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The next speaker is, so I had a speaker who is an ex Hasidic Jew, a jewish guy and unfortunately he couldn’t make it. And this guy was like
me, me, me – I’d really like to speak and I’d never met him and he had such great
energy and I think that’s how people know him, they know him by his smiles and his laughter. So I’m just gonna introduce Hari – who’s the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies
New Societies Officer. So if you could put your hands together for Hari. Good evening! I want to say thank you for allowing me to be here, thank you to my friends and their
journeys as well, and thank you to all of you guys for coming as well. I want to begin by dedicating my speech to a friend. A comrade for secularism and humanism, and even neuropsychology: Glen Carrigan will be missed by those who love him, those who had the opportunity to
talk to him, work with him, and had the opportunity to think and drink with him. So, thats the
start of mine. The religious identity of an individual becomes part of their normal human
psyche. It becomes part of who you are. Now the difficulty with that, is that coming to
the conclusion that faith is false, is a memory that many fellow apostates remember with pride
and relief, probably because the journey to get from A to, I would say Z and further is
a really long road and the amount of time it takes sometimes to argue that faith or
being within religion is in my eyes not worthy of my time. It is a journey that takes a while,
it takes a lot of contemplation, I mean it took me a month of pure thought. People that
know me know I like to think. Literally I did nothing else but that. But the question
remains – why the decision to leave is always so difficult. The thing is that as an Ex-Hindu
I can say, when I was a Hindu and as an Indian, I call myself brown now, because the reason
why is because religion and culture are in bed together like politics and the media – now
that line is from the Simpson’s, I am a fan. So I call myself brown because of that
relationship between the two. Culturally, Indians have rules that they abide by, why?
To either respect the religiosity they have learnt from their religion, or from their
culture or from previous generations. And the beautiful thing about religion is that
they inhibit anybody from scrutinising it. The beautiful thing about it is you believe
it because it is true, you believe it because it is the truth and how dare you even question
it! So they have a very good way of making sure that you’d never question or put yourself
in a position where you’d go against such an authority. It’s a very clever, very clever
thing that they did when they created it. The consequences of being an apostate or being
somebody that has left religion, often equates to being shunned or even cascaded away from
everybody you’ve known, brought up to, or loved. That is the most hardest bit about
leaving a religion or a faith. You are literally coming out and saying everything I have believed
in, and learnt and understood and took through however many years of life, I don’t believe
it anymore. And the problem is that you have people who you live with (is that alright?
yeah,) you have people that you live with, who take that dearly and take it because it
is part of your human psyche, you’re therefore questioning every little bit about their own
individuality – so how dare you question something that is part of me. So that’s one of the
difficulties… and that’s why its more difficult. So… as a Hindu, haha, so if you
had a scale of devoteness or devoutness or whatever you want to call it, on a scale of
one to ten on a beautiful Likert scale, with ten being amazing, amazingly Hindu, haha,
it is possible – you just get into the extremes of Jainism but just before that, I probably
went off that scale anyway. For example, I was at my aunt’s wedding and she got married,
they did the Indian ceremony, they had the priest who they bought off, obviously, it
was a ‘he’ because it couldn’t be a woman, and I sat next to the priest. The priest
began and there’s shlokas, and mantras and there’s a way of getting things done, and
as soon as he opened his mouth I began to. So that’s how devout I was, I was able to
copy or mimic the priest word by word, syllable to syllable, to the point where they were
arguing that they wasted their money on a priest, because they are brown, they said
that at the end. The older I got the more I believed in it, the more I believed it to
be true. My story is very similar to that of Peter Tatchell. Tatchell argued that when
he was younger, as he got older he would rationalise his religion to fit society, to fit modern
society, to fit modern culture. I did the same. I did philosophy A-level, I made it
fit philosophy, [sorry], I made it fit. It’s a grave sin I guess. I rationalised my religion
in order for it to make sense: and the thing is I made it to make sense like a modified
enzyme into a modified substrate; A-level biology, doesn’t work! Really doesn’t
work, failed so badly. But then the thing is why did I believe it so dearly? Why would
someone hold onto it so much? And the reason why is because I was a victim of racism and
hate crime for over ten years at school and at home. Now, when you have something like
racism and hate crime, and you have a brain, the issue is you are targeted for something
that you can’t do anything about. There’s nothing you can do to change it: you can’t
change your skin colour, unless you’re Michael Jackson, you can’t change your skin colour.
You can’t change, at the time I couldn’t change me religion, you can’t change who
you were. The thing is… I remember once, it got so bad it was like every single, other
day during my GCSE’s, which is why GCSE’s went down the pan, and it was every other
fortnight, which is why A-levels went down the pan as well. I remember once, there was
a guy, we heard a noise, and usually the fence breaking or window smashing or burglary or
whatever. We once, i think it was the fence, the fence got hit. Mother was upstairs, I
was downstairs looking over to the front, and there was a guy who ran in from the right
to the left. He looked quite old, bless him, he was in jogging suit and trousers. It was
a boulder bigger than my head, I don’t know how he was able to carry it and run with it,
but he literally ran from the right-hand side all the way to the left and threw the boulder
at the window that was facing the living room. I was stood in front of the window, now thank
goodness for double glazing because i probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t. I
also remember, because I was, (I don’t say was) I am a nerd by heart, despite people
telling me that I was quite dumb because my GCSE’s and A-level’s weren’t very good.
I was a nerd. I was up once at 02:30am in the morning, studying how a plug could be
socketed – the neutral the earth and the green wire, or something, I obviously wasn’t paying
much attention. My bedroom was facing the front garden, so everything that happened,
I could see. Heard a bang, looked out the window, and basically I saw these six guys
