(Christian Rapper vs Atheist Rapper) SupaNova Rap Battles Presents: 3PFD vs LSP

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you you the assault Mexicans all the tray all day to paint mr. Helme Florence it ain't a TV bye-bye it was just a slaughter sidewalk judges to see over I gave you two one I kept it up it was one of the little better the rocks games located things ready to grind dated for me personally just watch pazi forward and back for another edition grande tommnow DMV DC Maryland Virginia Studio bright where y'all at it's a crazy I got my man from the fronton Tommy ystos GSA president your head honcho man you already know there is one stamp resort is popping there's poison King when we hava Tamila TV hip-hop please make some noise shout out to finding my ladies check out the jewelry at CNN IMAS calm leads to self up hold on to me – maestro forces in here yo shout some work to you by biggest internet troll what else hold my right hand side represent the DMV by way of Pittsburgh we had three PFT Pittsburgh DMV got the album Evan song a new album outside the box maestro wanted me to read this special shout out so this is from maestro shout out to my favorite rapper ever Nicki Minaj maestro loves your sugar plums kiss kiss represent bronze hi I'm Georgia you got LSP LSP states Vegas North Carolina big up Thomas handsome she is about to get real disrespectful up in this motherfucker I'll take your sisters pelvic bones put them in a pop then perform a seance religion is just the word they may have to organize the chaos I call you a son of a bitch not because your mom's a whore tonight it's because Christians consider themselves the son of price I was sent here to slay you I'll stop rapping give you time to pray dude just to see if your imaginary friend comes down from the sky to save you so so queer trying to act like you're invincible how the fuck am I supposed to take you serious you pray to a guy who's invincible I'm full of hatred that's a warning they should have gave you the difference between Christians and Harry Potter geeks nothing they both believed in books that are made up fuck the pistol I'm here to let a rifle shoot your grandma while she sits outside of vocational Bible School my big fake bitch is because you ain't shit you pissed off your God just since background it's a theist goes to eight shit I gotta tell my homies who kill themselves they in Hell now they scared they came back from the dead and told me your mom's like one of the top ten sluts there I said his mom died I ain't crying cuz I know the bitch I said his mom died he cry cuz he didn't know the bitch but I know this if there's meat besides of Miss Piggy better believe I'll get froggy and Kermit just cuz you don't see me nowhere doesn't mean I'm a hermit it just means it's a good possibility all my guns have been legally purchased with permits you won't be I'll let that metal fly your kids won't be safe because my bullets are pedophiles I can't let's go let's go Wow Christian jokes and straight out of hell riddance yeah that was more creative from Dallas jails fade he might stab me hold up add mr. Salle did it yo but I bet you think I hate the fact about a mixtape called I murdered Jesus Christ until this Christian took a listen and not to give me cuz you ain't even talking about Jesus right I mean I thought you were evening this you thought you scare me inflections no you're just an emo kid he needs a therapy session I'm sorry that was Mina plus he was Jerry Sandusky's tour for Latin fever Renly's down nose just the Beast of what you don't say he's crazy no this killers the clown with homo tendencies John Wayne Gacy no that was appropriate is pedophilia runs in the family this lame dude is one that Gabriel Iglesias came through got drunk up break news so that's Dora the Explorer and maybe you got a Bigfoot gym teacher Koretz in him so I'm guessing then we'll call you an L SP n we both look like we don't belong doing hip hop in this world I look like I should be in a jazz club playing bebop getting girls and you look like bebop from Ninja Turtles I'm sorry disgusting see y'all booing I like this catch the truth you know what else is shocking you're disgusting a naked fat man having diarrhea and publish that win a battle to your age maybe buddy system it's your life it's pretending all I hear is the little girl's cries for attention used to play down concepts just overstate the moon inflate you recycle and we're right in a way I'll say it nice great sounding come before an atheist creationist debate I just came to tell his beat her face-to-face we're just great beat me up why are y'all you big and soft like Barney snuffleupagus anti-law you just saw him flat line with his Christi to praise God Jesus atheist got baptized somebody should have told me clone to mr. tim tebow he's about to get debo these bows would dethrone your beliefs why do you hate me hater is because my gun louder dinner acid-wash parachute pants one by AC Slater I think I take the flyer to the event cover his face aim at Point Blank head range posted on rap music comm so three PFD can finally have a red name fuck your mama heritage I'm gonna turn medicine horse and carriages I hope you find the love of your life get her pregnant at six months and she miscarries it I'll take all your female cousins no matter to age finger-fucking fuck DNA I'll leave Gor your seasoning in their muffins so every time they tweet they'll smell like birds with that thoughts from the oven can't y'all watch you watching novellas and blow her nose off I get arrested but get acquitted cuz I complain Manolos Olaf I'll rip your bones off I'm intelligent known to rob skeletons you look like the human version of one of those Finding Nemo pelicans and Evan there's no heaven your Reverend was sadly mistaken but there's a place called hell your mother knows that well she walks around a half naked or his or semen was semen from demons she's bacon she gets an anal from Satan our shit drops out like clay Aikens your bitch says my dick is the width of a baboon fist I stuck there tipper in the clip one time that my shit smell like raccoon piss fuck your mother's brothers and all the other old