Christian Students told to ask any question on Islam…and they did!

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Alright bismillahirrahmanirrahim So what we can do is as they are coming in we can start off by the way But I will just take any questions and then I will start off where I left off in the intro to Islam. So Go ahead a think you are asking some questions when I walked in here So any question based upon what you observed in there what the sermon was and anything regarding the prayer? Yes Okay, so the question is what about the children do they go up with the women or do they stay down It depends on the age by the way You know like a 12 13 year old boy they would be preferred to be with the dirts and with the men if they are like younger like my Verdict of my first grader. He usually plays with of my wife Yes, so it just depends on the age here Okay question Okay, that sounds good and uh, those are all good questions So the very first question was about the prayer itself the way that we pray So really important the way that we Muslims pray is the way we are following how the Prophet used to pray Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and he was taught by God himself through angel Gabriel So angel Gabriel came in the form of a human a man and he taught Muhammad peace be upon him how to pray When to pray the actions the motions the recitation and also the way that we pray in the group prayer So all of those have been taught so we are just following what he used to pray, right? But just a footnote The way that we are praying as I mentioned before the lunchtime is that all the prophets are used to pray the same way And I’ll just give you maybe two or three examples from the Bible itself So it says the book of Genesis chapter 17 verse number 3 when the time for prayer came abraham He went to a secluded place Over there he prayed directly to one god and he was prostrating himself on the ground Exactly with the way that she have seen muslims pray The reason we are following that is because we also follow Abraham peace be upon him He rich his actions his prayers and especially his belief in the absolute oneness of God It speaks about in the Book of Numbers That Moses and his brother Aaron and their family when they went to the place of worship They prayed exactly the same way as you see a sprain So when it came to Jesus who we considered and we follow him and we say that he is a mighty prophet You know, he went one day to the Garden of Gethsemane So this is before the people were coming after him. So he escaped them. He went to a secluded place called the Garden of Gethsemane over there he placed his forehead on the ground and he was praying to God saying that Oh, God take this cup of death away from me not my will but your will and this is present in the New Testament in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 26 verse number 39 you singing Okay, so in prayers that we do or in the in the call for prayer also It may appear as if it’s singing but we don’t say it is singing by the way We are just beautifying our voice just to recite those passages of the Quran and also the call for prayer So we don’t have hymns in our service We have the quotations or the passages from the Quran and the praises of God So just recall it from the memory, you know unlike in a Christian Church She may have for some books some pages or something in front of you that You look at it and you read from it or you sing from it, so Every Muslim we are supposed to memorize certain passages from the Quran So you’ll be amazed to find out that the whole Quran has been passed down from the time of Muhammad. Peace Be upon him up until our time in memory of humans. So He memorized the whole Quran by the way means Mohammed peace be upon him his followers memorized it Not a small book. It’s like a big book like hundreds of pages 6,000 plus passages in there and that memorization process is coming down from that time to our time and Amazingly there are 10 million plus memorizers of the whole Quran right now in the whole world So even my first grader, by the way, he memorized close to 20 chapters of the Quran in Arabic language he can stand up over here and He can start reciting and I can hold the book over here just to see if he’s making any mistakes of pretending though he memorized the whole I mean the the 20 chapters were the very So in that way the Quran, so there is a prophecy in the Quran that it is going to be protected God made the prophecy chapter 15 verse number 9 that it is God’s message and he’s going to protect it and we say this is a miracle This is the way it is protected So about the question of the convert So Islam is a faith in which anyone of their own choice. They can convert to Islam so It’s really important. The Quran says there is no force in conversion. By the way, if anyone is forcing anybody that’s not conversion so this is mentioned in chapter 2 verse number 256 It says that there is no compulsion in faith a person has the choice So in this mosque almost every week every month there are many conversions People they call over here and they say you know what? I have been reading about Islam. I have a few questions Can we can I come and sit down with the Imam with the scholar and we have them come over here? We have small sessions like these and after the sessions of their own choice majority of them they say You know what the oneness of God resonates with us the comprehensive guidance of the Quran resonates with us The concept of modesty of women resonates with us now we want to convert so About twenty four percent of the Muslims in the u.s say they are converse to Islam and in the USA Islam is the fastest growing faith, according to CNN and Fox and Chicago Tribune and different media outlets it is a fastest growing faith Which is paradoxical by the way Right based upon the number of misconception people have even then people are converting after they know what Islam is Even more amazing. Is that 60% to 40% Females to males ratio when it comes to conversion, by the way So really briefly about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So he was born in the city of Mecca in the year 570 So when he was born as he was growing up, he was just an ordinary person until the age of 40 that’s when angel Gabriel was sent by God and That’s when he was appointed as a prophet But before that time he was still an amazing person, by the way He was given the title of the most honest and the most truthful person in Arabic It is a Sadiq and alameen. So all of Arabia used to recognize him and he had the credibility That the best person the most credible the most authentic never lied never cheated uphold the promises You know like nowadays when the youth when they have to introduce each other they may say, you know I like basketball or I play video games. I’m good in fortnight and whatnot, right? In those days when they used to introduce him They used to say he is the most honest amongst us and he’s the most truthful amongst us. So At the age of 40 God started to reveal passages of the Quran to him So the whole Quran was revealed by God it took about 23 years So God could have given the whole Quran in one piece But he wanted the Muslims and the Prophet to know the Quran those Passages or to process them and to practice them and to share with them. So it just becomes more manageable so from the time of sixth nce all the way to 633 C II until he passed away the passages of the Quran they came sometimes our chapters used to come sometimes Some verses used to come so he memorized the whole thing he helped his followers memorized it and they wrote it down in his lifetime by the way in different bits and pieces and So from that time up until our time both in the memory and in the writing the Quran has been passed down to us So regarding the birthdays or just from the Islamic Thea logical point of view We are not supposed to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. Peace. Be upon him or Jesus. Peace Be upon him or any prophet not about not even our own birthdays, by the way, just from the religious point of view What as Muslims are living here? There is a cultural influx and whatnot some Muslims because of culture. They may celebrate birthdays Chuck-e-cheese and whatnot, right? People go there and help which is after you see it So yeah, just