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sway in the morning say four five welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen suggest now on tuning in just how rob Markman coming up in and he did you think he did heaven I like your song you like a song alright cool and you know I really um I'm into all I'm into I'm filling when it comes to music I'm into energy yes you know I'm into music I could close my eyes to a nigga move me a certain way he'd get music that I could relate to I would I like from music personally when it comes to just in general is a music that affects me emotionally and music that makes me think and it's a young artist I've been aware of for quite some time who's been making a lot of rounds and gaining a lot of critical acclaim because of the impact his music has made they've given him a lot of titles you know they're thrown a lot of weight on his back and he's just to me somebody's just creative they call him a revival reggae you know or he's going to you know he's the next Bob Marley and all these things that they say about him that I don't think it's fair for him I just think he's somebody well we're going to find out what he is but personally I think he's just somebody who's just been inspired by a lot of people and also inspired by his own experiences so he's created a lot of great music that that people you know starting to take note to we've been wanting to have them up for a while we finally been able to make it happen welcome to the show for the first time a very very magnificent but Neverland chronics is here ladies respect respect what's up man love is open I love love love is also everything everything good yesterday yeah you always felt like that yeah most of the times and sometimes a question if it's just my perception I chose yeah but in a more and more I get reassured and you know you get you become more sure that everything is good yeah and the more the more relieved and the more we learn and realize that you know everything is good every single thing every single thing man I gotta get into that see what we have at the frame of mind I need to stay in so even when you got to pay taxes everything yeah I got this good attacks with good taxes good for society yeah right besides accounts travel taxes and stuff Lana so tired to need crime tax sickness and Island things Charlie tried to some sighs you know what you know it so it's good in that too for them it's good for them so if I'm locked up in prison yeah well society needs that everybody think about this dare to let out everybody is in prison there'll be less land for them uh-huh less food for them less money for them because they'll have more people to share it and then and then and then there would be the business of rehabilitation yeah that business is very necessary in the economy and society the find out the air is very hey yeah it's very it's very good for them work very good for her good for you rock with them with them yet what we mean by Abdullah like do you agree with them are you a part of that let me agree with reality and everything that is a part I can disagree with my reality because my reality you know I could have been born in that time before society and I wasn't so you know since I'm here I'm not going to disagree with the fact that I'm here what Alma wanted is cooperate with my reality and somehow and somehow move move through life without stress no doubt feel in this place because I'm obviously not displaced I was born to a mother live in Avenel morons and como naturally into this system yeah for what purpose yeah not too not too stressful and died without even knowing what you're proposing so the main thing is understand what rule are you supposed to play mm-hmm you know crazy you know why not Mars why not Jupiter why dear I like that chronic severe man cooperate chronically I love that breakdown of the understanding of philosophy and life in the meaning of it so well-balanced you hear that perspective too often and I'm curious you know you went to Kenya and use a peace ambassador and you're the closer entertainer of the year what then do you advocate for if you believe all things are purposeful and or destined so then what would you advocate for them whether advocated for for balance for balance sure to you money Tina I will advocate for us too far because Rastafari is is one of the the way so I you can see himself outside of assisting our outside of our physical system and more a part of a spiritual network which connects each and every living thing so you know how you can have enemies right because if you're gonna love enemies and really an amazing so and even even love enemies we don't have enemies so can he well enemies so can have an idea of who is with us and who's against us you know we don't have anything so can breathe it's covered only eat and what you are human so we love you but we know that you are against us you know so we love you but you're not with us and we know we're aware of it you know trying we're trying we're trying to make sure that you you get your full life as a humans still but you are not with us I know that here I mean so yeah and you know if you're dying I tried to help you you know if I can't find it if I can't find the strenght which I tell to what I know that you're not with me am I trying to kill me I am sure you won't have a nickname to convert wanted to Rastafari girl then he saw I'm very conservative before Mike had to jump in and ask you at dancing I like the way he started this kind of thing right each other's way you brush each other's way you come to this side you I like it there's good and evil in this world