people from the cold Lakes have this Amish livin it like the darkness Despicable me take away that moon quick this kids inspired it spit some fire it's my wife's around and make sure bitch the liar but my wife you stay here damn right your bitch I stuck my dick inside her to be honest I fucked them so hard I think my dick still might be inside her let's go now man you might battle in like a year you know these fiends been m.i.a that bar it's funny cuz you look like the child of fiend in m.i.a you think he's busted please just know wouldn't bust rapes you got a dirty and plump face and a softer than Harmony's birthday cupcakes but your wife jane be faithful to you i found a large collection of toys and handcuffs might have gave you a clue but he found out when he walked in on her banging his crew and started crying Lucy you got some splaining with the raw flow got the strength Samson would kill her with the jawbone I'm a king when it seemed like David to Jesus yes I am a shepherd but that don't mean machine fish I kill a bear and one for wanna fight with the line so I don't feel this rhyming time and use the finest I call you the last artillery is what it really be cuz you ain't killing me with all your Philistine filler schemes but sling shot to this spot my god is not to be too fine call it Hindu wedding death and put that rock between your eyes diction you spit racism that's quite crazy but you're married to a white lady you're a contradiction white white she makes him cook and clean while she sits on the couch that whores of which send him to the store for tampons badge is still a bureau to get clap some like the box or what you lips know what these slavery still sorely exists the way the white girl got this mine or you win Luciano mix up a mangle words he looks like a pig fitting you get hit by an angry bird pig-faced equation you go ham on the top you'll need a Tammy Faye Bakker fundraiser to get your bread up I'll give you Billy Graham's wife's life which means you'll be a dad cut you gotta hate or no type of cranium fuck around get your head front I took this battle in DC to tell you know he's the next punk group the flex truck in Joe neck tuck this out of your chest bump such a faggot out the battle she tries to grab a sin chest bump three PFD to be honest I hate your name when my daughter's gonna they each I'll teach them how to shit on your brave I got great aim of a blade told me you don't know me hold me I call you homie behold me we ain't homies have my son rape your daughter with a crucifix he'll shake his hair like no he won't do that shit and he probably right cuz that faggot can't reproduce I guess that's his way of proving that shit gospel rappers are underground artists or realize they'll never make it so they start to rap about God bigger and no one would say shit but I'm a different breed of human being damn right now say shit and if you look at me the wrong way I'll give you a Joan Rivers facelift like in the cinema I am simply amazing on board a lifecycle I use your mother's coffin it's a stepping stool to help you jump over the border pronto this rap do got a tattoo of OJ's Bronco somebody should have told The Lone Ranger this movie's all about Tonto this man's a savage and macho you don't want to fight Park Hill Ryan nacho ritika when you guys'll be like oh how does he write this stuff Hills I'm heavy on it our Edward Scissorhands the food fighter got spaghetti on it got a newspaper up with a machete object fuck your sister throw the paper in the pussy because they can't consider it right if you throw confetti on it fuck convince you to – blaster – murdered a guy who resembles let's go you Mexican back back he's like I'm good the Rican gringo in its three I'm gonna say this right up in your face you're whatever Hispanic race I say you are when I want to discriminate okay I know that's racist I understand them probably wrong I don't know what race he is just did his family parks the car on the lawn it's like the parrot it's got you squawking like a retard five five holy one a green card throwing punches looking like buttered pinto bean depression today quite be perfected this time what you're about to see is a Mexican or Mexican crime – sex with an armadillo in Texas Jill burns with habanero peppers what else have bony flavor breath mints fuck a punch how you handle rods we didn't figure that I'd hit you back and show my ignorance I'd believe what I said he'd be giving head cut your age from gage disease are freaking the bed taking back shots to death likes to lead a Perez know and the fact when you take a bone so you're not losing Zorro you're Catherine zeta-jones you thought that slavery line for cloud9 was ignant wait dear what that's got to say cuz homeboy that's history my family still slapping yours around in sweatshops today and my racist no I'm down with storm you know love those in Miami yeah consider Hispanics family so call me a hypocrite shit your ignorance is bringing this out dude but see if I'm the nice Christian rapper who loves everyone and I just said all that then what does everyone else think about you Samantha regulate see no pre-cleared eBay them encourage you now say my name's tight prepare big man for regulate CeeLo your skin before you I get first round two and I'm home again second round but we here he came to Atlanta and just it's just major less to talk for every everything lives floor but now let's be cool underground but it was kind of it wasn't intense at the first one so please if he didn't again on thermite song is two more two rounds to one TPMT that let's pee first three PFD I gotta get to my man yeah they killed her the last two rounds aka mister influence aka the king of the DMV I gotta give it a to EPA big white boy with the red skin Westbrook sure is long he killed it hands and let speak pay me disrespectful shit and I gave the first ran after that I gave it last two or three PMD to the one through their day back your studio brat only in the nation's capital make some noise my stroke mr. rabbit said shut up to all the judges and speaking of the judges all five judges gave it to your women unanimous decision please make some noise for three PFD you

