Breaking Religious and Occult Soul Ties

Posted By on July 14, 2019

we had a witch in our area a man I was driving through that had a billboard bigger than mine that witch ain't gonna be a business loan I haven't heard cellphone big billboard so I asked God I said God shut her down guess what God shut her down next to God no Amen the billboards down Amen the witch was gone so I'm praying it the witch's switch somebody's a real warfare we scared to say this stuff you don't know how many family members and friends of yours have been bound by a psychic net we're trying to get a word matter of fact you done a prophetic need to wake up and a half cuz I maintain to tell you there's no greater threat to the prophetic than the psychic networks because there are people whose minds are undelivered that will come to your church service trying to get a word and if you don't give them one they'll take it wherever they can get it don't you thinking about it standing in your line what's leading from God it's always looking for Jesus to lead them you're looking for answer to why they can get it God or the devil don't act like she's be going but what I'm talking about hey man years ago I had a fellow that was from the Caribbean a man in though I he used to come in he always constantly doesn't have a word for him did I have a word for him and it kind of got to irritate me cuz see I come from the school that when God got anything to say to you he know where you live so anyway so he kept going on and on about then I asked him the ultimate question I said to him before you were saved brother what did you do I said did you go to a lot of route workers conjure men people who weren't witchcraft voodoo priests did you go to a lot of people a man there that dealt in roots and guess what his answer was yes I said he was still seeking a word ain't you see sometimes people bring into the church what they had in the world anybody ever read Acts chapter 16 girlfriend in Acts chapter 16 was trying to bring in the church what she used to use in the world some followed behind Paul and and said these be men of the Most High God which bring to us the way of salvation the word she gave was true somebody said a word was true but the vessel in which it was coming from was demonic now workers can I help you with something you cannot judge whether something is not demanded because it's truth I know that wasn't a devil cuz it was true please wake up look go turn to Acts chapter 16 I don't touch that for a minute that's love y'all looking at me y'all look at me because you just waiting for every word to drop while you're saying well what is he talking about I'll just go to act 16 I hid this now tonight a man I'm going to be dealing with bringing deliverance by breaking soul ties okay amen there are people who have soul ties and trying they're trying to get leadings and listen when you call psychics when you've been getting listen to me real good some of us before we would save a man when somebody got in trouble you were taught by even your grandmother you were taught by your family child you need to go see somebody whoever heard de get bound up brother and your son broke the law man everybody in the family is going port and roots on the judge roots on the lawyer come on cut out the story that he robbed you're working roots on the manager of the store everybody and then Sunday morning you in the choir with your long robe own Island oh it is Jesus but I wouldn't tell you oh it is not somebody get along agree behind when you dabble in witchcraft when you go seeking help from the enemy you know sow becomes bound thought you follow me what I'm saying amen now just in case cuz I like to put out one if you got any foolishness at your house steal and the little bags of stuff any lucky numbers any dream books wake up if you gotta have a little piece of metal to make your day I've never understood how could a statue of anybody wobbling on the front of somebody's car I will put my trust yep I'm not gonna be all right now yes indeed something wacky I make a left turn it how many know what I'm talking about I know one person a man I met this particular lady she had a troll a troll y'all the troll is that one little teeny troll I look I said what are you doing just rubbing the troll I said what are you doing she said this is my lugging true I said ugly as that thing is good you better get a hold of Jesus let somebody give the Lord a big hand huh hey man so go I'm gonna get rid of the stuff you got tied around your neck your ankle all that good stuff get rid of it go on and reach under your masters and pour your messy till we get ready to get into spiritual warfare we need to get those soul ties that you have with old folklore and old fashioned customs broken I'm gonna hear what I'm saying to you man it got good but look at this lady here and Acts chapter 16 when you get it say man listen verse 16 acts 16 16 I'm gonna just jump around a little bit tonight y'all alright cuz like I said we're gonna talk a lot about soul ties but listen listen here workers there are some people that are gonna come to you for deliverance and they've got soul ties their soul is bound listen to me real good the Bible says thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart thy soul and by mine got that and the enemy is trying to make sure that you don't do it by binding us to people places and things I don't belong to no clubs and my signing order is from the pit of hell and in case you are thirty-second you're neither come on and get take on 30 seconds so it and get a hold of Jesus the only resurrection I'm looking for is not for me to go on some club through some hazing that they do I'm looking for the resurrected Savior who is Lord now amen so all of us good black folk jobs daughters and all that garbage gonna get tight marry cuz I don't touch our item ID dolts was Egyptian worship and mess I like start stuff like there I don't believe in Isis and Nefertari got nothing to offer me cuz my God is greater than one she served my church is a mixture sometime the sisters asked to me now pastor you don't mind us wearing African clothing I said I have no trouble with African : you just keep the gods off of employment amen check the design to make sure that it doesn't bother God's design so what about trying to say the man is making it quite clear no all African clothing and ain't nothing wrong with it don't even go around please don't leave any your say in there because that's not what I'm saying but what I'm saying to you is that I refuse as a Christian to take on anything from a marker Egypt Africa or anywhere else that it comes against my god I'm not in coming up with a pond now you see brothers got that didn't you a million of us men need to March we need to march down the hall to get our soul like rise up and serve Jesus right yeah a few claps I understand let's just say I feel like just stop it's up because the reason why some of us got so bound up and our souls are bound up in auxiliaries our souls are bound up in organization our souls are bound up and systems that are not God cuz nobody looked you in the face and said this is not God I say to my Spanish brothers and sisters when you deal with Santeria or cetera you are missing God you can burn all the counters you want jinn your flex to every four spaces of a cross you can do anything you want off on a platter to those idols but you are still dealing with demons I say to my Caribbean brothers and sisters you can fool around with Aguayo soon in a goon all you want to you can call them the noise you can deal with the ancestral spirits but the truth of the matter is you are still my black brother working witchcraft and it takes your soul God wants us to serve Him with all of our heart our soul in a mind and there's many of us man our minds even free enough to serve it some of us our soul is not free let me hit this lady here and move on somebody said witchcraft is always trying to join the church try this give me nothing talk about it ha yes man give me Jesus plus nothing I don't need a trinket I don't need a candle all the way I need a candle if it's dark and I need to find my way but when you talk in spirit 100 why the world would alight to need a candle the ground counting beads and burning candles a white one for this one and a yellow one for this one and a black one for that but please are you hearing what I'm saying to you people understand people's souls and you know why you can't convince some of them that this is wrong souls bad some systems got generational curses of soul ties binding them to some damnable religion that believes that Marie has ascended when Jesus is the one that ascended now he shouldn't talk about our Catholic brother and themselves are in hunnies the teaching is damnable relax I'm just trying to get along get me my Jesus is a Jewish Savior came down to 42 generations did you hear me my Jesus has to been in the grave three days three consecutive days and by Jesus has to come up a Lada on that third day with the keys of death hell in the grave was all power and authority and when it came out there's no sacrifice for men except Jesus there's one mediator between God and man is Jesus Christ the righteous it's not his mama I don't need a media trous because Mary needed the same thing I needed yeah sound funny when people actually know the gospel don't tell the truth this is called stirring up trouble don't you know that many of the early Saints died standing on this truth the Apostle Paul would have a fit if he heard some of the garbage we put up wait and call church do you know what the church is the church is the blood