from the cultural point of view. We don’t but you may see in the media you may see in India Pakistan Malaysia some Muslims are doing it because You know, not every person practices Islam its fundamentals There’s many things that also has to do with the cultural influence based upon where you live So that’s important for us to have a demarcation between the cultural practices from the pure teachings of Islam Yes Sure sure, so again just as a follow-up on the celebrations Muslims do celebrate two important dates So the very first day comes right after the 30 29 to 30 days of fasting so the very next day after the month of fasting is a day of celebration yes to recognize the wonderful blessings that God has given to us in the form of the food and the health and the family and for all of humanity So that’s one celebration The second celebration is we have also alliance with our Jewish and the Christian friends that has to do with the person of Abraham Peace be upon him So the story of Abraham and his sacrificial son is also mentioned in the Quran, by the way so that that day in which that happened Muslims also recognize it and we celebrate it and we also remembered that how we should also sacrifice for God and for Humanity to make humanity in a better humanity, so How would people be resurrected when they would be eaten by shark So there is so a quick simple answer would be if God could create the whole universe from nothing He can create you or all of us from nothing even though we are eaten by a shark or burn or drown in the sea or Cremated if God could do that big of a creation bringing us from nothing or from something would be nothing in front of God Smart question, but Ok, who knows the five pillars bother with the five good actions anybody Yes to uh to testify verbally believing in our heart and then testifying that I bear witness No other God besides one God Allah, and I bear witness Muhammad is His Messenger? So there’s the very first and the most important pillar of Islam So when a person converts to Islam, we don’t have baptism. We don’t have dipping in the pool. There’s no basement here, brother oh there is but no but we don’t have baptism a Person has to recite the testimony of faith Understanding Islam and then reciting the testimony of faith to formally convert to Islam Okay, so we have four more pillars to go by the way take a guess. Yes, sir So let them know what is Hajj it’s a strange word for them There you go, it is a pilgrimage actually so once in a lifetime you guys knew that right Okay, so raise your hand next time so once in a lifetime was in a lifetime a Muslim is obligated to go to Mecca for the pilgrimage so again As I mentioned in Mecca is the first and the oldest house to worship on God build by two prophets I mention right over the two prophets Abraham and his older son Yes, so I went for my Hajj for my pilgrimage like maybe six years ago Amazing experience, by the way, just imagine all of Chicago three million people coming together Not speaking the same language Different races and cultures and nationalities all of us coming together But when the time for prayer comes everyone knows how to pray together There is no translator up there by the way Once the call for comes if everyone stands shoulder-to-shoulder and we pray exactly the same way the way that you guys see us over here So that’s the second pillar Three more to go. Yes Yes prayer. So praying five times a day is also let’s say there’s a third pillar Right. So you have seen the second player of the day by the way, right? Wonderful, yes, so We are supposed to share 2.5 percent at least of our shape of our saved assets Okay, so there are two different ways of donation right one is an obligatory donation So this 2.5 percent of the save assets? This is the obligatory donation now beyond the obligatory a person can donate you know, any amount So I think we have what two more to go. No, just one more pillar to go. Yes Yes, so fasting in the month of Ramadhan is what the fifth one right So these are not the only good actions a Muslim is supposed to do there are other good actions it is an obligation for every Muslim to gain knowledge and Gaining of knowledge does not stop a stop when your sophomore than you can drop out, right? No gaining of knowledge is continuous until you pass away until you’re in the grave So from cradle to grave, it’s gaining of knowledge, you know by gaining of knowledge That’s when I can realize maybe you can realize the wonderful majesty of God the Almighty nature of God a Muslim is supposed to be indulging in the society as the Imam mentioned you guys caught it or not. I’m not sure He mentioned that a Muslim is supposed to be a part of the bigger society to make the society better You know muhammad peace be upon him. He was the peacemaker in the society He was the ambassador a positive force in the society and every Muslim is supposed to you know Emulate that and we are supposed to also indulge in the bigger society. So there are many passages in the Quran that speaks about That how we should enjoin good and forbid evil if there is some goodness in the society We should multiply the goodness by joining it if there is any harm or wrong in the society We work with the good-hearted people to eradicate the wrong and last but not the least there are certain responsibilities that God has given to a Muslim a Responsibility that we have towards God knowing him worshipping him following his guidance. We have responsibility towards Muhammad Peace be upon him knowing him loving him following him into all the prophets Then a big responsibility Muslims have towards our parents. The Quran is big on it Muhammad Peace be upon him is big on it One time a person came to the Prophet and asked him this question That of all the people in the world who should be my love my kindness my compassion. My allegiance should go towards the Prophet said your mother and Then the person asked okay fine, then who next and the Prophet said your mother The third time the Prophet said your mother the four time the Prophet said your father right dad So if moms and dad if we are playing Spiritual Olympics the goal the silver and the bronze medal goes to the moms right in the poor – we come home with the car You know participation price All right Muhammad peace be upon him He said that paradise lies beneath the feet of your mothers means by obeying taking care of them Respecting them that is one of the ways to go to paradise So in Islam, there is no real concept of a nursing home the nursing home of the parents is the home of the child So this how big Islam is about parents then we have certain responsibilities towards our neighbors You know one of the sayings of Muhammad peace be upon him is That you are not a full believer. If you eat you’re full and if your neighbors are hungry, so In that way Islam has a set of belief system and a set of deed system That covers all the aspect of life of a person a family and yes humanity So in a nutshell that what Islam is, all right. So let’s take your question. Well their question right about the hijab So it’s really important when it comes to the hijab hijab means The covering right the covering of modesty as our sister is wearing the sister in the bag the sister in the bag as you’re wearing it’s important that Hijab, so that’s called hijab. By the way. Hijab is a dress code in anywhere that she goes. There is a dress code In the hospital, there’s a dress code My children when they go to school there is a dress code in certain times of certain days They’re supposed to wear like color socks certain times, you know white socks It’s annoying sometimes but they have to pick and choose in the morning time, but that’s the dress code If we go to the restaurant it is, you know, no shirt. No shoes. No service, correct? So this is the dress code of modesty that God has given to humanity Important so it is mentioned in the Quran two different time two different places about the commandment of wearing modesty But modesty is not only for the ladies by the way. It’s really important Modesty is also for the males for the guys So as a male, I cannot wait transparent or tight clothes as a male I cannot wear clothes of the opposite gender or extravagant clothes to waste my money So the concept of modesty is for both sisters and the brothers for the sisters more the