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  1. I've seen in a lot of the comments people questioning 3PFD's faith…let me just say he's active within his church's community, and performs at church functions around the country. Their is also a difference in him doing battle rap, and his music. If you understand the difference, you will appreciate the message in his music.
    Check out his new album Outside The Box:
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/outside-the-box/id888319630
    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Outside-Box-3PFD/dp/B00KZ0AUK0

  2. LSP totally took that goofy white ass Christian rapper to church, din’t he? 😉😊🤣🙄

    In all seriousness, praise God! Knowing Christ isn’t sitting in stupid buildings with old ladies turning their noses up in gossip while everybody’s acting all “la-de-da-better-than-you” because they think that knowing God is putting on fancy stupid nice clothes and acting all proper at “church” to show other people how “holy” they are, who rejoice that they believe that everyone else is a dirty rotten “sinner” who God will LOVE to send to hell and torture forever because they don’t act as good as them, thinking they are better than everyone else.

    Knowing about the REAL God, and what the infinite, beautiful creation all around us TRULY is, is absolutely incredible. Those fakers who make a big show of how “better-than-everyone-else” (holier than thou) going to church on Sunday don’t have a CLUE who God really is.

    Getting to know the REAL God will change your life in a more amazing way than you can possibly imagine than before you knew Him. Like flip your whole life upside down and bless you with all the things you could have ever asked for and protect you from harm. 1 Corinthians 2:9, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Psalm 37:4; John 10.28; Jeremiah 29:11

    You don’t have to dress up in some stupid “Church Costume” and act all silly singing and putting your hands up while some idiot gets up there and spouts out about how everyone is a horrible person, blah, blah, blah and that “they” (“we”) are better than everyone. Matthew 23:5

    That ain’t what Jesus is about, homie. Read John 3:17. Our world is dark and all messed up and it’s getting worse and getting darker, and Jesus only wants to shed true light and love into us to pull us out of this negative crap in us and around the world. He ain’t siting there with a gat, shoving it in your face telling you everything you’ve done wrong. That’s what those people sitting in church with their noses all smug up in the air do, and those dummies don’t have a clue who Jesus REALLY is.