just run in, because we’re a corner house, so there’s loads of avenues, run into the
house, decide to demolish this fence. I don’t know what the fence did to them. They demolished
the fence, and they ran away, this was around 2.30, 3 o’clock, called the police. The
sergeant of Nottinghamshire police came to our door the next day and said they were intoxicated.
I was like okay, because you were guarding, you were obviously there, you can obviously
tell me what happened when I myself haven’t got a clue. So, that happened quite a lot:
didn’t do well in my GCSE’s, scraped into college. The lady there bless her, she prothesised
I would never go to university. So I was like, okay. I got angrier because the attacks kept
occurring, the attacks kept going on. I saw two counsellors – one of them actually said
the incident with the plug and the 2:30 in the morning is very similar to a PTSD to what
soldiers get. It’s one reason why i don’t sleep at night, why I’m up until 3 or 4
o’clock in the morning, for no good reason – actually I watch the Simpson’s so there’s
always a reason. But, my belief in religion grew stronger because it was the only thing
that kept me going. Now, when you have something that promises or has hope that it can get
better one day, that things can get better, there is something out there, may be its predestined,
may be it’s a plan, or may be its all written in the stars or ganesha’s written it down
somewhere, on his big stomach. But, may be it was god’s plan. And okay, I believed
that, and okay it got better. Which is weird, surely a figure powerful enough to do anything
in this material world, but unable to affect the material world also is a weird fallacy,
because they argue that they can, and they can’t so they obviously fall back on themselves.
So, the prophecy came true – I didn’t go to university because I didn’t get in, because
I didn’t get good grades. But what did happen is I got through clearing. Now I focussed
that on a religiously hope filled event, but it was actually my dissertation supervisor
giving me a chance, which I am incredibly grateful for. I was religious through my first
year at university – I went to the Hindu society event once where I had a guy in front of me,
telling me about, well they were telling us about marrying in one’s community, the decision
you have to make in order to X,Y and Z. I was like okay fine, no alcohol, fine I’m
still teetotal. I’m not anymore, don’t worry! Oh god I’m not. And the thing is
the chair started talking – he said, back in India he said, my dada, my grandad used
he said used to own a business and dalits used to work from him, so basically the underclass
of the underclass, untouchable. And basically what he said when they were paid, my grandad
would never touch them because they were underclass. That resonated with me. How dare he, say that
about another human being! So basically, I re-evaluated everything, I realised it wasn’t
for me, but there’s the questions, what do I do when I don’t have what I believed
in, with me anymore? I lost two-thirds of my identity right then. And then the questions
of what is this life for, what am I for? What am I doing? Will my parents still love me?
Will I still be within my family, will people around me still judge me for leaving? I contacted
my folks on Skype and I told them. They were, kinda shocked. My dad more-so than my mum.
But then again, what I did is, I started the Northampton Atheist, Humanist and Secularist
society. I established that, because there had to be a place where people who were nonreligious
had somewhere to go. I had no-one. I had nothing to go to, and no-one to talk to about it,
and in all honesty that was probably the worst two months because it got me down. So the
premise of the society was met, and the society did really, really well. And as Imtiaz said
earlier, I am the New Societies Officer for the AHS. Why? Because there are many many
people in my position, or these guys position or anybody’s position where they’re either:
thinking about leaving religion, they’ve either left religion, or they’ve left religion
and have no-one to be with or talk to. This is why it is imperative to have as many AHS
societies within UK and Northern Ireland. [I remembered the statement :)] I end my speech,
by saying one more thing, and that’s it, honestly! It is imperative for secular and
humanist organisations across this country and more to do more for people that leave
religion. It is all well and good for these organisations to be there when you’ve left
religion, when you know it is all BS, and when you know you’re never going to deal
with it ever again. But during your transition when you decide, this may not be for me, these
organisations fail, and they fail miserably. Because unless you reach out, unless you try
and grab one end to another, there is nothing there. We hear things in Saudi Arabia, we
hear things in Pakistan, we hear things in Bangladesh, and as a young brown male, I,
thankfully, am living in the UK. I thankfully won’t get killed for saying what I say,
I thankfully won’t get lashes, and I thankfully won’t be put in prison for anything that
I say against religion or religious institutions. We need to do more as a society for either
apostates and people that have left religion, to argue that these people need our help!
And every time, whether we are dealing with Saudi Arabia, whether we’re shunning away
from Pakistan, we are turning our backs on every single person trapped within a community
little bubble where they can’t get out. It’s the worst feeling: it’s as if somebody
can’t let me out and that is something we need to tackle. Thank you very much. [Applause]
Thank you very much Hari. I want to quickly mention, Hari talked a bit about oppression.
When I started this, I spoke a little about the global crisis, this oppression of people
who have left their faith. Often, that’s what makes it difficult, because for example,
people that have left Islam, they don’t hate Muslims. I work with hundreds, thousands
of Ex-muslims and people that have never spoken out, do you know what? All of them live in
Muslim households, all of them have muslim friends, they’ve all got mates, they go
and have shisha with them. They’re not anti-Muslim. But what happens is, because you are the other,
in a community thats often treated as the other, you’re a minority within a minority
and that comes with a set of challenges which we haven’t dealt with, not just as a society
but globally. We talk about Islamophobia, its anti-Muslim bigotry I guess, and I grew
up in a school and my nickname at school was terrorist. I’m not kidding, after 9/11 it
was terrorist. I had bombs drawn on me during my last day of school. And that was a bit
of banter from the kids, but we get it, it’s a complicated situation. But when, groups
and institutions let you down and call you things like native informant, which ex-Muslims
have gotten, that’s hurtful in so many different ways, I can’t even start. So I think its
important, that we get building relationships and outreach with the religious institutions
and non-religious institutions, to say hey we exist, this is more complicated than black
and white, lets have a conversation.