right blood washing redeem believe us you know how to become a saint repeal of your dirty sin and you instantaneously make sainthood how many seats are in here how many are called to be Saints natural carnal mind it sound like the brother is fighting the Catholic Church he's fighting the Muslims he's fighting the African religion no I'm not fighting their money we've already won I'm informing you as the church that the New Testament church going into the 21st century God is going to challenge you to break the soul ties with several things number one he's gonna challenge you to brick soul times with your family traditions yeah stop he's gonna challenge you to brick soul times with your ethnic tradition and I don't care what color he is he's gonna challenge you to break ties a man with your nation or national tradition that does not give God the glory the church is going back to a suture the church is going back and getting this soul lined up with God and I'm gonna serve the Lord their God with all of their heart with all of their soul and oh they're mine you can't serve God with all of your heart in mind when you've got a trinket in the middle of it the candle burning they get close to him Jesus have mercy prompts just give me Jesus plus nothing yeah don't say there's some time and messaging it look like I'm just getting started right now I want the kind of relationship with God that you can plop me down on my Island in no-man's land with a good Bible and when I crack it open I can read it and find my god not have to have certain props you don't believe let me tell you some we're not ready to do damage to demons until our brains get delivered you want to tell you what I mean when I said I Minds need to be delivered our people I can't even come to church let's asses people if there are turn why the windows don't look like a church I had a time in Delaware when I when I built the the meeting house that we have fellowship in come on when I beat when I built the meetinghouse did the church had Church in they had a fit they said now it's a nice building that you have there but is it really a church I said scuse me what are you saying where is the steeple I said someone has it on theirs now I'm not fighting the steeple but I'm trying to tell you listen at the corner mine the corner mine if it's not done a certain way the core of my I can't take it so it's soul is tied to traditions it's tied to things that people have said our God when the truth of the matter is when you search the word it's not God so we need to get our soul back let me tell you something amazing there are some Christians can whoremonger and sleep with somebody that's not their wife but if a picture of Jesus was up in the room they couldn't sleep with the person the whole mile away do you understand what I'm trying to say to you somebody in here does you can do your dirt but just have a picture now if you born again he's in your heart so you mean to tell me the picture hanging on the wall it's closer to God get him that's in your heart all of this is because of soul times that we have a man even soul ties with preachers will you have my soul tie with a preacher the first chance he falls a needs prayer you're devastated because the God fell do you understand what I'm saying to you God said thou shalt have no other God before me listen that's why I use that term give me Jesus plus nothing look at this lady here see her she is she's now her profession by trade she was a paid psychic she had a family she had a demon called Python the plethora in spirit that demon being a spirit of divination it had the ability to look into to give false words of knowledge false not because their lie false because of the source that's claiming their will by many men and women's soul over to witchcraft listen to me if you have gone to psychics Amen in order to get a word you have bound your soul over to its prey and you need to get it back and no ain't none of us been born with no veil or eyes another thing such foolishness there are some people don't know the Lord from a lizard won't live right 15 minutes but amen I've had this gift every since I was born now man y'all question can we can we talk now I ask you a question Bible students please remember all your word one two three are you ready who gives out the gifts of the Spirit Holy Ghost who distributes them hold it goes how do you get the Holy Ghost society by being one now somebody don't know the Lord from Elizabeth with all their life they've had this wonderful gift things he whose died I know it's not going well with for what I'm saying but I'm gonna tell you something some of us a man by mere tradition has a loud spirits of divination to operate in our hearts and minds tampering with the true gift of prophecy them demons know your potential they know many times what God planned for you if I was a demon and I knew you want to be on the strong prophesy for God I would try to make sure your family was goofy and they told you goofy stuff so you would buy it I will make sure that they told you that you were born with a gift you don't know the Lord ain't none of us serving God we're doing everything we can now you've got a wonderful gift from Jesus that you don't know you never repent it they get hit to know him his Holy Spirit is not inside you come on talk to me and I would have you operating that thing and guess what I would not lie to you because I want to keep you bound I'll tell you truth yes that's right the gold chain Sally lost I see it in the vision I see but I see it I've always been like this why you gotta end it I let you find solace chain so I can take the bondage chair I give you words of accuracy not God just accurate so that I could if I couldn't stop you from going to church so I can ride inside you there I went to one particular ministry amen and this person knew people were prophesying and then God was using the mighty and we thank God for that but it's one particular person in there when that person walked up driveshaft a lot and she went off and I looked at another and my spirit man went it's not me the Holy Spirit said that's not me and I walked down I walked down step down I walked over to her I said in the name of Jesus Christ who are you and that thing beginning to roar and ground it got in the church that got past the church why because of not discerning pastor you be leery of people that got wonderful gifts before they know God the gift giver am i all right this lady tried to bring that spirit in the church and if she had the church would have formed a soul time then listen to me understand the essence of what I'm saying understand the very elementary principle of what I'm saying the body of Christ is knit together God that we're knit together we're at I will bound together by God's love by God's truth by God's Word do you follow me if this lady was able to join in she wouldnĂ­t it with some of the people and as same goofy demon in her would have started manifesting by soul ties alone to other people have you ever noticed someone what a demon always gets three or four people hooked up with him I'm in follow man so when the Apostle Paul saw this thing and I'm gonna tell you witchcraft is always trying to get into Church and in some cases it has already gotten in it always tries to get into Church witchcraft wants to join the church look at it ready 16 verse it came to pass as we went to what were they going in well now they're going to a prayer me a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us which brought our masters much gain by suit saying the same father Paul and us and cried saying these men are the servants of the Most High God was show unto us the way of salvation is that the truth isn't it truth now watch this this did she many days she's trying to join she trying to get in cuz pastor once we put our stamp of approval on a demon in somebody the rest of the fellowship many of them will yield to that demon I knew one particular ministry they allowed a particular sister that had a spirit of divination in her they made her their head prophetess they started asking her the leaders started asking her do you have a word from the Lord with the Lord tell you the people in the church started coming to sister great one see I'll plate it how many hours day what I'm saying to you hey may I believe God speaks to his church y'all follow me so guess what happened amen after a while that particular spirit of divination got his heels dug in real good because after all they were consulting with an evil spirit did you hear what I said so they were coming to sister so and so what did the Lord show you didn't dissident what you think that would she do and she would give them the direction and then the leader forfeits leadership listen leaders that's why they call you leaders in other way you lead the people not go to somebody in there and start putting the leadership on them that's what's after some of our families the parts were supposed to leave the house run it but that's another sermon all be fun you'll hear you had the right place at night vote it's okay so they allowed her to start giving the church constantly giving the church leadings from the leader to the other people that demon got his heels dug in real good and the whole church came under that spirit of divination finally the pastor begin to smell a red the pastor begin to realize that wait a minute I'm lost it I'm lost I'm losing part of the congregation now first year you would think say is it jealousy what's wrong woman holds person turning jealousy you got to stir up and come forth after that thing she beginning realizing when our eyes finally