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but the Lutheran review is that his divine attributes communicate communicated themselves to the human attributes and so what he's saying here when and and really what we're talking about him him emptying himself the Lutheran view suggested all of his divine attributes communicated themselves to the human attributes therefore the human attributes would not be subjected to the truest human experience that's the best way to put that so when we see where Luther says that his divine attributes were communicated to the human attributes then that would be an unfair fight there's no way in the world Christ could die for us and he could be acquainted with our afflictions if although he's in the body he does not go through the issues and on the afflictions that those of us who are embodied go through that's cheating the system so that couldn't work but let's look here at the divine attributes okay let's look at the divine attributes the divine attributes oh where we see and this is this is where I stand I believe that the divine attributes joined with human nature as one person without conversion composition or confusion so in other words God didn't have to stop being God to become Christ but in order for him to have the fullest human experience God also had to become fully human in order to be acquainted with our afflictions who I hope you're getting this I'm loving it so far is its blessing me I hope you're being blessed too so wide the Incarnation because that's really what we're talking about we're talking about the Incarnation let's look at that slide okay why the Incarnation listen let's look at this and see what we're talking about okay why the Incarnation so we look at this let me move to my next slide okay why the Incarnation okay first of all to communicate God to man okay to communicate God to man no one has seen God at any time you see that the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father he has explained them because no one is Singha some only way that God could communicate himself to us was by embodying the flesh and walking among us okay so he could communicate himself to man and remember I told you if if he communicated all of his divine attributes into his human existence then that would that would alleviate the strain the struggle and the stress of the human experience because there would be nothing to be in strange struggle or stress over if you're fully divine in a human body so guess what that means that means that he also had to let's look at this he also in order for him to annona for us to understand better the Incarnation why did he have to and when we talk about incarnation let me let me just back up for a minute I'm get a little bit ahead of myself when we talk about incarnation was just simply talking about the embodiment and the flesh being embodied in the flesh now not just the spirit but we're talking about God the incarnation of Christ when we talk about him being embodied in the flesh we're talking about all of God being embodied in the flesh and God being so great mighty and awesome that as as he is all God he is able to have all human experience at the same time remember I said he can be submitted to without being subjected to so let's look at that and let's see why it was important for us to or for him to endure the Incarnation okay to taste death for every man he was made for a little while lower than the Angels namely Jesus because of the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone well here's what I'm trying to say if according to the Lutheran view if all of his divine action builds or communicated into into the fleshly body into the human into the human body then he does not have he cannot die he cannot he cannot be subjected to illness he cannot be subjected to anything that we as humans would be subjected to if all of his divinity was the only thing that was a part of his humanity but listen the only way he could die is that he had to have all of humanity merging and converging with all of divinity in order to endure all of what needed to be endured for you and me I'm gonna pause here for a moment stay tuned check this out and we'll be right back hey everybody it looks like I'm a great distance away from you via video but you are as close to me and I to you as the touch of a button you can help support the ministry if you're receiving something that is helping you that's empowering you that's uplifting you via our tuesday-night these studies I want you to support our webcasting listen our programming is not free unfortunately they don't take payments they take payments and we have to continue to support this webcast if we're gonna stay on the air I would that you would please by all means take time to punch that little green button just tap it on your phone whatever device you're on your phone your iPad your computer your laptop it doesn't matter hit that green button set up your online account so that you can electronically support us here every Tuesday night and if you are blessed by what we're doing I would that you would be so kind as to bless us back so that we can continue to come to you and stay on the air with you every Tuesday night listen every Tuesday night 7:05 p.m. Central Time is where we are and I want you to join us share this information with your friends share it with your families and let's continue to have a great time but in the meantime and in between time green button give set up your account support the ministry today and we'll be so thankful god bless you make sure that you share with our giving make sure you share listen to the man we need you to share with us and we hope and pray that you will be kind of to share with us it's important I've made this request and we've shared with you each and every week and we ask you to participate and and the truth of the matter is there are people who come and dine at the table and and they walk out on the ticket but at the end of the day the bottom line is we're forging ahead by faith but I know for a fact that we