brothers a little bit less Number four thing is concept of modesty is a holistic concept. It’s not just about what we wear It’s about the state of mind, you know Muhammad peace be upon him. He said When he speaks about the tongue the modesty of the tongue he said that say something good or remain silent How many marriages can be saved right I’m serious But people get emotional they say things and then they regret so it’s important modesty of our eyes We cannot be on, you know, looking and staring and lusting after people modesty of over years modesty of our actions Search the holistic concept is for both males and for females But some people they may have the misconception that you know, people are forced to wear the hijab But the husband by the you know fathers by the sons by the brothers That’s not the case any sister who is wearing the hijab? She is doing it to please the Creator really important even in the Jewish faith and the Christian faith You guys may know it based upon your background Jewish ladies Just if you go with the teachings once she gets married, she cannot show her hair. She has to cover her hair There’s part of the Jewish teachings even for the Christian sisters, it says in the first book of Corinthians chapter 11 verse number five and six This is the New Testament that especially when the Christian ladies when you go to the church It’s an obligation for the Christian ladies to cover themselves So Islam is not the first or the only faith modesty concept is also there in other faiths But last but not the least it’s really important the concept of modesty or the covering and the hijab It is not a hurdle for the Muslim ladies to let the world know that who they are they want themselves to be recognized by their spirituality by their talents by their Personality and not be objectified sometimes, you know some cultures objectify people. So modesty is a holistic concept for both males and females and we say if the society abides by it a Society would be chaste harmonious and a just society and that is hijab Any question on that? I know I took a little bit longer time because according to USA Today the number one misconception Our non-muslim friends have is about women in Islam Yeah, yes Okay, anything anything becomes obligatory for the Muslims from the age of puberty even like when we pray five times We encourage our children to pray with us. Obviously, they should get used to it. You know, my seven-year-old last year He fasted all the thirty days All right I mean he doesn’t have to but he did and we I mean we kind of encouraged him to some degree But he wanted by himself But it does not become obligatory until they reach the age of puberty Yes Okay, so the question is how do we manage a prayer And the work or going to school, right? Sure, a person can literally pray anywhere like suppose if I am in the hospital working in my lunch break or some break I can take like 10 minutes off. I can go to my office some nice clean place. I will pray up there suppose if I am Yeah, because all of us, you know, we get some breaks all throughout our day Correct even as a student you get break person who is you know going to any work gets a break suppose if I’m driving from here to Ohio and The time for prayer came in I will just pull over go to the rest area and I will pray up there Coming to the mosque and prayer and praying. It’s at 27 times more Bonus points more reward, but if the person cannot come in they can just pray anywhere. They we still get the reward But the bottom line is it’s an obligation and they are supposed to be praying What are the times for the prayer fine so the very first prayer is before sunrise So son Royce nowadays is for six 25-ish around that time. So before that time, so So these timings are not like exact times. These are like the periods. These are the time slots So the first prayer it ends by sunset, but it begins about an hour and a half before sunset So in that time slot I can wake up come to the mosque and pray the second time slot is early afternoon The one that you saw today, the third one is late afternoon The fourth one is right after sunset and the fifth one when it becomes dark Yeah Some people may ask. Okay. How come you have to pray five times? So the analogy which I give is, you know, we have to eat certain number of times a day to nourish our bodies So we pray certain number of times a day that God has obligated to nourish abour so We take break from the stressful life from the studies from the work and we connect with God This is a way to recharge ourselves and for us to realize that there is a God We have a higher purpose all the things that we do should align towards pleasing him and following his guidance Okay, so what happens if a person misses the prayer so we are not supposed to be intentionally Missing the prayers. So for example suppose if I like overslept for the morning prayer When I wake up I have to now quickly wash myself and I have to pray and I have to also repent to God So when we sow the concept of forgiveness in Islam is this right? So they are four or five different steps a person needs to know to be forgiven first and foremost We need to acknowledge that we have made that mistake The second thing is then we need to sincerely repent to God thirdly when we repent to God there should not be any mediator Not even Muhammad peace be upon him directly repenting to God number four three We need to make a sincere commitment not to make that mistake again I mean human beings we you know We are all the time, but still we have to make that intention and last but not the least We have to do some good deeds like extra good deeds, right? so in this way, the Quran says in Chapter number 33 And also in chapter four verse number one one six that God is going to forgive and willing to forgive all the same So we are perform that even when we make mistakes God can forgive us that’s one of the names of God that he is forgiving and he is a Merciful God so that is contrasting with the Christian faith in which somebody dies, you know Jesus Christ died for your sins or not in Islam. The concept of salvation is that it depends on though. It is a personal accountability So it says in the Quran chapter 2 verse number 25 if a person has the right belief and doing good deeds Then God is going to get indeed the person eternal paradise Language Okay, so there are two kinds of prayers one would be the four the five day at times of worship So those are in Arabic but besides the five prayers which are in Arabic. There are other prayers we can do in any language I mean I can pray right now in English saying that oh God bring justice and peace to the world in English for God can understand just the five Formal prayers are in Arabic. The rest of the prayers can be in any language I can sit in the car before I start driving I can pray to God for the safety of myself and the people around me So for those people who are new to Islam we have four classes in this mosque and many mosque to at least teach them the basics of Islam and the The initial parts of the Quran that they need to know they need to memorize so they can do the prayer There is only one version of the Quran Arabic But we have many translations of the Quran for those people who may not know how to read and write Arabic they can still get the main message of the Quran in any language and there are many apps – they can download those So there is a passage in the Quran chapter 49 verse number 13 and this kind of some sums up the whole thing that we have done today so in this passage of the Quran, this is the translation God is Addressing humanity, and this is how he addresses So god says that o humanity o mankind I have created you from one single made in one single female And made you into nations and peoples and tribes that you get to know each other Not that you may hate and discriminate and bias with each other you get to know each other and then God concludes by saying That the best amongst you is the one who is a pious and well-mannered person So I hope and pray that all of us as we came together together here as brothers and sisters in humanity We can work together on the common platform that we have so we can inshallah God willing You know eradicate all the ills and form societies which are based upon justice morality and peace for all Thanks a lot for coming

