Christ Church Endcliffe

Posted By on November 19, 2019

Christ Church Endcliffe started about seven years
ago now when the church family at St Augustine’s warmly invited us to come and share their building with them. So a team
of about fifty from Christ Church Fulwood came across and we began. We meet on Sunday
afternoons when we first started that was at four o’clock on a Sunday
afternoon and people arrive a bit than that obviously to set up and
get ready, we’ve been going ever since. I think our Sunday Service has
always being our main focus for how we’re trying to reach out into the
community but we’ve done other things midweek as well – baby and toddler group,
right from the word go, men’s five-a-side football things like
that to try and make connections with people and hopefully provide a platform
for inviting them on to come and join us as a church family. The makeup of the
congregation I say is dominantly young adults and young family although there is a
bit of a spread of ages as well, our services themselves are a fairly contemporary
people who are from a sort of traditional Anglican background,
they would come and say we seem quite different and quite contemporary, people who come either a free church background or non-church background
come and think that we are quite formal so we’re somewhere in the middle really in
terms of what we do one of the things that happens is
children begin in with us and we have a time altogether but then they had to
various groups which take place either in the building itself or in the Scout hut
that’s down the passageway nearby. One of the things we try and do that every
week and indeed since we first began is to have a meal time together after the
service and that’s been a great way of forming community amongst the church
family themselves but also being able to give a warm welcome to newcomers who
join us from week to week. One of the things that has been a
feature this year particularly has been us moving to having two services each Sunday,
partly because we have grown and want to make space, partly because we hope to
continue to grow and to be able to reach out to others and so we started to
have a 3.30 and 6 o’clock service and so far that’s been going well, we’ve
enjoyed just a greater flexibility and versatility that it’s brought
particularly in that later service all of the families that work happens at
3.30 it’s a bit late for a six o’clock service but it means that in
that service itself we’ve just got extra space to try a few other things like group
discussions or question-and-answer times, a bit more reflective but a bit more
everybody getting involved in what goes on.

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