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  1. Catholics also say that you can't leave- you can be pushed out (excommunicated) or you can "lapse." Most Abrahamic religions give the child instruction= baptism as an infant and then communion/bar mitzvah later on . To say you are such and such by birth with no choice is what runs the caste system.

  2. Folks. You can bet. This guy is a sold out liar. He was NEVER a hindu (christian, muslim or commie). And most probably not even an Indian (pakistani more likely or any country of the Indian subcontinent, ). This is all propaganda. He and all these so called ex-hindus in the comments sections are paid agents.
    He knew nothing specific about Hinduism. Vague and mostly incorrect statements. AND he is caught out when he says he could recite ALL mantras for the wedding and other ceremonies. Pack of lies. Absolutely not possible. Other than priests who are trained to officiate at weddings, hindus DO NOT memorize, leave alone recite these specific mantras, even the greatest gurus do not bother with these mantras.

  3. lol donno why he's acting like abrahams lolol. dude be yourself that's it… we are indians that's it… i am a hindu who doesn't this so called hinduism, no rituals no bullshit… so just chill u still hindu lol

  4. Hindu atheist is what Mr.Hari is, Atheism is also part of Hinduism. All Hindus have the right to question the existence of god.The title Hindu shields them from unwanted hatred from other religions for being a atheist.

