Christian Life Is A Response To Love – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (12 Sep 2019)

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The foundation of Christian faith is not
laws. It is not about fulfilling laws because no matter how much we try, we will not be
able to fulfill all the laws. Sometimes when we follow the laws, it is also
motivated by pride because we are doing all these things as if others
cannot do it. So we are always motivated by love, not by the laws. We are always motivated by how much God has loved us in Christ. It is this deep encounter of
His love for us, unconditional love that we want to do the same. As we have received, so we give. If a person is not able to give himself or give herself,
the real problem is more than just that the person is selfish, self-centered. I
think the real problem is because the person has not yet encountered love in
such a way that he understood what love is.
Of course, there are certain issues because of brokenness, because of past
hurts, because of past pain. Even when such a person is loved, the person doesn’t
recognise it as love, even when they have been loved by God in so many ways,
because they are so wounded, because they have been so betrayed. They no longer can
see the love of God reaching out to them. The most important quality of a
Christian is a man of compassion because the world has no compassion. The world knows only how to judge, to condemn, to criticise others, to put
people down. And compassion comes from the experience of God’s compassion for
us. And because we know that we are imperfect, we know that we are sinful,
that is why when others do the same, we will extend the same compassion that we
have received. Many of us, if we are unforgiving, it is because we think that we have never done anything wrong. There
is no way for us to receive forgiveness if we don’t grant forgiveness. When
people lack compassion, lack forgiveness, I think the real reason is they are not
in touch with themselves. They are not in touch with their own wounds. They are not
in touch with their own struggles. They are not in touch with their own
sinfulness. If you are in touch with your own sinfulness, you will never judge. Of
course, on the outside they all look good and they look happy but everybody has
their struggles. And when you understand their struggles, when you learn to hear
them out, then you realise that we all want to be good people. But then
sometimes, circumstances cause us to respond in that manner. So if we really
want to grow in self-awareness, to grow in compassion, if you realise who you are,
if you are grateful for all of God’s blessings He has given to you, a
grateful person is always a thankful person. A grateful person is never
jealous. A grateful person is always thanking God for all that he has
received. And if we continue to praise God, we continue to thank God, we will
become grateful people. Praise and thanksgiving help us to be conscious and
grateful of God’s blessings.

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