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haja dinner sunny smile continued their
life near the Samsung water when they got visitors
they had them nastain the downside of Mecca there the xuong xuong water was
abundant and hogr gave them permission to live there
she gave permission without asking anything in return
that’s how Mecca started to become a city he smiled married one of the
Giorgione’s daughters when Ismail was 30 years old his father came to visit him
and then the command to build the Kaaba was given before it was given Hodja died
at the age of 90 years old the Oise of the kawah began to be built a smile la
Salam was bringing the stones and ibrahim alayhis salam started to build
the walls the Kaaba was made after the building was ready ibrahim
alayhis salaam and ismail alaih-is-salaam prayed our Creator
please agree the thing that we made by your order as our servitude to you all
of our Creator it is obvious that you listen well to our prayers
you know our intention Oh our Creator let us be your servants form our nation
or come a Muslim community show us the worship of Hajj please forgive us in our
sorrow please give us forgiveness in our sorrow there is no doubt that you
forgive the sinners and be merciful with them after that Ibrahim alayhi Salam
brought to the people the obligation of Hajj ibrahim alayhis salam said o my
lord my voice is not enough he said o allah spawn allah tala you speak i will
hear after this ibrahim alayhis salam went to the mountain of a bouquets he
put his fingers to his ears and he spoke towards the east the west south and
north o people our Lord wants that we come to
visit the Kaaba and surround it attend to the invitation of our Lord
all the people who must make Hajj you

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  1. bullshit Mecca was a slave trade market you could buy warriors who where kidnapped Africans. women prostitutes children who Arabs loved to fiddle with all this before the Quran was written and its documented so I'd pay someone to prove me wrong

  2. Isn't it amazing millions of people believe in this dumb bullshit. Its just a stupid box. Humans are so gullible when religion is involved.

  3. It is written 🤔👇🏿
    Galatians 6:7-8 KJV
    [7] Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. [8] For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

  4. The bible says that Jesus is the white Rock and the Chief Corner Stone. So Satan set up his black rock in the corner of the Kaaba.

  5. More made up pig shit The kabba was the demons baal temple, before mohammad the pervert ,stole it for his demon ALLAH, Why do you call it holy??? are muslims worship toilets the black stone was a toilet for 200 years Mufti are the best liars .

  6. The Kaaba was made by ancient saudis to make a profit from the prophet that was made up from the Jews who were ancient Samaritans….everyone is worshiping from the same cup, yet you all want to justify ur sip is sweeter and all others is sour. How typically human, destructive and idiotic religion is. We came from the universe as dust.

  7. Why do some stupid people give bad dharja to prophets as feraun and good dharja of prophets to feraun as prophets while prophets were prophets and feraun was feraun like in Egypt?

  8. As usual another nice islamic way to tell a lie…. Islam is nothing but a treacherous blood shedding violent religion that uses and promotes violence to subjugate people…. A false prophet+a beautiful lie book=extremist religion.

  9. Allah se mango or kisi se nahi kuchh log to mazar pe jake dua mante h wo to ek makkhi bhi paida nahi kar sakte h…….. Allah se mango musalmano

  10. I still do not understand what is so holy about this place? Do you think God considered one place holier than another?
    My friends, if you cannot hear God whenever you are, if you are unable to talk to him any tine of the day, and need to perform ritual prayers, you have the wrong religion.
    God speaks – you just have to be able to hear HIM

  11. No historical and archeological evidence. Abraham and Ismael are Jews and never been there according to bible.😊

  12. Quran is a political book for the muslims and also a manual book for war with the unbelievers. This is what the muslims must do and say during the prayers. I dont believe all the unbelievers are bad people and same goes to the muslims as well. To say islam is the religion of peace is just redicilous. Teaching the kids to hate others just because of different beliefs is racist and abusive!


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