  5. problem with this guy is he didnt even study the religion fully and quit. there are many like him. hinduism is a gem and i say that with pride and not blind faith. i have a real strong belief in treating people of all faiths same. yes the media and people from other faiths have tried to taint hinduism with caste and untouchability issues. yes these problems do exists. these are not promoted by the religion but social idiotic customs and morons who try to stay in power. this is what has ruined the good name and there is also greed. fact is hinduism is a beautiful faith that is more open to humanity then any other religion. it allows even the atheists to be called hindus. it opens doors to respecting all faiths. having and meeting stupid people who do wrong things that are not in scriptures doesnt make the religion bad but it makes those people bad not knowing the scriptures or following the truth. i am not sure why people starts to gloat soon as they leave or join another group of people. its quiet silly. hinduism is bigger then idiots who leave and try to give it a bad name.

  6. it would be nice if he could put up an argument stating what he found wrong in hindu scriptures but clearly he didnt read anything. its easy to find problems in social environment in india and walk out of a religion. thats because there are people who dont read and follow hinduism from whats in the scriptures, so finding people who lack knowledge and taking them as authentic is not how one should make any conclusions on hinduism. open the sciptures and read and see treasure yourself. you can offer me anything or better yet send a moghul to force me to convert i will not even if i have to have my head chopped. this is how much i love the teachings of hinduism. its a true science. its not like other religions. its a gem

  7. His british accent is more shittier than most of the british's people, it made my ears bleed. I dont wanna discuss his views on Sanatan dharma as others have already discussed on that. The concept of Religion never existed in sanatan dharma, its just a western concept, like AIDS. Religion means a group of people following a group of certain guidelines and restrictions. Therefore, its just a fuckin community with fuckin fucking beliefs. Whereas, the defination of dharma is itself truth, and that of sanatan is eternal, hence eternal truth. Thats why, in sanatan dharma we dont have any book written on it, unlike Abrahamic religions. Rather, we have books written on humanity, Science, Maths, physics, chem, bio, astronomy, art(kala), etc, etc, etc, in the form of Vedas, upanishads, granths, just name anything and its there in it. We people first need to learn to differ the word 'Religion' & 'Dharma' because they contradicts each other in every manner let alone their philosophies and beliefs. Anyways, there's no harm in being an atheist. But you need to know only one thing, you yourself are delaying your journey towards Moksha.

  8. I found about India was once eastern Ethiopia, so my ansestors were African, they don't teach us this, and religion was created to control people, the cast system, the untroubled were dark skin, this is wrong! What truth is there in Vedic scriptures or religious books? Can you guide me?

  9. Disappointed to see all the comments talking about how Hinduism is a culture not a religion. Even if it was a culture, nowadays 90% people see it as a religion.

  10. Its his parents fault for not educating him about Hinduism. All he saw was hollow rituals, not the philosophies and history of Hinduism. As a modern Hindu, I cannot see atheism as a better option to Hinduism, not even close. Hinduism is joy, its positivity, its hope and its peace. Hinduism gives you a chance to fight for justice and for developing the society as a whole. Untouchability is not Hinduism but a sin. It has its root in decadence of HInduism. Its practice has been outlawed by all Hindu organisations.

  11. It is unfortunate but it is reality, ignorance always finds a huge audience in every spectacle of society today. This is for the rare few who cherish reasoning –

  12. if anyone hate about Hinduism just ask about why west christen and Arab now doing yoga and celebrating holi, diwali involved in Ayurveda these are Hindu's practice hahahaha….

  13. There are tons of atheist in india, atheism is part of Hinduism.
    We don't practice apostasy law.
    Neither 99% of hindus even read their scripture.

  14. this guy cracked me up..I M pretty sure that he hasn't read anything about Hinduism.. wt he has done is observation o f the rituals and based on that he made up his mind ..poor fellow.

  15. They just want attention and woo from women..that's all.they are trying to be a che GUEVERRA….not a single word they said made any sense whatsoever…they think criticising their own heritage somehow makes them rebellious renaissant revolutionary.

  16. If he is a real Indian he should have fight against the untouchability. His reason of just due to untouchability he left Hindu is so funny. If his father don't touch sudras then this guy should have hugged them to prove that he is a human. Rather than hating Hinduism he should have hated is dad for that.