came open that spirit of divination had found a soul tie with a large number of people in that church now if the person was just an humble honest deceived Christian when told by the pastor that thing that you're operating under we need to try the spirit to see whether it be of God oh my God why did you touch it she went off she wasn't gonna let nobody stop God from using her mana fact she'd rather obey God didn't man anyway while in somebody else's church of course now can I get y'all on a question if I came to your house and you told me brother I appreciate you coming but could you get your feet off the coffee table now I looked at you and said I'd rather obey God didn't man and what would you feel like brother like throw in the other homeboy said out he said first on acid as I'm approaching you while heading towards your I'd be answered you tree out potato well did you notice how many can you understand what I'm saying to you so if that spirit is allowed to be released in that fellowship it will cause people to form soul ties with it and when that person forms when the people for my soul tired it guess what happens when you start doing a man's deliverance you begin to cast a demons by the name of the person oh yes sir in California I was in California one time and a young lady came up to me and she said I need deliverance I said what is it darling she said the church that I come from and she was the church that she came from was actually a cult and when I was casting demons out of her I started casting demons out of her I got her to renounce the cult that she was in and I started casting demons out of her by the name of that fellowship why cuz she had taken on a demonic impartation this thing that we're talking about with soul ties and transferring of spirits it is so true if this woman could have gotten into the body of Christ if Paul had not rose up against that demon of Python it would have joined the boys they will adjoin the girls it would have made the whole place come under its bondage nothing personal just business for how would you like the head witch sanction in your ministry coming in town why you know this brother must be with the Lord to hit wit's in town so when I come in town I think the witches right I made some comes and set the back and you know I'm not saying about the by setting back don't go that but let me talk you know you have to do you don't because the backseat boats and table is the place you sit with the places for come on so I'm just basically talking you got a clear father like that cuz we be getting deep somebody be hunter some I see he see some witches back I don't see none right now all I'm trying to do is see my way through this message so you can get an interpretation so that you can get a revelation alright but anyway I've seen him set back there and there and they've curled themselves right up and everything one time I was I was at a particular place and several witches came in and setting it back and no they were just remembering I was watching it was just from the moment I got sick and told him I said look darling ain't gonna go watch sweetheart I said in a few minutes I'll show you ain't gonna work and when I started pulling that man's deliverance you talk about leavin up out of there you never have to worry about witches warlocks and that kind of stuff as long as you are being God you tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the powers of the enemy if somebody put dust on my step I would either sweep it off or dance through it and go about about a couple of years ago Joanie we had a voodoo priest come to our church yeah he said wind yeah right you know why you didn't see much out of him he was frozen y'all they got up and service was dismissed and he was locked in the seat like this and I went to him and I said in the name of Jesus loosen and he came to like that he said I said man what do you want he said I'm a voodoo priest he said I wanted you to pray for my mother and father I said man why don't you get prayer for yourself I said you're bound brother I said you'll messed up he said to me I've given my soul over I said God can set you free man I said come to me I just loved him I said come to me man I said God can set you free he said brother he said he said I've given my life over and he said my family was sick and he said I know that you wait God man he said would you pray for him I said I'm gonna pray for you too are you hearing what I'm saying to you a man he did that thing did not break in him that day but you know what he told me he said the presence of God he was Caribbean he said the presence of God was so strong in your service he said that the demons inside of me were literally locked I'm not saying it for the boats me forget me it what God did did make them demons take me in small portions and spit me out and said see what it was it may but the power of God locked that thing and the whole service I watched him he could not move because of the power of God let's give God agreed the hand roll so this is the whole thing about these soul ties what what this thing what this woman would have done she would have gotten in the fellowship somebody would have gotten your soul tied to her they'd ever gotten bound to her listen to me people wake up there are some Christians that are guiding other Christians around I call them Christian control spirits I wrote a small booklet over which I'm revising it because I've done seeing so much Christian control I got to write another section but someone has Christian controls with spirits in them amen the rest of you I've seen a bunch of folks get together brother and they try to dress look talk and act like the other person that's Christian control don't you know God let me tell you something our personalities may not be the greatest but God's trying to sanctify our personality and keep us as the person we are in other words turn around and tell your neighbor it's okay being me God's just trying to clean my life up ain't you notice I'm standing up here talking and minister to you do I sound like somebody else I notice I didn't go in 15 minutes of TD jakes in another 10 to 15 minutes I'm Rob parsley and I love these brothers man they don't say I love their ministries but the bottom line is I'm not giving my personality over to nobody but God and all he wants with my personality is to put his divine nature but he wants me to talk like ivory want white ivory and people I've read save with twice at the heel some of you listen let my voice and some of you listen at his radio broadcast some of you listen to this television broadcast uniform soul times with people and you're coming under custom Jeremiah 17:5 concert heated trussed up in the arm of flesh I just want to be like Jesus but I want to be me because that's all he didn't ask you to be anybody else but yet saved yet surrendered told you not to come out of you he told you to come out of world I'm gonna get what I'm saying to you some folks have evil soul ties are you getting any of this some people have even sold ties with dead people but yet they live I told you the other night as a church that sets a plate for the dead preacher I say man mu that plate well let me sit down eat their meal you did I love I love Joshua chapter one I love hot start Moses my servant it day go ye therefore roll it roll that sheet back off of Mama's bed let somebody go to be some of us that but you know what it is we got that same thing that the disciples had when Jesus transfigured in from they wanted to make a shrine the Karla mine always wants to make a shrine let's build one for Moses and Elijah and Jesus said no no no don't be building nothing that I didn't ask you to build are you listening at me yeah man I would notice how rooms and stuff that I set aside like that a spooky feeling quite spooky the Grand Poobah came out listen listen listen listen listen to me if I'm making some of you may it be cuz I'm telling you that if your dead mother was saved and she died she's absent from the body and present with the Lord I'm making him in because you need deliverance and not the raise me the woman I call mama is dead but she's absent from the body and president a lot that she was say did you hear what I said to you and we don't have no slides for and when I die leave this world hallelujah I don't want no shrines built for me I wanted to put on my grave he said it he did it and he did it God's Way thank you Jesus I'm out of here that's why we're pilgrims Ministry of deliverance I'm building that ministry around Christ not me they may that's why some ministries die time – preacher dies just a sign that had a soul tied with the preacher see what happened to – Bishop the true apostle never ran – please I'm still talking about soul ties some churches right now I'm locked in a time war can't go on to the next dimension my prayer to God in Jesus name is then Lord when you take me out of off of the scene let the mantle on the next leader rest upon the congregation and the vision and run with it but you know what it comes from there love make a name for ourselves most warlocks want one the gospel is about Jesus Christ it's about him being ahead of everything but Bishop of our soul come on all you hearing so so times need to be broken some of you have evil soul ties we're in your so bound with the death of that loved one that you can't get over it because your soul is tied they died in 62 and you would think it happened last week because your soul is tied I just can't live on did you think you'll love one why don't you like that no come on tell your neighbor you can live on the whole thing about it anyway is