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Posted By on September 19, 2019

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m Ollie. I’m Rev. Chris. And today we’re gonna be taking a JOLLY look
at what people think in the showers. SHOWER?! Is this appropriate?! There is another legendary subreddit,
called Shower Thoughts. Shower Thoughts?! And it’s kind of like miniature sermons of the Internet. You know how the Bible has a book of Proverbs, right? Yes. Josh: This is basically the Internet’s…Proverbs! Yeah!
Ollie: It’s the internet’s book of Proverbs! It’s an interesting thought because I suppose
the shower is the one place where You can’t really take your a phone or… Well, you can now. Waterproof. Josh does it every day. Josh: That’s true. x2 Rev. Chris: What?! You take your phone in the shower?! Ollie: Don’t ask how I know that. I play music… Great. I play music! I take my phone and
put it next to the shampoo. I’ve called Josh before, and I’m like,
hey man, it’s pretty loud where you are. He’s like, yeah just the shower. I was like, WHAT?! Wouldn’t necessarily recommend it! Alright, first up. Okay, so, Well, that’s depressing. I would say that this person needs some counselling
and needs to rejoice in the gift of life… Rev. Chris: …that is children.
Josh: I know you’re having your second child. We’re literally about to have our second child. When? this week? Two days time. Wow. I’ve looked at your first daughter Rose at times And thought, she’s a little bit like a rampaging drunkard. So you don’t agree with that? No! Rev. Chris: I think being a parent is wonderful,
but is full of joy and hardship. But anything good in life is. Rev. Chris: Got great highs, great lows.
Ollie: Like being drunk! X2 Moving on. Next up. That’s cool. That’s fun. Who thinks this stuff?! Rev. Chris: That’s a creative mind. Ollie: Holy Crap.
Josh: Seriously. So TRUE! I’m feeling it now! Even though… You’re like, get up! Get up! Then you’re like,
oh no, everyone’s gonna think I peed on my wrist. Have you ever done that? I’ve done… Peed on your wrist?! You know, you… Oh, doesn’t matter. Seriously, this is the internet! Be careful what you say! One of the worst days in my high school career was, We were on a school trip and I was wearing
like khaki pants, you know like, light brown. Beige brown, yeah. I went to the loo on the bus, right?
I’m like, I washed my hands. I turned the tap, No, it was literally just like… Josh: Oh.
Ollie: Interesting! Do you think the four horsemen of the apocalypse,
will disable the internet when the apocalypse comes? Or do you think the internet will be running right up, I mean Jesus will be trending, when he returns. Right? I mean, yeah, if the internet’s going. Not on YouTube though coz
that’s like weirdly moderated. And it might be like age-restricted. There will be Casey Neistat’s video about Jesus coming,
that would be number one. Alright, next up. Oh my… that’s so true! Can you imagine? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!!!! I’m broken. My voice is broken. Isn’t it dangerous? Josh: Helium?!
Rev. Chris: Is it dangerous to do that? Josh: Well, let’s not… Oh wow, he’s just gone through every stage. Josh: That’s like one of those Jaden Smith memes.
Ollie: No, no, no. No, this guy’s an idiot. Because he was born probably tall. Well, okay. That’s not really a height though,
that’s a length. Rev. Chris: No, but he went from fetus, and grew,
Josh: As soon as you can stand, Chris:…like anyone else. So you’re an idiot.