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  1. Dr. Ahmed, I haven't seen anybody share the faith in such a sincere and inviting way as you do. Your kindness reveals your love for God and your fellow man. May you be highly rewarded!

  2. Why are u always talking about ignorany people who dont know the quran. These people dont know that u are lying to them. Sura. 2. 256. There is no complusion in religion. Is replaced by sura 9. 29. Fight and kill all those who dont believed in allah and mohamed. So stop lying to these people islam have no choice
    Christianity have choice. .THE BIBLE SAID CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM U WILL SERVE. THE DEVIL OR GOD. SO U HAVE A CHOICE. .ISLAM IS SLAVE TO ALLAH. . Mohamed was hated in society people wew afraid of him stop lying man. U are annoying. Why dont u debate ChristianPrince u would never dare. .mohamed tied jewish womanof 80 yrs to two camels and set them loose on different directions and her legs ripped apart alive. Umaar khatab used to peep mohamed wife Saauda when she goes out by night. .its not allah who ordained the hijab. .its man made orders so nothing to do with a fake allah who is m9hamed. .why dont edify muslims about who mohamed really is. .praying five times dosent make u clean. Most of you muslims are very dirty and evil mind because u are following the cult and evil mohamed. Who taught u muslims. To kill jews and christians. Even though the never done any one of uno wrong. .m9hamed hated the jews and christians. But why do u hate them. ..mohamed never pray five times a day he just wanted the muslims not to idle. Because they would have time to ask questions and leave islam. .christianity is a personal relationship with god and we have to ask forgiveness for our self. .u have jesus wrong. When u said that he forgives our sins on the cross. .yes he did but that dosent mean we have licensed to sin. U muslims always lied on the bible to promote the nonsence of the quran. .mohamed is a wicked evil man and the quran and bukari hadeet are full of this man made cult to kill and destroyed jews and christians. No peace or love in islam even not for u muslims. Allah only love u muslims if u do this or that. Not unconditionally as a parents love their children wether the do good or bad. .in sura. 3. .32. .allah does not love the unbelievers.
    In sura. .5. 51. .take not jews and christians for friends and if u do then u muslims are one of us. .and allah wont guide u. .this is so extreme. .
    In sura. .5. .14. .allah said that he will spread enmity among the christians. . …can u believed a god saying that. .and these evil muslims are lying that allah loves unbelievers and islam is peace and love for all LIARS LIARS. ..ONLY IN CHRISTIANITY THERE IS PEACE AND LOVE FOR ALL. ..
    Islam is a cult and allah and mohamed is one and the same.
    I challenge any muslims to refute me. Come on. .
    Mohamed is a disgrace for this world today. .but he had to come as a false prophet so that jesus prophecy come to pass. .
    Jesus said many false prophets will arised and deceived many nations and even deny the father and the son. .and mohamed did that. False cult islam. .and this guy is a liar. .i never in history heard a muslim said anything bad about mohamed. Only nonvelievers are bringing out the truth about islam in,love and still we are called names for showing what umuslims never heard.

