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Posted By on November 14, 2019

– In Africa, like, so my mom, she would let me watch,
like, a sex scene in a movie. She would be like, I
don’t care about that. But if kids were
playing with food, she’d make me turn
the movie off. So whenever there’s
like, I used to watch those high school movies,
those American movies, and then, you know, there’d
always be a food fight in the cafeteria, then
my mom would be like, turn if off, turn it off! (audience laughs) And then I’d be like,
what do you mean? She’s like, why are
they wasting food? Then I was like, it’s a movie. She’s like, but it’s real food. It’s real food! It’s real food, how can
you waste food like that? And then I was like, it’s like my mom was going, you know how parents will go,
there’s children starving. My mom was like, we
are starving in Africa. We’re starving.
(audience claps) Why are they wasting food?

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  1. I never thought about that but yeah if I was an African mom I'd be pissed too if I saw people wasting food like that.

  2. No but forreal I hate seeing people wasting food. When that news story came out about how much food America throws away it's stomach truning.

  3. She's not wrong. Better to let your offspring learn how to please their lovers and produce grandchildren than let them pick-up wasteful habits.

  4. I wish the segments would be published more frequently. Unfortunately in Germany we cannot watch the full episodes on the website =/

  5. Actually that is the go to argument for every mother in Germany to make the children eat a meal they dont like: "In Africa the little children are starving and you want to throw away your food?"

  6. We have seen the starvation of children in Africa. We know about the fly on the face of the child who does not even seem to have the strength to shoo it away. And for just 39 cents a day, you can help to feed one of these children. At that rate, for $1 day, perhaps they can get some really nice clothes. And if you just really want to be nice, for $2 a day, they could live high on the hog so to speak. Come to think of it, at those prices, I just might move to the "motherland" myself. It's the circle of life…

  7. If I have to watch another GD commercial on the net and not able to skip the GD commercial, then the video is not worth watching!

  8. the worst movie scenes for me are either the food fights or when one kids pulls the table cloth and all the food falls off the table or the worst thing that happens in every movie that i always pay attention to is eating they never eat in movie in the morning they always take a sip as they do the dialogue then just leave a table full of pancakes and orange juice and eggs WTF … ok sorry RANT OVER

  9. Noah does have a point, the West wastes resources in obscene amounts, however in the West food is far more affordable than sex. You always pay somewhere along the line so if you're going to waste anything food is cheaper.

  10. I'm with your mum on that one. Children's TV is full of Happy slapping with food, and I guess it reaches some religious core inside of me. It is blasphemous, somehow.

  11. maybe this is the next big charity every movie that has massive wastes of food donates and equal amount of money to pay to feed a starving african village i think hollywood could afford it

  12. Only when your memories bring you back to the days that you were in school and your stomach groans because you hungry and you have to get good marks on that test which is 1 hour long , then you understand what Trevor says.

  13. America is mostly white all classes..the TRUMP followers love to be entertained and stimulated by bullshit..this has always been America..lots of entertaining bullshit.

  14. Voting the Daily Show out in 20/20 Trevor Noahs Biased ignorance defies Logic and Reality and he’s completely full of Shit


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