this God blessed your mama and your daddy and I love ones to bring for for another generation cuz guess what we're so you hold to the fond memories you know there's nothing wrong with it how many follow me amen but you don't get stuck in an evil soul time and tell nobody can live see some people don't in your flex before pictures of Jesus they gender flex before pictures of men and women no no one one mother they had a controlling spirit she's dead now but she's still alive just running that family from the grave they got such a strong soul tie instead of making a decision amen it's always what Mama's mama would mama listen mother are you feeling uneasy are you okay see do you understand what I'm talking about soul times a soul time I'm gonna work on what it is can we leave this gal right here because we know the pond digger can't stop the devil out of it somebody said a remedy for witchcraft when it's trying to get into church if the cast a time you've gotta grieve begin free thank you Father this Holy Spirit told me to say to some of you that's the reason why your conten you cannot shake depression and if you would go back and think how long you've been under this realm of depression ever since that funeral and what did you say if mom was gone I just got nothing to live for and you mean live since because of an evil soul time I'm telling you I can't share this with you my aunt that raised me I called her mama she raised me from two years up do you understand that's that's mama I remember a week before she died I went in the room to see her and she can't she called me to the bed and she grabbed me by the hand and she knew that I was a Holy Ghost on far god I know that preacher she raised me for this very destiny she grabbed me by my hand in the same hands that at the age of 12 and 14 that when she would have pains in her joints that she would place my hand on her joints on her ankles on her legs when they hurt and the pain would go she grabbed me by my hands and it felt almost like I did when I was a child and she said to me release me your daddy won't I looked at her and I said mama I said I'll let you go and I said father in the name of Jesus what God she's tired father the name of Jesus she belongs to you oh god I asked this day that you do what you have the land for my mama two days later she died I told my wife I said Evelyn I said did you know what she asked me and my princess she looked at me and she said yes I know what your mom asks you she said your mom asked you to let her go because the rest of them would not by your power of the soul by mere power of desire they were dragging over life and it was causing an effectiveness a couple can't anybody understand it yeah it was causing an effect in the spirit right why because human beings say we all want to go to Jesus but we don't know how to complete the act Oh Lord took her home I grieved I cried and I live David why are you eating why they're not the fasting after agonizing yourself David why are you washing your face fix me a plate because I know I can go where she went but she shall not return to me and I'll not put on anything that looks like her to get it back by the way I would give me a chance through this commercial an Indian friend of mine in Delaware they men was her brother she loved the brother loved him extremely he died and she kept talking to him she would talk to him and she would talk to the dead person talking dude I'd be answer some questions you know getting guidance you know yeah I saw me you disobey can I give a curse Mercer here ain't it amazing amen when a person is alive we don't even take the time to talk to him when they die they become Saints they become angels they guide us now anyway I said to work now she wasn't saved at this time she ended up becoming a member of my church but she wasn't saved at this time I didn't know how to tell her honey what you're doing is necromancy what you're doing is contacting the dead I said in what you go in contact get hope – as a demon a spirit devil impersonate the personality of the person you're going after hello that's right I know Sam I go away he can say that he went do I know my dead mother talk to me keep playing with that fan is right next anyway so anyway I said – I saw finally just one run on broke down I said look now we we've been friends for years we work together I said I set her down I said darling she said yes I said that is not your brother she said yes it is she said it looks just like him and it comes in the Roman I even my son it goes to get my son's room I said darling I'm gonna tell you something that's not your brother she said well whatever you say so I knew right then and there you know hey who was I about two weeks later she said can I see you can I talk to you and her eyes with my biggest 50-cent piece of us and why she said you know that thing that we said was my brother I said to her I said yeah you mean that diamond she said yeah I said what's wrong she said it has now started causing my son to suffocate and it's now started attacking my son he said it has my brother's face but it's distorted now she said to me what can I do I said let me come by your house I said we're gonna have to pray over their house and command those spirits to go I said you're gonna have to renounce it now you know getting safe because hello how many no God God God has attendants they're putting some last things for us to make the first thing that's a little wisdom for you sometime God will save you in and you so like a pretty just personal little Lord from a lizard and God said there's a door just show my grace I'll show on my face so in those situations while we were showing them shorts we showed her God's grace and he showed her his face so I told I said darling I said listen I said now I'm saving me you're not you know there itself and she went like oh she said but I go to church no no no no but the church hadn't gone in you I said now this thing that's attacking woman have to lead you to a pronunciation that's because actually what you've done is you see your Indian bloodline has what we call ancestral spirits I said in what you did you have actually released the demonic spirit of an ancestral spirit loose in his house so we let her through a prayer we are talking to ask the Father to cleanse the house we went through and anointed the house and it stopped right to this day never again and that's been almost 8 to 10 years ago stop cold turkey now of course the sundown is married him and his wife and his children go to my church and everything God bless God moved in it give God the praise but how did that demon in person I did impersonating a dead loved one get in by what sometimes cuts so long for it I soul first it for it and a demon obliged to are you understanding you've gotta bring the handles go to Matthew 22:37 22:36 am I talking too fast good cuz I'm a trying to I'm I try to give you a lot of information you know Pat I'm gonna say some to some of your ministers because a lot of you ministers are in training when you have facts just teach them you understand what I said when you have facts just teach them now I know that there are people like when I just don't quite agree with that that doesn't matter I've been in ministry almost 25 years and delivered thousands of people per year I've seen this demon too many times so when you have a fact just teach it do you hear me because spirits who are going to this is a deliverance teaching here okay spirits are going to oppose what you're saying now why am I saying this because some of us got we Minister according to the way the crowd responds I mean how I'm going in it out how many understand what I'm saying to you now this is just a commercial for ministers who are going to be teaching in ministry when you have facts when you have truth teach the truth don't worry about the expression on people's faces cuz some of the expresses that you will be seeing will be demons that oppose what you're saying about Jesus was teaching in a synagogue one day mark chapter 1 and all of a sudden a man that was listening at him teach the demon and him cried out with a loud voice not that why because the spirit was there whatever Jesus was saying it had an effect on the spirit so when you preach under the anointing don't think that you're gonna get a whole mess of go heads all the time a whole mess of claps amen and that's just as far as teaching they help you understand how that because cuz usually when you see people tap down now did it hear what someone might st. you when when when the folks would tap down I would go oh gotcha and then what would happen in the mass deliverance the very area where you tap down there well you wouldn't respond where everybody went tight when I did the man's deliverance what happened the demons were there a man okay and the bulk of Matthews I'm gonna I quoted in while ago but we're gonna we're gonna touch it again Matthews chapter 22 verse 37 still the title of the message is bringing deliverance by breaking what soul ties listen any of you there belong to any lodges any type of things whether it's Masonic orders that type of thing I'm gonna give you a fair warning come out come out love them the origin is Babylonian and Nimrod there is not of God and hey brother seeing your save you know that tag you use for prestige take it off don't care what kind of hand signs you've learned you better learn this one see what some of us as believers ought to do we ought to go to the bookstore once again I tell you people of 10 to 15 dollars away from being ignorant we ought to go to some bookstore and go and get ourselves a book and read about what