Josh: That is true. Fetus level! No, You’re not, Ollie. I’m kidding. You’re right. I should stay silent. Is that the kind of advice you would give to people? Yeah, I think… you know,
there’s this Netflix series on at the moment, Rev. Chris: Called, Sex Education.
Josh: Okay. And some of it, I laughed at it, I thought was quite fun,
but some of it, I’m like, come on! So I actually commented to Netflix about it. Ollie: Did you?
Rev. Chris: I was like, Boom! Netflix, I actually enjoyed it, thought it was funny, But two things. I said, Don’t always, you know, project this image of Christians being mental And standing with picket fences, shouting at people. Josh: Oh, are there Christians in it?
Rev. Chris: There are. They’re the ones shouting at people. Wait, you said that, while writing an angry email…? I was gracious and compassionate, I was like, look guys, Can you like do a bit more of a mature understanding of what it is to see sex as a different thing, that, Maybe it is a precious thing, once you share in an intimate way with someone you deeply love and care for And rather not just like, you know, just feel like, Oh, I feel a bit horny,
Let’s go jump on the bandwagon and… Maybe Viagra have got it right, you know? Deep! Make sure your heart is healthy. Yeah! Sex is a beautiful thing! Next up, Condoms are made… WHAT IS THIS?! We’ve got Viagra…?! Rev. Chris: What are you guys doing?!
Ollie: I didn’t pick these! Josh picked these! These are all the top voted ones! I guess people think about this in the shower a lot! My goodness… Come on, people. It’s not… I didn’t write them! So this is like one of those mind… Terminator… Rev. Chris: They’re slowly fading us out.
Josh: They’re already…. AI taking over. Ollie: Elon Musk was right.
Josh: Already… stopping reproduction. So we got a few others here… You can’t take a look at the Internet’s Proverbs without… Ollie: Consulting the Philosoraptor.
Josh: …Philosoraptor. You’ll get the idea once you take a look. The idea that the devil is in charge of hell, It’s like, it’s not true! Josh: Oooh! Woah. I feel like that’s an exclusive. Yeah x3. You heard here first people. God is in control of all things and the devil is one of them who is going to be dealt with if evil is dealt with. He’s not in charge of hell. Ultimately God is about drawing together
and making whole and then, Bringing us into deep relationship
with not only Himself but one another. But hell is complete isolation and separation
from the other and from God. And it’s complete loneliness,
which is a tragic and deep thought. What would Shower Thoughts be in Jesus’ day? Sea of Galilee sprinkles? Ollie: Thoughts by the well?
Rev. Chris: Thoughts by the Jordan? Footbath thoughts? Josh: Oh, yeah! Washes the feet!
Ollie: Coz Jesus washes people’s feet? Alright. That was the book of Proverbs on the Internet. Yeah, the Internet’s proverbs. What’s your initial impressions? I think creativity is good! Seeking out the the fun in things is a
really good and positive and human thing to do! So I think a lot of our journey in life is
perspective and perspective change and, I like when you are like,
“Oh wow! That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought of that”. I think that’s cool. I think that’s nice. I think that’s some of the… You know, the best of the Internet is
when we can be creative and fun like that. Rev. Chris: I think it’s good.
Josh: In a kind of a wholesome way. In a wholesome way,
not in horrible, you know, vicious way. Josh: Okay.
Rev. Chris: No, thank you. Thank you very much guys. You’re welcome! We’ll see you JOLLY soon! Ollie: See you later!
Rev. Chris: Bye!