  17. Without knowing Hinduism,changing religion on the basis of descrimination despite educate urself.all religion have cast system.hinduism criticized itself and seekers of truth not believer.. simply for opportunities or money just changing religion.well you happy

  18. Spirituality to knowing it's self is right way not changing religion to solve ur problem.. India have reservations for poor people..

  19. Hinduism includes a diversity of ideas on spirituality and traditions, but has no ecclesiastical order, no unquestionable religious authorities, no governing body, no prophet(s) nor any binding holy book; Hindus can choose to be polytheistic, pantheistic, monotheistic, monistic, agnostic, atheistic or humanist. Because of the wide range of traditions and ideas covered by the term Hinduism, arriving at a comprehensive definition is difficult. The religion "defies our desire to define and categorize it".Hinduism has been variously defined as a religion, a religious tradition, a set of religious beliefs, and "a way of life". From a Western lexical standpoint, Hinduism like other faiths is appropriately referred to as a religion. In India the term dharma is preferred, which is broader than the western term religion.
    We call it SANATANA DHARMA .It is a way of life
    Sources of authority and eternal truths in Hinduism play an important role, but there is also a strong Hindu tradition of questioning authority in order to deepen the understanding of these truths and to further develop the tradition.which is missed in all other religions

  20. Wow, you need to be lot better dude. Stop trying to be British, or not.. but something didn't click right.

  21. Ex Hindu here.
    Reason: Because the neo-Hinduism political movement is a platform for the Hindu KKK (RSS!). And I don't want to hoodwink poorer hindus with the fantasy of the existence of God(s)/Cow-delusion, while the rich Hindus enjoy the luxury reaped by their tyranny on the "lower castes".

  22. how many years ago there were airplanes ? How many years ago there was computers ? How many years ago there was phone and internet ? Not more then 100 years ?? What makes you think that 10000 years ago they dint had some technology that your little chutiya secular brain cant comprehend ? Mercury was the fuel back that and you can do your research properly by ready Vedas etc … Muslims ruined temples and universities like nalanda .. British made you slaves by there language and education system .. they manipulated you to hate your self your skin your history … i don’t blame you but i wanna correct your knowledge and don’t worry all Chutiyas secular Hindus will keep coming back until they realise the truth … ie moksha …. anyway chuitya man 1st read and understand before commenting about someone’s religion .. you can be a idiot in your house but not in public … all your misconception are coming from TV shows and news paper … apni dadi se sun kahaniyan purano ki .. that’s called smriti …. “things that’s are remember generation after generation” .. but tum secular chutiye salman khan ki tiger zinda dekhoge par apne baap dada ki history mat padna internet pe … isliye tum sab disappear ho jaaoge jaise Greek Iran etc hue … mullen chodega tumhe .. shariya court ki demand aayi hai or usmain likha hai sab kafir ki Gand kaise maaro

  23. Ex hindu atheist here.Answer to those are saying we don't know anything about hindusim.hindusim supports reincarration,karma,unscientific non sense like flat earth,virgin makes no sense to believe in this religion.hindusim have irrational stories like stories likd story of ganesh,ramayan,mahabarat.manu scriptures supports slavery.comment below i will teach you difference between faith and fact,difference between reality and delusion.we are atheist because we know more than you.

  24. Even if you dint believe in anything Still you are Hindu! Hinduism give Number Zero,Ayurveda, Yoga to the world which is part of Science Now! Even you are Atheist still you are Hindu! This is open minded Religion not like other religion!

  25. dude, you don't know shit about vedanta, it clearly states that don't believe anything based on faith even if God tells you, question everything and until and unless all the dobts are clarified don't believe it. So, stop telling the wrong things about hinduism because of your limited knowledge.

  26. Don't know what Hari is smoking, but he is definitely blowing some smoke up these peoples a$$es. First of all there is no such thing as "Hinduism". When Muslims started invading India they called people on the east of river – Sindhu (Indus) as Hindu because Persians called them Hindu. There is no "Hindu" holy book where the word "Hindu" appears. Muslim invaders used to call all Indians including Muslim Indians converts as "Hindus". When British colonized India, they called everyone who was not a Muslim or Christian or Jain or Sikh as "Hindu". So the modern day "Hindu" can be anyone- from atheist to someone who believes everything is God. Nobody is baptized into "Hinduism", so you can't leave it. If you never entered it, how can you leave it? So dumb