  3. I have a question to the Muslims. How true that Islam is a pagan religion that they are worshipping the moon god "Allah" ( al-ilah)

    Is there evidence that Islam's "Allah" is the pagan moon god of ancient Mecca?

    Consider what the ancient pagan Arabians did to worship their moon god Allah: they prayed while bowing toward K'abah, the "house of Allah" in Mecca that houses a meteorite – a rock from space – several times a day, visited it once a year, and walked around it several times during their visit. To worship their Allah today:

    •  Muslims pray bowing toward the K'abah (right) in Mecca five times a day.

    •  About two million Muslims visit Mecca every year and walk around the K'abah (the black cube, which is 40 feet tall).

    •  The Muslim "holy" month of Ramadan starts at the sighting of a new crescent moon.

    •  Perched atop churches across the world is the cross, the symbol of the sacrifice made by the God of the Bible (see The Gospel). Perched atop mosques across the world is the crescent moon (above), the symbol of Muhammad's Allah, the god of Islam.

    When confronted with the details above, Muslim typically re-assert that "Allah" still means "al" + "ilah" – i.e., "the" + "god" – and is same as the God of the Bible, not the moon god of pagan Mecca. They even point out that Arabic Christian Bibles use "Allah" to refer to God.
    (Copy pasted from an article.. what can u say about this?)

  4. Dear mullah, bible says that death came to mankind as outcome of sin by Adam and eve. As such God sent his only son to this world as a human to save mankind from death. Jesus christ by his teachings, deeds, crucifixion, death and resurrection. Thus jesus christ defeated death for ever and whoever believe in him would be resurrected. Mathew 27:52-53 says that when jesus christ died on the cross, tombs of many saints were opened and the dead become alive or resurrected.

    Unfortunately, in the kuranic story of Adam and eve, death as outcome of Adam and eve has not mentioned. Moreover, there is no provision in islam to make way for resurrection as in the case of bible where christ made resurrection possible.

    Therefore, dear mullah, why kuran silent on death and resurrectiin?

    You come with clarification as how islam going to deal with this issue?

  5. Hahahaha . 24 %.
    These all people here listening him to understand how people are being brainwased to be terrorist.
    They are psycologists , who are understanding fucking nonsense.

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  7. here again my good doctor…well to be honest im not against you because i think youre a good person and decent guy but really?..its taqiya 101 again dr.ahmed…pls provide or support for your claim in your books(quran, hadith and tafsir)pls dont deceive people…since when abraham pray like muslim?…muslim pray facing towards mecca and bowing down in front of a huge black stone…since when the prophets of the old testament pray that way?…and besides kissing the black stone or touching it believing your sin will be erase?…is this not idolatry?…who can erase sins but God alone?…explain to your audience or listeners why you call non muslim kafir(infidels) and najiz(dirty not in literal way but spritual and overall dirt of mankind)?…pls explain that and if you explain kindly provide a reliable source like your quran, sahih hadith and tafsir…and why you give bible verses like your reference?…you dont believe in the bible as you muslims claim because it is corrupted…why dont you give reference in your books?…your deceiving people just for your own agenda…pls brothers and sister dont be deceive by islam teachings…As Jesus Christ said…beware of those people who come in a sheep clothing but deep inside they are wolf ready to devour its prey…God bless you all in Jesus name

