Brazilian Victor’s Story of Being Muslim Part 3

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what they were doing there why did the
white their rule whether their kingdom in Spain was considered that the the
golden era of Spanish history I wanted to know why and I began to study their
history their culture and of course their religion Islam I got a copy of the
Quran and the internet was available at that time
I always research it about it and the books about history and culture of
slamming people and when I was 18 years old no I was invited by a Muslim guy
from my city to go to the mosque so to talk with the demon and I immediately
accepted this invitation and the next Friday I went with him through to the
mosque to speak with the Imam and just see I was very excited I wanted to do
too because all the knowledge I had about Muslims until then was almost only
through books though I had met very few Muslims until until them the Brazilian
culture it’s very different from your use it here in Turkey it’s completely
different we play the normal Brazilian person plays very big emphasis in it
having fun and pleasuring himself Brazil’s there’s no the words bye-bye
what by beaches by Carnivale by music by football of course brazil is much morton
than it but it is part of brazilian society so a normal young person in
brazil like 18 20 years old the thing him oh he or she must want is to have
fun is to to go to party there’s a thousand different kind of parties in
brazil people would like to go there and drink dance and have intimate relations
melon woman and then people not the young people in brazil they spend much
time in much effort and much money he look into these things I was was I was
very different I never liked it this kind of things I never liked it parties
and drinking no it made no sense to me to have fun drinking and losing your
mind something I never I never liked I never wanted to to to mix with this kind
of people but now it’s normal for the society in Brazil Receptus behavior then there was me
18 18 years old their society that places a lot of emphasis in pleasuring
himself going to party and drinking and having found and having girlfriends I I
didn’t I didn’t how to belong to this kind of society and I felt alone and
empty in this kind of society I wanted something else I wanted
something that was meaningful something that completed me then I went to the
mosque for the first time when I was 18 years old and began to have
conversations with aim up to share magma Heidi he was a Syrian gentleman and he
came every Friday to perform the salah to Juba at that time in my city we
didn’t had a permanent Imam so this gentleman Jeff Mihaly came every Friday
to do this algebra and every Friday and began to go to and having conversations
with this gentleman asking him about Islam about about God about the Prophet
and I began to see that the Islamic way of life emphasis in the ethics and morality and
having a bright life to have good morals to not to drink not to waste your time
not to have several girlfriends to be a productive member of the society
to help other people and to believe in God and to have your life following the
the comments of of God of no one created you I wanted this I wanted to be part of
this I didn’t wanted to do to have fun I wanted to have a meaningful life and I
felt I have found it in Islam so some time later I decided that I wanted to
leave this I wanted this to be my lifestyle I wanted this to be my culture
I didn’t wanted to be a normal Brazilian guy who wake him in the morning
studied or work it and in the night I went to a party drink and went back home
or had a girlfriend here I go I wanted to be closer to God or dead
and the thoughts of having a life like this was very important in my decision
to to shoe reverted to Islam after I reverted after he took my Shahada though
I felt very excited though I felt happy I felt that finally had
found something that completed me no I was no more shy brazilian teenager I was
a Muslim and I had responsibilities toward my Creator there was very happy
if I had finally found what I was looking for since I was younger a
purpose in my life and it felt though it still feels very that it’s very good the
reaction from people around me was like I think they thought it was just a phase
he’s a he’s the face in a few months it will stop
it was a negative reaction but they were kind of it it didn’t surprise them a lot
because I was always interested C’s I was much younger so it didn’t surprise
them a lot Laurie it was negative they didn’t get
angry the bar get angry with me or tried to make me change my mind they were
curious they wanted to know why and though one time past six months one year
and they realized that it was really his decision it isn’t a temporary fashion
he’s following I think they know they began to get used to this idea and they
accept fully alhamdulillah they didn’t know my friends or family the one the
one get I’ll got angry with me my body were accepting

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