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  1. "god is in charge of everything"….. mkay, so all the evil shit in the world is god`s fault? he is in charge of everything^^

  2. My morning thought after waking up:
    We are all comedians and the sinners are the best comedians. So that means the Devil will be the most entertained sinner in Hell as he screamed "God told you so!"

  3. Now when I have a child and they are about to make a bad choice it'll be like

    Me: [Name], No, your drunk.
    Child: But mom I dont drink
    Me: No but your 13

  4. This is the coolest priest I have ever met
    Never mind I'm an atheist.
    I am going to share this with my Christian friend.
    Her dad is a priest

  5. The problem with the idea of the devil not being in charge of hell is that the idea that christians have of hell isnt in the bible. Its from Paradise lost and dantes inferno. Where the devil is in charge of hell.

  6. You have to make sure you won't have chest pain if you take Viagra because if you've taken Viagra and someone gives you a Nitro tablet for chest pain, you'll die right there.

  7. The idea of hell was intruduced waaaaaaayyyyyy past Jesus and thought of by the Catholic Church at the time to instill fear into the hearts of the believers and therefor gain more power.

  8. My thought was that the devel wanted to hurt people so god only let him hurt bad people. It isnt the devel who choose where you go it is you than gods wing man pete.

  9. Haha yeah the public perception of Christians is a bit odd at times innit? It’s a bit awkward being in a conversation with friends who happen to be atheist and they start complaining about how “evil” and “antagonizing” Christians are. I made a joke thinking they were just trying to mess with me but it turns out they didn’t know I was Christian and they started to apologize. I hadn’t realized they actually thought that. Kind of stung a bit. Anyroad, I hope you’re having a fantastic day if you’re reading this.

  10. Philosoraptor is my favourite!!! ❤️
    "If cinderella's shoe fits perfectly why did it fall off?"
    "If a vampire bites a zombie, does the zombie become a vampire or the vampire become a zombie?"
    "If you enjoy wasting time is that time really wasted?"

  11. "If Jesus could walk on water and humans are 78% water. If I walk on someone am I 78% Jesus"
    You are even more than 90% Jesus, because the main DNA of all humans is almost the same

  12. Jesus: strolls across water
    Guy: close behind throwing down bodies so he can be special as well
    Jesus:*looks behind*
    Also jesus: 😬

  13. 6:28 in my belief as a muslim, satan(the race of jinn) is sent to hell for punishment, because he did not follow God's command to bow to adam, because adam is made of earth and he is made of the purest fire. So I believe he isnt there to punish us but to suffer with us.

    Also in our belief he asked God that whoever he can tempt will suffer with him and whoever he cant will be with God in paradise.

  14. I want to see "British priest reacts to Hollywood Undead Day of the dead mv"
    (Probably change the title tho)

  15. Is it normal for priests to get married and have children? I thought the idea was they were supposed to have the church goers as their children and the church as their spouse

  16. People thinking satan is in charge of hell might have started because of the interchangeable use of hell and hades and mixing up the two.

  17. I really liked the videos I saw so far BUT the whole "sex is a special and wonderful thing and you shouldnt just throw it away" is EXACTLY the attitude some Christians are rightfully criticised for. It leads to shaming people for their sexualities Sex is not a resource that runs out which you need to save for someone you love. Having sex with someone you love doesnt get any less wonderful and special just because you had sex with other people you might even not have loved.

  18. Hell is complete isolation from everything? Can’t be, that sounds to good to be real. For all eternity I’m blessed with having everything leave me alone? That’s a reward, not a punishment.

  19. Ollie: This guy's an idiot because he was born tall probably.
    Rev. Chris: I- no he went from fetus then grew, so…
    Ollie:… goes back to inhaling said poisonous helium

  20. How comes you speak with a high pitched voice without having inhaled helium first?
    How come you have that helium bottle ?
    And, in general, inhaling anything else but pure air ( smoke, dust, other gases) is a damage to your health.

  21. Recently I was at my church in class and the question came up of if there is truly anyone who we hope won’t go to heaven despite Christians acting as a loving brotherhood. Immediately I said “Well… Hitler.”

  22. 6:28 I think the idea or belief that the devil is in charge of punishing evil doers comes from Greek mythology. Hades is the God of Hell and does in fact punish evil doers but many people confuse Hades with the devil. They are not the same entity. Hades is not evil.

  23. After the comment on the devil not being in charge of hell (and for I think obvious reasons) I would love to see Rev. Chris react to the now Netflixshow Lucifer

  24. god being all knowing creates satan knowing full well what he is going to do

    God- well satan to hell with you. You done gone and did exactly what I knew you were gonna do when I made you


    God- I'm such a loving god

  25. Wait….
    What would happen if Jesus had to take a bath/shower?
    Would he eventually just bathe in wine? Would he not bathe at all!?

    This just popped into my head, and I’m in desperate need for answers.

  26. I think the whole "Satan is a good guy because he punishes evil" idea is more of a curse for Satan. True, he gets to torture the humans he despises, but it's an internal torture for him because he knows what he is doing is actually a good thing; it's a blessing and a curse.


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