  8. This abdul is deceiving Naive persons who do not know their Bible Genesis Chapter 17:3 And Abram fell on his face: and God talked with him, saying But Muslim do not talk to their god Allah first They talk with Muhammad by saying, "Assalamualaikum ayyuhan nabiyyu (Peace be upon you O prophet) So they have to talk with Muhammad first because he is their god
    Numbers 20:6 And Moses and Aaron went from the presence of the assembly unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and they fell upon their faces: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto them.
    When Muslims pray do they see the glory of their Allah? No It does not says also they turn to towards Makkah
    Abdul You are NOT worshiping the God of the Bible who is Holy God and Who has Son named Yeshua whereas Allah cannot make any babies with out Consort (basically Vagina) according to sura 6:101 >>> How can He have a son when He hath no (sahiba) consort?
    What kind of is this? Mary can baby without any help from man and Sexual intercourse but Allah cannot make any babies? What a stupid god Allah!
    Abdul You said, We have memorize the whole quran from the time of Muhammad But there is no verses of stoning and adult breast feeding in your Quran Why? Oh the Goat ate it? So how can you says we have memorize the whole Quran That is a BIG LIE
    God made the prophecy to protect it but why did your Allah cannot protect 124,000 books from those prophet? So the statics does not look if your allah cannot prophet those 124,000 books of those prophet and your Allah forgot to mention their names in your Quran What a tragedy!
    There is no force in conversion but there is force to keep them in their Cult? it is called apostasy law

  9. Islam is 1 big fake story & a damn lie. Would you really want some stupid Imams to have influence & power in your communities?? That would be damn disastrous to society.

  10. 9:29 Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

  11. why don't people have the freedom to have the right to choose if they want to stay in Islam, or want to search something else and maybe come back or not.. to draw a picture of your God if they wish criticise your Islamic tenets.. why is it your way or the highway (death)

  12. Islam will collapse very soon.
    Many responsible ex Muslims are exposing the lies in the Qur'an in their websites…they certainly know what they are saying.
    Islam is not a religion but a cult of Muhammad who was a false prophet.

  13. Assalamo Alaykom..

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, there is no what so called Muslim practicing Bid-ah or Shirk like celebration of birth day either it was just tradition or not.

    In Qur-an I learned that Allah called Ibrahim, Moses and the people who followed them as Muslim because they beleived in the commandments from Allah so from among other people in their time they have been given a title of Muslim by Allah himself.

    Even Allah commanded the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to become Muslim it was also written in Qur-an.

    Being a Muslim is not an easy thing to get but you need to beleive in Allah and to his prophets and follow the commandments to be among of those Muslims mentioned by Allah himself in Qur-an.

    Let just be honest a disbeleiver or wrong doer cannot be called a Muslim that's why Allah mentioned in Qur-an that "Do not die unless you're a Muslim".


  14. Sandra Solomon on the Koran as hate literature:
    Why do Muslims commit crimes in the name of blasphemy?
    Why would the universe care about Islam or Mohammad?
    The earth is almost tiny compared to the whole universe. The universe is much older than Islam.
    There are trees on this planet which are much older than Islam.

  15. Guys stop commenting about hates you are your religion i am my religion so pls stop saying hating about islam and islam will show the truth afterlife

  16. 'And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, "Indeed, I am of the Muslims.'' 41:33

    ወደ አላህ ከጠራና መልካምንም ከሠራ፣ እኔ ከሙስሊሞች ነኝ ካለም ቃሉ ያማረ ማነው?41:33
    41:33 وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ قَوْلًا مِّمَّن دَعَا إِلَى اللَّهِ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحًا وَقَالَ إِنَّنِي مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ

  17. And by "some" you meant most right brother Sabeel? I mean the fact that most of muslim countries do celebrate the birthday of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. you name any of it they all do celebrate it, the one and only that doesn't really celebrate it is Saudi Arabia. You can say "there are different opinions about it" but you can't deny that most of islamic scholars do allow it and even encourage muslim to celebrate it. If you choose the opinion of the islamic scholars that forbid it you can't say that is Islamic point of view because most of them allow it and even encourage muslim to do so. If you are truly one of those who seeks for truth which I believe you do, please really do some research about it and you can have a discussion about it with Sheikh Hamza Yusof.

    Above of all, I really love what you do and I really love you brother.

    Please keep spreading LOVE my brother.

    Thank you for reading this and sorry for any mistakes because my english is not good.

  18. Friend Sabeel Ahmad you very comfortable saying about your faith in U.S like other muslim preachers all of the world. And U.S don't hinder you and your islamic centre. Why christians don't say about Jesus Gospel In muslim countries? Muslims persecutions them everywhere and everytime.

  19. Is it true mohammed was a polygamist, slave owning warlord with a sexual interest in children? Did he force his adopted son to divorce his wife so he could have sex with her, despite having 11 wives and slaves to have sex with? Did mohammed get 20% of the best of all war booty after raids?

  20. No one spoke about the elephant In the room ….
    1) married a six year old girl
    2) murdered others
    3) had thirteen wives
    3) kissed young boys on their tongues to fall asleep
    4) tells others to murder all non believers
    5) etc…etc …
    6) pity those libtards in that room didn’t bother to read the Koran

  21. Christian and Jews Friends? The women Are Something Special in Islam? Mohamed Ambassador of peace? Did this guy read the Quran, or the Sunna? Or is he lying intentionally?

