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Welcome to Castlehill Church. This is our
11 o’clock service here on a Sunday morning on the third Sunday of Advent.
We’ve just had a 10 o’clock short meditation on Advent and our main
congregation are drifting in to the 11 o’clock service. Sunday morning worship
in Castlehill Church always leaves me feeling uplifted. It’s because of the the
spirit of joy that seems to bubble up whenever we start to praise the Lord.
And one of the things that’s often said about Castlehill Church by those who
visit it, is that it has a natural warmth of welcome. When I come to Castlehill Church it’s like coming home. Castlehill is effectively my second home. I’ve been
coming to the Boys Brigade here since 1968 and I’ve been worshiping here longer
than that. Through Sunday School Boys Brigade. It’s been a wonderful experience. What do you like about coming to the BB’s. I like playing games and crafts. What I like about Anchor Boys is playing games and meeting up with new friends. And we do a prayer the end of the night. Things I like it with the boys. I like
the social aspect. So this evening we’re doing the challenges from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. So we had the boxes that we had the different objects
inside they’re made to feel like something else. We do a lot of
fundraising as well for the trips to Romania. So we go to Romania to help out with a charity. It’s like an orphanage and because we’re the only group that’s
ever been back more than once they really enjoy our trip when I go over
You’re going to be listening to Gavin who is one of the leading boys in our
Boys Brigade and Gavin communicates through a laptop / iPad. So my question
to Gavin is what is it that brings you every Friday so the Boys Brigade here at
Castlehill Church? Coming to Boys Brigade is something that I look forward to it
every week. Castlehill has given me so many great memories over the years. One
of my absolute highlight for me was the trip out to visit the Roma Foundation in Romania two years ago. It was something that I’d never thought I would
be able to do. On the first visit we had to Romania it was quite an eye-opener
because we didn’t know what to expect. And when we came back we explained to
people what with experienced All these children were abandoned when they were
children and have got HIV and two of them have full-blown AIDS.
Shortly after we’ve been over there the director of the foundation
brought two of the children over here. And the fact that we were able to have
these people, these the people we’d spent so much time with and loved and loved
back from them. In our congregation… Our congregation has over the years been
very supportive of what we do and they’re now very much part of the Romanian story. So
the opportunity for them to come and talk to our congregation, spend some time and give us a presentation, which now hangs on on the wall in the church. The
the joy of having experienced that turned into a great deal of emotion. The
fellowship that’s within this Church. The care and the love that’s among the people. I feel humbled. I feel humbled personally and I feel very humbled as
the Boys Brigade Captain. Here at Castlehill we have a vibrant Girls
Guiding community of Rainbows, Brownies Guides and Rangers.
Leaders are working with them on a weekly basis, bringing them to the church
activities where and when we can. We also have a growing youth church which is
building in the community links and bringing the children back into the
church. To learn about God’s words. To have the experience and to socialize
with each other. We have Messy Church which brings our families together.
Introducing new people to each other, giving and sharing God’s Word. And we
have in the church that growing community spirit. If you’re our Minister
come and help us grow.

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