Brazilian Victor’s Story of Being Muslim Part 5

Posted By on February 23, 2020

not Brazilian people they are choosing
Islam why because they are not satisfied with their lifestyles they are not
satisfied with their condition of their lives
now the the they want more they are searching for a meaning in their lives
like like me so and they don’t find it in Brazilian culture in the other
religions it don’t make sense to them like to go to a church and pray to the
statue of Jesus don’t make sense to them and to go to the parties don’t make
their life meaningful but when they they discover Islam and they began to read
about Islam they find something I believe that the reason they found true
they found Allah they find the purpose in their lives because this lamp life
it’s not only going one day a week you go to the mosque and pray after you
leave the mosque on our now I can do as la miz not just to go to the mosque
islam is a lifestyle is your life dedicated to a higher meet a purpose to
Allah and I believe people in Brazil want this because they don’t have this
when you think in the Brazilian society Brazilian culture Brazilian people and
Islam you think that they are completely different like our culture we do not
have much value to religious it to do like we want that you to have fun to
have pleasure we don’t want someone we want to be free we want to do things as
we like and some people think and Islam has a
discipline life now we have to pray five times a day you have to dress yourself
in some way you can’t eat some kind of things in certain situations you have
behaved you have teachings how to behave in certain situations like you can’t
just come to any woman and began to talk and shake your hands no I need something
the Brazilian prison culture Brazilian society is very different it’s very
normal to people like two men and a woman they are not relatives they are
not boyfriend and girlfriend they are not wife and husband but they are just
friends Dharma friends people when they shake hands they hug and they like to
dress they the way they want and to eat like they they like and to to think I to
pray five times a day the way society they’ve it’s very different but even so
there are many people were searching Islam and they are finding pleasure and
happiness in having a more low a more discipline life waking up five o’clock
in the morning to pray and then learn to have this discipline in their lives now
Brazilian people usually they are friendly no we if we we don’t know
somebody we just met them we can get along very well you can get friends just
the first time we met and we like to talk we like to hear
people and making friends we are open people we’re not like know usually
people from for example Europe they are not so open like Brazilian people there
are more clothes and more dist people but we know where we usually of
course there we are usually more open and more friendly and for example if
somebody could came to spoke to them but hi how are you
yes I’m fine do you know about slow Oh hearing the television then we could
start a conversation and begin to teach them about slamming oh this is my
religion Oh interesting and it could be an interesting way to do propagation and
people would listen at least they would listen because we are open-minded we
like to turn to talk maybe something like this in Europe wouldn’t work very
much a Don Ho but in Brazil some some people they do some work like this in
Brazil there’s organization here that sometimes they they go to chop Park some
parks with a table with small books about slum and everybody that come they
give a book do you know about slow and whistling they want to know more about
slow it seems to work people like they get interesting when when they met
people like this the brazilian lama community is not unified there are many
many groups many differences so each group like each mosque they do like they
they want some they create websites now they translate some books or some
articles and they make websites so people can go through the internet other
people like they they go to some Park and distribute
books and talk so there is not Sun unified methodology it’s very it’s kind
of difficult there is these difficulties and fortunately but usually they use a
lot of internet there are lots of websites some most some Muslim
associations that they read their own websites and some people some individual
they create their own websites to speak about slaw yeah we use internet a lot I
think it’s the principal medium we use to spread Islam in Brazil after I became
Muslim my life had some changes of course my like I had to pray five times
a day I had to abstain for some certain kind of foods but because there was
never going to parties and having girlfriends so my daily life my
lifestyle didn’t change very much of course I as a Muslim I had some
responsibilities and some religious responsibilities I had to fulfill like
praying and going to the mosque and living to some standards of living but
from other sides my life didn’t change because I never lived like Brazilian
normal boy of my age so the changes were learnt so big in my life it was easy for
me to adapt prayer is the key to paradise the prayer is the key
true attained closeness to Allah per year the prayer the salah is something
very important so it’s if people knew that the muslims knew the the the value
of where the spiritual benefits of prayer they would never lose a single
prayer in their lives i feel when i pray i feel free though I
let they try to let saw their world behind me I try to let so the worries of
this world behind and try to focus and try to focus to have a perfect prayer
because the prayer especially the sajda is the moment we are more close to Allah
so I try to focus all my feelings and all my thoughts towards the moment no to
attain this closeness the first time I had fast Ramadan was difficult because I
never had done such thing it was a little difficult to adapt but then the
second specially the third time though it was much easier now it’s it’s a time
of the year I I I wanted to arrive soon because now if you even don’t eat him
don’t drinking but I feel stronger I feel stronger because my spirit to get
stronger and I like it very much it’s not I don’t feel the hunger don’t bother
me the weakness don’t bother me because I received my strength from other
sources when I found fasting

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