  27. so this guy left Hinduism coz his old ass grandpa treated underclass people like shit, are you kidding me? try changing your grandpa's mind and try to talk to him that its wrong to do that. Instead of doing that, this guy gave a long ass speech and bitching here which has nothing to do with the religion. wow sounds like good reason to leave any kind of religion. BTW I am an atheist

  28. There are so many school of thoughts in hinduism.. monotheism , polytheism and atheism(charvaka school of thought) also allowed in hinduism. I bet he know nothing about hinduism.. otherwise he would have used term 'hindu atheist' instead of ex hindu…

  29. Even I am being a student of sanskrit and being borne in a Brahmin priest family I could not fathom the depth of the philosophy of this religion. How could this young lad understood and became ex-Hindu? 🤔

  30. What’s the point of leaving Hinduism?as an agnostic I find Hinduism very interesting, it celebrates diversity, it’s pantheistic view implies equality and naturalness of things in the universe. You are part of god, I am part of god, Donald trump, osama, everyone and everything is a part of god. It’s just maya that separates us. This simple philosophy carries a lot of underlying messages. Treat others as you’d treat yourself for everyone is equally divine.

  31. Hinduism posits a belief that everyone is a part of god, and inherently divine. This is the reason they believe everyone is born a Hindu (or Sanatana Dharma), namaste, the greeting carries an implied meaning (the divine in me) I bow to (the divine in) you. The caste system is more of a political/societal exploitation of the disadvantaged people that is then absorbed into Hindu culture. A Hindu isn’t supposed to treat anyone badly, they are equal (the same) after all.

  32. Lol… leaving hindhism is like.. he wants to brand him self being different. Bro hinduism doesnt preaches anything to do oe not to do… then where comes the belife. Seriously i feel funny about this guy.. and what hindu he was.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  33. Lol the comment section as usual is filled with Pseudoscientific God-fearing educated but ignorant fools. Show me evidence of ANY MYTHOLOGICAL GOD. or ANY GOD. and We DID NOT evolve from monkeys you non Scientific idiots !

  34. He is essentially saying vedic brahminism as the beginning and end of Hinduism… I consider myself an agnostic within the Hindu tradition… Definitely not a follower of Vedic Brahminism… More a follower of teachings in Advaita Vedanta….
    He doesn't have to call himself a Hindu if he doesn't want to but the whole people will shun you if you say you are no longer a Hindu… Well I don't know where this guy is from but that is not the Hinduism or India I have seen…

  35. Religion is derived from Spanish word – "Religaire" or to rally people to your belief. Hinduism isn't a "Religion" by Western definition, Hindu Scriptures don't ask anyone to believe in it or worship Hindu Gods. Hinduism is a Philosophy which has evolved over many centuries. Do you disagree with Hindu Gods ? So does Hindu scripture !!! The Ultimate Goal of Hinduism isn't even submitting yourself to Gods, It is to discover yourself !!!

    Even if you removed Gods completely from Hinduism, There are various other Concepts like Dharma (Law of Righteousness), Karma (Law of Equality), Moksha (Seeking the Truth), Yoga (Physical and Mental excercise) and being kind to animals which are very interesting. You can follow these despite being an Atheist !!!

    "Who knows whence the Universe was born, When it was created.

    Perhaps the Gods know, Or Perhaps the Gods themselves know not"

    – Skeptical thinking and questioning the origins of Universe in Hindu Scripture (Hindu equivalent of Bible)

    – An Indian Atheist, I still consider myself Hindu

  36. There is no book superior than what our Maharshis had written. The Vedas are used in Germany and the West. India was the a economic power hub for 16 centuries. Then invaders came and burnt our knowledge centres. Persecuted our Rishis. Forcefully converted Hindus. And looted all our wealth. The Vedic values and knowledge are now forgotten and Bharat is now just a country called 'India'.

  37. What kinda BS did I just see!
    This guy is heavily deluded.
    First things first, there's no word like Hindu or Hinduism, it's Sanatan Dharma (Dharma means duties in Sanskrit)
    It could be broadly classified into 2 terms:

    Puranic Hindu- the ones that have firm belief in deities like Ram Hanuman etc.

    Vedic Hindu- the ones who believed in vedas but still had the right to question if there was something wrong in it. They were astronomers, mathematicians, invented plastic surgery, designed magnificent temples and structures etc etc etc

    And as Rigveda in it's hymn of creation says, "There are equal chances that god may or may not exist".

