we experience the presence of God
and he said and I give them the glory pragmatic reason so that they may be one
it’s the glory that glues us together not the doctrines it’s the glory if you
accept that Christ is living in me and the presence of God is in me and the
presence of God is in you that’s all we need because God will sort out all our
doctrines when we get upstairs therefore Christian unity is the basis
of our credibility because Jesus said until they won they will not believe the
world will not believe as they should until we are one division destroys our
credibility it is fear that keeps us separated because fear is false evidence
appearing real it’s an acronym f.e.a.r false evidence appearing real because
most of your fear is based on propaganda now why is it historic
because in 1999 the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Lutheran
Church signed an agreement that brought an end to the protest Luther believed
that we were saved by grace through faith alone amen
but that’s not it the Catholic Church believed that we were saved by works and
that was the protest in 1999 they wrote this together because in the Protestant
church there a lot of cheap salvations people were getting born-again but no
fruit whatsoever and because we didn’t even look for fruits
it wasn’t the issue because it wasn’t necessary for salvation and now it’s not
but it’s a good judge if you are saved so what these two churches did they put
the two definitions together listen to it I’m reading verbatim from the
Catholic Vatican website justification means that Christ Himself is our
righteousness in which we share through the Holy Spirit in accord with the will
of the Father together we Catholics and Protestants Lutheran’s believe and
confess that by grace alone in faith in Christ’s saving works and not because of
any merit on our part we are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit who
renews our hearts while equipping and calling us to good works this brought an end to the protest of
Luther brothers and sisters Luther’s protest is over he’s yours in 1999 this
was signed by the Lutheran Church the Federation worldwide later about five
years later the worldwide Methodists signed the same agreement but as of
today we still have had no Protestant evangelical that will stand up and sign
this agreement to agree with our brothers and sisters that we are saved
by grace through faith to good works and I believe that’s something that needs to
be fixed there’s a challenge for you so the protest has been over for 15
years and I get a bit cheeky here because I challenge my Protestant pastor
friends if there is no more protest how can there be a Protestant Church maybe we now we’re all Catholics again but we are reformed we are Catholic in
the universal sense we are not protesting the doctrine of salvation by
the Catholic Church anymore we now preach the same gospel we now preach
you’re saved by grace through faith alone the word alone was the argument
for 500 years the word alone is there you can read it yourself the protest is
over the protest is over so let me pray did you catch that
he basically said if there is no more protests there is no need for a
Protestant church he said maybe we’re all Catholics again now hopefully you
caught that sleight of hand there because in essence he’s saying that
Luther’s protest was just about the one issue on justification by faith and I
can tell you that there were many things Luther and others were protesting about
I’m going to share some of them with you in a minute but I want you to hear
Kenneth Copeland’s response first because this this event was that this
happened at his church during one of his pastors and leaders conference and they
were well I’ll let you listen to it and then we’ll talk about it the most
important thing that has happened in the body of Christ happened some years ago the biggest church split
in history amen when when the Catholic Church split you know the
story the beginning of the protesting church
now you really stop thinking about it among among the people of love we’re
called protesters we’ve been protesting for 500 years baby yeah it’s been 500
years ago now that bro that now they hey that’s a church split brother I mean
that’s the church split of all Church bliss really now October the 31st 1999 representatives of the Catholic and the
Lutheran churches gathered in Augsburg Germany and signed a joint declaration
on the subject of justification and so 500 years of arguments misunderstandings
and sometimes Wars began to give way to reconciliation and recognition of the
gifts of the Holy Spirit as placed within the body of Christ it ended it is
truly my hope that these leaders will go out and do some research on the history
of the Roman Catholic Church I mean just study indulgences and indulgences alone
I mean that was a part of Catholicism that really triggered a lot of the
protests from not just Luther but others indulgences you you basically purchase
these in order to reduce your punishment punishment if you sinned so you were
basically paying to be forgiven and you could pay for indulgences
for a loved one to keep old people out of hell that just think where did that
come from you see nothing like that in Scripture nothing like that but again
when you don’t understand the history when you don’t take a look at the
history or the fruit then yeah you may hear things that sound good but I’m
still asking as the leopard really changed his spots here because here are
some other things that we can lay at the feet of the Catholic Church Leo the 10th
he was Pope from 1513 his death in 1521 and he was known primarily for the sale
of indulgences to reconstruct st. Peter’s Basilica and in the previous
video I told you you know where that Basilica or why they were trying to
reconstruct that Basilica but in 1641 1649 you had the military
arm of the Catholic Church the Jesuits they butchered Irish Protestants and we
still hear stories about the abuses of children but there is an article the
links are here if you want to pull these up 6,000 Catholic priests abused 16,000