she's doing I don't belong to any club at all none none I don't belong to any lodges I dislodges I did not need the Masonic Order to come and put the cornerstone on my church because I have the chief Cornerstone I don't need Hiram Abiff or any of the other mysteries because I got a mystery and it is without controversy God was manifested in the flesh justified in the spirit seen of angels preached unto the Gentiles and received into glory I challenge any Mason go get a book and read on it brother sister get the Christian perspective on it brother sister I did the same thing with Islam know why I talk on such a matter of fact of Islam because I went and bought a Quran and read it and found out in the book of Sirach it said God have no need of a sudden either indeed hath he a son so if our God don't have a son we have no Redeemer now follow that religion because the speaker is real eloquent next what did I tell you preachers when you're doing your preaching fact just preach it okay okay my mess wit now one to 237 there we go okay let's Matthews chapter 22 verse 37 thank you Father jesus said unto him thou shalt love the Lord thy God somebody say love the Lord thy God with all thy hearts now the word heart is kardia which means the thoughts or feelings now you're gonna get the key to understanding soul ties I'm giving it work on this thing a little bit more thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all of our heart cardia thoughts or feelings and what the soul ties affect first place thoughts and feelings he's mad before children I know why cuz it fell brothers and sisters I've seen evangelists I've seen preachers Amen walk away from God because they didn't have their heart the Bible made it quite clear where I'm correct quite clear where a man's treasures is that's where its heart will be also kardea the thoughts or feelings now the enemy wants to attack us and fragment fragment see listen if you really get it you won't get a revelation God is actually with each sermon you're hearing what each revelation you're getting with each word that you're studying in truth that you're grasping and holding on to God is getting your soul back now Psalm 103 really comes to mind he restores my soul o restored my soul I made no more excuses about my reefer it's good for my bones nobody's perfect Katya as your neighbor who you servin with your kardea with your heart your thoughts and feelings that's what soul times all about getting the feelings no james dobson said it the emotions can they be trusted I could condense that real good now so I'm trying to get my cardio I'm trying to get the seats of my emotions serving God because see I made some links some ties with Devils I made some ties with thoughts there aren't God I shared in the in the Chicago meeting that they did the tape I was doing a tape on breaking the spirit of lust and I said to the people that there are people in church who are a moral that means that life is governed by no standard so therefore that's why they can do whatever they're doing come to church sing or does Jesus just breathe the Lord and never be bothered if you said to him that's not right they come back with who are you to judge you know why I say that to you because they don't judge yourself yeah come on please hey man see I am a terrible preacher for the kind of folks to just enjoy preaching does my preaching is not enjoyable its soul-searching it'll make you search what man or man a woman that we are and notice I say we we're gonna behold our face in the mirror cuz I maintain to tell you that the intent of some of the things we've joined became a part of and are doing the intent has nothing to do with Jesus a lot of it is us that's why the church is loaded with spirits and religious politics farming soul ties to get ahead okay it says thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy and I'm gonna jump my soul but let's go through all my mind some I say all my mind the word mind here it means listen deep thought it's exercise imagination and understanding mind deep thought it's exercise imagination and understanding now some of the imagination to come across our mind they come down because of where our soul is sure you're good now understanding I'm still dealing with evil soul ties if you have an evil soul tie with a certain thing your mind stays captivated with it it's supposed to be in Bible study but you remember where you were at Saturday night amen I just can't kill him on my mind are you following what I'm saying to you I I had a I had a cousin that wasn't living right and she was with this other woman's husband and she came to me because she knows out of the family I'm just one that's just honest just simply honest see to me truth is the quickest way to get a conversation to its direct point so she said to me she said well with my situation I want your advice I said okay she said is there any kind of way that I can come out of this without being heard I said no she said I want to let it go but I don't want to hurt I said can't be done now she said why I said just sold his time I said it when you pull out you on Terry God more out of it too but it cost her soul and I was at I she admitted herself together and it was hard to let him go like I'm saying you said to him ciao you're not good for you you go like listen your eyes are not black and blue but they're black blue and red and green and my job you say brother she's what everybody in your family I don't care what you say I just now I know you said they're crazy they're not crazy sometime people who hang on to bondages they're getting something out of it even if it's a lie about all right let's look at the word solar are you okay in this fun see you see I see what's wrong yeah see you remember fellows we remember a term we used to use a pastor remember a term we used to use and everything so yeah man I got her mind I thought it was a holy but a goodie but I guess it's a new into porn I'm trying to meet that's that's the essence of it bind the mind you can take the body where you want it to go through do you know that I don't get into another section that okay I'll stick to you do you know that a person that is a flatterer to get what they want their aim is to form a soul tie with you just long enough to seduce and use you and then they drop you like a bad habit and when they finish what do you feel violated somebody saying when you come to yourself you step you take two steps step back and look at what you were fool you said Lord I'm gonna say some y'all are harlot but I'm gonna say some some of us don't need to Mary don't need to get married until we get delivered we don't need to get married until our brains get delivered under God until we get set free now sit down sit down behave down down down down down why because see I don't you mind you made your bondage you mind your soul time alright and this is male and female I know a lot of ladies on Holland confronted a high level you talk like that but brother then today something some of us made our swords eyes do some folks say love is blind but I'll tell you what you get a bad relationship before your eyes now that was on me what a little preach I just will have fun okay let's just jump back on the next one now notice who love the Lord thy God with all thy heart I jumped oversold I'm going back too soon my mind now what did I say to you the heart cardio which means the thoughts or feelings the mind a man is the deep thought it's exercise of imagination and understanding now if the understanding is off you will worship out of an off centered understanding that's right if the imagination is corrupt you will minister through a corrupt imagination notice what God says about that imagination casting down imaginations and every somebody high thing see what have you got a soul time with this huh uh-huh that exalts itself a gun it's so simple sometime it's so high you can't see it and it says bringing every thought into what captivity to the obedience of Christ with the readiness to do what avenge all disobedience we can you avenge all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled so when you get this old time that you got this out of whack straight now you'll be able to bring liberty to someone else okay the next word is soul are you having fun with this yeah so usually people get it takes all yeah that's one soul times I've heard that done that no you haven't this is a whole this is a whole new slant here whole new slant same old truth new slant the word soul listen at this the higgles what the soul does the soul designates the feelings that's why the enemy wants it tied got that the soul designates the feelings what you feel comes to that soul and if someone can tie that soul your feelings don't do not necessarily have to be truthful so you gotta understand God has done a wonderful thing in our design he's giving us a conscience but it cannot be trusted because it can be seared it can be corrupted it can be defiled do you follow me God that he gave us the volition of will that means the right of choice therefore you can make the wrong one or and what soul ties do is they work through the soul through the seed of the emotions through the wheel to get you to come an agreement with them after getting you to agree with them they lock you down and after a while you know how I made my mind up to getting this honey then how come can't you just make your mind up and get out yeah this is to all those humanistic sin here to think that you are your own destiny yeah you can you can head towards your own bondage but once you're captured you will find out that you're not wanting to show every