    I don't believe in deities, not at all! I believe in science just like Saint Charvaka did, just like Shushruta (creator of Plastic Surgery) did, just like Aryabhatta did, just like Bhaskarachrya did, just like several other saints and intellectuals did.
    I am a Vedic Hindu.

    I told my parents and grandparents thta I don't believe in god and you know what I got in return? Just a dialogue, "Doesn't matter if you believe in it or but we certainly do". Progressive isn't it? I'm still alive!

    These dumbasses need to read in depth instead of going with the flow.

  38. you all should come back to your old and world first religion,the hindusim, which is know as sanatan dharm..there are 4 holy books of hindus know as vedas, the all 4 vedas tell us about the science,not about the miracles because miracles does not exist in the world..vedas tell us about the science of human , Earth , Medical , time travel , teleportation and how to make aeroplanes , when the india was ruled by the british ,the british took up the all informatiom from the vedas and then they started doing all inventions like electricity , bulb and many mores.. And many more things which scientists are going to reveal in future about the world and humanity, are already written in Hindus holy book vedas…..

  39. Is Hinduism a religion first of all? And if it is , I call myself a Hindu and still don't believe in God. I was never learnt to believe in God all though my life.

  40. भाई जो पढा-लिखा व्यक्ति हिन्दु-धर्म छोडता है उससे बड़ा अभागा अनलकी दुनिया में कोई भी नहीं होगा !!
    बड़े भाग मानुष तन पावा !!
    यह वाक्य हिन्दुओं के लिए ही है !!

  41. Everyone has to follow dharma who ever you are what ever sect or religion you belong to inorder for the world to sustain and survive, dharma is eternal and cannot sustain without it.

  42. It doesn't bother hindu, that is why you will not be famous by this.
    इन हिंदुओं को घण्टा फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि कोई इनका धर्म अपनाए या छोड़े, इन्होंने कभी कोशिश नहीं किसी का धर्म बदलवाने की। मैं खुद नास्तिक हूँ और मेरे घर मे सब घोर आस्तिक है, उन्हें मेरे नास्तिक होने से कुछ फर्क नहीं पड़ता।

  43. Way to go bro .
    Not one thing you said described Hinduism .
    About the incident with grand-dad and lower caste guy , without saying there are some legitimate concerns about caste you have to understand lots lower caste people land up in jobs like manual labor , Manual scavenging etc not because they are lower caste , but because they have no other skills . That is why many people including lower caste people don't touch each .
    You really need to read more things up . I'm not asking you to be become Hindu , because you are a Hindu . And i don't understand what racist attack has to do with Hinduism . Seriously man , you don't need to be atheist to be cooool .

  44. u left a university full of knowlegde…..
    in hinduism there are many paths(पंथ)
    1)where u can learn it by stories (puranas)(idol worship)[shaivaism,shaktism,vaishnavism]
    2)where u can believe in formless ,omniscent(निराकार) god….[arya samaj,nirankari samaj,brahma samaj,lingayat ]
    3)where u can be atheist and only belive in material world)[charvak ]

    than only a guy who doesnt wants to study it or might be lazy would surely leave it…..

  45. you are x hindu or not, nobody who believe in Hindu religion, care to know. you may or may not, is your choice. to announce and walk around is your freedom for which no body cares. there are many like you, why bother. live freely, thats all. nobody will kill you in the name of religion, no time to even think or bother about. nothing big about it.

  46. Firstly sanatan dharma does not fit into the definition of religion.. if it does, you can question in hinduism.. he has no clue what is he saying.. i think he just wanted to be with a group so he started criticizing. I am a hindu but i almost never pray, it is not compulsory for us to do anything.. If he found problem with this, i think he has some other serious problem. Anyways if he is happy this way let him be.. I want to question him what is modern society according to him.. they also have believes and ideas, so one day he will not believe in that and will he go to forest???

  47. So one person said him something and he changed religion. It can be his view… ofcourse we have problem but hindus change with time.. u r just an uninformed person.. what the hell is he speaking.. in hinduism we dont punish people for leaving religion.. he is just spreading lies.. hinduism is not equal to islam.