plus children since 1950 in America and these are just the ones we know about
and those of you who know about the history of Rwanda what happened in
Rwanda in 1994 over 800,000 people massacred this was
supported by the Catholic Church in Spain between 1930 1990 over 300,000
babies stolen from mothers in the chat in the Catholic Church
go and read this history about the Inquisition is you either convert to
Catholicism or you die where do you find that in Scripture we were given a choice
we were given a choice and there’s there are some excellent videos out there by
Benayah who shows during the 15th centuries our people were some of the
victims during the Inquisition’s where they were
taking our children from us because they refused to convert to Catholicism so
they took the kids and shipped them off to St. Thomas so there are a lot of
crimes if we can lay at the feet of the Roman Catholic Church this is just a
snippet of the horrors if you do your search you’ll find much more not to
mention the sanctioning of slavery you know this is the root of this and this
is why as a whole Christian churches are blind to the atrocities of slavery and
continue to remain silent to this day about racist laws and tendencies when it
comes to people of color because it’s all about protecting a system I’m trying
to get you to see what is at the root of this system this is a system that was
put in place long ago to destroy the seed of the woman the lies you know
that’s been told things that have been covered up you know no formal apologies
nothing done to make it right the fruit you you have to look at the fruit some
of the the pagan a lot of the paganism that still taught today the lies about
Mary being a perpetual virgin I can remember sharing this with us a woman I
met not long ago she’s Catholic and we were talking about this and she was
shocked to learn that Mary was not a virgin because the Catholic Church teach
that she is a perpetual virgin and I was telling her Mary had other children she
had sons and daughters so there is no way she could still be a virgin all of
these things that directly conflict with the truth of the Bible truth of history
and you’re talking about reunification unifying when all of these things are
still you know needing to be dealt with and truth needing to come forth hmm no I
don’t think so and I’m gonna show you take a look at this next video yeah
because you will see where the Catholic Church and a lot of instances make no
apologies for its beliefs and its practices and it’s the current day
Protestants you know who do not know the history of where these different
denominations came from take a look at this next video hello everyone and
welcome to the vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed I’m
Michael Voris many Catholics are unaware probably because they are indifferent
that a major shift has happened in the world of Protestantism a split has
developed whereby a major number of Protestant denominations no longer
remember their own history of being descendents of the Protestant
Reformation begun by father Martin Luther in the 16th century now
approaching its 500th anniversary next year there are tens of thousands of
Protestant denominations it’s just that only some of them call
themselves Protestant they have forgotten the history of their origins
and no longer see themselves as protesting anything but that is exactly
what a Protestant a protester is a protester of Catholic truth many of the
younger for the moment younger more hip churches small see they’re simply call
themselves Christian in their minds this distinguishes them from the Protestants
who they fail to realize that they are a part of an evangelical Pentecostal
whatever is every bit as Protestant as a Lutheran or a Baptist why because they
are all whatever they call themselves still Protestant but in the past twenty
years or so there has been this movement among younger less established
Protestants to drop the label Protestant and simply call themselves Christian and
it has stuck so much so in fact that they have claimed squatter’s rights over
the name Christian and excluded Catholics from the name uh-huh excuse us
but the Catholic Church is the only true church and we were the first Christians
it wasn’t just generic Christians being eaten by lions in Rome it was Catholics
period all Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholics thanks
largely to excommunicated priests Martin Luther now what occasions this little
correction a recent event in which the headline reporting it said quote
ecumenical event unites Christians and Catholics closed quote please Catholics
are Christians remember the first but the whole feel-good arm-waving
rock band emotional encounter crowd they don’t care about that they think being
in a religious frenzy means the Holy Spirit is there and all everything’s
cool and you’re cool because hey you know it all feels good
wrong now we’re not saying praying together is a bad thing or that we
shouldn’t try to cooperate and help the culture and becoming more moral and good
but you can’t get together for a so-called
ecumenical event and promote the stupid idea that Catholics aren’t Christian
again we were the first and still are but interestingly some Protestants
Protestants objected vociferously to any Catholic presence including a video from
Pope Francis encouraging warm relationships
the Protestants said quote Christians and false prophets he means us will join
hands and become one in this event the great falling away is happening before
our very eyes we will not be silent close quote that’s a Protestant talking
about the protestant event that has some Catholics in it because Catholics are
they’re responding to the great feather ruffling among his fellow Protestants
the event organizer shot out a quick communique pay attention to this quote
we’re not saying it’s time to compromise Scripture but there was something about
reaching across the aisle close quote how kind of them not to compromise
scripture by associating with those lowbrow false prophet ignorant Catholics
perhaps if there was any understanding of history which there clearly isn’t