need you to help us okay so and I'm not I'm not ashamed to tell you that I'm not afraid to ask you for that I thank God for you being there and I hope to pray that you that you'll certainly capitulate to our request okay all right so let's get back to this why the Incarnation okay that's where we were to communicate to God I'm gonna shoot it and communicate God to man to taste death for every man okay the reason that we see this here is in order for God to really know what we went through or what we go through or not even what we went through take one two three so while the Incarnation here to communicate God to man to taste death for every man and and here's the thing him being made a little lower than angels for a little while Jesus had to in order to suffer the death and he could not have been crowned with glory and honor if he had not died so that by the grace of God he tasted death for all of us okay now listen I want to get off into into another deeper form of of learning here okay so let's let's start looking at the docetism okay so we see this the part of that there's a docetic party and and you see here don't don't let all this stuff for years around this party existed around and I want to say 60 ad I think I got that on there and they deny the human nature of God but the affirming of Christ but they affirm the divine nature of Christ look at this first John chapter number 4 let's go back first John chapter number four by this you know the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God this is the spirit of the Antichrist which you have heard that it is coming and now it is already in the world so look at this in first John four two and three we're really seeing here docetism would suggest that the suffering of Christ was apparent but it wasn't real yet he appeared after the crucifixion in the spiritual form so when we look at this party and again we're talking about systematic theology here also if you're looking for the the Bible class where you can just kind of go and learn the ABCs and that's good fine I will I want you to do that as well this is probably not the series of study that you want to get into I think it's George Walker who always teases me that you know she's a man where we at Harvard or somewhere with some university level well the idea here is to really deepen your understanding and deepen your expand your knowledge expand your information about this God and this Christ so that our relationships can be more firm and more deeply rooted based upon all that we learn okay so look at this it says the the docetic party and here's what a lot of people do they deny the human nature of Christ but they affirm the divine nature of Christ let me keep going I want to show you something here the Orthodox we'll look at the Orthodox around 33 AD Orthodox says he's filled fully human and fully divine and this reference is affirmed throughout okay now let me back up I want to show you the two I really want to show you like the two extremes almost and then we'll fill this in as I'm about to do okay so now we have the Ebionites okay the Ebionites around 120 ad they affirm that watches Europe they affirm the human nature what they deny the divine nature irradiance is their reference not notice now the scripture not the scripture and look at this you can't make him the Messiah you cannot make him divine when you are not when you're not referencing his word okay now let me keep going let's look at the area okay the Aryan party okay round 325 AD they affirmed his human nature okay they say yes absolutely he you know historically we we affirm that he was human but we're not really sure if he was really that divine again you see a reference that's not scriptural Nicaea okay let me keep going now the Apollinaire Ian's party reduce his human nature that's in 381 ad they reduce his human nature and they affirm his divine nature now of course Constantinople which is when we when he changed the formula for baptism and when he changed the formula from baptism from if you notice in the book of Acts all the baptisms on record are in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ so Constantinople around 313 maybe AD don't quote me on that I think is around 313 ad or so Constantinople he changes the formula for baptism to officially the Father Son and Holy Ghost of the church because he has reduced the human nature of Christ in order to put himself on a level even though he affirms the divinity of Christ so if I reduced the human nature of who he is I basically I basically can lift myself up to be a greater human then he is although I understand that he is greater in divinity than I am Constantinople speaking I'm just kind of sharing that with you okay now that's the apolinaria now let's look at this the historian around 431 we see here held that Christ Wow was two persons you know he was he was Jesus to God and Jesus the man okay they they pull a lot of that from emphasis let me keep going and then we have the eunuch in 451 they say he's part man and part dog okay so this is the Khal Sudan and the Constantinople references in which they make so I want you to see here these various parties I'm leaving this up while I'm talking I'm leaving it up so you can kind of see if you take your notes and everything notice here that there's one party that denies the human nature and affirms the divine nature another party that affirms the human nature and denies the divine nature and then there's another party that affirms the human nature but they reduce the divine nature and on the flip side there's another party that reduces the human nature and affirms the divine nature and they got one party that says oh man whatever he's two people that's what one party says and he got another party says now he's got two people he's just part man and part God know what we understand is throughout the entire Bible it's very clear and we started out in John in the Gospel of John it's very clear that he's fully God and fully man when we deal with him emptying himself when we deal with him coming to a point in