    To take Jews and Christians and Friends is haram according to the Quran. Mohamed only accepted Other Religion before he gets powerfull, then the acceptation ist as over. All christians and Jews should be expelled from the arab peninsula. And even the Quran says that. 8:39 for example.

    Women have deficits in intelligence. You will not even be able to smell paradise because they do not even get that far. Because most inhabitants of hell are women, so Mohamed.

    Muslims should be educated for a lifetime? Nevertheless, they should only believe what is in the quran. that is a contradiction. The Koran states that semen is formed between the ribs and loins. every educated person laughs at it. or that with the baby in the belly of the mother first the bones then the meat arises. go to university with something like that, they would laugh at you.

    It is a miserable attempt to win people over to this cult.

    Because of the fastest growing religion! What happens when you leave Islam? One is expelled from the family, persecuted and as Mohamed demanded: who leaves his religion that kills.

    Read your sources and do not blindly believe what your scholars tell you. The Sunna is full of atrocities. The Qur'an as well.

  22. In the Torah Abrams father is Terah while in the Quran, Abraham's or Ibrahim's father is Azar
    In the Torah, Jesus is the God of Abram..
    Abram saw Jesus and Jesus said this in the NT…
    John 8:56 KJV
    Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.
    Abram worshiped Jesus and his name changed to Abraham
    Genesis 17
    The Sign of the Covenant

    17 When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless. 2 And I will make My covenant between Me and you, and will multiply you exceedingly.” 3 Then Abram fell on his face, and God talked with him, saying: 4 “As for Me, behold, My covenant is with you, and you shall be a father of many nations. 5 No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I have made you a father of many nations.

    verse 3 says that Abram fell on his face and worshiped Jesus therefore Abram is the first Christian..

    verse 5 says that God changed Abram's name to ABRAHAM the same way as God change the name of Jacob to ISRAEL..

    (fast forward to verse 13)

    13 He who is born in your house and he who is bought with your money must be circumcised, and My covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant. 14 And the uncircumcised male child, who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin, that person shall be cut off from his people; he has broken My covenant.”


    take note Muslims your prophet Muhammad was NOT circumcised therefore he is not on the same page of the prophets from Abraham to Jesus in the NT..

    and verse 14 say's that person shall be cut off from his people; he has broken My covenant…crystal clear…..

  23. Why do you say peace be upon him when you take the name of the prophets in what sense if they true prophet of God. I was really thirsting for the TrueGod and I was happy to come across Jehovah 's name in the Bible we just have to do what Jesus did, He also said may your name be Sanctified .john :17 3

  24. It should be "reverted" to Islam..not converted…everybody is born as is the parents that turn them into Christians,Jews….So when a Christian want to become a Muslim ,he or she "reverts" to Islam…

  25. Want to know what you dont know about islam?……………………… Visit Christian Princes channel

  26. That day Christchurch mosque shooting I reverted to Islam. I get lots of challenging questions from Christians on my video testimony. I'd be grateful if anyone can help dawah on my channel from time to time: Jesus led me to Islam during Christchurch mosque attack

  27. Be very careful of the path you are trudging. Diligently and carefully study with understanding the Quran , Muhammad and the scholar of Quran's teachings, and never, NEVER, just rely on what the Imams, and their teachers are telling you. Only after doing this that you will be able to have a decision with no regrets.

  28. How do Muslims pray? Answer we pray how Muhammad used to pray. Does that mean you do everything that Muhammad used to do? Gabriel came in the form of a man. Well that is a goodie. When Muhammad came back from Hira to Khadija, he said he had been attacked by demons not be an Angel who looked like a man. You have to remember Muhammad was scared to death and they had to wrap him in a blanket to calm him down. I doubt he would have acted that way if he had seen an angel as a man. It was then that Khadija and her Christian cousin told him he was a prophet. It wasn't God or Gabriel who told him, it was his first wife. So we have you displaying ignorance already or mudar'at. Which is it el Doctor. Here we have the good Dr going straight to the Old Testament. What he is simply showing is that a great deal of the Quran was taken from the Torah, Talmud, Bible – Old Testament and actual pagan rituals. He can make no connection to the New Testament because it was not written around 700 AD when the scribes wrote the Quran and Uthman selected the one that is the Quran of today and burnt the others. The scribes who wrote the Quran used the texts to give the Quran a form of continuance and relationship to those other books which came out much earlier. The Quran is full of plagiarisms. Well you do refer to the New Testament. I am not altogether sure your translation of Matthew 26.39 is quite what it says. I could be wrong but it states "he fell on his face". and then prayed to God. That is a real stretch to Muslims kneeling and bending over and touching their foreheads on the ground. The reason the saying of classical ASrabic eastern dialect sound slike singing is because that is how these people rote learn the Surah out of the Quran. You have to remember that only 12% of Muslims speak Arabic. Yet the non Arabs still have to rote learn the Surah in Arabic. Why you ask? Well the Arabs see themselves as the chosen ones and the other 88% are just hangers on. It really is an elitist and racist theocracy. The Bible espouses love and understanding. The Quran does not. It simply wants your sublimation. These poor sods believe that on the judgement day they will go and sit on eight giant Mountain goats with Allah and they will be judged. To help them through this judgement, they recite as many of the verses of the Quran as they can. If Allah is pleased he will drop or lift his veil and you will enter one of seven domed heavens usually referred to as Jannah by the believers. Given the number of people that die Allah is kept very busy. I do not know how he has time to create other universes. Now we have the fairy tale of how the Surah were carried down through time. Absolute rubbish. Do some research on the Sana'a manuscripts and you will see the man is talking rubbish. Uthman allegedly called for all the Qurans and then burnt all but the one that exists today, commonly referred to as the Uthman Codex.He also burnt artefacts that had Surah written on them. I don't here Herr Doctor telling them that. Besides the Sana'a manuscripts discredit the whole fairy tale that he is quoting. Islam just cannot tell the truth. Also, if we are to believe the fairy tale and that Uthman did burn the other Qurans, we have to accept then that other Qurans existed. Muslims are not very good on logic. His father can quote all these verses out of the Quran in Arabic and you wonder why Islam has achieved so little over the last 1400 years. They are too busy learning the Quran You do not get a more pointless exercise than that. These people want to take over the world. They want us all to go away and learn the surah is classical Arabic. This gentleman from the subcontinent is so proud of what his father has achieved yet cannot see the pointlessness of it all. There is no guarantee actually understands what he is saying. You also have to remember that 40% of all Muslims are illiterate in their own language YET are expected to learn the Surah in Arabic. Absolute nutsville. I am only in five minutes and this guy has given me a headache already.