    Homie, instead of judging you, he wants to give you a hug and tell you that he’s got your back and cares for you and that you can finally relax and don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You don’t have to act like something you’re not or constantly be watching over your shoulder for the next catastrophe to happen. He loves you just the way you are and he will protect you from all of this stuff that’s going on around you. Shit gets serious sometime and He knows that. He already sees ten thousans steps ahead of anything that could harm you and will protect you and keep you safe if you get to know Him.

    What is says there in John 3:17 is about Jesus coming down to heal us and show us true peace. It’s talking about about the verse right before it, John 3:16. It’s the most well-known verse in the Bible. It talks about how much God really cared about the world. Things have gotten really messed up and Jesus just wants to help you out and bless you.

    He’s amazing.

    If you humble yourself before the Lord, he will fill you with his Spirit and you will be invincible. Nothing can touch you. Not even rap battles.
    1 John 4:4

    Shout out to all my brethren, the true disciples of Christ, who are reading this and perpetuating the kingdom of God. 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Ephesians 6:10, Romans 8:14-19.

  3. Atheist Rappers are fake ass hell they need a bullet to the head if their was no god then we wouldn't be here their won't be heaven or hell atheist are wrong their fake believers..

  4. I feel bad for the blue top because Jesus Christ is the real Giant. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is "one" thing a person should not do before their time is up it's the ultimate disrespect. And as far as the Christian rapper. as a fellow MC myself and a servant of Jesus Christ. Doing music to put a positive message out there for others to get saved is one thing but battling is another. Theres nothing positive about what he is doing right now. It's just him trying to promote the Lord but in a negative way in something he enjoyed before he became an actual Christian (you got to let go of your old self) That's like robbing the bank and giving that money you robbed to cherity. I stopped battling long ago. Because there is a lot of pride and unnecessary negative emotions that consume the artist. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Light. Be safe yawl ✌ Jesus loves you all

  5. What's great is the christain rapper didnt have to cuss one time and still blasted him. I feel bad for the other guy cause he has a lot of hate in his heart. You can tell hes a phony. I'm gonna pray for him.

  6. I don’t know why this is getting out of hand a savage vs a Christian that’s some real shit up in this building

  7. These secular rappers keep rapping about the same old stuff,just vulgar,bashing trash talking.thats why secular rap is just crap now.its it's either Eminem wannabes? Or mumble crap

  8. Wait a sec Christians are aloud to cuss like that but jesus forgives us so he can pray and say sorry jesus forgive me so jesus loves each and last one of you people

  9. I'm a Christian straight up. Ppl put such high standards on Christian waiting for us to slip. We don't claim to be holier than thou! We are not perfect but he is>I. He didn't have to defend God or throw bible knowledge his way… God is God he already has won. We are not better than anyone,we are just trying to be our best. We love Atheist,Muslims etc… God bless all of you!

  10. Nothing about this was Christ like either from one side or the other they were both the main each other and attacking each other verbally. When you have the Holy Spirit inside of you and the love of Jesus in your heart, you naturally want to lift people up and speak life into them, encourage and love them. Real recognize real and fruitbearers recognize fruit

  11. I'm a new Christian. I came from Hell on earth, and as a result I'm beyond grateful for the lord. Yet, it seems like around 90% of Christians are basically Pharisees. These holier-than-thou types can't wait to put another believer through some kinda purity test. Seems like nobody understands what it means that all of us are sinners doing the best that we can to live up the perfection of Christ. "Oh, he's not a real Christian, he was mean and said a bad word". Dumbasses, you're not any better (or worse). If you're saved, your saved and that makes you a Christian. If you're doing a particularly good job of emulating the Lord then good for you. But if you are judging, you've already failed to do that good job.

  12. He's just as Christian as I used to be; before I was saved. Before, I would've thought he was, because I used to claim something that I wasn't as well. Now that I'm saved, I can very well say that he may not be, based off of what I hear and see in this. There's no sanctification in what he's doing


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