now and then I meet people to tell me what brother I really don't think that that stuff you're teaching about warfare I really don't think the enemy can do anything to me and I laugh I go you've done it already you're blind for one who thinks they can't be touched is the one most likely to be ran over so why do you sit in what bad days because that means you got false safety yeah take heed he who'd think he stands lest he fall I'm very careful about who I go in covenant with trust me if I go in company with you I feel no attack on my spirit from you one time a person offered me property land free and clear you know they said to me I know if you live on this land I will be blessed you know what God told me don't take it know what I told him thank you just saying but no they've been sum up brother I teach you if I wouldn't let that land got by me honey and let it curse the land I'm supposed to walk in the word soul the soul here designates the feelings the wishes and the will of humans that's what a soul does the soul does it needs the human person the soul designates the essential life the soul has appetite and desire gladly the so designates the feelings the wishes and the will of humans that's what the soul does it doesn't they say it designates in other words it appoints it starts setting the soul was set to tell you what whatever tell you what to feel man guess what that's why you can't a soul eater and the soul in itself is not bad solely the bad boy just letting him run loose is bad my steps are not ordered by my soul because my soul can get real happy remember Sam indeed said there was so many it was true each other too came born again then it became spiritual man moving on the soul doesn't needs to feelings the wishes and the will of humans the soul designates the human person in other words it's what builds your personality come from your soul that's why some people's personality is all right their soul has been bound or corrupted or wounded so what do they do amen they start withdrawing so what do you say about that person I understand them yeah all we don't wanna be bothered by nobody so what you are describing is what their soul is causing them to manifest not the real person the real person is way down there deep all hurt and scared to have a relationship moving on did you get it see this is the reason why i'ma say this to you I know that my manner of presentation is brash and strong and bold I know that but I want to say something to you a man I have a lot of patience and a lot of love for people because after learning spiritual warfare after learning the way God deals with humans I understand now that a lot of things we're getting out of people is they're giving you all that they can offer at that time and until some of them are delivered you're getting the best that they have and so instead of backbiting them talking about them we need to have compassion and in a seed form because what you're hearing is a bound soul now you know you know right well you can't just a woman I would hurt your brother's brother you but lucky no chance with a woman you know how all of our light you know where you heard that from don't tell women gonna hurt the soul has been affected why he had a soul tie with someone he got hurt in that soul tie and now his very thoughts is very emotions his very interpretation is bound okay by the way ladies I want you to relax that's why some of you think men are dogs because you were ruined it by one man and you call us all dogs all right so then Chicago doing a man's delivering some years ago and I called out demons I said demons at cocktail women and men are dogs come on next thing I know high heels were flying at me chairs I'm serious man never throwing chairs and high heels and everything I tell them on top I said that's all right you coming out in people anyway the girls was just falling all the things I said Lucia and Jesus my whole section was being a white frightened by the power of God see I know you still think all your thoughts are yours what our spirits personalities what do they need somebody to move and live and act in whatever new do they use to get in soul what disperse infirmity do the in fact attack the body why did he attack the body because that's where they need to operate why they have none so spirits that affect the personality fear anxiety hatred malice all that type of thing which can be a natural reaction but given over without repentance give it over without crucifixion give it over without seeing it as sin it can become a demonic stronghold spirits of infirmity attack the body they're given the legs paralysis scoliosis what works in the spine their thing operates in the area it tries the local area and it works there do you understand me so what I'm talking about so ties so ties are tapped in real tight by giving your soul to get out of order not love God because notice the second commandment first love God then man do you follow me and I'll tell you now right why you shaking your head and when we have your your spirit man and it ready to hear truth after you would tell the truth notice a large of us about 85% of us in here you fight hard to deal with people matter of fact because your good Christian you won't just say you don't can't stand them then you come up with all kinds of stuff out of the bondage out you've done dealt with two or three bound Saints out of a church of 50 and now you Hollin if you ever want to get her to go to church because you formed a soul tie with someone that was bound somebody tell annoyed thank you okay you're still writing you put this now the appetites and desires come from the soul go to Isaiah 29 I'll show you what I mean Isaiah chapter 29 hallelujah thank you Jesus y'all stand for me to just work with this thing because tonight tonight tonight we will pray for some folks amen but tonight we are going to do Amen land holding hands and importation and what-have-you but I really want to do this teaching because I'm telling you it's coming out of me strong okay Isaiah 29 look Isaiah chapter 29 now I want to say this to you once again soul ties when I was a drug dealer when I was hooked on drugs I had a soul tie with the dope I was using when you're praying for deliverance with you you know that you know that loved one you got this hooked on crack when you're praying you have to come against the very spirit of crack the very soul tied with crack if you can get them to renounce the if by name crack some time ago we had a young man that was in our area that was bound by the spirit of crack came to my front door that and he came in when I went to the door I knew him I let him in in our office when he got into office all of a sudden his voice changed and he started cussing me he told me you sob leave me alone I said who are you and he said I'm crack you blankety-blank and he said I'm telling you we had you bound and you slipped the cord he said now I really leave us to F alone that weekend that was like on a Wednesday night that weekend we fought that demon of course that was on a Wednesday night there Friday night a young lady got delivered from who spirit crack listen the soul is where your gluttony lies don't tell me you're hungry do you understand what I'm saying to you I can attest to that we are not hungry every time we're eating but when the soul when the soul gets by the soul has appetite you don't believe the soul has appetite what do you do when you get made see I'll show you the soul has appetite now something that looks some of the smaller people look at that head yeah they eat you spend all this one gives it a grocery bag and puts it in the belly you run up to Macy's and put it on your back and then when you come to yourself why did I spend this much money let me look at verse 8 oz neon 2090 God so you know you're not going to deliver someone bound with addictions by just saying telling them just say no behavior modification does not work on drug spirits numb you behave now does a crack demon is so me that that Rostova wait listen you'd be broke he's late like Friday he comes up and he's having a beam him up sky and you'll find a confused don't do not straight home good guy wonderful sister I don't get it so find your family come Fuca they understand deliverance and that demon lying dormant going God this time five is coming and just as soon as you get paid somebody gotta meet you when you get paid to pick a check until you get delivered why because the soul is bound and you're feeding an appetite take it from me a former drug dealer and you're finally stretching it they just confused I just I understand I understand it boy of course not you don't understand deliverance if you understand spiritual warfare you will understand that this thing Amen with the spirit that you're dealing with the ground by which it is staying most of the time people enter into getting high some enter into it from pleasure others enter into it from depression you're singing the joy of the Lord is my strength and they are singing I just want the matter day yeah because the soul because drug addictions gluttony excessive spending it's all tied in the soul so I almost need to back the soul time are you saying that I could have a cold also time with excessive spinning broke ain't you I hate nothing since I went to that church no check you're 21 or 22 percent credit card that you don't ran over that if you pay them monthly like they want you to you'll be 55 to 60 years old you been 28 before they ever get paid somebody understand what I'm saying unless somebody says the Isaiah Isaac Isaiah 29 8 it shall be even as it shall even be as winning hungry man dream