no we're gonna take sides there arrest us so in the case I'd let it go against here we are never on our side and never on the side which I also received buttons and all right well maybe with us on on any side to be on any side he is bringing a sense of imbalance mister people you know and that's that's the only source of imbalance in the world right no people but I remember and I we live in our political time right and so any of understand that it's politics then he won't be on any side you need to talk about I we are asked now we are spiritual people there are really just people are religious people is on our side because when you remember the teachings of His Majesty say until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes there will be war in the world every day and you know um until there is no longer first class and second class citizen of any nation then there will be war in the world world you know and this view to open world a hope for and whatever will never be attainable it's just something that material to work towards cuz I want you to keep working but it's not a it's not a terrible if I can see myself as part of a greater spiritual network well but you not possible wonder what are you saying – at the same market you got to work towards if utopian world but but everybody's a qua you know in Rasta and in other religions as many things that are abominable that people don't believe in in whereas guys not our religion still what do you think it is right style a Liberty yeah I live with the idea to be a decision that you make to be a great Ally money you have to be a Rasta every day all over again Jah Rastafari I love wagon Oh everything with the emphasis is arrested in SL yesterday hasta different from today stay awake of today a beer a Stalag in Boca there is new there's new things to dis chuck it today like Groundhog Day is not the same destruction as yesterday every day as I knew the rule of destruction say Alfred cultivated every day everything with the new super water yeah the kind of so laughing children what is the song about well it's about the the Selassie children in this song is really talking about the youths who embrace the teachings that are suggested by Alice lasse into as humanity far greater human life experience which is teaching us not to give our allegiance to nations and conscience and political systems but to each other which means that I don't know any allegiance to the landmass of Africa in terms of a nation like that I owe my allegiance to humanity first in film so everything else come after everything has precipitated out of that respect for Humanity so you know everything will will will will have that blueprint that pattern in it so you know sorry if I'm a part of the UNIA still my first allegiance is to humanity to America this yeah because that know that knows should that know cultivate within you the knowledge of knowing that you can really put the interests of your nation above the inches of humanity you know I mean cuz then you just another colonial master I'd our black one and white on other people because if Mohammed if if if our action this China so far if the innocent people of China are going to suffer for the benefit of a black person then that black man is no different from him slave master and enslave master Kairos leave my stylist Levi's every slave master has a slave master chronic they never told us the black is beautiful that's the chorus to the song black is beautiful as part of the chorus what was you trying to present in this song that is a messaging in it black is beautiful is just a song it says it in the Sun there is one line in the song as Allah has tried to put a line in the song that kind of paraphrase everything so there is there's few line that says this is not a racist song it is a song for the children who were never told about where there is it so I was having a conversation with some friends yesterday I like even for our black person is easier to chase and say oh you know I have a great great grandmother from Ireland it's easier to know that part but it's you know as a black person so hard to know where in Africa your great-great great-grandfather was and that's because of the history of the Irish grandma died Irish gave gunmen as different from the ECF in your grandfather a great-grandfather history was erased because if it was there then you would know that yeah you know I had a great great great-grandfather from Senegal and he was a chief he had he had a home 14 houses and 7,000 hectares of land and you know I mean if you know that Danny was attitude it'd be different we are different your outlook and perspective would be different so these are sung basically suggesting the beauty of people to awaken that memory in them because we don't have it written on paper so after awaken it activate it in it in DNA you know to even start feeling like we're beautiful feel like a beautiful and you love dreams about a Edie in great-grandma always a queen like not just in not just like oh use word Queen oh this everyone is looking like a real queen with Rowan hectares of land on our community and build 700 hospitals and anything and a great great great grandfather he was actually the one who discover electricity here's the knowledge of self yeah yeah it's like for yeah it's like for other people like sometime of conversations with my friend from Europe and Estonia you shouldn't even picture life is great great great great great I know there was cameras in that booth or whatever like I don't never see that for like my great great like it don't exist mm-hm you know there here is from issues after activated so my life