they would understand that the Catholic Church is the one that gave the Bible to
the world that the Catholic Church was and is the first church that their
assemblies are not actual churches because Christ only founded one church
and theirs isn’t that one their churches can all eventually trace their lineage
back to no more than just 500 years ago and a heretical disobedience
psychologically disturbed Catholic priest the Catholic Church goes back
2,000 years to Jesus Christ himself it’s dangerous for Catholics to get too
deep into all of this uniting and sharing and coming together to some
degree maybe perhaps but these Protestant gatherings that some
Catholics attend or are invited to see the Church of some second-class citizen
that corrupts Scripture has false prophets and isn’t Christian so we’re
all uniting exactly what are we supposed to be uniting around just asking it’s
always helpful to know what words mean right so there you have it
he’s putting it out there and setting the record straight for all who have
forgotten where they came from and how the Catholic Church was the one to found
or create this religion called Christianity my question to you is is
this the church that the Savior was referring to when he said to Peter upon
this rock I build my church think about it is this the same gospel to turn the
world upside down or is this a watered down version of
truth filled with paganism we need to think about this let’s take a
look at the scripture and first Peter 4:17 for the time has come for judgment
to begin at the house of God and if it begins with us first what will be the
end of those who do not obey the gospel of God it’s time now we have to examine
the things we’ve been taught we need to compare it look at scripture to see
where why do we believe what we believe where did those doctrines come from and
if it does not line up with Scripture are you prepared to walk away from it
now that’s the question because the Bible is saying that these traditions of
men are making the Word of no effect and the Messiah say these things are in vain
you’re doing these things in vain so each person will need to decide we’re
going to have to choose to be on the side of truth not do things just because
it’s popular or because it’s a part of some religious group we need to look at
scripture and let our lives line up with what the word says here are some quotes
that you should be aware of and hopefully you’ll go back and look them
up on your own this portion is I’m referencing the spirit of Babylon
account again here and this one says it is interesting to note how often our
church has availed herself of practices which were in common use among pagans
thus it is true in a certain sense that some Catholic rites and ceremonies are
our reproduction of those pagan creeds and again you have the source right here
you can go back and look next quote in order to attach to
Christianity great attraction in the eyes of the nobility as I was saying
before the priests adopted the outer garments and adornments which were used
in pagan cults another quote the penetration of the religion of Babylon
became so general and well-known that Rome was called the new Babylon now
let’s look at the Catholics Catholic Church’s view of Scripture the belief in
the Bible as the sole source of faith is unhistorical illogical fatal to the
virtue of faith and destructive of unity now let’s look at some of their quotes
as to how they venerate Mary because she’s considered to be divine it says in
fact by being assumed into heaven she has not laid aside the office of
salvation but by the manifold intercession she continues to obtain for
us the grace of eternal salvation now this was quoted by john paul ii all
right the next quote the foundation of all of our confidence is found in the
Blessed Virgin Mary God has committed to her the Treasury of all good things in
order that everyone may know that through her are obtained every hope
every grace and all salvation for this is his will that we obtain everything
through Mary and this was by Pope Pius the 9th take a screenshot of this
so that you can go back and look these things up for yourself I also wanted to
show you some of the images and symbols that’s associated with
Catholicism and some paganism so you see this first one here is this image that
most people recognize as Jesus the white European features that are not backed up
with Scripture the Scripture clearly tells us that he had hair like wool it also
tells us about His color His feet were the color of burnt brass now if something
is burnt you think about what that would look like and then also you see the hand
signs that’s very common for the priests to use here and most people can go back
and see you know they can directly tie these to other pagan religions again
here with this mitre hat here this is the same hat that they use the priests
of the ancient priests worshipped the pagan God Dagon it was fish worship here
it has the open mouth of the fish and you can see the body of the fish flowing
down the back of his robe this is the same hat right here that the
Pope is using and where it has come from Babylon this is the triple crown here
that says that the Pope is king of heaven and earth and the lower regions
and this is that same mitre hat here but you can see the symbol here what is
referred to as a Star of David that you cannot find in scripture the bible does
not talk about a Star of David it does talk about the star of remphan
that’s a pagan deity there is no Star of David in the Bible so I’ll read some of
these quotes here it’s talking about where Christian art originated from
these the art that we see now that we associate with Christianity and it
refers to the immense volume of art in many different forms which was
commissioned by the church or used in Christian symbolism since the inception
of Christianity and we know that that started in Rome
in order to attach to Christianity great attraction in the eyes of the nobility
and I read this before the priests adopted the outer garments and
adornments which were used in pagan cults again here hence the Pope is
crowned with a triple crown as king of heaven and earth in the lower regions