of and behold he eateth but he awake enough and his soul is empty or as when I Thursday May and rivers and behold he drinking but he awakened and behold he is faint and his soul notes later somebody says and his soul hath one appetite so shall the multitude of all the nations be that fight against Mount Zion so the soul has a appetite the soul if it's in control will say feed me boy okay follow me I'll work a little bit more now like I said I don't care tonight if I just teach does God is saying something to us hey man no nothing you're gonna understand about the soul and everything you have to sucked on bricks soul ties with old boyfriends or girlfriends come on now let me say something don't like it here you know that before smart tuna shine no nobody on search ever gets married second times I'm talking to those that it did you know you got to break the soul tie with that person you were wig or she will bring that right into that next relationship you gotta break the soul time with that person used to date well she'll be comparing to me to them you ever seen he or she can steal make them jump I don't know why I don't know why I keep going when she calls listen to this look look at look at our proverbs chapter 6 verse 32 I'm still dealing with soul ties brothers and sisters I'm gonna tell you something right now and I might actually please take my advice before you marry anybody you're gonna make sure you both better make sure that you got your soul back from the former relationships you have now generally I'm trying I'm gonna try to stay around the perimeters of the little easier to understand deliverance because I'm gonna tell you something true for the matter is that a piece of us go into as many partners as we get hooked up with now there's teaching all over United States right now being taught that still is teaching it I understand it because I've been teaching it for years that you through relationships with sexual relationships you you're coming in with them it's like you're constantly listen in the Jewish tradition when one slept with a person they married them anyway they don't nobody gonna run out and say okay now don't have to get married I slept with him don't even go down cuz see what you're doing is all monolith reach it and the Bible said marriage is honorable debate is undefiled and whoremongers and adulterers God will judge so if you're Christian sleeping with somebody that's not your husband a wife boyfriend or girlfriend whatever you call it a man you're not married and you're in sin hello so I just wanna get that straight right now but in the spirit realm when you sleep around like that a part of your soul becomes bound over to that person unless you're one of those key people who just have a soul tie it with sex itself and you're dangerous too because you don't care who's under you just as long as you feed that demon there are some people to have sole ties with the act itself not the person that's why when the finished booth next chapter six everybody all right once again I told you when you have a hold of a truth let's tell it and just move right along hey man because there are people that have that have that spirit like that right and they need to be delivered that's right if they don't get delivered okay after you go back to thinking all your life now listen I'm gonna talk to somebody in here even before you were save you satisfied yourself whatever way you want it to and you'll still fuller with that same bondage now you don't want nobody to know but you're sitting there right in your heart saying you know it's not a meat that you're looking for it's a soul time with the act itself and there are people that have demons in them whether they have a soul tie with the act itself if a person can have a soul tie with a drug with food it mean to tell me they can't be having sexually addicted spirits to and there are people that are operating underneath a man and that spirit of a lust it's rooting about soul time I was just training and talking this earlier today and what happened I was given some instructions about breaking strongholds I said sometimes what you need to do is break the soul time with the body part that you're going after hello now I'm gonna be just that nice and stop okay now now listen why would you say something like that but the children in here sweetheart people need to be delivered yeah folks say man you're going after just look come on boss you don't read up rub against demon you gonna say lust for what and the victim knows what it is they go after so when you're trying to deliver that person and everything it's only a particular area they go after that's why some people got pedophile demons only go for the children now you try to kiss that it is just plain lust you wanna find have yours find yourself a problem deliverance worker the understand even Legion Jesus asked him what was his name he said my name is Lee do you always need a demon's name no but there are cases that you do somebody said not always the case but let's not say that it just can't happen babies do you hear me what I'm saying cuz I met hundreds of people now while I'm trying to deliver them I'm hitting this thing hit this thing hit this thing and it's not moving and the person come up and say listen I'll just go ahead and tell you what it is and they said it's blank it's blank for blank I said man and God set him free I shared in a Chicago tape where I dealt with a Christian girl in Washington DC whose husband had a spirit of voyeurism and this this dis brother actually asked his wife to bring he said I'm the head of the house the Bible said you gotta love a baby he said he told her to bring another man in the house and let him hide in the closet why he watched the boy had a demon of course his wife didn't do it thank God but still he needs the now what we're gonna get we're gonna have to go that again you're gonna have to know where you're going to bring him out I can understand it what I'm saying to you so there are strongholds that you were dealing with that are not nice but that they are see we are real keen with these polite demons Oh fear come out nervous breakdown go there are no big devils start dealing with this thinking unmentionable I'm saying the thing hidden in our family line cold-hearted demons that are operating you've gotta be became crazy Baburam 632 i'm a boy i'm a boy who's going to just start well no I'm just gonna teach just let it happen hey man hey man hallelujah proverbs 632 says whosoever committeth adultery with a woman lack of understanding he did do if it destroys his what our own soul so do you understand what why does it destroy your own soul because two shall be made one and the soul gets bound listen to me I've got this in the notes but i'ma jump ahead of it because it's all good right listen to me real good this is the reason why you don't ever get flattered on your job male or female because somebody's making a pass at you because honey what's passing by you is not just that hunk of flesh you see going by Satan wants you back have you ever noticed he always sends somebody when you're having problems in your own marriage are you getting it and so what happens is if what the enemy would do if you fall with that person you your soul becomes bound to them now the Bible said that we should are the clave to our own made somebody said the word cleave cleave now the board cleave means to cling or to adhere the word cleave means to fasten sama close be joined I like this overtake pursue stick that's what the word cleave means now are you pursuing and overtaking and stick and do somebody that ain't your mate in my marriage I carry myself in a way with my wife that nobody else has to compensate for my job and I ain't talking about sex I'm talking about relationship because if you ain't got nothing going standing straight up and down you won't have much going laying down but if I was to allow myself to get in a relationship with another woman I'm gonna go there okay and stay nice deal if I was to allow myself to get into relationship with another woman and form a soul tie with her first of all I run into a problem because no man can serve two masters now years ago to one with a song torn between two lovers and acting like a fool but listen to me real good what happens to you then is you nail have bought another party in and your soul has become bound if you would have dealt with the problems that you have in your marriage and marriage has problems that's called normal you would have been after the two of you would have dealt with them and not brought somebody in to compensate I made you won't talk so I need somebody and all you wanted to do was talk but they wanted to do more than talk oh you found me what I'm saying so you form a soul tie with someone that you've got no business having a soul tie with it destroys your soul then you have relationship sexual relationship with someone that's not your me and then the whole church is wondering why good brother or sister so-and-so is running around on their wife and you said to him brother this ain't right huh no he said brother you gotta let her go man I know I'm gonna get myself together and then the person calls and you're gone again why because you formed a soul tie with someone a strong emotional bond now with someone that you should never had any relationship with it carries with it a curse does everybody anybody understanding what I'm saying to you the soul becomes kool-aid for some reason I I say this if any of you in here it's running somebody else's husband honey you better let it go cuz you're cursing yourself are you hearing what I'm