experience have to be different from years as someone was a picture Anna and I let her that a great-great great-great-great grandmother wrote and posted like my people couldn't even use a post yeah yeah chronic to hear the album is analogy so yeah how it awakened the beauty now okay now chronology that's the album us out now a lot of how what you're speaking about really appeals to me and put so many different reasons and I'm curious to you know a lot of awareness will come through you know opening spiritual vessels and making yourself available to you as well but we gotta whistle rounded by concrete we're surrounded by walls were so we'll engulfed with technology for a reason though what do you think that very reason here are placed in this situation for a reason so don't reject it embrace it because there are things that there are rules that technology has to play that's the only reason why it's here I mean so you being the person who you are come into contact with a city like New York for what reason that's what any task a said and if if you can't find no reason at all to beard and eat leaves and then how if I can't find a reason and do it you know I think a lot of youths who were brought here from Africa all over the world were brought here fairies we needed to feel we needed to feel felt we needed to live what lived and as far as I think the reason is very beautiful the originals were very beautiful is like that think about it think about what the great gifts that our people have been able to give to the world you know since that time mm-hmm amazing think I don't think about anybody else Muhammad Ali well then think about every way over your head oh then you know so it's like our story is different like we are corrupted like were brought in were corrupted ripped and things we we are the ones who experience this parted language and then you have people under continent to experience worse Oh genocide and releasing but for what reason do you know I feel like there is a beauty in it and that's what we need to find out the beauty where is the beauty now that is the song like it's really interesting it's kind of like a double entendre when I first saw the title didn't hear the song I want to show what it was about yeah this was really interesting I love the talking I love talking about it yeah well like snow is that you another song is about how we can um as artists reconnect with our love for art you know and not our love for validation that likes is validation what love is our self-generating thing you know that you just need to come into contact with it and you seal it but like snow is acting for validation here is really about how am I feel about anything when when you are motivated by love like if I really love to sing sing then what people say will mean a lot but it won't be the main reason why I sing and I mean which means yeah I might get a liquor you know to impacted by what people say but at least the main reason Lansing is because I love to sing if you love to so yeah so that our gacho reconnect them with the idea of doing things that you know not cause I love it you know I mean so yeah I'm not going to like music is my job yeah music is my job but I'm blessed of a job that I love another one blessing to say darling girl scene of course the very moment you don't love what you're doing anymore and it's not no longer blessing it's more like a curse our obligation it's off the burden yes the burden so yeah we just want to you them know say because I live in a world where we have so dimensions that are clearly new uh-huh where you know people don't realize that one time you had the media and that was one reality that people living you know for instance somebody like you and you and you know further to the media in a different world yeah you act I look different and I need done in reality which makes it a different reality because it requires different manners different etiquette different different principles uncover in the world of media the world you know and you can die in the middle and don't die in reality mmm says always says all different reality but no you have only one know every product you can die and Emilia yeah you're not a every iodine is like you have enough people who you just don't see anymore there's like you know where is I was seeing decide right where is this guy I remember I said Oh him oh but he's nothing there Harry and then yeah and what them still alive I'll never live in so and uh yeah and then new people are born into the median you but now you have a new thing now called social media which is are more intense neither because everybody is involved hands-on yeah so basically everybody is as an input in the meat in social media which means I can just create a blog and poof five hundred thousand followers our audience bigger than a lotta mainstream media yeah so basically whatever I say is news you know so and that's where the whole system of like the world currency of likes come about cuz likes is Noah currency I can no legitimate to go to somebody and say yo my name is clinics and 500,000 people like my Facebook page you know and that's worth so of works on yeah so that currency has now become the motivation just like oh in the 90s it was cash and cash money no nobody spends cash people consume likes and people spend like some people collect then one people trade them a night and I mean so it becomes our motivation so we just suggesting to people yo don't don't get to cut into this like okay same way like always say oh don't get don't sell your soul for money yeah if you know actors don't lose it for likes fly in the morning only for shade 45