Bulk Import Keywords via CSV/Excel file with SERPs.com

Posted By on May 21, 2019

so to bulk add keywords into your strips account click the add keywords button and then select the upload a spreadsheet option this will allow you to allow you to choose a CSV file or an excel file and it can read multiple sheets if you have an excel file so that's not a problem and what this allows you to do is map the columns that you have in your spreadsheet to tooth columns that we want to import into sirs so for example we have our keyword column here from this spreadsheet we want to track this keyword and just Google if you leave it blank it'll track in Google and Yahoo so you can see this is gonna be five five keywords because this will be one two three four and then just Google is five and then we can see the locale that we want to use by default it'll pick the project default as in the settings page but you can override that if you wanted to hear so these are all track in in the US if you wanted to set a specific city or zip code you can select the are in the geolocation it's called and set the city or zip code that you want then you can also tag keywords now once you have that just hit tracking and keywords and those keywords will be imported into your account

Posted by Lewis Heart

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