again you can go back and look these up here the Pope and God are the same so he
has all power in heaven and earth and lastly the Pope is not simply the
representative of Jesus Christ on the contrary he is Jesus Christ himself
under the veil of the flesh after everything I’ve shared today in this
video and the previous one I just want you to think about this and really ask
yourself has the leopard changed its spots this religious system that was
created by the Roman Catholic Church is the Beast system that’s full of lies and
the Most High is calling for his people to come out of this this system wants
you to follow it blindly this is not the faith that the Messiah is asking for
he’s not asking us to believe lies ignorance is not bliss when it comes to
the lies we’ve been under and those who have ears to hear will hear the truth
and acknowledge it I had to repent of some of these things just to be honest
and I believe those who hear this truth and still try to reason within
themselves Oh well God knows my heart I encourage
you to check your fur you may be a goat and not a sheep because if you can hear
the truth and not be convicted you may not be His He says my sheep hear my
voice and I believe His people are now at a
crossroads the disciples ended up here as well
think about Paul he was a Pharisee but after being confronted with the truth he
separated himself he had to turn away from some of the doctrines and
traditions he had taught and taught to others
he said he he didn’t even go to Jerusalem for three years after he was
converted would what did he do he separated himself and he went to study
to see if this was really true so the Bible says it was three years before he
even went back to there to Jerusalem think about this at certain times during
the year the men had to go back to Jerusalem for those different feasts he
didn’t go back for three years this tells you that he had a major conversion
where he had to rethink everything he thought he knew I’ve been there now
obviously the lesson he learned was that and as a nation Israel had failed and
needed a savior and during this time he learned I’m sure because that’s what he
preached that the saving grace came through the Messiah and not through the
law this was a radical shift for a Pharisee Paul had to submit to the truth
of the word what about you what are you getting from this beast system we’ve
held on to the traditions and the falsehoods and placed it higher than the
truth of the word it’s time now to make a correction it’s time to say I choose
to walk in the light as he is in the light because he says when we walk in
the light this is when we can have true fellowship with one another in this
light it will conflict you if you still have
racist ideologies this Beast system it approved of a white supremacy and
sanctioned it this is the same system that would not allow the slaves to be
accepted as fellow brothers in Christ instead it’s sanctioned laws that says
they weren’t even human now there are many now who are beginning to hear the
truth about who the Negroes really are and many are accepting it from different
races and there are those who see it they see it and they know is the truth
and still refuse to accept it and it’s not because there isn’t enough evidence
it’s because the seeds of this beast system is in their heart and it is what
forces them to believe that one race superior to another so they will not
accept it again this is why you still have
segregated churches then you have some who have heard the truth and now they
say well it doesn’t matter because we’re all Israel really it doesn’t matter
anymore why does it suddenly not matter if that were truly the case why aren’t
evangelicals fighting against Zionism but again it’s the same group who are
promoting the lies and refusing to give them up they are the same ones propping
up the group spoken about in Revelation 2:9 even though the DNA is proving that
they are not who they say they are they would rather believe a lie now that’s
blind faith that’s blind face but you know what
the time has come as believers we need to wake up and grow up we have to kill
these sacred cows we have to we have to stop accepting any and everything and
contend for the faith stop mixing paganism with the gospel we need to
fight for the forsaken and fight for justice pastors need to stop allowing
entertainers with no fruit to come into the church to lead praise and worship
they’re causing people to worship them instead of the true King these are
things that are making the word of no effect agreeing with perversion and
saying it’s OK because that’s love so we’re denying the righteousness of the father
so that we can say well we’re walking in love and we love everyone so that means
we don’t need to hold anyone to standards judgment begins at the house
of the Most High first and I encourage you to examine yourself please listen to
the several times I know this message was strong and I make no apologies for
it I believe we have to be just as bold as that Catholic teacher Michael Voris
he didn’t care if your feelings were hurt we need to speak up and speak out
as well we have the power of death and life in our tongue and the Holy Spirit
gives us boldness when you know the truth you have to speak it and I
challenge you to share this message with someone who needs to hear it stop shying
away from sharing the truth start challenging people in a way that will
force them to think ask the question if Messiah says He will be in the grave for
three days and three nights why are the days not lining up force
them to think send them this message if you need to but if we love them then we
need to do everything in our power to get them to wake up and recognize this
religious system that’s been watering down the truth of the gospel I’m asking
you let’s contend for the faith thank you
for joining me today at the Gates of Huldah where we will continue to address
the half-truths and out-right lies that Christians believe we need to we have to
contend for the faith join me next time Shalom everyone

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