saying to you you cannot serve two masters you're gonna love the one I hate the other and God did not call us to live like that are you listening there are people out here man that are so bound that what they're looking some people will tell you I don't want no I what I want to run is a married man or a married woman do you understand what I'm saying to you and we being dumb like Samson come on bro can we talk brother cuz I mean to tell you now you just say whatever you want Samson was dumped you need to tell me that one time I'm laying in somebody's lap and the Philistines come out on me after telling them where my strengths lie Samson feels like this baby and I go back and then I go for seconds twosies and then I get real deep brother and go for thirds look like after the first time the second time matter of fact if Sam's a head of standard in his life he would have been a judged in Israel instead of doing his own battles because if you think about it every time Samson fault and used his strength it was usually for himself one you've got to meet became a man so we've informed informing so Todd destroys the soul it breaks the oneness that God has for us to live some of us need to break that soul tied so you can quit comparing your me to somebody else I know the people having soul ties we don't daddy not talking sexually I forget that now I'm moving on to another place having soul ties with their own father's wedding what their husband can never be who he is see I see why the Bible said then show the man leave yeah it's like you know it's like change the place where you're at change the mentality where you're at because if you have a soul tie even with your family you will be unable to bring your next generation into existence hello nobody runs my house but us Jesus first and us and us I would not have my family my my family my brothers that I come from a family of 15 so we don't like family members but I I have no soul tie with them where they set back in an armchair five miles from home and determined rely should have bought a car because if me and my princess my wife Evelyn to you princess to me if we decide that we want to get a car I don't confer with Mama and I love my mind and her dad a nice guy but he lets me be the man of my house but some people have soul ties with family and then all your business ain't hello that's what you start getting in that matriarchal spirit family control spirits they may not know one one one one one sister not too long ago one bit a few weeks ago in one of the conferences I was I was saying I had a chance to sit down and talk to her and I thought she was talking but she says my husband wants to put my brother and I thought I said he wants to put your brother he really don't have any Bobby Peloso Hopkins and I was going like oh that's a whole is he 39 that brother was I want to have him Ivana that almost some nineteen to twenty years ago she said if he don't have any one yes he do has someone he need to get a life and let's you have one and then she was wondering why her husband her husband C irritated and and night like he didn't want to come home and and I mean if anyone doing nothing he was just frustrated because a man don't like keeping a man yeah we brothers got like we got a lot of patience with you a little bit anyway if you all broke down sick can help yourself in over Cozumel now my help bro you don't st. gonna help us out what's your big strong hooky man I have an average I have a 25 over 20 month you go ahead and laugh and get it over it I got something tell you I've got something to tell you then I'm a boy not this other part and going out of here right hey man I meant to in I'm really at the end but I got something to tell you I got a I got a my son is 21 years old and I have been raising him for 21 years old to be somebody's husband and get out of my house about about two years ago about two years ago we were setting in the house and it was some things some ways that I wanted my house done see you some way see my house I pay mortgage I like to run the place me and my wife run the place so anyway and we were talking and he was when we got into our discussion you know how father person you get in discussions and if I have never had a discussion with your parent he had discussion with your children and our discussion went similar to this it was ways that he wanted to do certain things with objects in my house and he was getting aggravating I was getting aggravated and I sat down in the kitchen tell you but I turned around and I looked at him and I said you know I got an answer to our problem I love you boy I said dad you know I love you too probably yeah I would be weird we could we had some words now come on cuz you like no man run of my house now I don't think I can still Devils doing that human beings take over my home no too much line of Judah so anyway you don't love this so what that got to do with so times nothing I'm talking with somehow anyway you gonna love it so anyway I loved it man you know we were going to the because cuz when we have argument we have that we have the argument move on okay it's not next day we started up again we finish it so you know he said he said I love you to pop I said yeah I said I said son I I just don't agree with the way you did such a such a thing I said but you know one thing I've got a remedy he said he said what is it pop I said you need your apartment and he turned around and looked at our princess and said this pop wouldn't me I I said no I'm helping you get apartment and it kind of stunned him because cuz because he said yeah he said he's putting me I said she said she said she said slang she said your dad is not putting you like your dad is releasing you to be a man of your own house so what I did what I did and I was blessed to be able to do that what I did I let him find his own apartment cuz far be it for me to find a man's homes when he found his apartment I spotted him three months I spotted him three months on every particular bill you could basically think of except for he lectured and stuff because I didn't know how to balance that room and I blessed him I blessed him to have his own place now when I go over his house I can step over whatever something I never said move this I never said today and then I go on back and the other day we were we were together don't say he came over to the office and I was working outside and he and I said I said to him he was holding up a lamp for him and he said I said I said I'm sorry I'm taking so long to screw this thing in because I know it start on your arm he said pop he said well I was a little you never said you were sorry for telling them to do anything I said you know why he said why I said because when you were little you were a child I told you what to do I said you're a man now I'm asking you a favor the last one when it comes to evil soul ties ready this is I'm gonna hit this last one and that's it that is it on this particular subject Ali's amen the last one and I don't even need to jump to a long whole lot of Scripture but you've got to not form evil so ties with the wrong kinds of friends the Bible talks about a friend lovers at all times but there are some people glory be to God you form sometimes with the wrong people that's why someone who's been hurt so they write listen there is the truth of what a friend is a friend loveth at all the times did you hear me hey man there's people who form soul ties with people they call friends and that person can get you to come off of the standard of righteousness and truth that's not a friend that's an adversary coming under guise of a friend if you got a buddy or pal and every time you get with them you get on holding you don't say every time you get with them you start acting world anything a man can't tell about Jesus but you can talk about everything else do you here know what I'm saying to you so that's what there's a lot of us that form and when you have an evil soul time with a person that so-called friend going be brother when you have an evil soul time with a person that you called friend whoever they're made with you got to be made with yeah that's right then you got this other person this other demonic soul tie or and you got this friend that can't have no more than one at a time yeah I call thats motherly love they smother you come with you the other day so well III me and me and me and Gayle took and drove down say why shopping I guess you don't want me shot with you no more and you're going like Jesus just sounded very psychotic and and and and he or she is bad well if you wanna be like there you don't have to be my friend you can like what in the world are you going there then then another demonic relationship with these evil soul ties it how come that you call excuse me you didn't call call what I'll call you have a date you supposed to call me every day I'm going to because some of us got friends like that that's not a friend that's an evil soul time they may you have to be very careful if you choose to wear what another person has let it be a choice demonic relationships you go on chair well it was thing but now me I'll go if you go me my husband give it a go on vacation what's the day you know there's a couple trips we invited you on but this here is kind of good Congress right – god bless you my video and take friends you've been listening to apostle librarian Hopkins of pilgrims Ministry of deliverance pilgrims omission is located on us 1:13 Sun and I'll tell you like I used to do I'll catch you again at another teaching tape let's give God a great began freeze

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