a place where where we see all of God and all of man converged at one time okay so I want you to really understand and recognize here is that although we see this chart here that I've shown you I want you to recognize here that he's fully human and fully divine there was a reason I need you to recognize this because the sacrifice the appreciation the expiation and I'm going to talk about all that in just a moment or I'm gonna try to get to it at least some of it before we end our time together this evening but when we talk about the sacrifice of Christ if we don't really understand and if we don't really grasp the concept or not even the concept if we don't grasp the reality pardon me for that forty instead not concept grasp the reality of the fact that God put himself in flesh and the only somebody that could reconcile us back to God was he himself oh my god no one else could do it so God puts himself in the flesh okay and one of the things that I've shared with you with it with that chart where some are saying yeah his his human nature is real but his divine nature isn't or his his human nature was never really then real but the divine nature is absolutely real no I need you to see that in Romans 5:8 when it says but God commendeth his love toward us then while we were yet without strength Christ died for us okay while we were yet sinners while we were yet without strength Christ died for us okay none of that none of what I'm about to go into is going to really resonate to the level and the degree that it needs to if we don't have full respect of the fact that the person and the work of Jesus Christ is literally God in the flesh okay let's look at this next slide right quick all right let's look at it nature of atonement which is what I'm talking about when we talk about atonement at one minute I think that's the best way to put it up I heard I heard preachers say it many times atonement if you look at that word atonement right there it's at one mint okay that that's where we are able to become at one with God but we can only become at one with God through a sacrifice so the atonement was sacrificial let's look at it right quick when we look at the atonement being sacrificial we're not just talking about the cross we were talking about the tomb as well okay look at this he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he didn't open his mouth like a lamb that's led to slaughter and like a sheep that is silent before it's Shearer's so he did not open his mouth Isaiah 53 and 7 does that sound familiar when Pilate is asking Christ and he's saying you know hey man they say you're the king they say that you're the King of the Jews and Senate cetera the Bible says he didn't say one word Pilate even says he he didn't say one word to me about that look at what Isaiah is saying here Isaiah prophetically speaks he was oppressed he was afflicted yet he didn't open his mouth like a lamb that's led to slaughter like a sheep that sounded before its ears so he didn't open his mouth because Christ already knew that the atonement was going to require sacrifice it was sacrificial for Christ our Passover also has been sacrificed 1st Corinthians chapter 5 verse 7 B Part B look at this what's interesting here is to understand that when he says here for Christ our Passover has all so been sacrificed then we understand most of us have watched the Ten Commandments and I'm really just trying to break it down into a layman's forum for us most of us most of us have watched the Ten Commandments okay you saw the Passover you know how that works put the blood over the door and the Lord says when I see the blood I'm gonna pass over you have to kill the lamb right the innocent one okay put the blood of that lamb over the door and when I see that door the lentils on the doorpost when I see that blood I'm gonna Passover look at what the text says here in first Corinthians 5:7 Christ our Passover also has been sacrificed let me keep going about the sacrifice for him Christ also loved you and gave himself up for us an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma Fijians 5 – Part B in other words God didn't like the smell of sin but look at what Christ did Christ loved us and he gave himself up as an offering you know when we talk about the burnt offerings and the aroma that God smells the the aroma of our worship the aroma of our praise I wonder what you smell like in the nostrils of God you ever think about that you ever think about how how does my worship smell in the nostrils of God how does my praise smell in the nostrils of God let me take it even further how does my sacrifice smell in the nostrils of God am i giving like I should am I participating like I should and my witnessing like I should am i testifying like I should am i going out in and and sharing this gospel like I said what what does my sacrifice smell like let me keep going it was sacrificial okay here's the thing this is one thing I wanted to see I'm running out of time I only have a few more minutes but if you don't see anything else tonight I want to see this the nature of the atonement obviously is sacrificial but here's what I want you to really see what kind of sacrifice wasn't once and for all he didn't have to keep dying you don't have to keep dying Hebrews 10:10 says it like this by this will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all Jesus didn't have to keep dying I know a lot of people feel more holy and they feel more righteous when they feel like they have to keep dying and they have to keep you know I mean Jesus has to keep dying for them No once for all once and for all let me look at the next slide here and every priest stands daily doing what ministering and offering time after time the same sacrifices which can never take away sins I got a little ahead of myself but you can see in here but he having offered one sacrifice for sins for all time sat down at the right hand of God now the nature of atonement let me keep going here because when we talk about atonement at one man when we talk about being made one