  29. No one can be forced to to convert to Islam. Sorry another out and out llie told at times like this to people like you. Go to Surah 4.89

    4.89. They yearn that you should disbelieve just as they disbelieved, so that you might be all alike. Do not, therefore, take from among them confidants and allies until they emigrate (to Madīnah (probably means Medina) and joins you) in God's cause. But if they turn away, seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and do not take to yourselves any of them as confidant, nor as helper.

    I think this says it all. Sorry Dr do not have the gall to tell me it has been taken out of context as we know it hasn't.

  30. You don't love or fear God if you happily lie and deceive these non Muslims. Little bit of truth mixed with mostly lies. Satan is the father of lies and deception. Where is the respect and love for God with a taqiyya tounge? Sad to see how low he is willing to go for conversions. Lies will never win, all evil will be destroyed come Judgement day.

  31. What do the Quran and Sunnah say about apostasy, Herr Dr? That is when Muslims desire to leave Islam. Muslims do not like that and like a number of cults, they want the ex member ostracised by his family and friends, and given the opportunity they will kill him under the Sharia. What a lovely bunch of coconuts they are.

  32. While he was in Mecca that is what they claim. What happened when he married a six year old and then went on the Hajirah to Medina. History shows us what happened. He became a torturer, a robber, a murderer, a conspirator to murder, a cross dresser, a rapist, a paedophile, and so on. Basically the man became a warlord. He will not tell you this or what the role of abrogation is in Islamic religion. I thought he was just being ignorant to you but he is straight out lying to you but he is doing it in such a nice way. I rely do not think he would appreciate the questions I would ask him. Islam wants the gullible and the vulnerable.

  33. I'm happy that Islam is crumbling. I thank the internet that we learn so much about the core ideas of Islam from their Quran and Hadith.

  34. Muslim finds okay that 56 man marrying 6-9 year old girl, now please muslims follow your prophet, who had multiple wives and infinite sex slaves, and marry children 6-9 years. why no muslims who is 50+ marries 6-9 baby girls now.. i know muslims will come up with stupid, insane, and illogical replies.

  35. Islam is so great.. why Muslims fleeing to Christian countries..? And never look back.. and why are you here in Christian country.. Afghanistan so poor why didn't you go there help them.

  36. 😂😂😂😂😂funny. This only proves how naive and gullible the kuffar students are to fall for the deception you're practicing. Taqiya 101!

  37. Dear sir, Do you even know what u just said….YOU SAID OUR PROPHET WAS AN ORDINARY PERSON until 40 years…..Then please tell me what are your thoughts about Hazrat Eisa a.s. as he justify the pureness of Hazrat Mariyam a.s in his baby swing and declare that he is a prophet sent by Allah…..Please first think then speak …..its a request

  38. Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God. It is free and not compulsory. It is not legalistic — a bunch of rules that make you into a robot, that you must do. But a relationship where you are free to stay or leave, are free to ask — a relationship of love. You’re religion, with all it’s rules might get you near heaven’s gate but only Jesus Christ can let you in.

  39. I wish highly knowledgeable muslim scholars could debate christian prince who is a native arabic speaker, havng in depth knowledge of islam, knowing the true color of islam. Honestly , any muslim who dare to debate Him? Plz call CP in skype.
    One must be well versed with quran, hadiths and arabic and brainy/high IQ in order to debate him.

  40. K fine I respect your view.. But saying some Muslims celebrate Mawlid just because of cultural thing is utter lie … Mawlid is celebrated all over the world..


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