Brazilian Victor’s Story of Being Muslim Part 7

Posted By on February 24, 2020

I believe that the Islamic world today
is real cows chaos we are very divided between our
differences between know Arabic snow Arabic talks in Pakistan is an Indian’s
and all the difference we are not united we are divided and we
are we can we are fighting among all our service about everything we don’t have
Union and this lack of Union I believe is one of the greatest problems but in
political side and the Conewago side and the religious side as well how can
Muslims want desire to – to spread Islam in Brazil for example if they they don’t
reach an agreement the the all Muslim people they are living in the situation
there is a hadith that Allah don’t say don’t change the situation of a people
until the people change themselves so the Muslim people the individual Muslim
first they have to change himself he can’t expect the other people to be
Muslim if he is not an example for them if he don’t pray 5 times a day if he
don’t fast in Ramadan if he don’t pay his a car if he is not modest if he like
don’t behave like Muslim how can he expect to other people to see the beauty
of Islam the beauty of Islam is the Muslim who practice Islam so every
Muslim in the world be somebody who grow up as a Muslim or be him a revert like
me they have first to change his situation internally to change their
heart in their behaviors and when other people see how real Muslims be
they will be going to be more interested because then islami Nazi be something
perfect in the books but when you began to you come to from the book to the real
world you see something different you see
museums are not living according to Islam no they you see that Muslims live
according to Islam they live according to what they believe they live heard
what they preach so they will begin to be more interested
it is the biggest Dawa for the Muslims is to practice Islam and allow people to
see it there is a famous revert to Islam cut Stevens the musician and like he
said that he was blessed that Allah low hidden should know Islam before he knew
the Muslims unfortunately that’s the reality most of the Muslims today they
don’t live as a Muslims they don’t practice as they should when it happens
it will change the situation’s of the Muslims the world will change inshallah
all the political troubles in the Muslim world we are having today all the wars
and conflicts and economic crises know if would see would stop and people
around the world would begin to see the beauty of Islam no people blame like
they blame the United States they blame for example for all the troubles of the
Muslims it’s not the trouble it’s not the problem the Muslim strata they
should strive to stop blaming others and begin to change their own situation when
we change our um the when we change our service inshallah all this trouble did
this called political troubles we are seen in
the Muslim countries the economical problems the wars it was it would stop
so all the media the defaming of Islam that the media do would stop because
people would see for themselves that Muslims they are they are good people
they help others they I don’t know what to say now
unfortunately many Muslims today they don’t see that the beauty of Salaam they
grew up in Islamic countries or Muslim or in Muslim families but what they know
about Islam is like cultural heritage they don’t have this real practice and
work lately is LOM is the true is the real religion is less revelation is the
only way to God but unfortunately many people even Muslims don’t act upon this
tool and if more Muslims began to realize this gift they have not being
raised as a Muslims that we in the West with that choose Aslam we don’t have
this we have to strive to have a little bit of this and if not the Muslims were
more grateful to this blessing they received no he now if I could give an
advice to you that are listening to this interview I would ask you to to go to a
mosque and talk the amount read the book read the Koran and other Islamic books
and talked with knowledgeable people with Hodges to return true to learn more
about slum to ask them if you’re a spaz don’t be shy to ask questions don’t be
shy to to say that you don’t know though if you give one step towards Allah Allah
give ten steps toward you if you go walking towards Allah Allah came running
towards you it’s a hadith a decision of the Prophet so that’s my advice
search don’t be shy and inshallah if your intention is true if you have a
less will be rewarded by it you

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