again okay and certainly for those of you that are seminarian theologians please understand that it is not my desire to necessarily really engage in all of the various platitudes of this particular theological discussion I really just kind of want to deepen the understanding and give a little bit more information for our laypeople so that they can have a a little bit more than an elementary understanding of this Christ in whom we serve and who we worship and who we praise God for okay I thought I thought that disclaimer in case somebody said man Mack ain't talking about another one I'm not trying to really go that deep okay so let's look at this nature of the atonement sacrificial it was vicarious when we talk about that when we look at the vicarious nature what does that mean let me go ahead and just share so some people say oh man he goes those big words Mike Harris it's he was a legal representative okay Adam what did Adam do Adam messed up what did Jesus do Jesus hooked us up hallelujah yeah that's why I put that there okay Adam you messed us up and thank God that Jesus is standing taller then Adams shadow hallelujah okay so he was a legal representative but what made him a legal representative he could not have been a legal representative remember if he had been all divine in a human experience then that would have been cheating the game and I'm you understand what me know the reason that he was a legal representative is because he is all man and all God let me show you so then as through one transgression there resulted condemnation that's the first out of to all men even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all man wait a minute one transgression and then one act of righteousness the first Adam transgressed the second one performed an act of righteousness let's keep looking at this for as through the one man's disobedience Adam again the many were made sinners even so through the obedience of the one the many will be made righteous the second Adam Jesus Christ okay so now the nature of the atonement let me keep going here because I'm gonna run out of time the nature of the atonement it was sacrificial it was vicarious you already learned he was illegal represented he was a legal representative he didn't cheat the game Jesus did not cheat the game trust me when he died he felt all of that when they nailed him he felt all of that when they spiked him he felt all of that when they placed the crown of thorns on his head he felt all of that when they spat at his face and plucked his beard he felt all of that he didn't cheat the game let me keep going here it was substitutionary okay let's look at this all of us like sheep have gone astray each of us has turned to his own way but the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all to follow where they see that on him I hope this is giving you an even greater appreciation and a greater level of gratitude and thankfulness so so the next time somebody you know says put your hands together let's give God praise you know sitting there like this man I hope you're understanding here look at what it says all of us have gone astray everybody turns in their own way but what did the Lord do he caused the iniquity of us all to fall on him and somebody still has to pump and pride and try to Prime you to praising really I mean if the music's not right you just can't you just can't worship God because the person is not singing or you don't hear the tambourine and the organ and the drums you know you mean to tell me you have to have all of that to give God praise for doing this who let me keep going substitutionary i'ma show you something else right quick and when you were dead in your transgressions and the uncircumcision of your flesh he made you alive together with him having forgiven or us all our transgressions let me keep going having canceled out the certificate of death consisting of decrees against us and and which was hostile to us said he has taken it out of the way having nailed it to the cross really you're having a hard time worshiping God because you got a couple of bills that are due you having a hard time worshiping God because something's going on in your relationship you have a hard time giving God praise because there's something in life that you're facing that Christ has already defeated death live really look at this the nature of the atonement was also penal okay sacrificial is vicarious is a substitutionary it was also penal let me show you what I mean Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law having become a curse for us for it is written cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree Galatians 3:13 let me move through this I want at least finish this list up for you notice you all the nature of the atonement it was sacrificial it was vicarious it was substitutionary it was penal but was also propitiatory okay now when we talk about propre she a ssin and we've heard this said many times before appreciation basically represents the appeasement and we're just talking about the appeasement response to God's wrath in other words he had every right God had every right right to send you and I straight to hell offer Adam saying because we came from the seed of Adam so we came from the corruptible seed of the one who disobeyed God and God had every right to say all y'all out of here but thanks be to God let's look at it the atonement that Christ under under underwent for us it was pre shatori therefore he had to be made like his brethren in all things oh I wish I had time to unpack that but I think you should you should be able to connect these dots now that would get it into the scripture he had to be made like his brother in all things that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation that says propitiation in case you're wondering propitiation okay for the sins of the people okay so that means he had to appease he had to appease the wrath of God he had to become the propitiation when we talk about his sacrifice he had to appease the wrath of God but not only that when we talk