  48. Hinduism is a culture rather than a religion.
    There are some agnostic, atheist philosophies originated in India, like Buddhism, Lingayatism etc.
    You could see how influential they were Indian history.
    Indian culture always have been much tolerant towards all kinds of philosophical approaches than any culture throughout the history. No one has been got harmed in India by being an outspoken atheist. There are many atheists with Hindu family background, many journalists, writers, etc. Nobody was ever targeted because of their religious beliefs.
    I myself am born in a family which is part of Lingayat Community.
    I'm agnostic, skeptic, almost an atheist and proud part of Indian culture.

  49. Hey guys.. don't go that far.. parents didn't taught rituals and this that..
    Just look at his accent..
    His a slave of a western culture..
    That's it.. #"yathbavam_thadhbavathi"
    He can Never understand.. the beauty in the Indian cultures.

  50. The title is "welcome to Hinduism"….In the hindu culture step gurus/saints are made for ask questions and doubt untill u not satisfy.if u satisfied by any one then follow the way what u want to live.. initially i also hate hindu religion..but after understanding how can it survived from long age..I respect it.

  51. Living Hinduism means leaving Indian ethnicity.when he says that he is no more Hindu does it means that he has nothing to do with India and in what sense he said he left Hinduism how can you left it there are people who don't believe in any thing but still Hindu because
    Because they are from Indian ethnicity.

  52. You are still our brother . Do questions remove the bad things . Nobody wants bad things in hinduism . But hinduism or sanatana dharma starts with vedas then vedantas . You can start with the easiest book gita , geeta is the essance of what sanatana is . A

  53. Oh, great! From one cult into another. Humanism=Communism. Been there, done that and I tell you there is nothing scarier than an unleashed atheism.
    Youtube: "Obsolete Man" Twilight Zone.

  54. I am a Hindu Athiest.😊 I don't believe in the existance of God,but I love the scriptures and what it teaches and the various examples of Gods and their deeds, both Good and Bad. The songs,the Shlokas, the history, the Philosophy and the Spirituality. Hinduism is a way of life and not a religion. You never formally join it and thus can't formally leave it.
    Plus Caste system isn't a Hindu thing because even the Christians and Muslims happily use their Other Backward caste certificate for reservation. It's a cultural thing.

  55. unlike so called "religions" Hinduism isn't exactly a religion. it's more of a way of life where you dont necessarily need to believe in a god. instead you might as well just learn from the teachings. hinduism is more about personality development and culture rather than gods and belief in the Almighty

  56. Its ok if Hindu question god' existence..its part of indian culture….but in reality Hindu is not geological identify… you can't leave Hindu identity..

  57. Hinduism is Knowledge. education. Understanding of subject matter based,,,,,,,, not faith or belief based, You cannot enter or leave Hinduism, you have no choice.You are customised individualised Homo sapien on this Planet and You cannot do any thing abuot it but live by your deeds, they will have cause effect percussions and repercussions.

  58. Hinduism is Dharma not a religion. You can worship one god or many god or no god. There is no single book to follow. You can be atheist and you can question god and even create your own god.

  59. This moron does not know that atheism,agnoism is part of Hindu religion. It's only religion which accepts atheism. There are four different schools of atheism led by ancient philosophers. The atheist history is 2000yrs old. I m myself an atheist and proud Hindu for this reason. Hindu religion could be criticised at any moment in the history and result is Buddhism,Jainism, Sikhism originated from Hindus with out any clash. Jews lived peacefully only with Hindus. Hindu society easily accepts if person is an atheist. In small villages person may face at the most social boycott. In cities I have experienced that person need not be discreet at all about being atheist.

  60. हिन्दु धर्म में आस्तिक व नास्तिक होनेे की आजादी हैं। नास्तिक से आशय कर्मवादिता से हैं। कर्म ही पूजा हैं।

  61. If u don't believe on god means u r automatically in sanatan(hindu) dharm.welcome🇮🇳🇮🇳👏👏👏

  62. I am a Christian,but I do think there are school of thoughts in Hinduism that are non theist.
    You could be an atheist and a Hindu.But if he even don't want even cultural association with Hinduism,then it's an entirely different.I have many friends who are atheists,but chose to identify as Hindu Atheist or Cultural Hindu.

  63. Hinduism is the best religion in the world and it will always be . Because it never force anything on anybody like Islam n all. Its not just a religion its an art of living. So if one follows Hinduism its good for him and if he doesn’t , it will harm him, not Hinduism.


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