China Beyond Belief (Episode 6): #Funding

Posted By on June 12, 2019

I'm Chuck David I'm from Florida in the US the biggest chunk of my life was in New York where I got a PhD in biology at Columbia actually met my wife who's Chinese who's also a researcher so she actually got me interested in trying to use culture and things like that we ended up both here at Chinua and I've been here really up for only six months so we're just getting started my lab studies the effect of certain important gene regulatory proteins in cancer the work that we do is kind of expensive so every time we find an experiment we have to think for our budget Tsinghua has the most priori and microscopes any institution in the world I mean this is all just a sign of the investment that that's been put into it you don't shoot her with a gun Chinese science is now becoming much more recognized throughout the world the profile of Chinese science has definitely been increasing over the past several years and everyone's back in America's been noticing that getting funding for my lab to buy food for my labs it seems like it would be a lot easier again and than it is in the stage where the funding goes up and down up and down people have been worried a lot about getting adequate funding for for their lives so here that very good investment in science that the government has it's coming more more possible to do better and better things here

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