about preseason we're talking about going in and and I'm showing you here where we talk about entering into the holiest of Holies and and going into the place of sacrifice and going to where the priest would have to go in and and place the blood on the altar and you know how it was if that blood wasn't right the reason they had a rope tied around the priest and the reason he had the bells at the bottom of his cassock was so that he could continue moving around the people knew that he was still alive while he was in there offering sacrifice but if that blood wasn't right he was gonna die and they were gonna have to yank him out of there we have to pull him out with the rope so I wanted to see here when we talk about propitiating we talk about the fact that it presupposes the anger of God I'm telling you right now and I'm telling you you just heard me say the price of appreciation was death in other words if we didn't have the right sacrifice if we didn't have the right sacrifice we would all still be dead let me keep going Christ Jesus whom God displayed publicly as a propitiation of debt appeasement in his blood through faith the Lord said hey I gotta pull day I'm gonna put him behind the veil I want everybody to see this okay the initiation of appreciation here's the whole thing it was love that was the whole thing look at this in this is love not that we loved God but that he loved us that right there makes me want to shout that right there makes me want to shout but that he loved us and sent his son to be the propitiation for us let me close this last one out okay let me close this last one hours I'm looking here at the time all right so when we talk about the fact that God loved us man I mean he loved us he loved us he loved us the aginity loved us we didn't love him he loved us it was also this particular tone man this this attempt this one once and for all atonement that Christ offering on behalf winds up being not only the propitiation which is the appeasement okay it's not only the appeasement we're talking about the atonement but we're talking and we're talking about this atonement but when we talk about it being expiatory and let me show you this we're talking about it be an ex Vittoria expiation represents the atonement response to God's wrath okay so now we see here let me just show this to you right quick preciate and expiation Emily in here to appease or satisfy wrath that's propitiation expiation is to erase or remove guilt okay propitiation is directed toward God the anger of God okay expiation is directed toward the guilt of man so watch this appreciation is and I'm just using this as a very loose visual for you but the propitiation blinds God the expiation covers us oh my gosh okay let me keep going now let's look at this propitiation is the sacrifice in the temple appease the just demands of a righteous God in it the sacrifice and the temple appease the just demands of a right Scott that's what the propitiation did and watch this the expiation what it did was by covering the guilt of the sins committed I'm closing on this last one here I hope this kind of gives you a little bit of an idea here okay so we see here we see the expiratory component here as far as the east is from the west so far has the Lord removed our transgressions from us listen I'm gonna stop right there next week we're going to pick it back up and I'm gonna pick it up on the last part where the atonement was redemptive but I hope and pray that you were able to see something here when we are looking at the the person and the work of Jesus Christ man what a wonderful God we serve and I thank God for him blessing us to learn more and to know more and I pray that you're learning more and knowing more about this Jesus Christ and whom we give God thanks for having given himself up for us next time you have a worship experience next time you an opportunity to praise God ask yourself why you need anything else other than a flashback and a memory to offer him praise and worship listen if you have prayer requests we want you to share with us make sure you stop by stop by you'll see a scrolling on the screen there stop by a community fellowship online or make sure you stop by there and sign up for our email this and subscribe to subscribe to the website and if you have any prayer requests make sure you you know drop those in for us as well we want you to keep praying continue to pray for all of those and whom are contending with bereavement and cárcel recent infirmity there's so many different challenges that are going on and life today and we certainly ain't asking each and every one of you to be in prayer for those family sister Deborah Rael we're praying for you that the Lord will bless you with the speedy recovery and all of those and whom we know that have been contended with infirmities make sure you take care of yourself stay stress-free we know the Lord has you in his hand listen god bless you may God keep his i prayer we're gonna pray and we're gonna get you out of here father we thinking that with Jesus name for the time that you blessed us with we pray your blessings now Lord we ask now in Jesus name God that has we prepare to separate from this webcast God we pray that you bless us never separate from your presence thank you Lord for being our propitiation thank you for being our expiation well thank you for being God all by yourself and opening up your word to us that we might have a greater appreciation for who you are we bless you now every challenge every issue every person every matter we lift it up to you now in faith knowing that you are able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we want to ask a thing according to that same power that works in us there will be some careful to praise your holy name in Jesus name we pray amen god bless you God bless you God bless you Tuesday night 7:05 p.m. sent from right here on our CFC East study online Bible study look forward to having you with this next week take care of we bless this is you

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